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Lovely ivanna rides on a stiff boner
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specton - 2 1/2 minutes quant - 2 1/2 years heckson - 2 1/2 miles Bill - Lion clan Twitty - Grey Tabby clan Glenna - Bengal clan Mikos - Chartreux clan Commander of star cruiser - Wire hair clan General Roth - Leopard clan Theta - Cheetah clan Cornelius - one of Bill's Uncles Niaco Bill's brother's mate Bill looked at the General for a few moments. "Yeah you and everybody else within the realm that still have a shred of decency. Remember Roth, I am not my brother; we tried it his way and look what it got us.

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No this time we do it my way! As you well know that will involve a hell of a lot of blood!" The General's face was concerned a moment then he began to smile broadly.

"Good! It's about time we returned to the kingdom we were during your father's reign! Lord knows none of this political crap would have been going on. Don't get me wrong I loved your brother and faithfully served him and the crown. It was just that his policies came at a time when the kingdom was still unstable after your father passed." "I know old friend, I miss him fiercely also." Bill said, a moment of sadness showing on his face. "I remember when I was younger. The battles the kingdom had, to try and tame the savage planets.

I intend to re-unite all the worlds like he had. This kingdom was great in his day and I intend to make it that way again! I also intend to not let the planets be lost to the madness of isolation again!" General Roth sighed, and then his face brightened. "I was right! You are much like your father, with a touch of your brother in you." Bill's head snapped around to stare at the General, "I fail to see where you think I am a touch like my brother!" Smiling the General said, "Had it been your father no matter what, he'd have ripped the chest of both those you employed to shreds.

No I think you are a lot like your father but I also think you are far more intelligent. It appears that you do not allow the feline side of our make up to completely rule your thinking." "I thank you for the compliment Roth." Here Bill stared at the General's face a moment.

"At least I think it's a compliment. I hope I don't regret not correcting you later Roth!" Then with a sigh Bill shook his head. "I have a long and difficult road ahead. I am afraid I am going to be leaning on your experience more than I had at first thought." The General's face was suddenly shining with pride.

"I live to serve the crown and the king. I have been serving this royal family a long time and hope to continue to for some time still. As always it is a great honor to serve." A huge smile lit up Bill's face as a thought came to him. "You know, there haven't been any knights in the realm in a long time." The general's face showed a sudden sadness at the thought.

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"I think that after I am crowned I should correct that. What do you think General?" General Roth thought a moment, "I think that would be a splendid idea! As you said it has been far too long since there were any. Do you have any candidates in mind sir?" Bill got a serious look on his face thinking a moment then he turned to the General.

"As a matter of fact I do, actually only four at the moment." "Only four," The general asked a suspicious look coming to his face. "Oh yes!" Bill said a perplexing look on his face. "Though at the moment I only know the location of one of them.


I believe with their help we could avert the collapse of the realm." The General was nodding his assent but was still looking at Bill with suspicion. "Yes I agree if such as you said exist.

So just pray tell, who are these amazing four individuals?" "Why General Roth," Bill said a wide smile coming to his face. "I thought it was obvious!" "Forgive me sir I must be getting old, may I have the names of these amazing four that I may contact them?" Roth said still a little suspicious. "I believe you remember my father's old elite guard?" Bill said.

"Yes sir, considering I was a member of them!" The general said slowly. "I intend to knight all four of you! As of right now you are the only ones I consider to be of a trustworthy character." Bill said as he turned as he no longer heard the general following him.

General Roth was standing stock still a look on disbelief on his face. "Sir! This is an honor that I cannot accept. I don't think any of the others will neither. To be a knight of the crown." Roth was unable to move the shock of Bill's words still ringing through his mind.

Sighing Bill walked back to Roth, "You four are the only ones that I feel that I can truly trust. Well the Lieutenant Colonel and my mates plus you four.

That's not much of a résumé for success. I need all of you if I am going to stay alive and re-unite the realm." Both Glenna and Twitty who had remained quiet and on guard both were now smiling.

"Was there any doubt of our loyalty?" Glenna said appearing to be hurt.

