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Homosexuals have hot wazoo sex and suck
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David lay in bed, unable to sleep. His suitcase, which he had packed and repacked several times that afternoon stood by the side of the bed and reminded him of what lay ahead.

This would be his last night at home for some time. He had mixed feelings…nervousness at leaving home, relief that he would escape the worst of the bombing, and excitement at his new surroundings.

His parents hadn't evacuated him when the war started as they had rightly assumed that nothing would happen for a while. Some of his friends had gone but trickled back a few weeks later. However now was different. The town had been bombed several times and his parents had arranged for him to be evacuated to a small village in Dorset. He was being sent for his own good and this was the point he had made to his girlfriend Beth that very afternoon… "It's the war Beth.


I've got to go." He sounded like a soldier in one of those films, heading for the front. He and Beth were sat in their secret place in the small copse close to their home, where often the two of them would play. They were both 15 and whilst they had grown out of childish games, they still enjoyed each other's company although for very different reasons. To Beth, David was a hero who would look after her and protect her from bullies. He was a good looking young boy, tanned and fit and quite able to look after himself.

She also realized that she rather fancied him, which is why she occasionally let him hold her hand and kiss her on the lips. As far as David was concerned, Beth was his girlfriend.

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He told all the other boys this and make sure they held hands whenever they walked. He kissed her as often as he could and longed to take things further. He thought this would be the ideal opportunity. "This might be our very last afternoon together!" He announced dramatically. In his own mind he thought this is hardly likely but he felt sure such an announcement would persuade Beth that they could do more than just kiss this afternoon!

"That's all very well David Wilson but that's no reason for me to let you put your hand there!" For the third time that afternoon Beth moved David's hand away from her chest where he had placed it, gently cupping her left breast. She had felt a little tingle of excitement, despite herself, as this was the first time any boy he had touched her there. "Why not? I've done it before you know…" David muttered. Beth gave him a sharp look and he looked away guiltily.

"I bet it was that Lucy Gorman wasn't it?" David went red and Beth knew this to be the case. It was well known that Lucy would let any boy put her hand on her breasts for a halfpenny and indeed for a penny she would let a boy slide his hand between her legs.

David grinned secretly at the memory. He had been to see Lucy several times, spending any amount of pocket money on her, rather than on sweets. However last week he had surprised her. The afternoon before, whilst his parents had been out, he had been searching under their bed where he knew his father occasionally kept risqu?agazines, and had come across a sex guide.

It was somewhat old fashioned but he read it from cover to cover, and only just put it back under the bed as he heard his mother coming up the garden path.

What he had read had amazed him but the next time he visited Lucy he paid his penny and to Lucy's surprise did very interesting things between her legs which gave her her very first orgasm. She let him do it for free the next few days. However Beth did not want to lose David and decided to relent. After all this might well be their last day together for a long time.

She gently took his hand and put it back on her left breast, enjoying once again the warmth of his touch. David grinned at her. "Thanks Beth! That's lovely!" He gazed at where his hand clasped her breast and squeezed it a couple of times. "David…" warned Beth who, despite herself, was enjoying the feeling.

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"Just a quick squeeze that's all…" David begged and Beth had to stop herself from laughing at his eagerness. Then without asking he brought his other hand up and clasped her right breast, quickly looking round the secluded area before he did so.

Beth gasped but said nothing as David began to squeeze both breasts now, and she felt an electric shock running through her body. This was the furthest she had ever been with a boy and she was finding it wonderful! "That's nice Davey…" She muttered. David knew he was doing the right thing as she only used this shortened name when they got intimate.

He swallowed hard and then whispered, "Can I see them Beth?" "David Wilson!" "Go on Beth…just a quick look…" Beth gazed at David who was looking at her like a faithful puppy. What would the harm be? She moved David's hand away from her chest and quickly looking round, started to unbutton her cotton blouse. She pulled the two sides apart and revealed to David, for the first time, her breasts encased in a small lacy bra. She was proud of her breasts, which were quite large for one her age and looking down she had to confess they looked rather nice.

