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As Princess Faye kicked and screamed, the evil Kings gripped tightened, and he slapped her ass.

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"Don't, stoppit!! lemme go!!" Faye demanded angrily, but he just kept on walking untill he got to his horse carriage. "Your not going to get away with this!" she yelled as he threw her in carelessly. " Well i already have." he laughed in a low hollow laugh. Faye sighed, he wasn't going to change his mind. As the huge castle gre smaller and smaller into the distance, Faye tried to think of an escape plan, but a few minutes later she just gave up. So she tried rattling on the bars, but to her horror, they where made out of bones.

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She flung herself backwards and regretted earlier today. if she hadn't been so selfish she wouldn't be in this position. Faye thought back to today how when she was supposed to be in dance lessons, she was wondering aimlessly in the gardens.

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But unfortuantly today was njo day to be strolling in the park, the castle was being ambushed! And Faye had tried to run away. At that moment all the guards had realised and where outside defeneding their castle, when Faye spotted a familiar face, fighting vigorously amongst the croud.Link.

With longish blonde hair, and blue protuding eyes he was the youngest of all the guards, her age, Link stood out from the rest of the guards. his build wasn't much, but he had the muscles of a true warrior, and Faye was un-describebly in love with him. Faye was snapped out of her day dream, as strong forcefull arms grabbed her and pulled her.

As faye screamed, Link looked over to see, when he saw her he raised his weapon and took a step to her, before.Clank!! of a hollow tree log hit him over the head, and Link's eyes rolled into the back of his head as he fell foward.

As Faye wa sbeing pushed into the horse carriage Link had tried to stand up, but only failing and Faye yelled for any one else, but it was to late. Now she was trapped in this wretched carriage, with straw barely covering the hard floor, as the carriage jiggled around, tossing Faye onto the side of the carriage.

She heard laughter. What seemed like an eternity later, the carriage stopped and the doors where opened and Faye was pulled stronly from the carriage, in a few seconds flat she was being thrown into a dungeon that smelled purtrid, she longed for Link, she recalled one day as they had strolled around the gardens.

Their conversation short, but she held onto each word he said.

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Faye had asked him of his family. "I have no family, i was an orphan at 7" he had replied sadly, fixing his eyes on the ground. "Oh, im so sorry" Faye had replied clumsily.

"Its alright" he replied, looking at her with his deep blue eyes. They had stopped walking. "Why to you question Faye?" he quizzed her. "Your a mystery to me" Faye had laughed. "And im curious" she winked.

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Link's face lit up, but then they both heard his name being called. "I have to go." He said apologetically, as he made for the barn. He only took 2 steps and turned around, and lightly kissed her.

"Farewell" He breathed, as he strode off. faye's heart had skipped a beat.She could still feel his lips on hers.

Faye looked up, someone was comign down the stairs. Link maybe?? But no, it was the man who had captured her. She stood up and raced over to the doors. "Who are you, and what do you want?!" She spat.

"Settle down foolish child, you are worth nothing to me" He sneered. " Ohh. but your father would pay a good price to have you set free now wouldn't he?" He laughed in an evil tone. "Link will come for me!" She protested. "Im afraid he's dead" He said and Faye's knees buckled beneath her. "No, he can't be!" She whispered.

She looked up at him sharply. "Your lying!!" She stood up so fast, even he flinched backwards. "But how do you know for sure?" He said laughing hollowly, and left Faye in the cold darkness. As she cried herself to sleep, she thought to herself, Link can't really be dead! She had grown up with Link, she knew him! he wouldn't have given in.

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Unless they didn't play fairly, and got him while he was unconcious, No, no one would have the dishonour of doing that. A Man to man fight, would be the only option for honour. What purpose to kill someone who was momentarily paralysed, a coward she thought. "A COWARD!" she yelled out. She was covered in sweat, no breeze came and cooled her.

Faye wiped her eyes, Link would come for her! He wouldn't give up to find her.

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Faye bit her lip, but even she didn't know where she was, if Link was unconcious when she was taken, then he wouldn't be able to follow her!, after a hit like that he even might still be on the ground. Faye worried all night long, and she couldn't sleep, she could hear rats scuttling around on the hard stone floors, and the drip, drip, drip of water leaking in, and dripping into a puddle on the floor somewhere in the darkness.

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There was no other sounds, there was an occasional guard that walked passed, and shown a brihgt light into the dungeon where she was kept, lighting the whole room up, hurting her eyes. Oh Link, where could you be? Faye thought as she felt herself slip into a miserable slumber.