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First of all this is not my syory. The auther gives permissionfor his stories to be posted elswhere as long as he credited with the writing, also this is a long story so if you want short and sweet this is not for you. I hope you enjoy Title: Melissa's Initiation Copyright A Strange Geek, 2005 Last modified 10/11/05 (header adjustment only) Feedback welcome! Please send email to [email protected] ( lose YOUR MIND to email me ) Please inform me if you wish to repost this work.

Keep this copyright notice intact on any redistribution. Keywords: Mf, ff, nc, mc, oral, bond, humil, magic "We've got all the bases covered, girls," said Susan Radson as she locked the front door to the house. "My parents are out of town, all your parents think we're having a sleepover at my house, and its after ten, so no one's going to be calling us for fear of waking us up. Aaaaand, it's a Friday night, so no school to get up for early in the morning." Ann Went nodded and grinned.

"Not that my parents are going to really care one way or the other," she said. "I argue with them so much anymore that they're glad to get me out of the house for awhile." Susan chuckled, and then looked over to the other girl standing next to her friend. "What about you, Melissa? Still think you're okay to go through with this?" Melissa Hendell glanced nervously from Susan to Ann and back again. Both were looking at her expectantly with small smiles on their faces, the kind that told her that she was at risk for being cruelly derided if she did not give them the correct answer.

She was not simply nervous, she was terrified. "I think so," she said tentatively. "I-I mean, if this is the only way ." "It's the only way," Susan said firmly. "If you want to be part of the Circle." "Yeah, Melissa," Ann said with a slight smirk.

"Otherwise you can forget about trying some of that stuff we taught you, since we don't let people do that outside of the Circle." Melissa nodded mutely. She hated being the new kid in town. This was not the first time it had happened, as her parents moved around a great deal in the last five years.

Unfortunately, their penchant for moving came right at the time that she entered puberty, one of the most turbulent times in a girl's life. Melissa had trouble fitting in. She did not like many of the things other girls did, like dating, makeup, and popular music.

Her tastes were far more eclectic than this. For these reasons, she rarely made friends, and her timidness made her the victim of much humiliation at the hands of her peers.

But things seemed to be different in Haven. Her family had moved there during the summer, and almost immediately she had met up with Susan, and later Ann, and something clicked. They seemed to accept her, though they occasionally sent some barbs her way that hurt at first, but when they kept it private and did not actively seek to embarrass her in public, she learned to accept it. Ann tended to be worse than Susan in this regard.

"So come on," Susan said as she fished out her parents' car keys. "Let's get going." "Hey, I thought you just had a learner's permit," Ann said to Susan with a grin. Susan waved a hand of dismissal. "Big deal. It's not like there's going to be a lot of traffic at this time of night. This is Haven, after all, where they roll up the sidewalks at night. So long as we drive slowly and don't attract a cop's attention, we'll be fine." Melissa smiled weakly at Susan's joke.

She had spent most of her life in Denver. Living in small towns like Haven was new to her. It was still taking some getting used to. They all piled into the car, Susan and Ann up front, Melissa in the back. She felt her anxiety as a knot in her stomach. Part of her questioned the wisdom of agreeing to do this. She tried to tell herself that Susan and Ann were her friends and that they would not let anything bad happen to her.

If they said this initiation was required before she could become a full member of the Circle, then this is what she needed to do. The Circle. Susan and Ann had let her in on this secret of theirs as they started the fall semester at high school. Melissa was a sophomore, not quite due to turn sixteen yet until after the start of the new year. Susan and Ann were seniors, which was why Melissa was so surprised that they actually wanted to associate with her. She was doubly surprised when they told her about the Circle.

Susan and Ann were pagans. Melissa had learned this early on. But what they had not told her until recently was that they were also witches.

Or attempting to be. They had obtained several old books on magic and spells from some obscure publishers and were attempting to teach themselves the arcane arts. Melissa had been skeptical at first, until she was invited to one of their ceremonies.

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To her astonishment, Susan and Ann, wearing strange robes and jewelry and after much chanting over burning candles, conjured up several ghostly images in the center of a pentagram drawn in chalk on the floor of Susan's basement. That had convinced Melissa that whatever they were doing, it was real. And the more they told her about it, the more she wanted to be involved.

"These spells really work, Melissa," Susan had confided in her at one point. "There's spells that can make other people do what you want, without them even realizing that you're pulling the strings." She proved her claim, too, or at least as far as Melissa could verify.

Susan was enamored of a particular boy named Jim Haynes that was already going steady with another girl. She let Melissa watch as she went through the motions of casting a charm on him. Several hours later, as Melissa was leaving Susan's house, who should arrive on the doorstep but Jim, claiming that he needed to get some class notes from Susan.

Susan later claimed that she went over to his house with him on the pretext of offering to tutor him in the class he missed, only to wind up having sex. "You can do things like that, too, Melissa," Susan had said with a conspiratorial grin. "If you were in the Circle." This had been too tempting for Melissa to pass up. She had wanted more control over her life than she believed she had, and this seemed like the perfect way to go about gaining just that.

She was not sure if she would use it to the same ends as Susan, however. She was interested in sex, there was no doubt about that. At fifteen, she had filled out very nicely, having inherited her mother's large breasts, long legs, and honey-brown hair, and her father's deep blue eyes.

But she did not care for many of the boys she often found around her. She was attracted to them physically, but their personalities put her off.

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Worse, she had begun to suspect in the past year that she had bisexual tendencies. She felt an attraction for Susan, and a lesser one for Ann. Melissa was desperate to be accepted into the Circle. She was desperate to feel like she belonged. So when she had informed Susan and Ann of this, they promptly told her that there would be an initiation first. It was not until a few days ago that they told her the details of the initiation. Though there were one or two details that Melissa still did not know even now.

Susan revealed one of them as they drove towards the outskirts of town. "Melissa, the ceremony will take place in the Gilded Forest just on top of the hill," she said. "Hope that doesn't spook you too much." Melissa shook her head. The name meant nothing to her. "Why should it?" "Oh, she probably doesn't know about it," Ann said, turning her head towards Susan and grinning. "She's new to town." "How much do you know about Haven's history, Melissa?" Susan asked.

"Not very much." "Some years ago, there was some sort of pervert loose in the forest," Ann explained. "They said he would kidnap girls from the town or from the campgrounds and fuck them while slowly strangling them." Melissa blanched, and her hand flew to her bosom, where a small pentacle hung from a chain under her blouse.

She clutched at it through the fabric, popping two buttons open. Susan and Ann had given her the pendant soon after revealing the Circle to her, claiming it was a protective charm. Indeed, Melissa did feel a little more secure and confident when she wore it, though she had to keep it hidden from her parents.

"That was, like, ten years ago," Susan said. "So not all that long ago, actually." "Did they catch the guy?" Melissa asked, eyes wide. "Nope, never," Ann said. "Though I haven't heard of anything happening recently." "If there was anyone there, he probably moved on when they started hunting for him," Susan said.

"I wouldn't worry about it. Just makes a great tale to tell people. Kind of like the hook on the car door handle or the guy in the back seat." "But those are urban legends," Melissa pointed out. "They're not true." Susan just shrugged. "Maybe this one is too, I don't know." "Oh, no," Ann said, shaking her head. "My Mom told me that she knew a friend who's cousin died because of him." Melissa opened her mouth to point out that that was the mark of an urban legend, that it always happened to a friend's relative, or a relative's friend, or any number of combinations of indirection.

She decided to remain quiet, knowing that Ann could be a real bear when someone disagreed with her. Melissa did not want to do anything to jeopardize her acceptance. It was also possible, she admitted, that Ann was purposely trying to scare her. Ann did things like that, though she claimed that she was simply testing Melissa and "keeping her on her toes". "Magic is not something you fool around with unless you know what you're doing and you keep your head about you," Ann had told her once after Melissa had admitted that something Ann had said to her had not gone over very well.

"We're almost there, girls," Susan said. "Melissa, you'll have one last chance to back out of this." Melissa nodded without a sound. She saw the trees loom up on either side of them, dark, shadowy monoliths barely visible, outlined against a moonless sky.

Her heart started to pound and she shivered slightly. Susan took them off the main road and down a graveled path. She took them past a sign that clearly stated that the picnic areas were closed at dusk, though there was no gate across the road. Melissa tried to peer between Susan and Ann to see what was up ahead.

She looked up in time to see Susan flip on the brights and a split-second later lean heavily on the brake as a deer appeared in the headlight beams. Susan clicked her tongue as the deer stood staring at them. She flipped her lights completely off and tapped the horn, then flipped the lights back on. The deer had vanished. "Damn things get dazzled by the headlights," Susan explained.

"But the sound they understand." Susan went a short distance further and pulled over to the side of the road, killing both the engine and the headlights, plunging them all into darkness. Melissa heard someone open the glove compartment, then there was a click as a flashlight was turned on.

"Okay, Melissa," Susan said, turning around in her seat. "This is your last chance to back out. You give the word, we'll take you back to town." "But you can't be in the Circle," Ann said. "And we can't be friends with you anymore. It wouldn't work." Melissa took a deep breath. Her heart was hammering in her chest, and she was scared, but she was more frightened of being bereft of friendship and missing an opportunity to belong. "I want to go through with it," she said in a shaky voice.

"Please." Susan and Ann exchanged glances. "Okay, Melissa, we'll do it," Susan said. She took the flashlight from Ann's hand. "Let's go." The air felt a lot more chilly up on the hill than it had in town. It made the skin along Melissa's bare arms prickle. A breeze blew up, rustling the leaves in the trees, and sending a shiver through Melissa's body.

"It's colder than I thought it would be," she commented forlornly. "It won't get really frigid tonight," Susan said as she stepped up to Melissa. "It's too early in the season." Ann came around the back of the car and stood on the other side of Melissa. "Did you wear what we told you to?" she demanded.

Melissa nodded. "I have it on already under my clothes." She swallowed and looked around nervously, though there was little to be seen past the small circle of light that Susan shone on the ground from her flashlight.

"A-are you sure there won't be anyone else around here?" "Except maybe that strangling pervert," Ann said with a grin. "Shush, you," Susan said, though she was smiling herself. "Don't make Melissa any more nervous than she already is." "I don't think that's possible, actually," Melissa said, her anxiety so great that she felt tears begin to well up in her eyes.

She quickly blinked them away before anyone could notice. "No, there's no one else up here but us," Susan said gently. "You'll be all alone until we come get you in the morning." The prospect of being alone was almost as bad as not being alone, but Melissa accepted it and simply nodded. "Let's get the stuff out the trunk, Susan," Ann said jerking her thumb behind her. "Melissa, you get your jeans and blouse off while Ann and I get ready," Susan told her, then she and Ann went around to the back of the car.

Melissa took a deep breath to try to calm herself as she reached up to undo the remaining buttons on her blouse. Her hands trembled so badly that this simple act seemed to take her forever to do.

