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Wassersport puffypeach babe pees nach analfun
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It was for the first time a really cold night after a long summer and a mild fall. The group of punks, carrying beer cans, had fled from the rain down to the dingy lower levels of the central station. A guard was watching them distrustfully. They had a brief argument whether to go for a less supervised station or to cadge some money first.

In the end, one of them departed and the rest headed for the subway. He was 6' tall, thin, and wore a long black leather coat with dangling silver chains, a battered black jeans, and a dirty T-Shirt. His Mohawk haircut had suffered from the rain but his appearance was still fierce. Unlike his friends he had no piercing-s and his boyish face made him look much younger than his 18 years.

Most passers-by were long-time commuters and knew all tricks to avoid beggars. Danny's frustration grew.

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He approached a tired looking clerk or office worker who was heading for the exit. 'Can you spare some change?', Danny asked. The man walked past him and pretended not to have noticed the outstretched hand. Danny yelled: 'I am talking to you, mister. Fuck you!'. People looked around what was going on, but did not stop for a closer look. A couple came along. She was in her mid-twenties and supported her overweight husband who was heavily drunk. The punk walked over and said his usual line.

To his surprise, the woman stopped and reached for her purse and gave him a Euro. Her husband mumbled something and suddenly lost his balance. Danny grabbed him and helped him up. After a few steps he stumbled again and almost dragged his wife along. The punk offered his help and the woman nodded relieved.

The tramway station was not far, but it took them some time to pull the drunkard all the way. When the train arrived, he threw up and hit Danny's T-Shirt and trousers.


'I'll wash it if you come with us', offered the woman hastily, with an embarrassed expression. At least they didn't have to stand in the crowded wagon. The stench scared most other passengers away. After a long and unpleasant ride, they arrived at their destination. The way to the couple's apartment was a tedious business.

Every now and then, the man leaned over to vomit. Finally, they had pushed him up those three stairs, into the apartment and into the small bathroom. He was placed on a stool and his wife stripped him down to his underwear. After that, they jockeyed him into the bedroom. With a sigh of relief, the women closed the door from the outside when a second door was opened and a gawky teenager with thick, curled hair appeared.

'Pia, where have you been and who's that?', he inquired and pointed at Danny. 'This is -- what was your name?', she asked. 'Call me Danny', said Danny. 'Danny's helped to bring him home. He didn't feel well again.', she explained. 'You mean, he's drunk as usual', the boy said. 'Don't talk like that about my husband, he's a good man!', she exclaimed.

'Danny, this is Martin, the son of my husband's brother. His parents had a nasty divorce, and he stays with us while his father is, uhm, out of town.' 'You can have shower and give me your clothes.

I'll wash them right now.', said Pia. The punk nodded and went back to the bathroom. Even without all that throw-off, his clothes needed a wash very badly. He dropped them on a heap and put a towel around his waist. 'Be careful, there's stuff dropping off', he warned the woman when he handed her the bunch.

He returned to the bathroom and shut the door. Curiously, he peered into the mirrored cabinet. As he had hoped, there were some pills in there. Among other things, his fondness for vividly colored pills was one of the reasons why he lived on the street. To some people in the parks, you could sell any pills. He swallowed one of them and hid the rest in his boots. After that, he removed the towel and turned on the shower.

The warm water made him relax while waited for the pill to kick in. Nothing happened. Who knows what kind of pill this had been. Perhaps he would not get pregnant now. After about half an hour he turned the water off and reached for the towel. Unexpectedly, his cock sprang to life when he started rubbing his body with the towel. It grew harder as usual, though he didn't even think of Cindy and their last encounter behind a bush in the city hall's park.

Someone was knocking at the door: 'Hurry up, it's urgent!'. Danny wound a towel around his waist and tried to conceal his enormous boner. He opened and Martin ran past him. Danny waited in the corridor and tried to think of boring things, without success.

His cock seemed still to grow. Martin reappeared and Pia shouted from the kitchen: 'Martin, lend Danny some of your clothes.' Martin's room was small, cramped, and the cupboard did not offer a grand selection. 'You're a gay hustler, aren't you?', asked Martin innocently.

