Japanese mother and son sex scandal kitchen3

Japanese mother and son sex scandal kitchen3
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TSo I'm going to start off by saying I'm 21 and overweight. I'm not ugly girls actually like me but the problem is I have a tiny penis.

Well anyways it started off like any other night.

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Me and a couple of friends spent the whole day looking for a way to make some money. At the end of the day I made 200 dollars off all of the weed we sold.

After a long night we ended up at a little hole in the wall bar.

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We got drunk smoked some more and did a few lines of meth. After that my friends dropped me off it was then the magic happened. Me being my horny self I got straight to the couch and pulled my baby dick out and got it hard enough to masterbate.

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I live in a full house so I sleep on the living room couch. As I'm stroking my tiny penis I hear a sneeze. I was so embarrassed As I realized my sisters mom was sleeping on the floor. I couldn't tell if she was awake so I thought to finish off what I started.

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I reached down and started rubbin my balls until my dick was rock solid. I couldn't help but be turned on by what I was doing. Then t happend I came. Forgetting her mom was on the floor I watched as every drip of cum landed in her hair. I was interrupted by a loud "ewwwwwww what the fuck are you doing your a piece of shit just like your father" I lossed it.

I began to go off on her "maybe if your ugly ass would suck a lil dick and do less talking you wouldn't be sleeping on the floor you make everyone so unhappy" She then got up and asked me "Is that how you feel, you think I should suck more dick?

You don't even have a dick with your fat ass" That's when I grabbed her and threw her on the couch. My penis on hard I pulled my baby penis out and forced her to suck it.

"Spit on it bitch or I'm going to fuck you up" she began to spit suck on my dick like a straw.

"Choke on it" she began to pretend like she couldn't take my small cock. I slapped her dead in the face and told her to get up.


"Take your clothes off before I tell dad about the black guy your always texting" She cried as she took off her clothes. I took my phone and recorded her and said "this is what happens when your a shitty ass wife and mother, I made her crawl to my dick. "Put it in your mouth " I said "Okay son " she said Without me telling her anything she told me she loves my little dick.

That's when I lost it and came all inside her ugly mouth. As I came I realized I heard the front door open. It was my sister coming home drunk keep in mind she's only 16.

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With a mouth full of my cum she quickly swallowed it all and locked eyes with my sister "Jalisa uhmmm i was just helping your broth. Jalisa cut her off with a "you guys are fucking sick what is wrong with you" Being close to my sister I felt the need to comfort her forgetting that my tiny dick is showing.

"Look sister I'm sorry I'll never hurt you your mom is different I know u know how psycho she can be we got into a argument and I don't know what happened" she then began to come close she smiled and told me to put that little thing away and I blushed forgetting that my boxers were off.


"I'm sorry sister" "It's okay brother but how do you even use that thing" I laughed and said I Make it work She laughed to as she said "sure looks like you do" We both heard a noise out of no where we both turner our heads and seen her mom watching us rubbing her pussy.

I looked back at my sister and she quickly put her hand on my thigh. I gasped as she bent down and gave my baby dick a cute little kiss "I'm your baby sister you don't have to worry anymore I'll take care of you no matter what" I just layed back as she took my dick and hawked a big Lugie on it. It was so nasty I couldn't believe what was going on.

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"I need practice anyways brother and I know you need it more then me you deserve it your so nice and are always looking out for others I'm sorry your not blessed" I grabbed her by the cheek and told her I'm blessed with you. She mild as if I said the most amazing thing. Her mom then walked up and started kissing on my neck. I forgot she was even there. She looked at her daughter and said I love you baby it was so hot.

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Anyways as Jalisa sucked my dick she stopped and waved her finger at her mom "come here" "yes baby girl" she replied "come help me teach me everything you know" Her mom then grabbed my dick and said first slowly kiss on the tip she began doing so. Then she said make sure your mouths nice and wet. As she buried her face in my lap my sister gazed at her pussy when she bent down. She slapped her ass really hard then began to put her finger inside her ass.

"I always new I go my big ass from you mom" she says then continues to finger her. "Ughhhh fuck jalisa stop that's one thing I won't ever do" her moms says "well it's to late now" jalisa implied that's when I turned into a savage I flipped her mom around so her ass is faced toward me.

I think tried to fit my little penis in her ass. Omg it fit so perfect being that I rarely fit inside into a vagina. She begged me to stop but I didn't listen. Jalisa was now laying down with her legs spread wide open toward her moms face. "Eat it mommy" she began to slurp on her pussy like she's never ate a meal in her life.

I stopped to watch as I called jalisa to me. "I asked her to record my dick up close as I fuck her mom" I.

The background she was saying things like "fuck my mom brother" "fuck her ass" I instantly came I pulled my dick out and jalisa grabbed her mom by the ass and licked it spotless. I was still so horny jalisa came to me next and ask if she can clean my dick up. Of course I just nodded as she came to me I heard a car pull up in the drive way it was dad.

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Smh I was mad we all rushed to put our clothes back on before he came in as soon as he got in the house and slam the door "what the fuck is your guys problem how do you forget about the cameras I had put into the living yesterday" we all looked at eachother shocked.

"Jalisa suck daddy's dick now" "Salina(sisters mom) go clean your ass I'm fucking it next" "Son go help your mom make sure she doesn't get lossed" I looked up and said okay I couldn't believe wha was happening TO BE CONTINUEd