As she reached the last button, she glanced over to Susan and Ann, who stood before the open trunk of the car. They were each slipping into their witches' robes of dark blue. She swallowed and pulled her blouse open, revealing a lacy black bra one size too small for her. She had had trouble finding a full-figured bra size of this style and had to make do, which had the effect of squeezed her breasts against her body until it look as though they would spill over the tops of the cups.

A thin chain ran from around her neck to between her mounds. She tugged on the chain and plucked the pentacle from where it had been trapped between them. Melissa shed her blouse and put it on top of the car. She then undid the button and zipper of her jeans and slid them down her legs. She felt the cold air bite at her as more of her bare skin was revealed, and she visibly shivered.

At the same time, the cool air had a mildly stimulating effect on her. Combined with the excitement over what was about to happen to her, it had actually aroused her somewhat. She was now at least glad that her panties were black as well.

This was the only think she liked about them, however. They were very tight, hugging her crotch such that the fabric threatened to be drawn into her slot if she moved the wrong way. They were also very skimpy, leaving much of her buttocks bare. In her efforts to get her sneakers through the pant legs, she accidentally backed into the car and gave a small yelp at the feel of the cold metal against her rear end.

She finally got her jeans off and put them aside as well. She reached down and tugged the top hem of each of her black fishnet stockings to smooth them out. One garter had become undone. She stretched it down and pulled up more on the stocking until she could get the two of them connected again. Susan came up to her. In addition to her robes, she had a coil of rope draped over a shoulder and several large pieces of foam rubber rolled up under one arm.

"You ready, Melissa?" she asked. Melissa nodded, then realized that it was dark enough even with the flashlight that she might not have been seen. "I think so," she said. "Nervous?" Susan said with a grin. Melissa swallowed. She wrapped her arms around her, chafed her hands up and down her arms. "And c-cold." Ann came over and grabbed Melissa's clothes. "I'll put these in the trunk." She stopped, and stared at Melissa. "Hey, Susan, shine your flashlight on her." Susan lifted the beam of light and drew it slowly up Melissa's body.

She squinted and averted her eyes when the beam struck her in the face. Susan lowered the beam back down. "Hey, Melissa, nice bod," Ann said with a grin. "I mean that. I don't know why you go around in such unflattering clothes all the time." Melissa blushed crimson but smiled weakly.

She was indeed rather attractive. In addition to her ample breasts and long legs, she had a slim waist and gracefully curving hips. Her buttocks were tight and firm. She knew on some level that she was pretty, but she had trouble bringing herself to show it off a little.

Plus she liked to wear things that were comfortable, and many of the things other women wore to show themselves off looked uncomfortable. "Do you have the shoes, Ann?" Susan asked. "No, I'll get them, and the tape." Ann rushed off to the trunk of the car again.

Melissa looked confused. "Shoes?" she asked. Susan smiled wanly. "Um, something we didn't tell you about, sorry. We want to make sure that you don't decide to chicken out at the last minute and try to run away from us." "I won't do that," Melissa protested. "I know you probably won't, but we really have to make sure.

It's . it's important for the ceremony." Melissa hesitated a moment, then said tentatively. "Okay." Ann returned carrying a pair of black shoes which she held up for Melissa to see, grinning widely.

They were angled very steeply, the heel at least four inches high if not more, though the heel was thick and had a flat base. "I . I can't wear those," Melissa said, stricken.

"I've never worn high heels before." "Well, that's sort of the idea," Ann said. "Anyway, this thing is a little easier than most, see?" She tapped a finger against the base of the heel.

The two girls crouched down at Melissa's feet. They helped her off with each of her sneakers and eased her feet into the shoes. Melissa winced as she felt her toes pinch together near the front of the shoes as she put her weight on them. Despite the wider heel, she still felt like she was about to tip over. She looked down at herself, and discovered that the shoes made her legs look even longer than they were before.

Susan shone a light on her legs and smiled. "Too bad you don't wear them, Melissa," she said. "They look good on you." Melissa heard a noise to the side and turned her head.

Ann was tearing off a piece of tape from a roll of duct tape. "Just to make sure you can't slip them off," Ann said. She wrapped the tape around the top of Melissa's foot and the bottom of the shoe between the toe and heel. She wrapped a few more pieces in layers before doing the same to the other foot. Melissa took another deep breath, though it did her little good. In these shoes she was as good as helpless, as she could not take more than a few steps quickly without falling over.

She was definitely past the point of no return. Ann slipped the tape into a large pocket of her robe. She reached into the trunk and retrieved four large metal stakes and a mallet before closing the trunk. "I think we got everything," Ann said. Susan and Ann took position on either side of Melissa. Each took one of her hands firmly. "I . I'm ready," Melissa said. Susan smiled at her. "Better be, since this is it.

No turning back now." "That's right," Ann said. "Not even if you wanted to. Come along now." The two of them led her around the front of the car. Melissa had a great deal of trouble keeping her feet moving straight on the gravel, even with guidance from either side of her. They moved a little too fast for her, and she stumbled, saved from a fall only by virtue of the fact that both her hands were being held tightly.

When the left the road and started down a path of packed earth, it was a little easier, though there were still plenty of rocks and holes to trip her up. The flashlight that Susan held danced crazily before them, as she held it with the same arm that was holding the foam rubber sheets. Melissa started to get the hang of walking on high heels, though they still pinched her toes painfully. The shoes felt tight around her feet, so it may have been simply that the shoes were not the right size for her.

The path curved sharply one way and then the other, which meant that she would not be visible from the road. Assuming nothing went wrong until they came for her in the morning, this suited her fine. The last thing she needed was someone finding her here. They finally came upon a small clearing surrounded by trees on all sides.

Melissa glanced up and could see a patch of sky against the dark, spire-like shapes of the pines, where hundreds of stars twinkled. The setting was so peaceful and lovely that she was able to relax for a moment and forget her predicament. It was short lived, for the next moment the trees rustled as a wind blew through the forest, chilling her to the bone as it touched her bare skin.

The thin, porous material of her undergarments did little to insulate her. "Right here," Susan said, and she and Ann stopped walking. She turned to Melissa and asked, "Think you can stand by yourself?" Melissa adjusted her stance, moving one foot a little further from the other. "Um, I think so." Susan slowly let go of her hand, Ann following more quickly.

Melissa paused a moment and then nodded. "Okay, now you stay right there. Don't try to go wandering off." "We mean that, Melissa,"Ann said, her expression dead serious. "We won't go chasing after you, you'll just have to get back to town yourself in your underwear." "I-I won't move," Melissa said sheepishly.

"Good girl," Ann said. Susan and Ann left her, walking a short distance to roughly the center of the clearing, where a picnic table stood. They conferred for a moment and put down what they were carrying, including the flashlight so they could pick up the table and move it to the edge of the trees. With that out of the way, they set about preparing for Melissa's initiation. Susan unrolled the pieces of foam rubber on the ground, using rocks to prevent the wind from moving them.

She pointed, tracing a rough rectangle around the the spot, Ann nodding as she took the first of the stakes and the mallet in her hand. She then walked to a point a few feet from the foam rubber, to one of the corners of the rectangle. She knelt on the ground and began to pound the stake into the dirt. It sounded very loud to Melissa, echoing slightly among the trees.

Melissa's heart began pounding again as she watched the preparations unfold. When Ann had finished driving the stake, leaving about six inches above the ground angled away from the mat, Susan came over and tied the end of the rope to it.

She lowed the rope to near ground level and tugged on it hard several times, and nodded when the stake held. She measured off a length of the rope back to the mat and cut it with a switch blade knife she had had in her pocket. They repeated this for each of the three other corners, first placing the stake, then tying a length of rope to it.

Her eyes fully adjusted now to the darkness, Melissa could start to see the setup as a whole rather than just the pieces upon which Susan's flashlight shone. Part of her wondered why she had let herself be talked into this. Susan and Ann approached her. "It's all set up, now, Melissa," Susan said. "Come along." Melissa took another deep breath as Susan grasped her hand and pulled her towards the center of the clearing.

Ann took her other arm as she grew closer, their grip on her a lot more firm than it had been before, as if they wanted to take no chance of her escaping. They helped her down onto the foam rubber mats such that she was lying on her back along its length, looking up at the stars.

"Put your arms above your head, Melissa," Susan said. "Spread them and your legs." Melissa complied, fashioning herself into an "X" shape. Her anxiety began to turn to fear as she felt Susan pull an arm straight and begin wrapping the loose end of the rope about her wrist. Ann did the same with one of her ankles, forcing her to spread her legs as wide as she could, until she could feel the tendons in her groin and thigh stretch.

Somewhere in the distance an owl hooted and made her flinch, nearly pulling her foot from Ann's grip as she prepared to finish tying down her legs. "Hold still!" Ann said crossly. "S-sorry," Melissa said.

"The owl startled me." "Fraidycat," Ann muttered as she tied the rope tightly around Melissa's ankle. Susan finished with Melissa's remaining wrist, and she and Ann stood up and came around one side of Melissa.

Susan shined her light down on Melissa, starting from one end and slowly moving it to the other. Melissa had been thoroughly staked down, her arms and legs spread and stretched. The two of them smiled at their handiwork.

"Can you move?" Susan asked. Melissa tried to pull at the ropes. There was no slack on them at all. She could not even move her limbs from side to side on the ground. "N-no, I can't," she said. She felt tears threaten to well up in her eyes again, but blinked them away.

She sniffled once, and tried to cover it by clearing her throat. She tried desperately to ignore the fact that she never felt so vulnerable and helpless in her life. She felt something slide off one breast and a light tug at her neck. Her pendant was dangling off to the side near her armpit. Ann spotted the glint that the pendant made in the light of the flashlight beam and crouched near Melissa's head.

She reached down and picked up the pendant in her fingers. "I don't remember us telling you that you could wear this." "But I always wear it, ever since you two gave it to me," Melissa cried in a pleading voice. "Melissa, I told you what to wear to this, and that's all I wanted you to wear," Susan said reproachfully.

Ann grasped the chain and shifted it around Melissa's neck until she found the clasp. "Here, I'll just take care of this." "No, please!" Melissa nearly screamed. "Don't take it off! Leave me that!" The thought of removing the pendant terrified Melissa far more than her predicament itself. She was not sure why this was so. Perhaps she felt that the protective charm would help prevent anything bad from happening to her until morning.

Or it was simply something to provide her with a little emotional solace as she lay there through the night. Whatever the reason, its absence would turn her into an emotional and perhaps a mental wreck as well long before her initiation could be completed.

"Oh, stop being a baby, Melissa," Ann snapped and started to undo the clasp. "No, wait, leave it be," Susan said. Ann looked up at Susan and frowned.

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"Why?" "It's not really all that important. Here, just move it off to the side so it won't interfere with the ceremony." Ann sighed and gave Susan a dirty look, but turned it to an ingratiating smile when she looked back at Melissa.

