Mature hottie Payton Leigh takes some dick in her sweet ass

Mature hottie Payton Leigh takes some dick in her sweet ass
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I had been divorced three years and hadn't had sex in about four, I had a nine year old son, Alex, who lived with me most of the time and i had finally gotten over my wife! Even after the divorce i was still quite well off! I had recently been made the vice president of the advertising company i worked for. Katie was the daughter of my friend Harry from work, she was 16 years old and baby-sat Alex for me. She Was amazingly beautiful, with perfectly formed breats, i'd guess about a 36 D, she had long red hair and she always dressed rather provocatively.

Anyway, as i said i had finally gotten over my wife and was taking new women out to dinner, but none of them were beautiful or intelligent and i didn't feel remotely interested in them! Katie however flirted with me when we crossed paths and i always felt a little twinge when i saw her. I then decided that Katie was my target!

One night i came home from a piss up with the guys at work, including Katie's father, i was a little drunk and entered my modern 3 bedroomed town house at about 1;30. Katie was there, babysitting Alex, and my heart fluttered when i saw her, she was wearing extremely tight jeans that showed of her ass and a low cut purple t-shirt.

I paid her and she said goodnight, but before she got to the door i stopped and said (sluring slightly), "Hey Katie, why don't you hang around a bit longer?" "Er." she said hesitantly, "why?" "Well," i said walking towards her, "You're a beautiful girl, i can think of some things we could do," i said taking hold of her hips and pulling them towards me.

"Mr Richards." she began "David. please!" i said pulling her crotch towards my hardening penis.

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"Please don't!" she said pushing me away, i stumbled as she ran to the door and left. I didn't get it, i went into my bedroom and stared into my mirror, i was a handsome man, about forty with a slim verging on muscular frame and neatly trimmed dark hair, why had she refused me?

This made me angry, She was the one who'd alwys flirted always wore the slutty clothes, she was asking to be fucked! And that was what she was going to get. I called her up the next morning and appologised for my drunken behaviour, and she forgave me and things went back into their usual routine. Three weeks later i arrived home from work to fnd Katie sitting on the sofa reading a magazine! When she heard me come in she stood up and said, "You're ex-wife just picked Alex up, but i needed to stay to tel you and also, "she shifted nervously, "i need paying!" "OH yes of course" I said, I looked up and won her body, she was wearing an extrenely short red plaid skirt and a tight fitting black strappy top that her an amazing amount of cleavage with a pair of knee length paitent leather boots!

Just the sight of her made me feel turned on "err. d'you want a cup of tea or something?" "Yeah sure!" she said smiling. She sat at the counter while i boiled the kettle and put tea bags into some mugs, i looked up to the medicine cabinet and spotted the bottle of sleeping tablets i used when I couldn't sleep.

Could i? would i really go that low?

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I handed Katie her tea and sat oppsite her sipping mine, we talked for about 5 minutes before she said, "oh god! The time! i should go!" "Wait!" i said suddenly, "you haven't finished your tea yet,there's only a bit left just drink that up!" "Oh alright!" she said smiling looking down at the last of her tea.

She drank it in one swig, put the cup down and said, "i really must be going now," but before she got up, her lids got droopy and she yawned then fell asleep on the counter. I sighed a sigh of fear and relief, what the hell was i doing? i'd just drugged a 16 year old girl, what was a going to do now? should i just leave her or. she moved in her sleep and her cleavage came on show again, almost popping out of her top. My cock did the thinking for me, i picked her up, slung her over my shiulder and carried her into my bedroom (not hard as it was on the first floor).

I lay her down on the bed, and panicked, if i was going to go through with this i needed to act fast! the sleeping tablets would only work for about 20 minutes mixed with the caffine in the tea.

So i went to my wadrobe and got out two ties (from work) and placed them on the bed. Ok, here goes i said, sitting down next to the sleeping Katie. I propped her up and took the bottom of her top with my quivering hands, i slid it up over her head and threw it into the corner of the room.

Her bra was Black and lacy and her young breats looked stunning. i rolled her over, undid the clasp and slowly took it off and her breasts bounced out of their place.

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"Holy shit!" I said looking down at the beautiful thing. I checked her bra, i had been right, she was a 36 D.


