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Johnni sins all swimming bool sex
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"Wake up, Abby." I came out of the bathroom and found my sister still asleep in my bed. I poked her shoulder.

"Come on, its almost time for school." She didn't so much as move. Somewhat annoyed, I began shaking her. "Abby! Wake up!" Barely stirring, she tried to roll over, but I practically pulled her upright.

"What? What time is it?" "You slept in too late. You only have 15 minutes to get ready. Hurry up, I don't want to be late again." "Then maybe you shouldn't have kept me up so late." Abby disappeared into the bathroom. It had been a little over a week since the fateful night when Abby's room had flooded during a storm, damaging most of her stuff, destroying her carpet, and forcing her to move into my room until it was repaired. After I'd spent a hard night in the sleeping bag on the floor, she'd insisted we share the bed, and in our loneliness, our mutual desire for intimacy had exploded into a week of steamy encounters.

We, of course, had to hide this, especially from our mom. Fortunately, she was her usual preoccupied self, focused on her job and the house, usually too tired to do much more for us than feed us. Still, the need for absolute secrecy made us wait until late to ensure she was asleep. The night before mom had been up watching a movie until midnight. We waited quietly with the lights out, passing the time looking for incest porn on my computer until we were sure she was asleep.

When the time finally came, we jumped on each other, rubbing and groping. I came to her firm stroking and, for the third night in a row, she orgasmed hard with my finger deep in her pussy and my lips sucking her clit.

On the way to school, Abby told me about her new friend Izzy. Abby was a freshman, and had been having trouble finding friends since starting high school a couple of months before.

Her best friends from Middle School had turned on her to join a popular clique. She'd tried hard to get back in with them, but her attempt fell through. I'd like to think that our new relationship had helped her turn her problem around, and given her the confidence to find friends elsewhere.

"Anyway, Izzy's dad is going to take us to the mall after school, so you won't need to take me home today," Abby told me. "I'm sure you'll have a good time," I said. I was happy for her, but also slightly jealous of the time I wouldn't get to spend with her tonight. Abby picked up the hint of displeasure.

"You alright?" she asked. I sighed a bit. "Yeah, I'm fine." Abby thought a moment. "I know what's the matter, I slept in and forgot to give you a proper good morning." As I drove, she reached over and started to fondle the crotch of my pants.


After a minute we reached a stoplight, and I leaned back in the car seat. She looked to either side of us to see if anyone could see into our car, but I drove an old pick-up that was high off the ground, so there was no problem.

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She undid my pants and released my now-hard dick. "Light's green," she said, slowly stroking my dick. I desperately wanted to cum before we reached school, but driving the car was too much a distraction and time was too short.

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As we got close to the parking lot, Abby released me and slid back over. "Out of time. We'll have to finish later." I anticipated 'later' all day and afternoon, waiting at home for Abby to return from the mall. Whether playing fetch with the dogs or sitting on the couch watching TV, I spent my time still thinking about her and remembering what we'd done together. Random scenes flashed through my mind: My hand sliding into her pajama top and cupping her breast for the first time, her fingers wrapping around my dick, masturbating at the computer while she caressed my balls, tasting the sweet juices dripping from her pussy after she came.

Most of all was just the warm, soft feel of her pale, freckled skin and the loving smile that spread wide her round cheeks. Abby was finally dropped off after dinner.

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I was sitting in my room doing some homework when she walked in. "I had a lot of fun with Izzy. We have a lot in common." She held up her bags. "Want to see what I got?" "Maybe later. Mom wanted to watch a movie with us again tonight, and the sooner we start the sooner we can come to bed." She smiled, and then said seriously, "Yeah, I don't want to stay up as late tonight. I'm pretty tired." Early on in the movie Abby left to change and didn't come back.

I'd been staying up later than usual with Mom to avoid even the hint of suspicion that we were up to something, but the waiting was painful. Sitting through the insufferably long movie, I imagined her sitting at my computer looking at porn with her finger deep in her pussy.

When it ended and Mom went to bed, I headed to my room with great anticipation, unzipping my pants before I even went in. I pulled my dick free and flung the door open dramatically. To my disappointment, Abby was lying on the bed already asleep, not even under the covers.

Stepping over the sleeping bag, I tried to nudge her awake. It was hopeless, she's just too deep a sleeper. I got ready for bed, hoping I'd settle down and be ready to sleep myself, but came back with my dick still sticking out straight in my boxer-briefs.

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Not wanting to drag Abby out of bed to wake her up, I decided to take care of it the old fashioned way and sat down at the computer. Even as I looked through the porn, each time a new page loaded I found my eyes turning to look at Abby asleep in my bed just inches away from me.

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I focused on the computer, but every handjob, blowjob, and redhead made me think of Abby. I tried lesbian vids, but as soon as a tongue reached a pussy, my eyes were back on Abby. After a week with her, porn just wasn't going to cut it.

I turned the volume up a bit, hoping the moans might have an effect. I turned my chair into the bed, shaking it. None of it caused her to stir. I turned my chair and stared at her. She was lying on her side facing towards me, wearing a red camisole whose fabric made her skin look even softer. Her tits pushed right through the light material, showing every curve, her nipples sticking straight out towards me. Even though her clothes were all back from the laundry service, she was again wearing a pair of my boxer-briefs as her only bottoms.

They were too big for her, but still her round ass managed to stretch the fabric. I needed to touch her. Up until now she'd be willing for anything I'd initiated, but taking advantage of her like this seemed like it might be a step too far for my typically shy sister.