"Fine, you can keep it," she said. She moved the pentacle such that it rested on the ground beside Melissa's neck. Melissa swallowed and let out a rattling sigh, a few tears trickling down her face.

"Th-thank you." Ann stood and frowned at Susan again, petulantly mouthing the words, "Why did you do that?" Susan made a face and raised a hand briefly, mouthing back, "Later." "We will now begin," said Susan.

She stepped over to a point between Melissa's splayed legs. She placed the flashlight on the ground carefully, aiming its beam directly at Melissa's crotch. In moving Melissa into position on the mat, her panties had been tugged into her slot, a deep indentation down the center of the material. Enough of it had been pulled away from her thighs that a few tufts of pubic hair were visible.

A breeze blew on Melissa, and tickled the hairs. Melissa bit her lip and squirmed in embarrassment, both for the fact that they could see her partially exposed, and the fact that the breath of air on her hairs felt mildly arousing. Susan stood straight and extended her arms.

She looked skyward. Ann knelt on the ground at Melissa's waist and withdrew a long feather from her pocket. "We are here to bring a new member to our Circle," Susan intoned. "We present her to the goddess in hopes that she will be found worthy." Melissa's breathing steadied.

Hearing the actual words of the ceremony formally spoken in such reverent tones made her feel better about it. Until that point, she was starting to have her doubts about the whole thing, as none of what they were doing to her seemed to make sense to her in this context.

After a pause, Susan continued. "We have prepared our young initiate, Melissa, rendering her helpless before you, so that you may accept her as she is. She has been laid bare before you, so that you may touch her with your power and your grace." At that moment, Ann started to lightly stroke the feather along the inside of one of Melissa's legs. Melissa drew in a short gasp, her body trembling at the extraordinary soft and sensuous touch of the feather.

She bit her lip to suppress a moan as the feather was drawn up along the inside of one thigh and then down the other, and then back again. She felt a tingling in her sex as Ann's touch aroused her. "Your touch will be as light and gentle as this symbolic feather," Susan continued. "It will bring the wisdom that she needs to use her power wisely." Ann drew the feather up Melissa's abdomen and across her breasts. Even though the fabric of the bra Melissa felt the feather's touch, and was unable to suppress a soft moan.

Ann paused for just a moment, smiled to herself, and continued to ply the feather around Melissa's body, touching her arms and face before bringing it back down to her legs, where she very lightly played about Melissa's panties. Melissa was fully sexually aroused now. She could feel the dampness in her pussy when the breeze blew on her. Her skin tingled and she felt flushed despite the chill in the air. /Oh, no, was this supposed to happen?/ she thought, wishing she felt brave enough to ask.

"But to judge her worthy, goddess, you must see her as she is, naked before you," Susan said. Melissa's eyes widened at the word "naked", and hoped that Susan had meant that symbolically. This hope was dashed when Ann put the feather away and took out the switchblade. Melissa whimpered and shuddered when she felt the blade slid carefully between her breasts, the sharp edge upward.

Ann raised the knife and gently sawed through the black material. After only a few seconds the remaining threads snapped and Melissa's breasts came spilling out over her chest. The nipples were raised and erect, the skin around them taut. The cool air blowing across them made her shiver with desire as much as with the cold. /They didn't tell me about this!/ she thought desperately. Ann pulled the remainder of the garment from Melissa's body and tossed it unceremoniously to the side.

She proceeded to slide the knife blade under the band holding the panties in place, feeling Melissa shudder under her touch. Tears began to flow freely from Melissa's eyes as the band snapped, first around one leg and then the other, exposing Melissa's moist sex to the flashlight beam, shining on it like a spotlight.

Ann noticed Melissa's state of arousal, and a positively wicked smile came upon her face. "We leave her now," Susan said, lowering her arms. "We leave her to the trusted care of the goddess." "Oh, but you forgot one last part of the ceremony, Susan," Ann said, grinning up at her friend. Susan looked nonplussed for a moment, until she caught sight of Ann's unobtrusive gesture towards Melissa's exposed pussy.

She smiled slightly, though there was a hint of unease to it. "Um, yes," she said. "Be so kind as to do the honors yourself, Ann." "With pleasure." Ann took the remains of Melissa's panties and began rubbing them against Melissa's slot. Melissa gasped and her muscles tensed, pulling uselessly at the ropes that bound her to the ground.

She moaned loudly and then cried out, "Wh-what . what a-are you doing??" "Be quiet until the end of the ceremony, Melissa," Ann said. "If you want it to go right." "Ohhhh ." Melissa moaned piteously. She was so slick with lubrication that even the rough surface of the outside of her panties could stimulate her without chafing her. But just as she started to rise, Ann withdrew the panties from her slot, leaving Melissa engorged and sexually frustrated, as well as embarrassed beyond belief.

Yet it was nothing compared to what Ann did to her next. Ann appeared at Melissa's head, holding the wadded-up panties in one hand. With the other she reached down and pinched Melissa's cheeks, forcing her mouth open. "Open wide!" Ann said, stuffing the panties into Melissa's mouth.

Melissa's eyes went wide and she screamed through her nose, trying to force the panties from her mouth with her tongue. Ann stuffed them completely inside and snatched the roll of duct tape from her robe.

She tore off a piece, pushed Melissa's mouth closed and sealed it across her lips. Melissa was crying. Everything had gone disastrously wrong. "It's okay, Melissa," Susan said soothingly and with some haste. "It's okay. This is part the ceremony. We . " She glanced at Ann, who smiled smugly at her.

"We simply had some, um, disagreement over whether to include it." So desperate was Melissa still for acceptance that she looked up at Susan with a hopeful expression in her eyes. "You're, um, sexuality is tied to your magic power," Susan said.

"And accepting your own sexuality it sometimes not an easy thing to do, so this is symbolic of that." Melissa's tears had stopped. It sounded almost plausible to her. "Yeah, that's right, Melissa," Ann said. "Sorry we didn't warn you about it." "Everything is okay," Susan said, smiling easily. "This is just . a modern variation on the original ceremony." Melissa wanted to believe this.

But the taste of her own sex and the musky odor that rose into her nostrils each time she exhaled made it difficult for her to concentrate. While part of her was disgusted at this turn of events, another part of her thought it was extremely erotic, and it was this part that kept her in such a heightened state of arousal that it ached.

Ann stood up. "We better be getting back," she said. Susan nodded. She picked up the flashlight. "Melissa, we're going to leave you now," she said. "We'll return for you shortly after dawn, and then you'll be a full-fledged member of the Circle." Melissa took a deep breath through her nose, her anxiety at the prospect of being left along returning.


Nevertheless she snuffled back fresh tears and nodded. Susan and Ann smiled at her one last time. They picked up the remaining rope and the remains of Melissa's bra and left the clearing. Melissa listened to their footfalls as they went away, growing fainter and fainter until she could no longer hear them. A few moments later, there was the sound of a car engine starting, the crunch of tires across gravel, and then nothing but the wind and her own labored breathing. She was totally alone, helpless and naked in a forest under the open sky.

She began to cry. Susan and Ann remained absolutely silent until Susan had turned the car around and was heading back to the main road. Then the two of them looked at each other, and burst out into hysterical laughter. "Ohmigod," Ann cried. "I was sure I was going to lose it a few times." "You! I was the one coming up with that song and dance number on the spur of the moment." "Oh, Susan, you were wonderful!" Ann exclaimed.

"And the bit with you opening your arms and looking up, oh that was great. I half-expected a shaft of light from heaven to shine on you." "Well, not all of that was made up, you know," Susan said more seriously.

"I mean, I was raised pagan after all." "Yeah, but you don't believe half that stuff, do you, really?" Susan just shrugged. She smiled. "But it sure comes in handy for times like this." The two of them went off in peals of renewed laughter.

"Okay, okay," Ann said, grinning hugely. "Now you have to agree with me: Melissa must go down as the most gullible little cunt in all of history." "Jeez, she fell for the whole thing, didn't she?" "That bit you arrange with Jim was sweet," Ann said. "You had her convinced you really did lay a hex on him. Oh, man, I'm glad his girlfriend was such a peach about it. She even pretended to be angry with Jim as if he'd really had sex with you." Susan gave Ann a smug little smile.

Ann's eyes widened and her mouth fell open. "You /didn't!/" "Let's just say that Melissa is not the only gullible one," Susan said. "And believe me, I did not have to use a spell on Jim to get him to get into bed with me." "Does Linda know?" "No, she doesn't. Let's keep it that way." "Oh, you bet. And Melissa will believe us, so there's no worry there." Susan sighed.

"Yeah, but we almost lost it when you pulled that little stunt of yours with her panties. What the hell was that all about?" Ann shrugged. "Spur of the moment. Can you believe that that little slut was actually getting off on it? I had intended that feather to tickle her senseless and it just made her horny. Thanks for covering for me, by the way." "You're lucky I can think fast." "So what's next, then?" Ann asked.

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"Oh, we fetch her in the morning," Susan said. "Like we said. We have to, else if we're get up there too late, someone else will find her and we'll be in deep shit." "Yeah, I figured that out," Ann said. "But what about after that?" "We accept her as a member of the Circle," Susan said. "Then we figure out some excuse later to kick her out.

Maybe she'll displease the goddess somehow." Ann grinned. After a few moments her grin faded. "Say, Susan, why'd you leave her the pendant? I think maybe one of the reasons I did the thing with the panties was because I was mad at you for that." Susan paused a moment.

"I'm not sure, actually," she said. "I don't know, maybe . maybe I just wanted to be a little nice." Ann made a face. "Why? It's not like she really matters." "I guess I just thought that taking the pendant might be taking it too far," Susan said. "Plus she thinks it really protects her, so maybe it will." Ann frowned.

"You don't think she's, like, in danger up there." "Probably not. No one goes up there at this hour." She smirked at Ann. "Unless you really believe in that sex strangler character." "I'm telling you, he was real," Ann insisted. "I mean, he's not there now, but he was in the past." "I think it was as real as the bloody hook story, if you ask me." Ann folded her arms and pouted.

"And who says that one is not real too?" Susan sighed, rolled her eyes, and promptly dropped the subject. It was not very long before Melissa stopped crying. Partly this was because she finally realized that no amount of histrionics was going to change the situation she was in, and partly due to the fact that she was sliding into a depression that was far beyond the ability of mere tears to express.

It was slowly dawning on her that she had been a complete and utter fool. This could not possibly be any initiation. It was simply an excuse to humiliate her. She was surprised that someone else had not already shown up to take advantage of her sexually, or worse, take pictures of her to show the rest of the school or her parents.

Yes, she considered public humiliation to be worse than rape. For all of her crying and all of her despair had failed to douse the flames of desire that still burned inside her, ignited by a combination of her initial excitement and the touch of that damnable feather Ann used on her.

Melissa had no idea she would respond to that kind of a touch in that manner. Melissa was willing to accept the possibility of sexual release in exchange for her virtue if it meant that her experience would be kept quiet.