She had a button at the front and looking up at David quickly she unfastened it and eased the two cups away from the soft flesh. "There…you can see now." She looked up at David and almost burst out laughing. He was gazing at her chest with a glazed expression on his face, licking his lips nervously. "Wow!" he exclaimed. "They're brilliant…much better than Lucy's!" He looked up guiltily and was relieved us to see that Beth was still grinning at him.

He bent down to peer more closely and Beth closed her eyes as she felt David's hot breath on her breasts. Deep down she longed for him to touch them. "You can hold them if you like…" she muttered and David looked up at her quickly with a grin on his face.

Before she changed her mind he brought his hands up again and gently cupped the pale breasts.

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He was in seventh heaven! These were much better than Lucy's and he gently squeezed them, enjoying the feeling of the soft warm flesh in his hands.

Beth closed her eyes again and felt herself almost lightheaded as David squeezed and massaged her breasts. Occasionally his thumbs would flick across her nipples which were already hard from the cool air and this sent a spark to that secret area between her legs. "They're beautiful Beth…just beautiful" David whispered, not wanting to break the spell.

He had already risked touching her nipples and she seemed to enjoy this. By this time, of course, his cock was almost bursting out of his pants and he was in two minds whether to leave there and then so he could relieve himself at home as he had done so many times during the last couple of years since he discovered this particular joy.

"I think you'd better stop now Davey… I'm feeling a bit funny." David looked up at Beth who was gazing at him with faraway expression on her face. "Are you're going to have a feeling then?" This was their private word for what David now knew, from his readings last week, to be an orgasm. They each knew that the other played with themselves at night, although from the sound of it David did so far more than Beth.

"Might be…" Beth muttered going red.

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Only once had she ever come in David's presence, when they had been kissing with David on top of her and, unbeknown to him, his leg had been rubbing against her groin which caused her to come. Luckily David hadn't noticed. "Do you want me to make you come? I can you know!" Beth's eyes widened. "How can you do that?" "I read it in a book I found in my parents' bedroom." He said truthfully, deciding to skip over his session with Lucy last week.

Despite herself Beth was intrigued. Did David really know how to make her come? She was sure he didn't but decided to challenge him. "Go on then…make me come!" She grinned. Then, to her astonishment, David leaned forward and slid his hand up her legs, under her short skirt until his fingers touched the crotch of her panties.

"David! No!" His face dropped. "But Beth you said…" as she said this his fingers rubbed against her crotch and once again a spark shot through her.

Despite herself her groin was wet from David's attention to her breasts earlier and she closed her eyes, mortified at the thought that he could now feel the wetness on the crotch of her panties. "No Davey…please…" she was now torn between the embarrassment of this invasion of her most private area and the feelings that were coursing through her body.

She knew she was very close to coming and somehow Davey knew how to make her come. She said nothing but kept her eyes closed as Davies fingers began to slide up and down the crotch of her panties. She now felt wetness flooding through the thin cotton material and cringed with embarrassment.

Surely David would move his hand away soon? Surely he wouldn't leave his hand there amongst all the wetness? "Is that nice Beth? It feels lovely…" Beth felt slightly relieved and nodded her head slowly. "It's nice Davey…" She muttered. Suddenly his fingers probed even more insistently and she clamped her thighs together as she came.

She bit her lips trying not to cry out as her orgasm trembled through her in waves. This couldn't be happening, she thought to herself in a daze, she couldn't be out here in the middle of the woods with a boy's hand between her legs making her come.

But it was happening and it was fantastic! Bloody fantastic! Her orgasm reluctantly came to an end and she slumped back onto the grass. She felt David move his hand away and looking up she saw him wiping it on the grass. "Was that nice Beth?" She looked up at him as he grinned at her, his face a picture of pride. She suddenly felt a surge of love for this boy and realized how much she'd miss him when he went.

