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This is my first story ever. Comments are more than welcome. This is not a quick climax story. It is more like a short novel, so there is a lot to it.

This story contains details of incest among other sexual fantasies. If you are against such things, please move on. Everything from here on is completely fictional and never actually happened. Enjoy.

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******** Thank you so much for the feedback ******** Chapter 7 I was shocked. I hid it, but I was shocked. I let it sink in a moment, the words she just said. I remembered that she said she was open minded and understanding, obviously she wasn't kidding. I couldn't hardly let my horror of the prospect of having sex with my daughter explode out of me. I have to relax and talk about it. After a couple of minutes of silence Sally asked, "You ok?" Calmly I put my pointer finger on my right hand up towards the sky and quietly said, "Processing." "Ok." she said.

"Take your time." After about five more minutes I was able to speak. "How could I do that? I mean, obviously Victoria wants it, but how could I do it to you. After the exam I know without a doubt that she could have seduced me into it. I know it would have taken a lot for her to get me to, but I know eventually she would have won.

But now you're in my life. And believe me, I want us more. Victoria and I could never have a future.


It's illegal, it's wrong, and God willing, she's going to outlive me. So in the end, it's not good for her either." "Well, she didn't say she wants to marry you, did she?" "No, I guess not. Maybe she does just wants me to be her first…" I drifted off a bit into thought. "But still, what about you?" "Do it.

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I want you too. I'll let you in on a little secret, you telling me this has me dripping wet. It is so taboo and erotic. And, I have another secret for you, I've had sex with my daughters." She bit her lip. I could tell she was throwing it all out there.


I paused, not nearly as long as the last time. I wasn't disgusted, mad, upset. Intrigued, interested, curious, hard, yeah, that's what I was feeling. "You have?" I asked. "How did it happen for you?" "It was a few months ago." she began. "I was at work and the girls were home alone. I told them that I would be gone for about five hours, but amazingly it only took me an hour to get what I needed to done. They didn't hear me come home. Nor did they hear me come in the house.

It wasn't that I was being quiet or sneaky, they were just too involved in each other to notice. I went into the living room and there was Sammie lying back on the couch with her little legs straight up in the air, naked as can be. Her little ass was right on the edge of the couch. And kneeling right in front of her with her face buried in Sammies pussy was Bobbi. She was squeezing Sammies little tits and I could hear her sucking her sister off.

Sammie was screaming, 'Oh Bobbi, suck my pussy! Make me cum in your mouth!' It made me hot. I almost felt as though I could cum just standing there watching them. But, like you I felt it was wrong. The one thing that changed everything for me was that just before I was about to yell at them, I saw what they were watching on TV. They were watching one of my lesbian scenes from my porno days.

I was deflated right there. I thought, 'how can I yell at them now?' I calmed myself and decided I was going to handle this totally different when I was distracted again with Sammie screaming, 'That's it Bobbi, I'm cumming…, I'm CUMMING&hellip., OOOOOOOOO DRINK MEEEEEE!' and she came all over Bobbis face. When she pulled away from her sisters pussy, her face was soaked.

Sammies cum was literally dripping off of Bobbis chin.

My knees were weak. I wanted to cum so bad. And then Bobbi said, 'I wish mom were here. Somehow, someday we have to get her to join us.' That's what drove me over the edge Jim, without even thinking my hormones spoke up and I said, 'How 'bout right now?'" "Holy shit! I exclaimed. "That is so hot!" I felt a squeeze on my cock, I was so into the story I didn't even realize her hand was there. "I can tell. You have a damn nice dick there Mr." she said giving it another squeeze.

"Thank you." I said, feeling a little flushed. "So then what did you do?" "Well, at first they were horrified." she continued. "They tried to cover themselves with a blanket and they succeeded, but Bobbi completely forgot about the mess on her face. I said, 'Oh no, it's too late for that modest shit now, take that blanket off.

Besides, you have your sister all over you Bobbi.' I don't recall ever seeing anyone blush like that. So anyway, I talked with them and they told me about how they found the tapes in my room and didn't realize what they were until they started watching them.

Then they realized that one of the women looked exactly like me. I didn't realize it then, but while I was listening to them I remembered that they always seemed to be looking at me, following me around a lot.

Sitting there listening to them I figured out why. They told me that at first they would watch them, get turned on and go play with themselves by themselves. Soon they were playing with themselves together while watching. And then, natural progression I suppose, they started exploring each other. They told me that they didn't start fantasizing about me until they came across one of my lesbian scenes." I sat there in a daze.

I couldn't believe what I was hearing and feeling. I went from scared shitless to thinking that there was a possibility. Here was this beautiful woman telling me of the taboo that her and her daughters have shared. And the thing is, I know she hasn't told me the whole story yet.