The night air had grown even colder, and she was shivering constantly now. If it were not for the tape over her mouth, her teeth would be chattering.

Even in the darkness she could see her breath as it briefly fogged her view of the stars overhead with each exhalation. Melissa wished she knew why she was still aroused, why her pussy still felt hot and engorged, why her nipples tingled with each breeze that blew across them. First her so-called friends had betrayed her and now her own body did as well.

Melissa tried to stretch her neck and turn her head to see the stakes that held her arms in place, but her hair blocked her vision. She clenched one of her hands into a fist and tried to pull at the rope that held that arm in place, then stopped.

She repeated this several times, hoping to work the stake loose, but after keeping at this for several minutes, there was still no slack on the rope. She sighed and attempted the same with one leg, again to no avail. Melissa wished Ann had placed the pentacle from her pendant back on her chest. She hated not being able to feel it against her flesh.

Occasionally she shifted her head and shoulders just so she could still feel the chain around her neck and convince herself that it was really still there. A realization that Melissa had come to while she lay there was that the forest was anything but silent at night. The trees rustled in the slightest breeze. Insects buzzed and clicked in the thick grasses.

Occasionally some nocturnal critter scampered through the underbrush. The first time this last one had happened, Melissa gasped and her heart raced, as she was sure that it was someone about to walk into the clearing. After this had happened several times, Melissa grew inured to it, no longer reacting to the brief crackle of twigs and rustle of underbrush. Thus she was not alerted when she heard a similar sound somewhere behind her head, a single soft crunching sound of something pressing down onto the sand and brush that littered the floor of the forest beyond the clearing.

Yet in the moment that passed after this sound, Melissa became slowly aware that something was quite wrong. The other sounds of the forest, save for the wind, had ominously fallen silent. Then even the breeze died, leaving her in a silence so complete that she could hear her own heartbeat. Melissa became aware of a presence. The feeling that she was not alone crept over her and made her skin crawl.

She shuddered and whimpered, wishing she could at least call out and ask if there was someone there. Worse, she was sure that whoever it was now watched her intently, taking in every detail of her naked form. Finally Melissa heard the sound of someone taking a step onto the hard, dry ground of the clearing. Then another. They grew closer with each step. Melissa was terrified beyond any ability to think rationally.

She pulled desperately at her bonds, ignoring the pains that shot through her tendons. She only knew she had to get away, before whoever it was could harm her. But when the steps had approached close enough to her for her to see her would-be assailant, she stopped struggling and looked up with widening eyes mixed with fear and fascination. Looming over her, standing not two feet from her torso, was a dark figure. It was clad in slightly ragged gray cloak and hood. But these were the only identifiable features on the figure, for under the cloak and hood was nothing but utter darkness.

It was not simply the darkness of the night, but a blackness so inky that it was like a hole torn in reality. It was as if the figure were there, but also not there. The figure leaned forward. A tendril of the darkness in the shape of a human arm emerged. The hand splayed its fingers and hovered over Melissa.

She saw it silhouetted against the stars above her. Despite the fact that the hand was several feet in the air above her, she shrank back from it in terror, as if trying to sink herself into the earth to get away from it. The hand was withdrawn. There was the sound of shifting dirt and sand as the figure's leg-shaped appendages lowered it to its knees. Melissa heard something like a deep, guttural groan from the featureless face of the figure and shuddered.

Its head appeared to turn, as if shifting its gaze over to her feet and drawing it very slowly up her body and back up to her face. Melissa thought she could actually feel the specter's gaze on her, like ice just barely touching her skin. The figure's hand reappeared. It reached for her face. Melissa lost what remained of her rationality and screamed against her gag and through her nose.

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Yet instead of snuffing out her life as she had expected, the fingers of the hand grasped an edge of the tape sealing her lips and slowly peeled it off. Melissa stopped screaming and dared to open her eyes. The hand still appeared in form only, with no discernible details, as featureless as a bottomless pit.

Where the tips of its fingers touched her skin, it was like being brushed with the smoothest satin, not at all unpleasant. The hand finished peeling the tape from her face and let it drop to the dirt alongside her neck. It then hovered over her mouth, as if expectant. It took Melissa a moment for her to pull her mind back from her terror and panic and realize what he was waiting for.

She opened her mouth. The figure's fingers reached inside and pulled out the wadded panties, dropping them to the side as well. "Th-thank you," Melissa said in a slightly slurred voice, her jaw muscles having trouble responding from the combination of being stretched and the cold.

"Wh-ho are you?" But the figure did not respond to her. She heard only another guttural groan, this one more urgent in tone then the previous. "P-please, you're frightening me," Melissa pleaded. The figure's hand was still hovering before her face. The fingers clenched briefly, then unfolded again. It moved slowly over her torso and lowered itself over one of her breasts. "N-no, please ." Melissa begged. "D-don't hurt me ." But when the figure's hand cupped itself over her breast, Melissa gasped, and felt anything but hurt.

Like it had against her face, the hand was silky-smooth against the skin of her breast. It slid over her mound as if oiled, the fingers reaching around and squeezing the firm flesh, sending a shiver through Melissa that was not at all related to the cold. The fingers probed her breast everywhere, finally finding her nipple and caressing it until it grew even more erect than it had been before.

It then touched the very tip of the nipple, her most sensitive spot, and teased it with its fingertips. Melissa moaned as these ministrations excited her almost as powerfully as she had been frightened by the appearance of the figure. Her body now begged for sexual release more than ever, her want so great that her pussy ached with unrelieved arousal. Had she not already been in a heightened state of arousal, she might not have responded as strongly, but she was not sure of that.

So soft was his touch and so expert was his stimulation of her that he might very well have been able to arouse her fully from scratch. The figure's hand moved to her other breast and began fondling it in the same manner. A second arm emerged from under the cloak, its hand resting on the first breast, so that it now stimulated both of them at once. "Oh my God .

" Melissa cried softly. "P-Please . please don't stop." The figure turned its head abruptly towards her face, and now she could see two tiny, burning red points of light under the hood.

She gasped and bit her lip to suppress a scream, and for a moment she could not feel the sensuous massage of her breasts. And then Melissa heard something. It was like a ragged, hoarse whisper. Yet it did not come through the wind so much as it was the wind, shaped into sound for her to hear. /You wish me to continue?/ the voice said. /You wish me to give you pleasure?/ Melissa swallowed and hesitated. Was she getting herself into something else again that she could not get herself out of.

Yet now the figure had stopped fondling her breasts, leaving her desperate for his touch again. Finally she nodded. /You . are willing?/ "I .

I am willing. I-I need it." The figure paused, partially withdrawing its hands. Despite the lack of facial expressions, Melissa thought she sensed hesitation and some confusion from it, as if this were a new situation for it.

/Are you for me?/ she heard it ask of her. Melissa was not sure how to answer that question. She had no idea who - or what - this figure was. For all she knew, it could be part of the elaborate ruse that Susan and Ann had set up. Though that would not explain the eerie look to the figure, or its unearthly voice.

"I'm not sure," Melissa finally responded, deciding that honesty was the only option here. "I don't know how to answer that." Another groan emanated from the figure. Finally it said, /I will pleasure you. Then I will decide./ Melissa wondered exactly what it was to decide, but before she could think to ask it, she felt one of its satin-like hands slide down her abdomen. It moved like molasses, oozing with glacial speed. When it reached her pubic mound, it sifted her hair through its fingers, sending shock waves of pleasure through her body and making fresh moisture drip from her already sopping slot.

The hand stopped moving and Melissa cried out in desperation. "Please, t-touch me . " she begged. "Touch my p-pussy." It was the first time that Melissa had ever managed to bring herself to say the word aloud, even in private, showing the depths of her desire, as well as her realization that modesty was no longer something she could hope to preserve any longer. She felt the figure's fingers descend into her cleft of her sex, her swollen clitoris stroked firmly and rhythmically.

Melissa moaned deeply and began to pant as the strokes were increased in intensity and speed. She felt its fingers plunge into her vagina, penetrating her deeply, two fingers at first, then three, coaxing her slot open wider.

With her legs spread as far as they were, there was little to stop him from finger-fucking her into a frenzy. Melissa felt herself rise quickly, like a rocket. "Oh, God, yes . " Melissa cried. "Please, don't stop . don't . ohhh . /ohhhhhh!/" Melissa cried out loudly as she crested over into orgasm.

Her pussy throbbed hard around the figure's fingers, feeling as solid inside her as any normal man's might. He kept rubbing her slot, driving her orgasm upwards, until she was climaxing more powerfully than she ever had before.

Her genital muscles were spasming so hard that she saw stars in front of her eyes when she closed them. She was ready to scream for the figure to ease off when it did just that, slowing its strokes and then removing its hand. Melissa's head lolled to one side. "Th-thank you," she said weakly. The figure groaned, more urgent than ever. /Now there is my pleasure to see to,/ she heard it say.

Melissa did not see the hand until it was before her face again, and before she could ask what it was doing, the hand gently alighted on her neck.

She felt her fear return as her mind filled with horrible visions of her throat being cut. Yet after a few seconds and a brief tingling around her throat, the hand was withdrawn.

What Melissa could not see was what the figure had left behind. Encircling her neck was a band, as impossibly black as the figure itself. The next thing she knew, the darkness was atop her. She felt its body slide atop hers, like a silk sheet being drawn over her skin, its touch light and sensuous.

Despite having just climaxed, her pussy was still wet, and she felt the sexual desire renewed inside of her. She heard its guttural groan again, a rumble hinting at powerful, barely restrained passion and lust. As its body slid further over her, she was aware of something gently probing her labia, still slick with her juices.

Melissa's eyes opened wide. "Oh my God ." she breathed. Terror mixed with her desire, and for a moment, terror one out. "N-no! Please, no! Please don't ." In mid sentence, she opened her mouth and cried out in surprise and ecstasy as she felt the figure penetrate her, its cock sliding inside her like a hot knife through butter, sliding into her as if into warm oil. She gasped as she felt his incredible length fill her completely, more than any sex toy dildo she had used on herself in her self-explorations.

She did not think it was possible for anyone to have a penis that long, and it convinced her that there was nothing at all earthly about this figure. /So you are not for me after all,/ she heard the figure communicate to her, in a tone that was both mocking but questioning as well. Melissa was too confused to reply at first. She felt the figure slowly slide its cock outward again, the angle just right to stroke the tip of her clitoris. She drew in her breath sharply and held it, letting it go as a moan when he reversed and sank into her again.

Desire began to win out over terror again. He drew outward and forward again, starting a slow but steady and firm thrusting. Each penile stroke of her clitoris was like electricity crackling through her.

In all her fantasies, she had never thought her first time would be anything like this. The realist in her never thought it would be this /good/. So taken with the experience that she failed to note a tightness around her throat.