But as soon as the idea entered my head, I knew there would be no getting away from it. I was simply too horny for her, and couldn't sleep without release.

I reached out from the chair and placed my hand against the skin of the side above her waist where her top didn't quite cover. I slid my hand up her side, carefully watching for any sign of consciousness. Seeing none, I slid my hand down to her breast, cupping it gently in my hand, and then pinching her nipple. Pausing a moment to check again for movement.

As delicately as I could, I pulled her top up, sliding it slowly under the side on the bed, pulling it out and over her tits. Her firm B-cups sank only a little downward. With both hands I ran my fingers across and around her breasts, and leaned over to them. I kissed her top nipple gently, and then suckled at it while squeezing it gently. Setting my sights downward, I carefully pulled her waistband out and down and peeked inside at the triangle of red curly hair, leading down out of my sight.

Just as I was about to slip my hand inside, Abby, without waking, groaned wearily and, smacking her mouth, rolled over on her front, her head turned to still face me. Her breathing soon returned to long, slow breaths and I continued. Her legs were slightly apart, and I moved down the bed so I could get a better look. The legs of the boxer-briefs were too wide for her legs, and on one side had fallen open in a way that showed her skin all the way up her smooth thigh the top of her leg, with just a bit of her pussy lips and red fuzz showing.

I licked my lips and slowly pulled back the leg opening more, giving a full view of her soft pussy mound. Now half on the bed, I reached my hands to each side of her waist and started sliding down the boxer-briefs over her round ass, then stretching them out to fit them down below her opened knees and out of the way. Again checking closely that she was still sleeping, I decided to make use of the opportunity and do something I hadn't tried while she was awake.

I leaned down and softly kissed her ass cheek, running my finger along her crack. With one hand, I gently separated her ass cheeks, and checking her one more time, I licked my finger and caressed it across her anus. Now feeling bolder, I lowered my finger slowly down until I reached the bottom of her pussy.

Tickling briefly right at the bottom, I traced a line around the outer edge of her mound. I placed my index and ring finger on either lip and slowly separated them, dipping my middle finger and gently running it against the pink flesh inside. Abby's breathing changed a bit, but she didn't seem to have tensed.


Using just my index finger, I wiggled it between her lips, sinking it a little deeper each time, until it ran lengthwise across her whole hole and the round soft pussy lips closed over it. I froze as Abby started mumbling slightly. The sounds were unintelligible. Her legs closed some onto my hand, my finger still pressed between her lips.

I wiggled my finger a little more, moving it until the tip was just barely entering her hole, and slowly pushed it in just a bit. She shifted her hips a bit more, and I realized I couldn't go much further without waking her up. I just barely slid the tip of my finger in and out of her, and tried to consider what to do next.


This was all hot, but none of it was getting me finished. I looked up at her face to check her eyes, and saw that her mouth was slightly open. Still asleep, she licked her lips a bit to moisten them and made the barest pucker, as if about to kiss something.

I was as helpless to avoid the next idea in my head as the first one. Although I was almost sure it would wake her up and she'd be mad, I couldn't stop myself. I pulled my hand free and shifted to the head of the bed. Taking my dick in my hand, I carefully leaned it in to her face. I gently rubbed my tip along her cheek. Pre-cum started beading across the tip of my dick, and I spread it to cover the whole purple head. Her mouth still open, she puckered slightly again, and more slowly than anything yet, I let my dick find its way to her lips.

I ran the tip along her bottom lip, then her top, feeling the softness and wetness of them and her warm breath escaping her mouth. I pulled back a moment and again she moistened them. I brought my dick in gently between her lips until it touched them both, my tip just barely in her mouth. I slowly stroked my cock as it sat there.

Suddenly and yet slowly, she closed her lips around my head. Her mouth opened again slightly, and I felt the end of her tongue push against my dick, but only for a moment. Her lips puckered out again and closed a little farther down around my dick, taking my whole head into her mouth. She shifted her body slightly again and let out a soft "Mmmm." I couldn't believe she was still asleep!

Some impulse buried deep within her sleeping brain caused her to start sucking gently at what was in her mouth. I couldn't help pressing my dick into her mouth just a bit further. With my fingertips pinching my shaft I made short, sharp strokes on my dick. Abby's mouth sucked a little harder, and I felt her tongue press against my head, rubbing slightly with each suckle.

I couldn't take anymore. I pulled out of her mouth and came. I turned slightly and the first few hard spurts shoot across her back, a bit even reaching her ass. Much of the rest dribble off my dick and fall onto her cheek, where part slowly slid down her chin.

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She again moistened her lips and then closed her mouth. I still worried what she might think if she awoke and found out what I'd done. I took a tissue and gently wiped my cum off her face without disturbing her.

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With my dick gradually softening, I climbed over her and snuggled up against her. She turned again to her side facing away from me, and I pressed against her back, feeling the warm wetness of my cum sticking on her back and ass. I lay there and gradually drifted towards sleep.

Abby shifted slightly again, her head turning towards mine. Just as I was nearly asleep, her soft whisper shocked me awake.

My heart suddenly racing with fear and regret, my brain finally processed the words she had said. "Next time, spend more time on my pussy, and don't cum so fast.

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I was just getting warmed up." She wiggled her bare ass against me until my dick nestled between her ass cheeks, and then pulled the covers up over us.