'Only when nothing else works.', answered Danny cooly. 'Does it hurt when they thrust you in the arse?', Martin asked. 'Just give me that trouser, will you?', said Danny. 'Do you have to swallow their jizz?' 'Some want it, but it's too dangerous.

Can I take that shirt?' 'Do you have to ejaculate at them?' 'Are you gay or what's the matter with you?', Danny asked angrily. The boy blushed but replied: 'No, I'm not!'. Danny dropped his towel and exposed his boner, which was still hard as a rock. He took the trouser which Martin was holding and put it on. A big bulge was still visible. Martin looked dreamily at Danny's crotch.

'The trousers are a bit short, but it's OK.', Danny commented while he was looking at the mirror in the cupboard's door. He tried the shirt, but the short sleeves looked ridiculous, so he put it off.

Pia entered the room and asked if Danny would like something to eat. He followed her into a small living room. She had made some sandwiches which he gorged in no time. 'You can stay here tonight, if you like. But you have to leave before my husband wakes up. He might get a wrong impression and he is very passionate, you know.', she explained.


'Our washing machine broke down last week. I'll fetch the stuff to the all-night laundry next door.' She took a laundry bag and left. Martin joined Danny on the couch and turned the TV on. 'You have a girl friend?', asked Danny.

'No, not yet.', Martin replied. 'So you can jerk me off now.', said Danny and grabbed his own cock through the cloth. Martin blushed. 'I've told you, I am not gay!', he said. 'Of course not. Do you like to see my dick?', asked Danny and removed his trousers. His cock was raging hard. Martin looked at it and breathed heavily. 'Some guys don't show their's, they're afraid it would be too small.', remarked Danny and watched the boy closely.

Martin touched his own belt buckle, but hesitated. 'Yours must be very small.', Danny sneered, 'unlike this piece of hard meat', he said and stroke his dick gently. Martin's eyes widened. He did not move. 'Let's have a look, then.', said Danny and opened Martin's belt and zippers. The boy was too surprised to stop him. 'Oops, I take anything back. It's really nice.', Danny exclaimed when he freed Martin's cock, which was solid and throbbing.

Martin did not resist when Danny elaborately licked his member. 'I like your smell, Martin.', said Danny. The boy's cock glistened with pre-cum and saliva.

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Martin panted heavily when the punk gave him a blow-job. He grabbed Danny's prick and jerked it. Danny looked up and smiled at him. At this moment, Martin shot a fat white load all over Danny's chest. 'Whow, not bad for a straight guy.', Danny commented and kissed him. Not long after, Martin was nude and cuddled himself in Danny's arms. 'All we need for this is a condom and some lube. It'll hurt a bit but you'll like it.', Danny explained while petting his new friend. 'I bet auntie and uncle have stuff like that in their bedroom.', he said and stood up.

'I'll look for it', said Martin and headed for the corridor. 'Trousers?', Danny reminded him and the nude boy returned to fetch his briefs. After five minutes, Martin had not returned yet.

Danny started getting nervous, but at least he couldn't hear any shouting. Finally the boy returned with a broad smile, waving something in triumph. He removed his briefs and watched Danny, who was placing a condom over his pre-cum covered dick. Martin knelt on the sofa and looked back to see what Danny was doing. 'You're very smooth for your age.', he remarked while stretching Martin's hole and putting lube there.

'I shave all of it', whispered the boy and blushed once more. To his surprise, Danny got in without any trouble. Martin didn't even groan when Danny's cock disappeared in his ass. Danny started pumping and enjoyed the tight feeling. Martin was whimpering softly when Danny reached for his dick and wanked it. This wouldn't last long. 'Turn round', Danny commanded and retracted his dick. The boy obeyed and took his lover's cock. He removed the condom and jerked it. Danny came closer so that their hard dicks came in contact.

They squeezed their cocks together and jacked them off. The shots came nearly at the same time and sprayed white hot cum on their bodies. Danny leaned back on the sofa and Martin laid himself upon him. Their chests slid together, lubed by their cum. After some time of lazy kissing and petting, Danny mentioned that Pia would return from the laundry soon. With a sigh, Martin stood up.