The figure began increasing the speed of its thrusts into her, each thrust burying its cock as far as it would go and then withdrawing it almost complete from her, as if maximizing her pleasure. Melissa moaned loudly and deeply, giving her entire body and mind to the figure's lovemaking, no longer caring who or what it was. It took less than a minute, however, before her fear returned as she finally became aware of the constriction around her throat.

She tried to draw in a deep breath and wheezed instead. Fear became panic, panic became terror, and she tried to scream, but the band around her throat only closed more tightly. /No, /she heard the figure say. /No, you are enjoying this. You are for me./ Melissa then made the connection. The one that Susan and Ann had told her about.

The so-called sex-strangler. She was about to become its next victim. But even as the band around her neck began to shut off her air, she felt herself rising towards another climax as his thrusts continued to build uninterrupted.

The intensity of the stimulation in the midst of her suffocation was almost excruciating. /No, you will not die, for you are mine./ Suddenly the pressure around her neck was gone, and Melissa gasped in air. At the same time, she exploded into an orgasm so intense that it hurt for the first few seconds, then became an all-consuming ecstasy that rattled her to her core. Her throbs reverberated up her vagina, into her cervix, into her womb, and from there seemed to radiate to her hips.

It was as if her entire body were trying to participate. In the midst of this, the figure plunged into her and climaxed. She felt hot seed fire into her depths, his throbs prolonging her own orgasm until it felt like it would never end.

She screamed her pleasure and desperation into the night, until her climax finally started to fade. She panted and gasped, trying to catch her breath from both her near-suffocation and her mind-numbing orgasm. Tears flowed from her eyes in relief as she discovered that the fires of her desire had finally been doused. The figure slid off her body. It reached a hand over her neck and the band that encircled it disappeared.

It then paused a moment. The figure's pinpoint red eyes appeared, and it leaned in closer, its groan questioning in nature. It reached down into the dirt and picked up the pentacle pendant. /Yes,/ it said. /Yes, I see. I understand./ Melissa swallowed and looked up at the figure. She did not dare say a word. Something told her that the best thing she could do now was stay quiet. /You wish the Power./ Melissa's eyes widened. The wind-shaped voice conveyed the capitalization of that word to her mind.

Could Susan and Ann have been truthful after all? Was this really what she was waiting for, for this mysterious figure to come to her and bestow upon her what she needed to become part of the Circle?

Maybe mentioning the so-called sex-strangler was just a way of giving her a hint of what was to come. /Is this what you want?/ the figure asked her more insistently. "Yes!" Melissa cried. "Yes, that is what I want. That is . that is what I have been prepared for." The figure appeared to consider for a moment, then let the pentacle drop from its fingers.

/If you wish to receive the Power, you must give me your innocence and virtue,/ it told her. /I already have taken your virtue. Will you give me your innocence as willingly?/ Melissa swallowed, feeling her fear return as the figure began to loom over her.

There was no choice as to her answer. Her answer had to be yes. She did not come this far to turn back now. "Yes," she said. "Yes, I will give you my innocence as well." The figure uttered another groan, this time a mixture of satisfaction and pleasure. /You are the first,/ it said, and she sensed joy in its "voice". /None before you have been willing. It has been a very long time since I have had anyone./ It was then that Melissa realized that there was something going on that was not what Susan and Ann had intended.

This figure might very well be the mysterious sex-strangler, but that his nature and his motives were completely different from what everyone had assumed. Before she could go any further with this reasoning, the figure rose to its full height and extended a hand over her. There were two loud snapping sounds from above her, then two more below her.

At once, the tightness on her extremities vanished. She was too astonished to move at first, but when she finally did, she saw that the ropes no longer held her limbs in place.

She slowly drew her arms and legs inward, wincing as her strained muscles protested. She looked up at the figure. It was turned such that she could see it almost in profile. She could see a single, long protrusion from its shape at roughly waist level. She understood at once that she was seeing the figure's penis. The figure now turned to her and gestured silently for her to come forward. Melissa understood now what was being asked of her. Her fear spiked briefly, but it was more fear over her lack of experience in this area than anything else.

She drew herself up to sitting position. Each of the four ropes that had bound her had been broken in the center, so that she still had a piece tied to each ankle and wrist. The knots did not look impossible for her to undo, but the figure stood before her, continuing to gesture for her to come to him. Melissa was eager to complete her "initiation", though it had turned into something quite different from what she was sure Susan and Ann had intended for her.

Pausing only to rip the tape from her feet and chuck the shoes she hated to the side, she crawled over to the figure on her hands and knees.

She knelt directly before it, her heart starting to pound. Despite how benevolent the figure had been to her now, she still remembered that it had been about to kill her, and only her enjoyment of his "rape" of her had saved her.

The figure stepped closer to her, and for the first time, Melissa thought she could see some detail in the absolute blackness. She was not sure exactly what she was seeing. It was as if she were seeing patterns of energy, as if she were tracing the flow of the figure's life force. In all of this, the shape of his massive penis appeared. Melissa reached up with a slight trembling hand and cradled the erection in her fingers. Like the rest of him, his skin was very smooth and slippery, as if she were touching one of her dildos after she had lubricated it.

She let her fingers trace its shape.

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She drew her fingertips along the underside, and was rewarded with a deep groan from the figure. /Remember,/ she heard the figure say. /You must swallow my essence to complete your task./ Melissa had surmised that herself, and she wasted no time in touching her tongue to the figure's erect member. She ran her tongue up and down the underside of the shaft, feeling the skin ripple against her tongue.

Her hand sought out its testicles and cradled them gently, massaging them slowly and carefully. She heard what sounded like heavy breathing from above her, and hoped that meant she was doing it right. She opened her mouth and took his erection inside, wrapping her lips tightly around his thick shaft and drawing it inside with an intake of breath, squeezing her cheeks around his penis as it slid further inside.

She could smell his musk as she felt the figure begin to slowly thrust his hips back and forth. Melissa pressed her tongue against the underside as it slid past, hoping to stimulate his more sensitive areas more thoroughly. /You give me great pleasure a second time,/ the figure told her approvingly. /You do me a great honor./ Melissa was relieved, and it encouraged her to continue her ministrations. She used her hand to caress the bottom half of his shaft, as she could only accommodate about half of him inside her mouth at once.

She stroked the underside of the shaft at the same time that she lashed at him with her tongue, letting his penis rest in her mouth as she lapped at what she believed to be the most sensitive spot just past the head. She heard a low groan from the figure and felt its cock shudder inside her mouth as it started to throb powerfully in orgasm. Large globs of hot semen splashed over her tongue. Melissa moaned softly as she felt her mouth fill with his seed.

Eagerly she swallowed, feeling the strangely spicy and sticky fluid blaze a trail down her food pipe and into her stomach. Still more of his essence spewed into her mouth as he continued to climax, and she lapped it up as quickly as it was produced, swallowing as fast she she could.

Finally the orgasm began to fade, and the figure withdrew its penis from her mouth. She swallowed the last bit that was in her mouth, and slowly rose to her feet. Melissa closed her eyes. After a pause, she opened them, and saw the truth. "They lied to me from the start," Melissa said. She looked at the figure. "Susan and Anna. They lied. They were never my friends.

Then never intended me to be part of their little clique. This was all just a joke to them, a sham, bogus! They /lied!!/" Her voice had been steadily increasing in volume as she spoke, and the last word was screamed at the top of her lungs.

Her eyes blazed with raw fury, an emotion that she never let herself feel. Until now. /Innocence lost,/ the figure said. Melissa felt like she was seeing everything that had happened in her life from a totally new perspective. "I can't believe what a fool I've been!" Melissa ranted.

"All through my life! Now I see it. Now I /really/ see it. Not one of the people that claimed to be a friend really was a friend. There was always some ulterior motive. And I knew it. On some level I knew it, and I just took it! I took it because I could fool myself into thinking that just maybe I was wrong, and someone thought I was worth knowing. I took solace in that, and rationalized my way to happiness.

But you know what? That was all bullshit! Well, /fuck that anymore!/" In her rage, the result of years of pent up emotions from the abuse she felt she suffered at the hands of countless peers, she picked up a rock that lay on the ground and hurtled it at a tree on the other side of the clearing.

The rock struck the trunk and exploded like a small bomb in a flash of blue-white light, sending pieces of bark and splintered wood in all directions, leaving a large crater in the side of the tree.

Melissa's jaw dropped in astonishment and she stared, her fury curbed for the moment. /And with the loss of your innocence,/ said the figure, /you now have the Power./ "Yes ." she said softly as she searched her inner being. "Yes, you're right, I . I can see it . I can feel it." She lifted her hands before her face.

She cast her gaze on the pieces of rope that still were wrapped about her wrists. After a few seconds, first one, then the other of the ropes loosened and untied itself, dropping from her wrists into heaps on the ground. Melissa viciously kicked at them. She willed the rope to released her ankles, and they too fell from her body.

Melissa felt a rush of renewed excitement. She slowly closed her hands into fists, She could literally feel powerful currents of energy like electricity surging through her body, waiting for her to release them, to command them to do her bidding. "I have control," Melissa said, a smile spreading across her face. "I finally have control of my life. I have control of it all! Whoever or whatever you are, thank you for ." But when she turned her head towards where the figure had stood, there was only the ordinary darkness of the night.

She whirled around, sweeping the entire clearing with her gaze, but the figure had vanished. And as she stood and listened, the noises of the forest had returned. It was as if nothing had happened. But something /had/ happened.

She was standing, freed from her ropes, and with a new realization, a new outlook on her life. And she had the Power. She could still feel it inside of her. She could still see in her mind how to use it, and what its limitations were. Nevertheless, a creeping dread came over her that she had dreamed or hallucinated the entire thing. Melissa looked down on the ground where the remains of her ropes lay. She stretched her hand out over them and concentrated.

After a few seconds, one of the ropes started to twitch, then flew upwards and into her hand. She held it in her grasp and made the rope slither and coil like a snake as if it were alive.

Then she let it go limp, where it swung impotently in the breeze. And now, as she stood alone, free from all physical and emotional bonds, she pondered exactly what she should do next. She looked down at the ropes on the ground and the piece still tied to the stakes in the ground. She realized as she did this that she could see far better in the dark now than she could earlier, much more than she could account for by mere dark-adaptation. Either that, or she was simply sensing everything around her in ways that she could not earlier.

The answer came to her. Susan and Ann had to be dealt with. The old Melissa would have simply let it go and seek to avoid any further contact with them. But to the new Melissa, this was unacceptable. Now she had the ability to set things straight, to even the score, even to take revenge if she so desired. Melissa smiled, as evilly as Ann had when she had conceived of her maneuver with Melissa's panties. The realization that she now had the power and the freedom to make these choices excited her.