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"Really Bill after what I have been through protecting you? You insult me and my sister mate! If you would like to see a test of her or my resolve then I suggest you try to stop us!" Twitty said as they both began to stalk toward Bill.

A very wide smile appeared on Bill's face as he held up his fur covered paws. "I would never doubt either of you!" Bill purred toward both his mates.

Twitty and Glenna both smiled as they began to lick Bill's face, both of them also purring. "It is good mate; it wouldn't do to have you injured and unable to perform your husbandly duties!" Twitty said as she rubbed her face against Bill's. "Yes, I for one would have to do battle with my sister mate for the honor of being with you first! Do not get hurt or killed; it would greatly displease the both of us! Then I think that we might also have to hurt you!" Glenna said as she smiled at Twitty in all seriousness.

Bill's eyes went wide; it had been a long time since he'd been home. He'd forgotten just how fierce a Xendran female felt about her mate. The mere fact that she would kill another or die trying that tried to steal her mate.

In his case he had two mates, not unknown to be practiced by the royal family. Snapping his fingers he remembered he had to find his brother's wife. Turning he looked at Roth, "I just remembered Roth. Is my brother's wife Niaco still alive? I must talk to her before I ascend the throne." "I figured as much. Yes sir, she is very much alive. Though she hasn't all the power that your brother had she is still trying to hold the realm 'til you ascend." Roth told him.

Good I." Bill started. "Mate," Both Twitty and Glenna said as the fell to their knees before him. Glenna looked at Twitty who nodded then Glenna continued. "We both know it is the custom to take your brother's wife into the family. We both knew her briefly, and we consider it an honor to welcome her into our group. Whether or not you take her as a mate, she will be welcome!" Bill's eyes opened wide now THIS was an extremely pleasant surprise!

Though he was going to ask her to join the family for protection, at the moment he had no real designs to take her as a mate. He also had met her, though she was a pleasant female she was by no means the type that he wanted as a life mate.

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"I thank you both this will make things far easier when it comes time to ascend the throne. Though I wish to see her as soon as possible I think we need go after the traitors first. Is the third castle still under scan and observation?" Bill asked of Roth. A thin but grim smile crossed his lips as he replied, "Yes sir, as of yet it appears that they are still waiting." Bill thought a moment; it was obvious that his Uncles had access to the royal batteries.

Scratching his chin Bill thought they might have seriously upgraded their shields also. Turning to the General Bill told him, "I want you to bring out the devastator!" Both Twitty and Glenna gasp, though they had never seen it, they had heard of its power. Roth's face went almost ashen white. "Sir, the last time your father used it he leveled an entire city!" "Good! Perhaps my damn Uncle will know that I am serious! How many troops do you have now that we can trust?" Bill asked.

Sighing, the General pulled out a comp and looked. "Not many I am afraid.

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At last count there were only ten thousand." "Yes, you're right that's not a lot with the campaign that we are about to start. I am not really a fan of subterfuge. It always leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It appears though that 'til we can fatten the ranks, we may have to resort to it, though I am hoping that it is only for a short while!" Bill spit out. They were moving out of the city towards a little known bunker when Bill's communicator went off. Snatching it up Bill clicked it on, "report Lieutenant Colonel!" "Sir!

I have successfully cleared central command. I am in the process of filling the spots that were left open." Growling angrily the Lieutenant Colonel continued, "it was almost half the of all duty shifts. Sir, those that were taken prisoner? Suggestions?" Here Bill smiled it was time to see just how devoted this officer was. "Were they in on the plot to kill me," growled Bill. The Lieutenant Colonel hissed and spat out, "Yes sir, all but one of them! I had all but the leader taken to the cells." "Let me see him," Bill said.

He then hissed when he saw the older male Major on the screen. "This was one of the reasons I made you a higher officer. Execute him!" Bill hissed. The Lieutenant Colonel smiled a twisted smile and nodded.

Turning he punched his fist through the male's chest grabbing the male's beating heart and yanking it violently out. Bill smiled when the male screamed then dropped to the floor dead. "Done sir, with pleasure!