They went to the bathroom and cleaned each other. Martin heard steps from the staircase and exclaimed: 'That's Pia!'. He fled into his room while Danny tried to collect all the telltale items they might have dropped in the living room. At the same time he forced himself into the trousers.

This wasn't easy as his dick simply refused to go flaccid. Pia entered the living room, put the laundry bag on the floor and announced: 'Everything's clean and dry, even the stain in your jeans.' Danny looked up from a TV magazine and made a confirming grunt.

'Only your briefs.', she hesitated and looked at the part of Danny's body where he usually wore them, '.the machine tore it up.', she finished her sentence with regret.

'I'll get a new one', said Danny. 'Maybe some of Martin's will fit you', Pia suggested. 'Don't worry, I can go without underwear for some time.', Danny replied. Pia shook her head and looked at his crotch for the second time. Her face got a more vivid color. 'No, Martin can spare one. He has bought some lately.', she argued and headed for her nephew's room.

Danny followed her. They entered and Martin complained about his lack of privacy and his aunt's refusal to knock before opening the door. He had emerged from behind the cupboard's door and his clothes were a little untidy. When Pia leaned forward to search for an appropriate item, Martin grinned at Danny and pretended to fuck his aunt in her ass.

Soon Pia returned from the shelves. 'Try these three.', she said while Martin protested. 'OK.', said Danny and put off the trousers. His hard cock pointed to the feeble lamp at the ceiling. He tried the first one. 'Too small', he commented and took the next. 'In the bathroom!', bursted Pia who had found her voice again. Martin just stood there and grinned. Shortly after Danny returned from the bathroom, still nude, still with a hard-on.

He found Pia in the living room and sat next to her on sofa. 'None of them fits', he explained and handed her the underwear. She angrily threw a pillow between his thighs and exclaimed: 'You can't run around nude in this house. Either you put your trousers on or you leave!' Danny looked sadly on the floor and grumbled: 'OK, first spew on the stinking little punk and then just chase the stinking little punk away.

I thought you liked me a bit.' Pia sighed: 'You're not stinking, Danny.'. She reached up and stroked his neck and continued: 'and actually I do like you a bit.'. He leaned down and kissed her on the lips.

She made a startled little sound and blushed. But she responded to his kiss. The pillow dropped on the floor and after their lips parted, Pia looked at his hips and giggled: 'And you're definitely not little.'. They kissed again and Danny's hands slipped under her shirt. Pia's body tensed and she said:'No, we can't do that. What if my husband's got to pee? He will find us!'. Danny stood up and walk over to the wall and turned the lights off.

'Now he won't see that anybody's in here.', Danny explained and returned to the sofa. It was not really dark. A neon sign from the opposite house sent its alternating green and red light into the room. They continued where they had stopped and soon after, Danny could finally remove Pia's shirt and bra. Her boobs were only a nice handful, but she had unusually large and dark areolas.

They felt warm and soft, only the nipples were hard already. At first, Danny touched her tits very carefully. When he felt her stiff nipples, he became bolder and squeezed them.

She moaned a bit and their lips met again. While playing with their tongues, Pia held his cock and stroked it slowly. 'Your tits look funny in this green light', remarked Danny and licked her nipples. She made him lay down on his back and knelt between his legs. Now, she bent forward and rubbed her tits slowly along the boy's stomach and chest. Danny gasped. When she reached his head, she kissed him and rubbed her tits back downwards his body.

'This feels so good, do it again.', begged Danny. Pia complied. After some rounds, she felt a warm and sticky liquid being shot at her belly. 'Sorry, I've come. This was too much.', said Danny. Pia told him not to worry and laid down on him. 'You're still hard', she remarked between two kisses. 'Not hard enough yet', said Danny, petting her ass cheeks.

'Suck my dick, Pia', requested Danny and opened the button of her jeans which she still wore. His fingers found her clit and started rubbing around it. 'We can do other things, Danny.', she said, 'I don't like that'. He continued to rub around her cunt and stuck his middle finger in her hole.