It even aroused her, even though she had already had more sex than she had experienced in her entire life up to that day. Yes, there was definitely something strangely erotic about having this power. "Perhaps they were right when the said that sex is power," Melissa said aloud. Yes, she would deal with Susan and Ann. Many ideas were coming to her mind, things that she would have been horrified to hear from others before that night, things that she now allowed herself to contemplate freely with no pangs of guilt or remorse.

She looked towards the center of the clearing where she had been tied down. As much as she might have wanted to see the expression on their faces when the saw her free of her ropes, she knew that this would put them off, either by claiming that she had cheated somehow, or by becoming frightened of her.

While Melissa might have wanted them to be frightened of her at some point, that would come in due course. Melissa took the rope that was still in her hand. She brought it over to one of the frayed ends of a piece attached to a stake. She pressed the two torn ends together and concentrated. The strands of the two ends of rope twitched.

At first the motion was random and chaotic, like snakes slithering around each other. Finally, slowly, the strands of rope began to twine about each other, knitting the rope together. After about a minute it was done, and the rope looked as though nothing had happened to it. Melissa did the same with the other three, until she now had four whole pieces of rope again, just as Susan and Ann had laid them out earlier. Melissa smiled and calmly assumed the same position she had when bidden before.

She stretched her arms and legs, spreading them apart. She closed her eyes and reached out with her mind to the ends of rope. She lay quiet and still as the ends of the ropes slithered around her ankles and wrists.

She felt them pull her limbs into the same positions as before as they knotted themselves. When it was done, Melissa appeared exactly as she had before the shadowy figure had descended on her.

Unlike when she was first placed into this position, she felt relaxed, and she looked up at the stars in admiration of the clarity of the sky. She knew she could free herself with a thought at a moment's notice. She was now in control. She turned her head and glanced over to where her panties lay on the ground and she frowned. As much as she wanted to avoid anything appearing out of the ordinary, she refused to put the panties and tape back on her mouth.

Melissa willed one of her arms to be released. She picked up the tape and stuck it on the panties. She then grasped the panties and threw them into the underbrush. She let the rope entwine about her wrist again. She waited. The car raced through the flashing yellow light of the intersection without slowing down, tires squealing as it took the turn in the road beyond it still traveling at the same breakneck speed.

"Jesus, Susan, are you trying to get us killed?!" Ann shouted, her left hand over her pounding heart, her right hand holding the door handle with a white-knuckled grip. "Maybe I should be asking you that question!" Susan retorted. "That was just brilliant, Ann, simply brilliant." "Well, fuck, how the hell was I to know he'd let it slip?" "Ann, your boyfriend Brad's age is higher than his IQ.

And thanks to you and him, we have exactly twenty minutes to collect Melissa, calm her down into a semi-coherent state, and hope to God that she`ll cover for us with her Mom." "Why are you always picking on Brad?" Ann cried.

"I'm not, I'm picking on you. How stupid can you be, Ann??" "All right already!" Ann screamed. "I said I was sorry! What the fuck more do you want?!" Susan took a deep breath and forced herself to ease off the accelerator as they headed up the road into the forest. She almost wished Ann had not come clean about her spilling the beans to her boyfriend about what they had planned for Melissa.

She would have preferred to have lived in blissful ignorance of why Susan had been rudely awakened to the sound of the telephone a full hour before dawn and forced to deal with Melissa's distraught mother. Melissa's mom had gotten the idea that Melissa was in some sort of trouble, that Susan and Ann had perhaps taken her someplace they shouldn't have.

Susan had tried to reassure the woman that this was not the case. /"If she's all right, then let me talk to her," her mother demanded at that point./ /"Melissa is still sleeping," Susan had said./ /"My Melissa has always been an early riser.

She'll be getting up soon anyway."/ /"We . we were up late last night."/ /"What were you doing to all hours of the night?!" Melissa's mother demanded in a panic-stricken voice./ /"Nothing! I mean, nothing bad, just talking," Susan replied. "We just . lost track of time. She was really tired."/ /There was a long pause. "All right," Melissa's mother said cautiously. "I'll give her another half hour before I call back. But if you won't let me talk to her, I'll be over there like a shot!"/ "Ann, you better hope that the little stunt you pulled with the panties didn't, like, send her over the edge," Susan said darkly.

Ann frowned. "You really didn't like me doing that, did you?" Susan sighed. "No, I didn't. You were way too hard on her." "I didn't see you stopping me." "Because it would have screwed everything up even worse. Look, I don't want to argue anymore.

Let's just get up there and fetch her. And listen to me, Ann, listen real hard.

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We treat her like a queen this morning. She did what we asked of her and she's in the Circle. We make her feel really good and maybe she'll convince her Mom she's okay. Got it?" "Yeah, I got it," Ann grumbled. "Treat the little cunt like the belle of the ball." The light of false dawn was just starting to brighten the sky as they pulled off the road and up the gravel path.

Susan drove a little recklessly, the back end of the car fishtailing and sending up plumes of gravel and rock behind them.

When the reached the path that led to the clearing, they scrambled out of the car, grabbing the robe from the back seat, and ran up the path. In the back of her mind, Susan felt a twinge of fear over what she might find. Sometime during the night, she began having a severe attack of conscience. She had several bad dreams where they came up to fetch Melissa only to find a bloody corpse, or a skeleton, or nothing at all.

Now she entered they same notions, but with the addition of Melissa's mother crying over Melissa's dead body. None of these things greeted her when the reached the clearing.

Instead they found Melissa as they had left her, staked out naked on the ground. Both Susan and Ann came to a stop at the edge of the clearing, staring. Susan held her breath until she saw Melissa's chest rise and fall steadily.

Susan paused, took a deep breath, then put on her best smile and strode forward, Ann following her, but mustering only half a smile that was not very convincing.

"Oh, Melissa!" she sang. "We've come for you. We've come to free you and accept you into the Circle! You've made it!" There was no response for a moment, and Susan's smile started to fade and her panic mount. Ann gave her a worried look. "Good morning.

You're a little early, aren't you?" Susan and Ann exchanged glances. They were not sure what it was about Melissa's voice that frightened them. Her voice had been perfectly calm, even serene.

Or perhaps that was it. It was certainly not the kind of voice they expected to hear from a wuss of a girl that had just spent the entire night in the forest tied up and naked. Or perhaps it was the realization on Susan's part that they should not have expected a response at all from someone that had her mouth taped shut. "Um ." Susan said, having lost what she was going to say. "Um, yeah, we . we came early for you." "We were just soooo eager to welcome you into our ranks, sister," Ann said in a lilting, sarcastic voice.

Susan slapped Ann in the arm and gave her a dirty look. Ann stuck her tongue at her friend. "Yes, the Circle," Melissa said. "You were right, Susan, this was a wonderful experience." "I was?" Susan said, confused. "I mean, um, yeah, of course." "Ooo, did the goddess come to you?" Ann asked, grinning. Melissa paused. "I was visited," she replied.

"And was shown power." Susan felt nervous. She was not sure what to make of that answer. "So are we going to stand around or are we going to free our newest member?" Ann said in a low voice to Susan. Susan blinked. "Oh, Jesus. Yes, let's untie her quickly . so we can get this warm robe around her." Susan started to untie Melissa's feet, while Ann did her hands.

Ann looked over to Melissa, who smiled at her. Ann felt a shiver pass through her as she saw that smile. It was not a pleasant smile, or a humorous smile. It was the smile of someone that was entertaining a private, amusing, and unflattering thought of another. Ann knew it quite well, for she herself was very good at such smiles.

"What are you looking at?" Ann snapped in a soft voice. "One of my Circle sisters," Melissa replied. "Am I not?" Ann swallowed, then suddenly came to a realization. "Hey, what happened to the tape and your panties?" "Ann, please hurry up!" Susan hissed. "All right, all right." Ann gritted her teeth and set her face hard as she struggled to untie the ropes from around Melissa's wrists. "Is there a problem?" Melissa asked.

"Um, no, not really," Susan said as she finished, picking up the robe again. "You just seem in a terrible hurry. I was hoping I'd be left for a little longer. I was starting to enjoy it." "Figures you would," Ann muttered. She looked up at Susan, pointed to Melissa, then encircled a finger around one ear. Susan pressed her lips tightly together. As soon as Ann finished releasing Melissa, Susan stepped forward and held the robe open for Melissa.

Melissa slowly stood up, moving as effortlessly as if she had never been tied up. She did not appear in any hurry whatsoever, looking up at Susan and the robe for a few moments.

"So what are you waiting for, your majesty?" Ann sneered. "Ann, shut up!" Susan exclaimed. Melissa gave another of her strange smiles. "Such contention among the Circle. Has something gone amiss?" The more Melissa spoke, the more anxious Susan became. This was not like her at all. Even before they had taken her here Melissa did not speak like this.

The hesitation in her voice was gone, as was the perpetual submissive undertone they had found so endearing. She did not even seem the least bit nervous about her nudity. She even appeared comfortable with it.

Had Melissa actually lost it sometime during the night? Was she actually sane any longer? Was it just a matter of time before she exploded? Susan decided that the only way to get Melissa moving was to tell her the truth.

"Look, Melissa," Susan said urgently. "I think something got back to your Mom about all this and she's going to call the house really soon. If you're not there, we could all get into deep trouble." "And I for one don't want to get into trouble just because you're still communing with the goddess," Ann said sharply.

"So get up and let's /go!/" Melissa looked up at Ann and flashed a grin and a wink. Ann's mouth dropped open slightly and stumbled back a step when it felt as thought an ice-cold wind had drilled into her to her very core.

Melissa stood and let Susan help her into her robe. "All right, let's head out," Susan said. She placed an arm around Melissa's waist and hustled her down the path.

"What about the stakes and rope?" Ann asked as she jogged to catch up. "Leave them! We'll come back later and get them. We've got less than ten minutes to get home!" They put Melissa in the back seat before spinning the car around in a U-turn that made smoke issue from the tires. When the car bumped back onto the paved road leading back to time, Ann turned around and frowned angrily at Melissa.

"You better not cross us on this, Melissa," she said darkly. "Ann!" Susan cried, exasperated. "Look, Melissa, we told your Mom we were up late talking and you were tired." "Yeah, and you better say you had a wonderful time," Ann added. "Oh, but I did," Melissa said. "I had a most wonderful time after you two left last night.

That was the best thing that had ever happened to me." Susan glanced briefly at Ann. Ann took one more look at Melissa and her strange, secretive smile, shuddered, and remained quiet the rest of the trip home. "Oh, Jesus, the phone is ringing already!" Susan cried as she burst through the front door of the house, panting. "Melissa, you better get that.' Melissa calmly strode past an anxious Susan and upset Ann, in no particular hurry, letting the phone ring another three times before she finally reached it and picked it up.

"Hello? . Hi, Mom." Susan blew out her lips in a relieved sigh. She shut the door behind them and collapsed into an easy chair. Ann passed her and plopped herself down onto the sofa, making a face as she stretched herself out, her back up against one of the hand rests. "Of course I'm okay, Mom, why wouldn't I be?" Melissa asked as she twirled one of the ends of the terrycloth belt on her robe.

