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Watch tamil sex videos aunty
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After the events of the morning we decided that we should break for lunch. I knew I'd need some time to process all that had happened and also wonder what might be to come. We made some sandwiches and went to the den where the TV is, started a movie, and ate.

At first there wasn't much conversation but then Kylee asked; "Aunt Vicky, do girls cum too" "Yes they do honey but not the same white cum as men. Some girls squirt but for most it's just a very intense feeling through their whole body." "How do they come?" 'Well, maybe Uncle Matt can show you" I guess this is what they call "put up or shut up time" but I still wasn't sure what to do.

Kylee walked over and stood in from of me with just a towel wrapped around her, young, innocent, and with a question on her face. "Uncle Matt?" I took a deep breath, let it out and said "come here honey and drop your towel" I put my hands on her waist, turned her around facing away from me, and had her sit on the couch between my legs.

I leaned forward a little until I was nuzzling her neck and started to softly rub her flat stomach while talking to her just above a whisper to tell her what I was doing as I did it.

I let my hand go up as I rubbed and finally made it to her small breast.

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I gently squeezed and kneaded her breast for a minute and then paid attention to her nipple, pinching it gently between finger and thumb while pulling it out softly. "That makes me tingly Uncle Matt" "I know, baby, and it's going to get better" I moved my left hand down to start caressing her upper thigh while opening her legs slightly.

Working my way up her leg I had my hand cupping her beautiful little pussy. "Ohhh Uncle Matt that feels so good" I used my index finger and ran it up and down her little slit knowing that the lips would part soon. When they did I discovered there was already a little wetness there. When I gently rubbed her clit she jumped slightly and started to moan.

"Uhhhhhh, ohhhh, that feels so good, don't stop." At this point you couldn't get me to stop with a gun.

I continued to rub her clit up and down slowly and I was dipping the tip of my finger into her tight hole on the down stroke, going a little deeper each time. "Something's happening, Ohhhhh, go deeper" I put my thumb on her clit to rub and ran my finger deeper into that sweet pussy.

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Except for the tightness, there was no resistance so I guess she must have lost her hymen somehow. "Deeper, harder. I'm gonna pee" "No, you're gonna cum. Cum for me baby, cum all over Uncle Matt's hand" "Unnnnngg, ahhhhhh I'm cumming" I could feel her juices flow down my finger as she collapsed against me. As her convulsions stopped I slowly removed my hand from her pussy and the other from her little tit and hugged her to me feeling somehow proud that I was the one to give her her first orgasm.

Ken stood there staring and with an obvious little tent in his towel. Vicky noticed also and said "come here, baby, and let Aunt Vicky show you another way to take care of that." Wasting no time, Ken was in front of Vicky with a dick harder than $ 40 worth of jawbreakers. There was no surprise left as Vicky leaned forward and licked the head of Ken's cock. Kylee and I were just spectators as she grasped his shaft and swirled her tongue around the head. Ken's eyes closed and his knees shook so that I wasn't sure if he could continue to stand.

Then Vicky wrapped her lips around the head and engulfed his cock down to the base and slowly back. She kept going in a rhythm that sped up slowly. Then she reached under and cupped his little ball sack and squeezed gently as she sucked. I thought "no way is that kid gonna last long" when I saw him put his hand behind Vicky's head, let out a loud moan and was actually pushing his cock into Vicky's mouth. She stopped moving her head and said "That's right, baby, fuck Vicky's mouth, fuck it 'til you cum and fill my mouth, fuck it like a real man" He was fucking her mouth so hard I was afraid his pubic bone was gonna knock some teeth out but Vicky just kept spurring him on.

"Give me your cum big man I want it all" Then Kylee got into it "fuck her Ken, fuck her hard and cum in her mouth" That did it.

Ken let out a growl that came from his stomach and pulled Vicky's head hard to his body. Vicky moaned as he shot his jizz into her mouth. He kept her head pressed to him until his cock grew soft in her mouth and even then I don't think she wanted to let it go.

She looked at us with a smile on her face, opened her mouth to show us her prize collection of Ken's cum and swallowed. He looked down at her with a look that said "there bitch." The boy had become a man. With all thoughts of child abuse or pedophilia long since gone I whispered in Kylee's ear&hellip. "Suck my cock baby" No hesitation. She jumped up, spun around, and bent over tugging the waist of my shorts down. She knelt between my legs and wrapped her hand around my cock.

As she had seen her aunt do, she licked slowly around the head several times and then placed her lips around it.

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She worked it into her mouth 'til she was comfortable with what she had and then worked her lips up and down like she'd been doing it all her life. I had no intention of jamming it down her throat and gagging her.


The feeling of her sucking what she could was perfect. She even had her tongue licking the shaft as she sucked. Where did she learn that?? She took her mouth off of me and looked up at me with the most innocent look I've ever see and said… "Will you fuck my mouth Uncle Matt?" I put my hands on either side of her head and lifted up 'til my cock was touching her lips.

