Sexy bimbo has her wet snatch rammed

Sexy bimbo has her wet snatch rammed
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Chapter 2.- A REGULAR BORING WEEK To be honest, this week has been quite lame.

Tina and me have not talked, I have not seen Sarah and I spent the week working at the cafe and preparing for coming exams. Remember the grindr boy I talked to at Saint Patrick's party? well, I did not even have time to hook up with him. He is not gorgeous, but looks worth a fuck. He is not super interested into me, at least he does not stalk, which I am thankful to him for. In terms of chaturbate, I finally had a change to broadcast yesterday evening. I came home from work and I was exhausted, but I did not want to waste the Saturday rush hour in Chaturbate to show a bit of myself and get some cash.

I posed on the couch, fixed the lights and dressed in my full clothes. I was eating during the show (which I should not have done) and watched something in the background. Lots of "show your ." messages from greys but few blues and purples. Finally I got few tokens for a cockflash and some for a quick finger. But I was tired so I did not stay long.

Wished good night to my viewers and went to bed. I checked in my Skype, this crazy boy I have been doing cybersex with for a long time but never dared to meet because he lives in Cairo (Egypt). surpirse! he is 19 now and moved to UK. His skin is cinnamon, smooth body, dark brow eyes and hair, decent ass and nice cock.

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He told me he has become a slut and dates guys for few weeks or even days because once he gets fucked he loses interest. I said that is the way to go when you are not 20 yet. I told him about the chaturbate thing and he seems interested, he would be a good model and I can help him. And of course, I need to find the time and money to fly to UK and fuck that boy!He has been like a fantasy to me for like a year and now, I could finally meet up with him and taste that ass!

I was aiming for his virginity when I first met him online but, I guess I am way too late for that. And that was my week, I am going to hit the gym now, it is chest day today and if I have time I will do some sauna and check the naked boys and their muscular cocks.

Stay tuned, kissesss and love! Chapter 2.- THOMAS THE BRUNETTE TWINK Hello my dear followers! what an exhausting 2 weeks at work since I wrote for the last time to explain how I fucked my friend Tina after Saint Patrick's day party. Well she was quite cold to me for the first days but then we decided to talk it over and we agreed that our friendship was too valuable to be spoiled by one night's moment of passion boost with Irish beer. So we agreed on being still friends and. I have been fucking her since then like crazy.

Shit, I love her pussy and she loves my cock. She swallows it like a maniac, so it has become a regular thing for us to release some steam with a good fuck every now and then. So far her sister Sarah has not found out. With so much pussy, last week I was feeling I needed a cock, so on Wednesday I reached out to the random guy I talked over grinder on Saint Patrick.

If you have not read the entry, he was an average looking 24-year old guy getting bored at the same (straight and redneck) Patrick party i went to with Tina. So finally I met the guy. It took me almost an hour to get to his place on public transportation (what one has to do for cock), met him at his shared apartment (roomies not home). The guy looked as average in person as in his grindr pic. We talked a bit, but he was not a big talker.

I made the first move: french kiss and we took off our clothes: skinny white body, smooth, brown nipples and brown cock, uncut, lot of skin. I started sucking it and did not taste bad, so we started a 69 almost immediately.

He was good at sucking. I asked him if he was top or bottom and he replies he never fucks on the first date. I was like. wtf, one of those, so we went back to the 69 and, since I was a bit mad at him for not giving me action, I did not tell him I am getting there and shot my cum in his mouth.

He starts spitting it out, I said "sorry" and he was like "its ok" so I keep sucking him off and the idiot was never cumming.

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"It takes me a while but go on" he says and I suck and suck and suck and suck until he unloads a huge one. Almost reached his neck. So all in all pretty lame sex, no need to say I called Tina on my way home and we were back fucking on the next day. I was back in grindr by Thursday, after satisfying Tina, because I really wanted cock.

I started texting with this twink, his name is Thomas: white, brunnette, 19 years old, skinny, and baby face.


One of those boys who seem to be pure innocence and purity. I have to say now it is spring and students have exams, that means they are horny as fuck, so it is one of the best seasons to hunt twinks.

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This one accepted to visit me quite fast. In real, he looked really young and innocent, and his lips were so sensual. Normally guys who look childish and pure are the dirtiest sluts and I was impatient to check if that was true with this one. We start kissing on my couch, his lips were sugar, so tender and smooth. I put my hand on his pants and. eureka, big cock, I slip my hand below the jeans and he is soaking wet with precum.


He smells like sex already. We take off our clothes and his body is smooth, tender, soft, amazing skin. His cock is big and pale, uncut and unshaved, with brunette/blonde pubes. I am lying on bed and he starts sucking my cock, he looks at me in the eyes while he does it and its just so hot and perfect.

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"You have a nice cock" he tells me, and I answer "it is all yours today". My turn to taste his juice, i go down on him and his cock is wet with pre-cum: teen-juice all over. I suck for a while and he tells me "stop, or I will cum" so I go for the second dish: raise his legsfollow the path below (or backwards) and taste his tight, pink, soft hole.

I noticed he is lubricating a lot, like twinks do, but he is tight. Then I get excited because maybe I am lucky. so i shot the question "are you virgin?".

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please please please be virgin. he replies. "yes" I am getting super-horny now because I love virgins, the feeling of being the first cock for a guy is something I love. I reply "not after today".

I got excited too fast because he replies "I do not want to get fucked, I keep that for someone special".

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Dammit! one of those boys looking for the Prince Charming, I will need to change my strategy. I kill him passionately and tell him "dont worry, Thomas, we will not do anything you dont want to do". So we suck and suck and suck and kiss and kiss. And we shoot each other's cum on each other's chest and we fall asleep cuddling.

When we wake up i tell him "do not move, baby, I will make you some coffee". We have coffee in bed, give each other a handjob, and he leaves. He says he has to study.

Awesome twink, I really liked young Thomas, I still feel the taste of his cock in my mouth. I promise to myself that I will get his virginity, not matter what it takes. That juicy fruit is going to be all mine!