Her voice was completely calm and self-assured. "I've been here the whole time, with my friends." Melissa turned her head towards Susan and Ann and smiled, dropping a wink.

Ann rolled her eyes but looked relieved nevertheless. "No, Mom, I haven't been out at all, not since I got here yesterday," said Melissa. "Why would you get the idea that I was out?" Susan gave Ann a dirty look. Ann sneered back a response. "Why, what did you hear? . Oh, /really/ now," Melissa said with a grin. "What a fantastic story. I mean, the very idea that my friends would be so cruel as to take me out into the forest and leave me there." Susan shifted nervously in her seat.

There was something in Melissa's voice that made her uncomfortable. Moreover, she felt an odd sensation along the back of her neck. The only other time she had felt something like that was when she was practicing magic, and believed she had come close to actually achieving the effect she had wanted.

It had started soon after they had picked up Melissa. Ann just rolled her eyes again, but even she started to look a little nervous. She did not feel any of the odd sensations that her friend did, but she was growing increasingly uncomfortable having Melissa around.

She intended to go home very soon after Melissa got done with her call. "Now, mother, do I /sound/ like someone that just spent the entire night alone in the forest?" Melissa asked. /No, you don't,/ Susan answered in her own mind. /And that's the problem./ "Well, I was late in getting up because we were up late last night. Yes, I know that's unusual for me, but how often do I do things like this?" said Melissa, sounding slightly annoyed. "Look, everything is obviously okay with me, so why not just drop it?

. Really? I certainly don't think so . Anyway, I'm fine, and I'll probably be over her for awhile longer." Susan tried to hide her distress at hearing this. She had hoped that Melissa would be eager to leave. The longer Melissa stayed in the house, the more nervous it made Susan feel. "Okay, I'll call if I'm later than that. I'll see you later. Good-bye, Mom." Melissa quietly hung up the phone and turned towards the others with a smile.

"Well, that's all taken care of." "Thank you, Melissa," Susan said sincerely. "Yeah, thanks," Ann said half-heartedly. Melissa came around the other end of the sofa and sat down. Ann drew her legs towards herself, as if afraid of being too close to Melissa. There was total silence in the room for the next few seconds, so heavy that Susan could almost feel the weight of it upon her shoulders.

She finally broke the silence when she said in a contrite voice, "Hey, Melissa, you . you've been really good about all this." "Well, it's not like she didn't agree to do it," Ann said.

Susan sighed. "Yes, Ann, but we could have been a little nicer about it." Ann just shrugged and folded her arms. Melissa simply smiled. "Oh, no, please, I should be thanking you for that experience," she said. "I quite enjoyed it." Susan leaned forward in her chair.

"Um, Melissa ." Melissa fixed her steady gaze on Susan. "Yes?" Susan paused a moment as she locked eyes with Melissa. She felt that tingling on the back of her neck grow worse. "What, um, exactly happened to you in the forest?" "Oh, what I'm sure you had expected, at first," Melissa answered as she turned herself to face Ann more, her back against the hand rest.

"I was cold, I cried my eyes out, I was terrified, I was humiliated." Susan swallowed. Though Melissa's voice was calm, her eyes had a hard edge to them that sent a shiver down her spine. "I'm . I'm sorry about that." Melissa shrugged. "Like I said, that's how it was at first. Then the power came to me, and I was no longer upset. It was a wonderful experience." Susan nodded slowly. She both wanted to know and didn't want to know the details about how this "power" came to her and what exactly she was talking about.

For the moment, the latter won out. Ann, however, was not smart enough to keep her mouth shut in similar fashion. "Melissa, what the hell are you talking about?" Melissa turned her steady gaze to Ann. Ann appeared to grow nervous at this scrutiny but did not flinch or retreat.

Part of her mind was still trying to believe that Melissa was the same weak-willed wimp that she was the day before. "What do you mean?" Melissa asked. "What's this power that you keep talking about?" Ann demanded. "What, you can work magic now?" Melissa smiled. "Wasn't that the whole idea?" "Yeah, sure. So show us some magic then." Susan's eyes widened. "Ann, please, stop it," she said softly but urgently.

"Don't tell me to 'stop it'!" Ann snapped. "We go through all this trouble for Melissa to get her into the Circle, so I think we have a right to see a little proof that the 'power' really came to her." She grinned malevolently. "And if not, she's out." Susan felt control of the situation completely slipping away from her. She looked to Melissa to try to discern what the girl might do next.

Was this where she blew up at them when she could not produce anything? Though at this point, with the way Susan felt herself reacting, there was no guarantee that Melissa would not be able to demonstrate some sort of ability. "So you want proof of my power, do you?" Melissa asked darkly. Susan never felt more frightened by a single sentence, spoken in that way, in her entire life.

Ann faltered for a moment, hesitating, shifting nervously in her seat. She drew her legs up, her knees to her chest, as if going into some defensive posture. "Yeah," she said in a lower voice. "Show us something." "What about you, Susan?" Melissa asked. "Do you need a demonstration too?" Susan shook her head. "No, you don't need to prove it to me any further." Ann gaped at Susan. "What the hell are you talking about? It was your idea to think of some reason later to kick her out." Susan gave Ann a stricken look, and Ann's mouth dropped open.

"Why . why did I say that?" "Ann, tell me," Melissa said. "That bit you did with my panties, was that part of the ceremony like you said?" "Y. Ye . N . No," Ann sputtered, as if struggling against her own mind, trying to repress the words tumbling out of her mouth.

"It . I . I did it because I was just being mean to you . Why am I saying this??" "You said you wanted a demonstration of my power," Melissa said with a serene smile.

"She can't lie to you?" Susan asked warily. "She can no longer lie, period," Melissa said. "Stop it, whatever you're doing to me!" Ann shouted. "You're . you're scaring me!" "If you don't want to be scared, I can arrange that." Ann stared at Melissa, her eyes widening. "What . what do you mean by that?" Melissa smiled evilly. "What it means, dear friend, is that I have complete control of your mind right now, and I can make you feel or think anything I wish." Ann did appeared frightened, but when she heard this, defiance mingled with the fear in her face.

"You . you can't do that. I don't believe you." "Oh, jeez, Ann, don't provoke her!" Susan cried. "So you believe I can do it, Susan?" Melissa asked. Susan stated at Melissa, and felt fear clutching at her as well. "I . I can feel something happening, Melissa," she said cautiously and in a very soft and deferential voice.

"I'm not sure I can explain it completely, but I know you're doing something." "You're just as nuts as she is, Susan," Ann snapped. "If you really believe Melissa can .

" Ann paused and sniffled. "That she can . make me . " Tears welled up in her eyes and began to roll down her face. "Th-that . I . oh, God !" Ann dropped her face into her hands and began to cry hard enough to make her whole body tremble, tears pouring out of her eyes. She wailed in anguish as overwhelming feelings of sadness and despair flooded her consciousness. Every bad thing she ever did in her life came back to her in cruelly crystal-clear images in her memory, and intense feelings of remorse now engulfed her psyche.

"I'm so sorry!" Ann wailed. "I'm so sorry for anything I ever did to you, Melissa! Oh, God, please forgive me!" Melissa smiled. "Much better attitude, Ann. Much better." Susan could not stand looking at Ann suffer any longer. "Melissa, stop it!" she cried. "Please! Don't do this to her!" "She did it to herself," Melissa snapped, her eyes like ice. "She brought it on herself. But don't worry, I have no intention of letting her cry her little eyes out for much longer, not when there's much more useful emotions for her to be feeling." Slowly, Ann's crying abated.

She sniffled and wiped her eyes on the sleeve of her shirt. "I'll . I'll never be mean t-to you again, Melissa," Ann said. "I . I realize now what .

what a wonderful person you are." Ann smiled weakly at Melissa, her eyes betraying only a small amount of residual fear, and a great deal of dreamlike admiration.

"So, Ann, am I still a 'stupid cunt' in your mind?" Ann cast her eyes down. "No, Melissa," she said, hunching her shoulders and appearing submissive.

"I should not have called you that. If anyone is a stupid cunt, it's me." Melissa looked thoughtful for a moment. "Yes, you're right," she said. "Yes, Ann, /you/ are the stupid cunt around here." Ann smiled more broadly. "Yes, I am. Th-thank you." A sycophantic, submissive Ann was even harder to deal with for Susan than an arrogant, stubborn one had been. "Melissa, is this . is what you did to Ann permanent?" "For as long as I choose to leave her that way," Melissa replied smoothly.

"Considering her old personality, why would I want to change her back?" Susan felt her heart pounding loudly in her chest as Melissa kept her unwavering gaze on Susan. She took a deep breath to try to calm herself before asking, "Melissa, do you intend to do the same thing to me?" "You were kinder to me that Ann was," Melissa said. "And you left me my pendant. You'll be interested to know that it was the one thing that allowed me to acquire the power that I did, so in a way I owe you for that.

So no, I will not do to you what I just did to Ann." Susan nodded. "I . appreciate that. And I am sorry for what we did to you. I hope you can tell I'm being sincere." Melissa paused a moment and then nodded once.

"You are. But it still does not take away from the fact that you did do it to me, and you will have to suffer for that." "Pl-please, Melissa," Susan pleaded. "Think about what you're doing. Think ." Susan stopped. All of a sudden, her entire body felt flushed.

Her heart hammered in her chest, and she felt a tingling in her nether regions. Her emotions began to swing wildly, distracting her from coherent thought.

Whatever she was going to say to Melissa next, it was quickly lost among the chaos. Ann was also reacting to something similar. She let her breath out in a long sigh and closed her eyes. She spread her legs slightly. "Oh, Melissa ." she said in a breathy whisper. "Something's happening to me .

I'm . " She sighed again and placed a hand lightly over the crotch of her jeans. "I'm . I'm getting wet ." Susan groaned as she shifted in her seat, her thighs rubbing against each other with a faint squishing noise.

She felt heat in her sex, and dampness in her panties. There was a tingling in her breasts, and her nipples rose to erect points, poking at the fabric of her bra and shirt, causing two prominent little knobs on the surface. She felt the words form in her mind and travel to her mouth despite her attempts to suppress them. "I'm . g-getting wet, too .

my pussy feels really hot ." Susan looked over to Melissa with languid eyes. "You're . you're not making me say that, are you? You're just . just taking away inhibitions." "Oh, must you analyze everything, Susan?" Melissa said with a smirk.

"Yes, that is what's happening. But I can choose to make you say something simply by planting the thought in your head. Like this." Suddenly Susan blurted out, "My pussy is so hot, I want to stroke it over and over again until I cum. I want to cum again and again until I go insane!" She shuddered and blushed bright red.

"Oh, Jesus, Melissa, please don't do that to me again." "I will do as I please, Susan. And what pleases me now is for Ann to take her clothes off." "Yes, Melissa," Ann said obediently.