Bill smiled, his sense about the young officer had been right. "The rest, execute them also. The one that wasn't involved, if there weren't any killing intentions toward me then release them. If they were ordered to, then promote them but have them swear loyalty and know that to break it means an instant death sentence!" "Yes sir! It will be as you say!" Turning the man barked out orders, "Corporal, bring her up here now! Have all that are in the cells executed now!

Any means necessary!" Bill watched as a beautiful Cheetah Clan female was brought before the Lieutenant Colonel. "It appears that you are being allowed to live, for the moment!" Bowing low when she saw that Bill was watching she replied, "Thank you Commander Mikos; is that you King elect." "Do you take the oath of loyalty to the king elect?" Mikos growled out low.

With her head still lowered she said, "I would like nothing better than to sir!" Bill smiled he was actually starting to like this female. Though she was strong she was also respectful, a hell of a lot more than most. Bill spoke up before Mikos could.

"Do you," Bill looked to see that she was just a private. That was about to change, if what he read was right she had disobeyed an order from the male that Mikos had just killed. "Do you Sergeant Theta; devote your every waking moment to the greater good of the realm?

To serve your king and the people as long as you may serve? Do you accept that to break this trust means that an instant death penalty will be placed on your head?" "Yes I do your Lordship.

I know that you are not crowned yet but I already consider you the king sir!" Theta replied a look of growing pride on her face. Mikos was amazed, he had thought she was a traitor and nothing but a traitor. The king had a hell of am lot better sense of Xendrans than he ever would. The mere fact that the king elect considered her as worthy, as he did Mikos, spoke volumes to Mikos.

Smiling Mikos looked at Theta closely for a moment; she was a handsome young female. He was at a point now he could take a second mate.

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Thinking he nodded the Chartreux clan and the Cheetah clan hadn't many ties and there had only been one pairing in the last two centuries. As Mikos stroked his whiskers he thought yes it might benefit both of their clans. Sergeant Theta suddenly snapped her head up to stare at Bill.

"Did you just promote me sir?" Bill smiled a quirky smile at her, "I believe that me calling you Sergeant does mean that. Now don't start on this you don't deserve it. I saw what you did for me and my family. You could have been executed by the Major had he suspected that you were the one to cause the blast to miss the ship!" At the sudden realization that Bill knew what she had done she just nodded her acquiescence.

"You are the rightful heir to the throne. It was the only right thing I could see to do!" Theta replied. Bill nodded, "I need far more like you in the new regime. Hell in the realm. I have a suggestion, if you know of more that feel like you do. Bring them to the attention of Mikos. Then he will ferret out any traitors. Those left I will talk to. It seems as good as I am at seeing people for what they can be.

Mikos is just as good at finding traitors." "It would be an honor to work with you both sirs." Theta replied.

Something had been bugging Bill though he couldn't seem to get passed whatever was blocking his thoughts. Suddenly Bill sat up and snapped his fingers. "Sergeant I am afraid that the rank I promoted you won't do.

No I don't think many will listen to you." Here Bill was lost in thought a moment then said, "Yes I think that will do far better! Instead of a Sergeant let's say we make you a Sergeant First Class, I think more will listen to you now!" Theta's mouth dropped open it was only her duty, she hadn't done it for reward. It was just the right thing to do! "But. but. Sir! That is a total of six ranks I just jumped!

No one will listen to a young female Sergeant First Class!" "So. you are telling me, the king elect that, I am wrong?" Bill said a slow developing smile starting to creep on his lips. Sergeant Theta snapped to attention, "No sir I would never presume to do such a thing!" "Good, Mikos I want you and Theta to get more personnel in there as soon as possible. As of right now I am making it our combat headquarters.

I feel the coming weeks will be bad. We need a place that is secure. As of right now this is the only place.

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Even the palace isn't safe though," here Bill scratched at his half human chin. "I aim to change that as soon as possible." Clicking off Bill thought well at least I have a few that are trust worthy. "We need to move soon sir. My contacts at the last Castle we left are detecting movement towards the back. The devastator was moved while you were in discussion sir. It appears we aren't that far from the castle." The General told him, his Leopard clan spots seeming to grow a little brighter at the thought of the coming fight.