Two things that I knew for sure was that I was horny as hell and that I was thinking about Victoria in a whole new light. Wanting to know more, I asked, "So then what happened?" "Well," she continued, "I was still standing there and I noticed the blanket had fallen from their chests, exposing their young breasts, but their laps were still covered. The blanket was moving in the area of their crotch and I realized that they were diddling themselves right there in front of me while I talked to them.

Their eyes were darting between me and the TV as we talked. Finally I had enough, my pussy was flowing and throbbing, my nipples were hard and sensitive, I needed release.

Suddenly Sammie ripped the blanket off of both of them and threw it on the floor, looked up at me and said, 'Mom, take your clothes off and sit with us.

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Explain this to us.' as she gestured to the TV. That was all I needed. I removed my clothes and Bobbi had moved over to give me room to sit between them. 'Wow mom, you're as hot now as you were then.' Sammie said, and then Bobbi said right after, 'Yeah mom, you have a sweet bod.' "As soon as I sat down between them, they took over. Defenseless against them, they both starting massaging my tits and I let out a moan.

The electricity that shot through my body is impossible to explain. I almost had an orgasm right there, mostly from the taboo nature of what was happening. Soon they were sucking my tits and my hands subconsciously started rubbing their tummies.

Soon I was rubbing my fingers over their young little hoods.

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They both moaned and bit my nipples when I found their clits. I couldn't believe how wet they were. They opened their legs to allow me better access and I reached further down and strummed my finger at the edge of their little openings.

My fingertips made slurping sounds as they played with the first ½ inch or so of their depths and their hips were rocking. They each put a leg over mine and hooked my knee with their heel and pulled my legs open.

Still sucking on my nipples, they slid their hands down and started playing with my pussy. I slid down a bit to allow them better access and immediately two fingers from each of their hands entered my pussy. I came right there!" I suddenly realized that I was squeezing and rubbing my cock through my shorts.

"My God, that is so fuckin' hot!

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Then what happened?" "I can tell you think so. You're practically jackin' off over here." "I think I would be if we weren't in public!" I exclaimed.

We weren't in earshot of anybody, but there were people too close for me to risk whipping out my cock and stroking it right there. Besides, I could tell from Sallys recent level of excitement that if I had, she'd probably mount me right there. She laughed at me and continued, "My orgasm was so intense that I didn't even realize that my girls both had orgasms too.

We were sitting there, trying to catch our breath and unconsciously I raised my fingers to my lips and sucked their juices off my fingers. Jim, they tasted so good. Sweet, with a small amount of tang. They too raised their fingers to their mouths and sucked my juices from them. They responded with an 'mmmm' and as quick as you can blink, Bobbi stood up, spun around and straddled my face.


By this point I didn't even think twice, I stuck my tongue out and stuck it as deep into her as I could. Just as quick Sammie had knelt on the floor and had pushed my legs up bending them at the knee and had her face buried in my pussy. We had sex all that afternoon and went to bed naked together that night.

It was incredible. I am glad it happened. It was some of the best sex I've ever had. Now we do it as much as we can. I gradually introduce them to things I've learned over the years.

Although no man has even seen them naked…, yet." She looked at me and smiled when she said that. It wasn't a suggestive smile, but my mind was asking the question.

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"Ok." I said, taking a deep breath. "If I do this, she's going to be worried about how you'll handle it. Or, that I'm going to break up with you to do this. She will ask, and I'll have to tell her the truth.

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I'll have to tell her that I talked it over with you and you told me to go ahead. Are you ok with that? I know my daughter, we are very open about everything and I know this is how it will play out. I'm not going to lose you for her, but on the other hand, I'm not going to lie to her either." She thought for a moment and then said, "You are a rarity. Yes, you can tell her. Just do me a favor and leave the part about my daughters out for now. You can tell her that I used to be in porn, I'm ok with that." "Ok.

I think I'm going to go through with it, but I need to give it some more thought before I commit. I will let you know my decision as soon as I make it. It won't be too soon though, my hormones are raging so bad, I'd tear her apart right now." "Three weeks you said, right?" "Her birthday?

Yes." I answered. "What did she want?" I told her about the things that she requested for her birthday. "Do it on the night you take her out. It's what she wants. I guarantee it. But be careful, if she gets the consent from the other parents to have champagne there, I fear you might have more than your daughters young pussy rubbing all over you.

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If you play your cards right, you just may turn out to be the luckiest man on the planet. I'm hungry and horny and I don't know if you're hungry, but I know you're horny. Lets eat and go back to my place.

Sammie and Bobbi are at their grandmas for the next couple of days and I think we've shared enough to move forward in our relationship." "You don't know what you're getting yourself into." I said with an evil grin. Squeezing my cock hard she said, "Neither do you." ***** This is the last full chapter I have completed.

Thanks again for the feedback. I will continue this story and get more out to you as soon as possible. *****