Pia drew a deep breathe wanked Danny's prick a little faster. 'Wait a minute', she said and stood up to get rid of her jeans and underwear. She started searching something under the table. 'What are you doing?', asked Danny. 'I am looking for your condoms. I've found them when I washed your clothes.', she answered. 'It's too dark under the table, you'll never find them.', said Danny and went to the floor lamp. When he turned it on, he had a good sight at Pia's ass and her cunt as she knelt on the floor, searching the laundry bag that still stood there.

'Found it!', she announced and stood up. Her belly and parts of her tits were covered with his drying cum, just like his own body.

She looked at him and down her own body. 'We smell of your semen.', she commented as she placed one of the condoms on his hard member. He turned off the light again and pushed her back on the sofa. She laid on her back and straddled her legs. Danny placed his cock on her cunt and rubbed it a bit up and down. He put a finger in her hole and found it sufficiently soggy.

He pushed the head of his prick down to the entrance of her love tunnel. 'Fuck me, Danny', she whispered. He made a deep thrust and leaned over to lick the dried cum from her tits. After some more slow thrusts, he started pounding her energetically, kneading her tits and kissing her lips. With every thrust, she made a little begging sound. They soon started sweating and the neon light gleamed on the moist bodies.

She grabbed his ass cheeks and made him thrust even faster.

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Her screams became louder and Danny placed a hand on her mouth to muffle her. An orgasm rocked her body, but the boy did not stop pounding. She came a second time and Danny pulled his dick out of her. He removed the condom and knelt above her tits. They were barely big enough for a decent titty fuck; nevertheless Danny enjoyed rubbing his dick between her boobs. They heard a noise from the corridor. A door was being opened and somebody walked around.

Pia's eyes widened with shock. Her body stiffened and she even started to tremble.

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Danny listened intently and looked at the door. He bent down to hide in the shadow of the sofa's back. Pia closed her eyes as if this could prevent her from being seen. A shape appeared in the doorframe. Danny held his breath. The shape came nearer. Not the heavy outline of Pia's husband but a smaller and slimmer one. The figure walked into the shine of the neon lights and it was Martin. He was all nude and a red neon glow illuminated his erect cock and his smoothly shaved balls.

Danny breathed a sigh of relief. When Martin realized what was going on, it was his turn to be shocked. Danny made signs to remain silent and pointed to the box of condoms on the table. He wanked the boy's cock a few times and smeared the pre-cum round the glans. Martin rolled a condom down his dick and Danny pointed at Pia's cunt and made a 'fucking' sign.

A moment later, Martin inserted his boner into his aunt's slit. Pia opened her eyes and looked a bit confused. 'Relax, it wasn't your husband, Pia', Danny told her. He resumed rubbing his prick along her tits. 'Martin is very good at it, isn't he?', he remarked. 'Martin? What's going on? What are you doing? Ohmegawd!', she exclaimed. Pia couldn't see her nephew. Only his hands were visible and it looked to her as if Danny had grown an extra pair of them, grabbing her tits and rubbing his prick.

Martin pounded her even faster than Danny did before. She started her little screams and Danny had to muffle her again. Pia's body was shaken by her nephew's powerful thrusts. Pre-cum oozed out of Danny's cock and she smeared it on her tits, which were already glistening of her sweat in the alternating neon lights.

A third orgasm filled her body and seemed to last forever. When she opened her eyes, Danny's cock no longer ran about her boobs. He was kneeling on all fours above her belly and Martin was close behind him.

'Slowly, Martin', she heard Danny say. Pia heard the boys' bodies slap together in a now familiar rhythm and saw Martin's hands gripping Danny's waist. Danny's hard and glistening cock was swinging around, dripping a dancing string of pre-cum on her belly.

Not long after, an astonishing amount of jizz splattered from the groaning boy's penis and poured down her body. His first squirt had shot up to her hair, the main load filled the valley between her mounds. After one more minute, moaning Martin charged his condom with hot semen. Exhausted laid Danny down on Pia's cum-coated chest and kissed her. Martin did not retract his dick and tried to rest on Danny's back.

