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Alluring Sexy Fisting Mature Screwed Hard
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The band playing ends its set, and I turn off my camera. The guitar player comes up to me, his body inches from mine, and smiles. "Hey, can I see those pictures? We have to pack up our gear, but there's this party later. You should come," he suggests, and I bite my lip, nodding.


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Totally," I manage to stutter, and he writes down the directions, accompanied by his name ("Thomas") and number. Then he walks off, and I stand there for a moment before walking outside to talk to some of the bands that played earlier. After everyone's begun to get in their cars and leave, I climb into my rusty old El Camino and glance at the directions.


I look in my rear view mirror, checking my make-up before driving to the party house. When I get there, I have to park a block away because so many cars are lined up along the street. I get out, leaning on my car and lighting a clove cigar, inhaling deeply as I look up at the stars. I finish it quickly, then grab my camera and put the strap over my head. I can tell which house it is by the blasting music and people mingling outside and in the doorway. I walk in and grab a bottle of Mike's before glancing around, seeing if Thomas is around.

I find him in the kitchen, talking to one of the vocalists of the first band that played. I lean against the counter near him, and when he sees me, he grins. "Hey! Glad you could make it. Can I get you anything?" He asks, and I shake my head, holding up my drink.

He nods and then looks at my camera. "Oh fuck yeah, can I see the pics?" "Yeah, one sec," I say, turning on the camera. He moves a little closer, his side pressing against me. I can't help but blush at his warmth. I go through the pictures, and he excitedly points at one of him from a high angle. "I like that one. Can you send me that later?" He asks, his lips near my ear, and my heart skips as I feel his hot breath.

I nod, and continue flicking through the pictures. He puts his arm around me and moves closer. "Did you enjoy the show?" Thomas asks, having to raise his voice a little over the sound of the party.

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"Yeah! I love watching you guys're amazing," I reply, turning off my camera and looking at him. He grins, and then glances around. "It's really hard to have a conversation here, do you want to go somewhere quieter?" He asks, his hand on my side. I nod, and he guides me to an empty bedroom and closes the door. "That's better," he says, smiling and sitting on the bed, "you look really good tonight, if I may say so." He looks me up and down, from my black combat boots, past my fishnets, the black pencil skirt, to my low cut black band tee.

'Th-thanks! I try," I stutter, and sit next to him awkwardly. I don't really know what to say or do, so I take my camera strap off over my neck and turn it on, taking a picture of Thomas.

"Sorry, I thought I'd get a candid picture of the best guitarist around," I say, laughing softly.

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He smiles and takes it out of my hands, taking a picture of me. "Oops," he says jokingly, and turns the camera off, setting it on the bedside table. He then scoots a little closer to me, putting one arm around my waist and the other on my thigh. "You're really cute," he mutters, leaning forward and kissing my neck. I gasp breathily, and he kisses it again before pushing his lips against mine. Once I get over my moment of shock, I kiss him back, feeling my heart race.

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His tongue gently prods my lips and moves between them to meet my tongue. We kiss for a while, and he pulls away.

I make a soft squeaking sound, just wanting to feel his lips against mine again, when he stands and pulls his shirt off. I scoot back on the bed, leaning against the pillows.

"Your bed is really comfy," I say, staring at his smooth chest and biting my lip. He climbs onto the bed and lays on his side next to me. He pulls at the hem of my shirt, and I quickly take it off, revealing my red lace bra and 36D's.

"Yeah? I like this bed," he mutters, climbing on top of me, "especially now that you're in it." He leans down and bites my lip. I kiss him eagerly, and push my hips up to press against his. His hand slides to my back, unclasping my bra and tossing it aside before groping me and biting my neck.

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I slide my hand to his waistline, pulling at his shorts. Thomas grins and reaches down, unzipping them and pulling my hand into his boxers. "Wow, you're.big," I whisper, grasping his manhood and stroking it slowly. He groans quietly and I move my hand a bit quicker, then let go and bite his neck softly. He growls and smiles, sitting up between my legs. "I can't wait any longer," he says, and I get up, kicking off my boots and pulling off my fishnets and red lace panties, hiking up my skirt.

I crawl back onto the bed, and he eagerly kneels between my legs, and smiles. "You sure we can do this?" he asks, his manhood lined up with my awaiting nether region. "Fuck yes," I reply, my shyness dissipating. He pushes in hard, and I cry out in pleasure.

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He thrusts in and out, and I tangle my hands in his hair. "Ohgods," I moan, my legs tightening around his hips as I press my chest to his. He leans down to kiss me again, and bites my neck.


One of my hands goes to his back and my nails dig into his back. One of his hands rests against my check, his thumb touching my lower lip. I lick it softly, and he thrusts in a bit harder. "I'm gonna cum," Thomas mutters in my ear, and his thrusts become harder and faster. I close my eyes and absorb the pleasure, feeling myself near a climax, my pussy walls tightening around his throbbing member.

I cry out as I finish, shaking as my back arches. He cums a minute later, and he pushes in one hard final time before shooting his hot cum inside me. He takes a moment to catch his breath before pulling out and pulling his pants up.

"That was.awesome," he says, grinning. I start getting dressed, looking up at him. "Fuck yeah," I respond, grinning, "I'll see you out there, I gotta get composed." Thomas nods and kisses my neck, looking me up and down with a pleased look before leaving the room and closing the door.