She opened them to receive it and I slid it in as far as it had been before. I fucked her little mouth to the rhythm dictated by my growing lust. Kylee's hand had reached down between her legs and found her clit and she rubbed as I fucked her. Her other hand had found my balls and was squeezing with just the right pressure. I looked over to Vicky who had a very contented smile on her face and a hand between her legs as she and Ken watched.

Kylee moaned loudly as her hand played her clit.

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She stiffened and then went limp. "Did you cum, baby?" "Ummmmmm" "I'm gonna cum soon too" "Ummm Hmmmm" My fucking motion was becoming frenzied and it wouldn't be long now. One more squeeze on those balls and then… "Oh shit, I'm cumming Kylee. I'm gonna cum in your mouth baby" my cock started to spasm as I pumped my hot seed into her mouth.

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I lost count of the spasms and have no idea how much I shot out. Kylee tried but I knew she wouldn't be able to swallow it all and she didn't.

Seed dripped out of both corners of her mouth, down her chin, and splashed on her chest. "I'm sorry Uncle Matt. I couldn't swallow it all but I tried" "I know sweetie. What you did was perfect" "Did you like the way I sucked you? I sure liked doing it" "Baby, the only one that comes close is Aunt Vicky. That was a great blowjob." She seemed to purr and snuggled into my lap.

Vicky came over, sat next to me, and cuddled into my neck and chest and damned if she didn't purr. Ken knelt between her legs and rested his head on her stomach.

No one moved until later that afternoon. It occurred to me that we had all had orgasms except Vicky but she didn't complain and kept a satisfied smile on her face the rest of the day so I didn't bring it up.

I vowed to make it up to her as soon as I could and make it special. After dinner we all just sat around with the TV on but nobody seemed to be paying any attention to it.

We all had these smiles on our faces that wouldn't go away.

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The kids finally decided to go to bed so Vicky and I had a couple of glasses of wine while we cuddled on the couch. Vicky went upstairs and I told her I was gonna make sure we were all locked up and I'd be up shortly.

When I walked into the bedroom Vicky was lying on the bed naked and was stroking her pussy. I dropped my shorts and took off my T-shirt and lay down next to her. I notice that there was a small bottle of baby oil on the nightstand next to her but didn't say anything. She rolled to me and whispered "are you ready to take this cherry ass?" "Yes and that's long overdue but you have to cum for me at least once before I take it" "I can do that" I started by kissing her neck which she loves.

I worked my way slowly down and kissed all over her tits but stayed away from her nipples. Having none of that shit, she put her hand behind my head and guided me to her nipple. I licked all around it and then popped the nipple into my mouth and sucked. "Bite it" I put the nipple between my teeth and put gentle pressure on it.

"Bite the fucking thing!!" I increased the pressure with my teeth until I thought that it had to hurt but she just moaned. "Bite the other one harder" I bit down on the nipple while she moaned louder and thrashed on the bed.

I don't know where these new found desires came from but now was not the time to question it. I worked my way down until I was between her legs. I slid my hands under her ass and lifted it until her cunt was where I wanted it. I licked and nibbled the outer lips until she started fucking her cunt into my face demanding more. I took her clit in my mouth and licked, sucked, and nibbled it. "Oh God! Eat that pussy, baby, eat my cunt. Bite it" I bit it and worked my jaw back and forth over her clit.

"That's what I want you fucker, bite my cunt like a whore like a slut like I'm nothing. Hurt me like some cheap useless bitch you picked up on the street" Her hips raised up off the bed and she started to convulse from her toes to her head. She thrashed left and right and I felt the gush of her pussy juice flow into my mouth and over my chin. It started as a low moan but was building into a scream so I reached up quick and put my hand over her mouth so the kids didn't hear.

Her hips finally settled back to the bed and she was breathing hard, gasping. I put my mouth back on her cunt and shoved two finger, roughly, in her fuck hole. I licked and bit her clit until her hips were once again humping my face. With a lubed finger I moved it down to her asshole and rubbed that tight little gem. Then I slid it in and worked it around the sphincter with building pressure to loosen it up for what could only be an assault.

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She started to shudder again and I stopped everything. "On your knees you worthless cunt" "yes" I positioned my cock head at her tender asshole and pushed until the head was in and held tightly by that virgin ass. "That hurts. Will you hurt me some more?

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Will you ass fuck your little slut and make her beg?" I slammed my cock balls deep into her asshole with a vengeance I didn't know I felt and then drew it out and slammed her again. I was God. This thing before me only existed for my pleasure and I would take all of it. "Fuck my ass, fuck it hard. That ass is yours and you can take it, fuck it, rape it, and abuse it anytime you want.


I'm cumming. Fuck me just please fuck me" She started to cum and kept cumming. I kept pounding until she finally collapsed face down on the bed and I pounded some more.


I pounded down one last time and started to cum like I'd never cum before. I don't know how many spasms shook me or how much spunk I put in her but I know I was drained.

"Bitch, you need to clean me" "yes" While she licked my cock and balls clean of both our juices, purring the whole time, I looked up at the door and saw that we'd had an audience for our performance.

I smiled at them and they burst in the room and jumped on the bed and we all rolled around until all you could see was assholes and elbows.