Pia protested, the two boys would be to heavy for her. So they sat up. 'My husband will kill me. He will kill all of us. Slowly and painfully.', she told them. The boys nodded wearily.

'By the way, why don't we go to my room? It's safer there.', suggested Martin. 'Good idea.', said Danny. Shortly after, the three sat on Martin's creaking old bed and examined each other in the light. Pia and Danny looked adventurous. Fresh and drying cum covered their chests, Pia's hair looked rumpled and she shrieked a little when she discovered a drop of the white stuff even there. Only Martin looked decent, just the gleam on his dick gave a hint.

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For a while, they sat silent. Pia said: 'Martin, I did not know you were.', Danny interrupted her: 'Until this evening, he didn't know either. But now, he can't get enough of it, right?'. He bopped him in the side, grinning. Martin chuckled and slapped him on the back. 'You're sick', remarked Pia, shaking her head. 'Yeah, but you liked it being fucked by your nephew, didn't you.', answered Danny. 'I know this was sick.', she said.

After a moment she continued: 'While we are at it,', she said and hesitated. 'Yes?', asked Danny assuringly. 'No, I can't tell you, forget about it', she replied, studying a lint on the sofa. 'We already know you're a slut.', he said grinning, 'tell us!.'. It took the boys some time, but finally she confessed: 'I've never been fucked by two guys at once. I wonder if you and Martin.?'. The boys looked amazed at her. Danny answered: 'I think it's cool.

What do you think, Martin?'. 'I don't think it's a good idea, Pia', said the boy. 'Oh, don't be a killjoy. You can have her ass. We know you like asses.', pleaded Danny. Martin looked to the ground. His cock had its own mind and was already growing. 'I know what he needs.', claimed Danny; 'Look at us, we are coated with jizz and you're the only one who is clean and smug.'. He pushed Martin back on the bed and knelt alongside him, stroking his own dick.

He grabbed Martin's dick and wanked it, too. Martin giggled and tried to escape. 'Hold him, Pia!', called Danny. Pia fetched his thighs and put her weight on them, also taking over the task of wanking the restrained boy. He chortled and snorted, beaming at Danny who was wanking himself and resorted to tickling his squirming friend. Pia now licked the boy's cock and fingered his ass hole. When she wanked him again, there was some pre-cum running from his dick, which she immediately rubbed around his belly button.

'A good start', commented Danny. He shoved his dick in Martin's mouth, muffling his excited laughter. Martin wriggled for escape without success. 'He has farted!', complained Pia and Danny threatened him jokingly: 'If you do this again, I'll put my cork in.'.

He pulled back his dick from Martin's mouth who laughed all the time. Martin grabbed Danny's prick and stroke it until it started splashing the white goo on his chest. After the squirts subsided, Danny helped Pia licking and wanking the boy.

Shortly after, Martin began shooting squirt after squirt on his chest and stomach. Danny and Pia milked the rest of cum out of him and distributed it on his relaxing body. Now that Martin had his share of jizz on him, they laid next to each other and relaxed. The smell of drying cum filled the room. Danny was between Pia and Martin who snuggled against him. While the boys looked a bit spent, Pia was still aroused.

She fondled Danny's inner thighs and started working on his dick which had not gone flaccid for some reason. 'Wait, Pia. It hurts.', said Danny to Pia's surprise. 'Just give me some time.', he explained. 'How do you do this?', asked Martin. Danny opened his eyes and looked at him. Martin pointed at his cock. 'Oh, that. It's strange. It's like that since I am here. Maybe Pia has put something in the sandwiches?', he answered. 'I wish, I had something to put in sandwiches with that effect.', she sighed.

'Speaking of sandwiches.', said Martin with a sporting twinkle in his eyes, 'You two should change places.'. Pia forced herself between the two boys with an expectant smile. Danny complained a bit about this horny family. When she had settled in, Martin ventured to put his hand between her legs.

He explored her wet cunt and rubbed inexpertly around it. Pia guided his hand and showed him how he could satisfy her better.