"That was lovely Davey…" "I'd best be off now…you know…" He went bright red and casually grabbed at his groin with his hand. Beth knew what she was going to do next. "There's no hurry Davey come and lay down here for a bit." She patted the area of grass next to her and David looked at her with a puzzled expression on his face.

However he lay down and looked at Beth. Was this going to be the big farewell speech? He hoped he wouldn't take too long he was bursting! However to his astonishment Beth said nothing but reached out to his groin. Before he knew it Beth had gently cupped his groin in her hand and squeezed the erection which nestled in his pants.

"Oh Beth…" he muttered. Beth grinned at the expression on his face. His eyes were closed and she continued to squeeze and rub the crotch of his shorts. She was a little startled at the size of what she felt. She had never seen a male thingy before and had no idea how big they could get.

This, however, felt extremely large! David's eyes were still closed as she brought her other hand round and gently pushed him onto his back. She knelt by his side and looked down at him as he gazed up at her with an expression that seemed to know what she was going to do. She smiled back at him. "One favour deserves another I think don't you?" He nodded at her dumbly. She then turned his attention to his shorts. She quickly unbuttoned the top and pull down the zip.

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Delving her hand into the opening and she could now clearly feel the outline of his cock in his pants and she gave it another squeeze. David grunted. With one hand she eased down the waistband of his pants and she slid the other underneath, through the curly hair to his cock which was by now throbbing. She carefully pulled it out and gasped as she saw it for the first time. It was enormous! She could just about get her hand around it but lengthwise it must have been a good seven or eight inches!

"Crikey Davey, he's lovely!" She whispered.

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She looked at David who was smiling back at her smugly. "It's the biggest in the school Beth!" She could well believe it! She grasped it again and squeezed it gently before it suddenly occurred to her…she didn't know what to do. She gave it a couple of more squeezes and they looked at David. "Davey." He seemed to understand. "Like this Beth…" he whispered and taking her hand he wrapped it around his erection and slid it up and down a few times. He let go her hand and she continued to slowly slide her hand up and down his cock, feeling the skin rubbing against the shaft.

This was easy enough! She gazed at his cock in wonderment, enjoying the feeling of its firmness in her hands. Suddenly David let out a little whimper and she looked at him. "I'm nearly there Beth…" he croaked and instinctively she increased her rhythm. Suddenly David let out a grunt and she gasped as a jet of liquid shot out of the end of his cock and splattered over her hands.

She bravely kept going, wondering what on earth this stuff was, and hoped it wouldn't stain! She glanced at Davey his face now contorted and she imagined he was having as nice a the feeling as she had had earlier on. Eventually he seemed to quieten down and she quickly let go of his cock, wiping her hands on the grass, trying to get rid of the gooey stuff all over her hands.

"That was brilliant Beth, brilliant!" David gasped. Beth grinned at him. "Will that keep you going till we see each other again?" His face clouded and she immediately regretted reminding him. She leaned down and gave me a quick kiss on the lips. "Don't worry Davey… It won't be long and will be back together again. Just think what we can do then!" She smiled at him.

Having done what they had done this afternoon she was now set in her mind. She wanted to do lots more things with Davey!

And especially find out what that strange white goo was. As David lay in bed he heaved a sigh. He wondered when he would see his Beth again. Thinking about what they had done had given him another erection and he slid his hands down the sheet and pulled out his cock from its pyjamas.


Closing his eyes he started to play with himself, remembering Beth and imagining what they would do when he got back. As these thoughts went through him he carefully pulled the sheets back and slid his handkerchief from under his pillow. Nearing his orgasm he carefully wrapped the handkerchief around his pulsing cock and after a few seconds he came, juice thudding into the cotton material.

He carefully dropped the hanky on to the floor; he would rinse it out the next morning, and lying back on the pillow he soon dropped off to sleep. As sleep started to overtake him, he idly wondered what the people were like in his new home. He wondered what Mrs.

Ellis was like?