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Big teen tits amateur black teen tits tube porn
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Part 1 of a 3 part story. I decided to break it down to keep the anticipation high. haha Hope you enjoy ;] ------------------------ At 6'11 and 330lbs Paul Zingman wasn't the type of guy you'd fuck with. But, despite his threatening stature, he could never avoid fighting. He was by no means an attractive guy, with a scar across his neck from a fight and a stubbly shaved head he was actually quite scary.

Tom Landrews walked into Chuck's Pub just as Paul was body slamming a guy into a table. He couldn't help but to notice Paul's remarkable strength and size and knew he'd be perfect.

Tom was a sleazy type of guy and at only 5'4 he clearly wasn't intimidating nor appealing to young women. He tried, bar after bar, to find a little slut he could take home and fuck but every time he was rejected.


He was in his mid 40's and had never had pussy. Suicide had crossed his mind once or twice but then he started to get the idea to rape a girl. He liked the idea of forcing a sweet young thing down on her knees and making her suck his cock till he blew stream after stream of cum down her throat. He grew hard at the thought of pounding his dick balls deep into a tight young snatch. Just the thought of finally being the one in charge got him off.

He knew though that he couldn't take a girl down easily with out a fight. That's where Paul would fit in perfectly. He slid into the stool next to Paul. "So, do you always fight at bars or do you drink as well?" Tom chuckled but it was clear by the glare Paul shot that it wasn't funny.


"I'm not a fag." Paul growled as he grabbed Tom's throat. "Fuck off." Tom could only laugh nervously and recompose himself before ordering a round of drinks. "Well, lucky for you neither am I.

I just couldn't help but notice how easily you took that guy down and well.I figured you'd be perfect to help me." Paul let out a booming laugh and slammed his beer onto the wood bar. "How the hell can I help you, fag?" Tom was just about to answer him when a sweet long haired brunette in daisy dukes and a cut off black shirt that read Chuck's walked up to them. She leaned in and gave Paul a hug, pressing her natural D-cup breasts against him.

"Hey, babe.


Look, Chuck said if you pull another stunt like that he's gonna kick you out." Her voice was a sweet melody with a Southern twang. Tom couldn't help but notice her perfect legs and glowing skin. Paul looked over at the bartender who was cleaning shot glasses and grunted. "Chuck can't do shit." He bellowed out laughing as the bartender rolled his eyes and shook his head. The girl kissed Paul's cheek and gave him another hug.

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"Well, just try to tone it down some will ya, sugah?" She walked off to a table of customers, her perfect round ass bouncing with every step. Paul's eyes were glued to her every curve when he heard Tom's obnoxious laugh. He shot him a glare that could stop a bull dead in its tracks. "What the fuck you laughing at?" Tom stopped laughing and nervously coughed.

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"Well, I umm.I just couldn't help but notice the way you watch her. She your girl?" At this question Paul boomed out a laugh and took a swig of beer. "Does she look like she's my damn girl?" He said, slamming the beer down on the counter top. "Hell, She's too damn tiny anyways. I'd break her." He shot a look down at his lap as if to indicate that he was refering to his cock and not his physical body size.

And at an astonishing 10 inches he was pretty much right. Tom looked over at the waitresses perfect frame and could feel himself growing hard. He wanted her and he knew he had to do what ever it took to get her.

"Why don't you fuck her anyways?" He asked. Paul let out a grunt. "Hell, like she'd go for me." At the age of 36 Paul had only ever been with one girl, and that was when he was in his teens and could be considered normal size.

He had pretty much always been a strong guy but it was never what the girls looked for. They were either scared of him or considered him to be nothing but protection.

The new waitress was the only girl who ever gave him attention.

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He was her first customer and ever since then he'd be the one she'd go to first to serve. She slightly admired him, and though she wouldn't admit it, was even sort of attracted to him. Paul did want her but she was just too damn beautiful and out of his reach.

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"You could rape her." Paul was about to bash Tom's brains in when she looked over and shot him a warming smile. He felt himself growing hard at the thought of her soft pink lips wrapped around his cock.

"How the hell could I do that?" Tom's lips curled up in a sinister smile. "Easy. Call her out back in about 15 minutes. I'll have the van there. You force her inside quietly then we'll go from there." The plan was all set up. Paul headed for the back. He stopped at the waitress and gently caressed her lower back. "I need your help. Follow me out back." His voice sounded urgent so she grabbed his hand as he led her out the back allyway doors.

"Hun, what's goin-" She was cut off by his hand around her mouth and throat.

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They got into the van where Tom tied and bound her. Tom was driving the van as Paul ran his hand up and down her well toned thighs. Her body cringed and tensed up with each movement inching closer to her pussy. Before she knew it he had her shorts off and was placing her on his lap. She was facing away from him, her neck kissed and biten, her pussy rubbed. She could feel her self growing wet between the legs. He pulled his cock out and rubbed it against her clit. "Fuck!

You're fucking wet!" Paul's voice boomed out. He found her hole and slid as much of his dick deep into her as he could. Every bump of the road sent pulsating waves through her body. She found herself to be enjoying the ride and couldn't help but to grind on his rock hard dick. "Fuck! God damn! oh.oh.oh!" Paul moaned and grunted as she bounced and grinded her tight cunt on his pole. He removed her mouth gag and she let out a gasp which was followed quickly by a series of moans. He grabbed her nipples between his fingers and started rubbing them gently.

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Her body quaked and she let out a loud moan. "Fuck!

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I'm going to cum!" Paul could feel her warm pussy juices flowing down his dick. He was close to cumming him self. He began to thrust violently.

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"Fuck!!" His emptied out stream after stream of warm sticky cum into her tight snatch. .To be continued. ------------------------------------------------- Tell me what you think so far ;] Part 2 will be up soon <3 -SweetTeen