Her breaths became deeper as the boy was working on her. He touched her round breasts and his fingers ran over the dark areolas. Pia took his cock, which was growing in her hand. Martin leaned forward and sucked her nipples charily. She ran her fingers through his curly hair. Without leaving her tits, he placed himself between her thighs put his dick on her cunt. With a free hand, Pia fumbled for something on then shelf behind the bed.

Someone tapped at her shoulder. She turned around and saw Danny smiling and waving a condom. She smiled back and took it from him. Soon Martin wore a dark rubber on his cock and tried to insert it into Pia's wet hole.

After a while, Danny said: 'You're not hard enough. Pull it out and let me help you.' The boy retracted his half solid cock and looked bashfully at him. Danny took the boy's rubber-clad member and jerked it forcefully. Then he took it in his mouth and sucked it, his head bobbing quickly up and down. Martin groaned and fondled his nipples. A minute later, Danny stopped sucking and Martin had perfectly hard boner.

He started fucking Pia again and this time Danny kneaded Martin's ass. 'You two turn me on.', remarked Danny, 'May I join your little party?'. Pia smiled at him, clenched Martin's upper body and and rolled around. After that, she was lying on him and rode his cock. Danny had already placed a condom on his dick and got behind the two. 'Stop it for me', he said and placed his cock on her ass crack. He petted Martin's balls and carefully pushed the tip of member into her ass hole. The condom was lubed, but at first Pia did not manage to relax.

He tickled her a bit and suddenly he was inside her. Danny did not move. He just watched how Pia's ass slowly went down on their pricks. From time to time, she would lament about Danny's prick hurting her, but she continued sliding down on it.

Danny looked to the ceiling with an expression of pure joy. Pia's tight ass hole squeezed his dick just the way he liked it. When her ass finally touched his belly, she started moving softly forward and backward. Her tits moved along Martin's body who was already panting. The boys felt as if they were thrusting her in perfect harmony. They could feel each other's prick through Pia's guts and their balls were touching. Martin's old bed creaked dangerously under its passionately rocking load.

Danny cupped Pia's tits from behind, placing kisses on her neck whenever he had the opportunity. She accelerated her pace. She started sweating and Danny almost lost his balance under her movements. Pia made her little screams again every time she slid down on the boy's rods. Martin felt her wetness on his balls, while he fondled Danny's sack. He could hear her ass slapping against Danny's thighs and belly.

Now, he sat up as far as he could and tried to suck her moving tits. Danny helped him by exposing the erect nipples and aiming them at his mouth. She whimpered when the boy's tongue touched her. He couldn't do more than that, as she was moving fast. Danny started to answer her screams with deep grunts.

This went for minutes until Danny tried to thrust her and his cock slipped out. She stopped her movements, heavily breathing and sweating, until the boy had inserted it once more. She flinched and when Danny's stomach hit her ass again, moaned loud and held herself at Martin's shoulders. They could almost see how a wonderful orgasm ran through her gleaming body. She moved again and didn't stop moaning. When Danny started looking nervously at the door after a while, she finally dropped to the side.

Danny slipped out of her and removed the still empty condom from his cock. Martin followed his example. Pia lay between the two and had her eyes closed. She looked happy and had a broad, satisfied smile on her face. A bit later she felt the boys' knees touching her as if they were kneeling at her sides.

Somebody was teasing her nipples which went immediately hard again. 'You were awesome, boys.', she told them, her eyes still closed. 'It felt so great. That must have been at least three or four times I.'. She got no reply. Her tits were being kneaded by strong hands.

She finally opened her eyes and looked up. The boys were hugging above her. She could see Danny and Martin cock to cock, jerking them slowly. From time to time one of them would knead her tits with a free hand. They were deep-kissing and breathing heavily. She reached up and caressed the boys' ass cheeks.

The stopped kissing and smiled down at her, without stopping to wank each other. Without warning Martin came and shot a white arch of cum with his first squirt. When the liquid hit Pia's chest, Danny came as well. His first shot went even higher before splattering on Pia. Their remaining squirts covered their abs with cum. It ran down to their balls before dripping in Pia's belly button. She giggled.