Bill nodded as they climbed into the same transport and headed off for the castle. Within minutes they were landing beside the huge energy canon.

Bill smiled when he saw that it had been kept in such good shape, "Alright, stand by everyone I have a feeling we are about to use it!" Opening up a channel Bill stated. "To those in Castle Trong, you have two spectons to surrender the traitor, my Uncle before I destroy your pathetic defenses. If you do I will spare all there and leave you to your life." There was a hiss of static as a familiar voice came out of the com.

"I doubt you have the guts to do anything you little bastard!" "Ah! I thought it was your putrid odor I smelled when I was hunting! Surrender you son of a bitch!" Bill growled. "You are the son of a bitch! That whore of a female that your father took to his bed!

What you are is far beneath me and my brother of true royal blood!" Bill's Uncle hissed at him. Bill smiled; he'd heard this before more than he wanted to admit. His father had taken a mate from one of the outer worlds of the realm. She was a princess on one of the last worlds that had joined with the kingdom. She had taken many insults before his father has stopped that with a few high ranking executions.


A smile crept upon his lips he barely remembered her. He'd loved the stories his older brother used to regale him with about her. Suddenly he snapped out of his visit to the past.

"Well Uncle, I may be beneath you in your obscene point of view, but I am next for the throne and as such I have had you declared a traitor. Give it up before I destroy you and all that are there!" "Ha," came the defiant yell of his Uncle. "Fine Uncle. If you will turn your scanners this way out front.

You'll see I have the devastator cannon. I have it already primed and should be ready to destroy your shields in a moment. What? No smart retort?" Bill snarled. "You wouldn't dare use it you don't have the guts to." his uncle spit back at him.

Clenching his paws, his claws springing forth many were backing away as Bill roared. "I am tired of the lies that you and your brother have been spreading! Fire the damn thing!" Bill roared even louder. There was a low whine then a sudden buzzing with the smell of ozone as the machine discharged. As the energy blast hit the shields you could see them struggle to repel. A sudden explosion below the ground had Bill smiling that would be the main generator.

"Another sir," the General asked with a smile. "Half power! Take out the entire front wall!" Bill shouted as there was another lower whine then the smell of ozone as the weapon discharged and took out 500 meters of the front wall. Clicking on the com Bill growled menacingly, "Well you son of a bitch!? Are you coming out or do I have to completely destroy this place? If you do I suggest you bring no weapons.

I have a thousand troops waiting with a need to kill something. You have a specton!" There was a minute there that Bill thought they were going to have to battle it out. Then several males were bringing another older male tied up, out through the hole in the wall.

The closer they got the louder the tied up male was complaining. "Let me go damn it! He is a weak pathetic fool." Stopping in front of Bill they threw the male on the ground at Bill's feet.

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"We have brought the traitor, we wish to return. We want no part in this or with him." A young tabby male told Bill. "You may go and repair; I hold no malice against you or yours. Though I might ask you to help the realm. Can I depend on the clans here?" Bill asked the four males in front of him.

"Are you this king elect that this one was speaking of? The weak minded fool? I'd say sir you are neither of those." All four males got down on a knee.


"Yes king elect, you can depend on our clans. If as you say you will leave us to our life then we will owe you a debt." All four nodded as did Bill then they arose and began the way back to the castle. "Really sir," the General started. "You really think that wise?" "Yes I do, I left them to live not to die. I told them if they turned him over I would.

I keep my word I feel that one's word is more sacred than anything." Bill told an astounded General. "Your word! You are nothing! Nothing but the son of a whore." Bill's Uncle started then found it hard to speak hanging in the air with Bill's paw around his throat.

A huge smile came to Bill's face, "Careful Uncle Cornelius I might be tempted to kill you quicker if you keep this up!" "You haven't the." Bill's Uncle started as Bill began to squeeze harder 'til Cornelius's head flopped to one side. "Ah! Blessed silence." Throwing his uncle into the transport Bill told them, "Take this piece of garbage to a cell in command."