"I do whatever you want me to do for you." Susan watched as Ann stood and slowly stripped off her clothes. Susan felt the urge to touch herself, desperate as she was for sexual release. So sensitized was she and so engorged was her sex that the least movement in her chair was enough to stimulate her. She resisted the urge to masturbate, yet she found herself unconsciously squeezing her thighs together and rubbing them against each other and her pussy, giving her a low but constant level of stimulation.

As more of Ann's body was revealed, Susan felt her thoughts swing in a new direction. It was as if she were seeing Ann in a completely new light, like looking at her for the first time. With all of her mental barriers down, she was helpless to prevent her from speaking thoughts as they came to her mind. "You're rather sexy-looking, Ann," Susan said. "Nice tits . I like your ass . Oooo, look how wet your pussy is." "God, yes, isn't it?" Ann cried softly as she sat back down.

She spread her legs and started to slowly stroke herself. "Mmmm, that feels really good ." Susan felt mortified beyond belief, both at the things she heard from her mouth and from having to watch Ann masturbate, yet at the same time feeling very aroused by all of it, having to fight the urge to do as Ann was doing. Susan wondered if Melissa had purposely left her this tendril of reason, able to still think independently to some degree.

With her inhibitions lowered, she did not hesitate to make her thoughts known. "You've turned Ann into a mindless slave," Susan said accusingly.

She felt her pussy ache and groaned, adding in a softer voice, "Which really turns me on ." "She's not completely a slave," Melissa said with a sly grin. "I've left her old personality intact, tucked away in the back of her mind, forced to watch what's happening to her.

It would not any sort of punishment whatsoever if she did not know what was happening to her." This sent a shiver down Susan's spine. "You really are cruel, you know that?" "No more so than the two of you were to me." "Ohhh ." Ann moaned.

"Ohhh, this is nice . I love stroking myself ." "See how wet she is, Susan?" Melissa asked in a husky voice. Susan swallowed, her eyes drawn to Ann's hand as it slowly stroked her sopping slot.

"Y-yes," Susan breathed. "It's really wet." "Remember what Ann did to me before you both left me?" Susan's eyes flickered to where Ann's panties lay on the floor. "Yes, I do." "Do it to me!" Ann cried.

"Please, Susan, do it. Make me suck on my panties." "I . I ca ." Susan tried to speak, but the words would not come out. "Oh, yes you can," Melissa said. "You want to.

Look at Ann's pussy, Susan." Susan stared at it. She slowly licked her lips. "It's . it's really nice . I l-l-ove her pussy." "Please, Susan, "Ann begged. "Wipe my panties on my pussy and make me eat them." Susan groaned and stumbled out of her chair, falling to her hands and knees.

moaning when she felt her thighs rub together and send a few dull throbs through her pussy. Her panties were completely soaked, the crotch of her jeans becoming damp as well. She crawled over to where Ann's panties lay and picked them up with a trembling hand. Ann took her hand away from her pussy and spread her legs wide, looking eagerly at Susan.

Susan crawled forward. As she neared Ann's glistening crotch, she caught the aroma of Ann's aroused sex. She breathed it deeply, savoring the odor, the most delightful thing she had ever smelled at that moment. Susan slowly pressed the cloth of the panties into Ann's slot and ran it slowly up and down.

Ann threw her head back and moaned. "Ohhhh . that feels so nice, Susan ." Susan started to pant. The urge to stroke herself was overwhelming. When the panties were soaked with Ann's juices, she brought it to her own nose and sniffed deeply before lifting it to Ann's face.

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Ann eagerly opened her mouth and allowed Susan to wad and stuff the panties into her mouth. "Mmmm!" Ann murmured in pleasure. Susan stumbled back and started to remove her clothes. "I'm too horny now," she cried softly. "I have to stroke myself as well." "See how much fun Ann is having, Susan?" Melissa asked. Ann's jaw moved as she purposely squeezed her panties, milking all the absorbed juices from it as she resumed masturbating.

"Mmmmm . mmmm ." "Oh, yes, I do . Look how wet my panties are ." Susan murmured as she stripped. Once she was naked, she took her wet panties, inhaled deeply of them, then wadded them up and stuffed them in her own mouth. She then laid herself out on the carpet and started masturbating in earnest.

Melissa watched the two of them, smiling broadly. "So this is what it feels like to be in control," she mused. "I like this feeling much better than what I had felt in the past. It's too bad that neither of you will ever feel in control again." Susan felt despair despite the intensity of her arousal and the sensations generated from her pussy. She wished she had never thought of the idea of Melissa's "initiation" in the first place.

She wished things were the way they had been only a day ago. She felt foolish that as close as an hour before they were to take Melissa to the park that she had been reconsidering this whole course of action. Susan had been rising quickly as she stroked herself, but suddenly the level of stimulation dropped precipitously, as if her pussy had become numb.

She groaned with unsatisfied need and gave herself firmer and faster strokes to gain back what she had lost. Ann was also making desperate noises through her nose and rubbing herself so fast that it could actually be heard. "Oooo, now I didn't expect this," Melissa said.

"I can even control your pussies directly. I was just thinking what exquisite torture it would be if you were this horny but you couldn't get yourselves to cum. Now you'll feel a little like I did when I was left aroused by Ann's little stunt and no way to satisfy it." Susan panted as she stroked herself so quickly that her hand started to ache.

She could barely feel herself rising again. Ann had tears coming out of her eyes as she resorted to using both hands in a vain attempt to get more stimulation. "But I actually have a better idea for you two. Stop masturbating and take your panties out of your mouths." The two girls did as they were told, albeit reluctantly. Ann started crying again. "Please, Melissa, let me cum!" she wailed. "I'm so horny it hurts!" Susan tried to catch her breath.

She drew her legs under her and moaned, her pussy still hot and dripping with moisture, begging to be touched again. She brought her hand to her face to wipe a strand of hair out of her eyes and smelled her sex on her fingers.

She licked each one of them clean, which only increased her arousal to painful levels. "I have charmed the two of you so that hand will no longer work," Melissa said. "Then how can we cum?" Susan asked.

"Please, Melissa ." "You know, I just adore it when you two beg. Now think, you two. Only hands will not work. What else may you use that you have on your person?" Ann's eyes widened and she gasped. "You . you can't mean ." Susan felt a shudder pass through her. "Oh, God, she does," she groaned. "You . you want us to . l-lick each other." Ann slipped off the sofa and came over to Susan. "We have to, Susan," she panted.

"If we want to cum, we've got to eat each other out." "B-but . n-no . I ." "You have to, Susan," Ann said huskily. She slid her arms around Susan. "No, Ann, s-stop, I ." Susan was interrupted when Ann suddenly planted her lips on hers, moaning deeply. Susan fought it at first, until Ann pressed herself against Susan, forcing her back down onto the carpet. Susan felt her desire rekindled and wrapped her arms around Ann. She opened her mouth and thrust her tongue into Ann's mouth.

Ann was the first to break off the kiss, panting. "Let me eat you," she begged. "And you eat me." Susan felt her will collapse. Her body's needs were too great. "Then turn yourself around," she said. "So I can taste that wonderful, wet pussy of yours." Ann smiled and quickly turned herself around. Susan eagerly extended her tongue as Ann's pussy descend on her, feeling Ann's tongue probing her at the same time.


"Oh, you're delicious!" Ann squealed. "Mmmmm, nice . " Susan moaned. Ann and Susan lay on the floor entwined about each other, their faces buried in each other's mound as Melissa looked on with glee. "Oh, this is delightful!" she cried. "You two are so entertaining. I could watch this all morning. Or at least long enough for me to tell you exactly what I intend to do with you." "Mmmpph! . Mmmm ." Susan cried softly. Ann's juices were trickling down her face as she licked and sucked at Ann as if starved.

Her nose was filled with the strong aroma of Ann's arousal. She tried to listen to Melissa to find out what was to become of them, but with as overwhelmed as her senses were, it was difficult. Melissa steepled her fingers and looked thoughtful. "Hmmm . First, I believe a curse is in order. An extension of the charm I placed on your pussies. How about this: The both of you will not be able to cum unless its by the other's tongue. You'll never cum by any other means. Oh, and your pussies will not be able to make anyone else cum.

What does that mean?


It means you can kiss your precious boyfriends good-bye. No matter how much you let them fuck you, you'll never get off and he'll never get off. How does that sound for starters?" Susan felt tears welling up in her eyes for the first time since this started.

Melissa just ruined her sex life. Susan was very sexually active, having sex with her boyfriend at least twice a week, plus the occasional affair outside their relationship. Ann made a distressed noise but did not cry.

The two of them continued to lick each other, both slowly rising now. Melissa smiled evilly. "And to be even more cruel to you two, I also place a second curse on you two.

From now on, you two will be horny little bitches in heat. You'll get massively aroused at least once every day or two. Since the only way you can satisfy it is by doing what you're doing now, you two better get used to being passionate lovers from this point on." Ann and Susan began moaning in earnest as they rose higher, swiftly approaching climax.

At the same time, there was a despairing tone to their voices as Melissa's words reached the parts of their mind not under her control. "I won't be so cruel as to say that this is a permanent arrangement," Melissa said.

"I'll give you two a chance to have me lift the curses. It was all depend on how nice you are to me from this point on, and how willing you are to do as I ask of you. And never, but never beg me to lift the curses. The first one of you to do that will make the curses permanent for both of you." She smiled and leaned back in her seat. "Now that that's taken care of, you two may cum." The two of them had been hanging just short of orgasm, moaning and whimpering, licking each other with abandon, trying desperately to push each other over the edge.

Now finally they each crested, their bodies spasming and writhing, their pussies throbbing hard and strong. They each gave guttural cries through their noses, still clutching each other and licking, prolonging their orgasms. After nearly a full minute, they finally slowed and stopped, and fell away from each, panting, exhausted, and spent.

"Oh, God ." Ann groaned in despair, tears rolling down her cheeks. "M-my life is over ." "No, Ann . " Susan said. "We'll . we'll get out of this. We'll do as she says and we'll be okay." "Very good attitude to have, Susan," Melissa said.

"And I have indeed eased my control of Ann. I daresay, however, that she had been humbled by this experience." Melissa stood. She strolled over to where her clothes sat on the table, sans her underwear. She shed her robe and slipped into her jeans and blouse. Susan struggled to sit up as Ann continued to cry softly into the carpet. "Are you leaving now?" Melissa finished buttoning her blouse before she replied. "I think I've had enough of your hospitality for now," she said.

"Oh, believe me, I will be in touch very soon." "Just what . what are you going to ask of us?" Melissa smiled. It was a smile totally devoid of warmth or friendliness, a smile that sent a chill through Susan, making her shiver, fear clutching at her heart.

"I have a great many things to explore about my new power," she said as she moved to the door. "I have to have someone to practice on, don't I?" She waved at them and showed herself out, closing the door behind her. END (?)