I threw the bra to the corner of the room with her top and moved down to the skirt. I took the belt off and then unndid the skirt and slid it off, undeneath was a black lacy thong that matched her bra. I slowly moved my fingers up her young thighs, hooked under the waist band and slowly slid them down her legs and off. I could now see her young pussy, calling out to me and my cock went even harder.

"Not yet!" I told it, i then looked down at katie's boots, just for fun i thought i'd leave them on! I then rolled katie over onto her front again, took one of the ties and bound her hands tightly behind her back. I then took the other tie and gagged her with it.

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She was now ready. When She awoke i was crouching over her chest, staring down at her. She jumped, startled, then i watched her eyes widen with panick and horror as she realised she was bound and naked (apart from her boots) on my bed, at my mercy. "Hello there katie," I said with a snear, "Have a nice sleep?" She shook her head and tried to cry out, but the sound was prevented by the gag.

"Well now that your awake. Would you like me to lick your nipples?" The muffled screams turned me on even more. "Sorry what?" i mocked her, "i can't hear you. i'll just take it as a yes!" She flayled around trying to get away, but i pinned her down, "Yes i know you're excited, i am too!" i said taking one of her young nipples in my mouth, she shook and i sucked it and licked it while she tried to free herself. I then moved onto her other nipple and did th same thing, I kept going untill i was satisfied that they were erect.

i then moved up to her mouth and stared into her eyes. "Are you a slut?" I asked her mockingly she shook her head fear in her eyes. "Have you ever been fucked before?" She shook her head again. "Are you on the pill?" This time she nodded, but tears welled up in her eyes. "Oh good!


Cause i don't have any condoms!" "No!" i could almost hear her scream as she trashed about. "oh don't worry Katie, hhe's not coming out yet!" i said sliding my hands down her body towards her virgin pussy.

"Spread your legs for david!" I commanded She shook her head and pulled then in tighter, "Naughty slut!" i said slapping her ass, "i'll just have to it then!" i said taking hold of the thighs and pulling them apart pinning them open with my dominating strength. "now this is a naughty little pussy and is going to be punished!" I said moving my finger towards her pussy lips. As i started to stroke her pussy, up and dow, she screamed again tears now rlling down her face but i just speared me on.

I continued rubbng up and down as her body betrayed her and she started to go wet. "See slut!" I taunted, "You LIKE it!" I then slid my indew finger up her previously untouched cunt.

it was wet warm and moist, she thrashed and scremed, and i pressed harder to pinned her down. I kept moving my finger around in her tight pussy, then when it was streching slightly i pushed another one in, again Katie screamed, but i continued to finger fuck her slowly untill, she started to squirm then finally she came, squirting her cum onto my bed! "Good girl!" I praised her as she lay there exhausted, "i wonder how you taste?!

Do you taste good? Would you like me to taste you and tell you?" She shook her head furiously and begged me not to. I then took my too fingers and moved them up you my mouth and licked them. "Ummmmmmmm!" I said relishing the sweet taste, " You taste amazing, i could eat you all day i said moving my mouth towards her gaping pussy and lapping up the liquid oozing out of it, she squirmed as she felt my toungue on her pussy lips and thrashed when she felt me darting in and out, swallowing as much of her of her juices as i could.

My cock was getting unbearable by this point and i knew that i had to finally do what i'd hadn't done in 4 years. Her eyes widened with horror as i took of my shirt and unbuttoned to pants, i pulled then off and stood infront of her in just my boxers, i slid them down my legs and she shook and thrashed when she saw it, my erect 9 inch cock, waiting to enter her virgin pussy.

I knelt back down and spread her legs again. "This may hurt a little!" I said placing my cock at the entrance to her pussy. She screamed as i entered her, an inch at first, then two inches, then three and so on untill my whole dick was filling her cunt She was no longer a virgin.

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It felt so good to be inside a woman again. I started to move backwards and forwards, going in all the way every time. i then speeded up the pace despite Katie's cries,

Harder and faster as the fucking continued i then stared to slow down as i saw Katie's face contorted in a mixture of pain and pleasure. i knew what was going to happen, she was going to have an orgasm! It turned me on so much that when her pussy finally contracted, squeezing my cock, The sensational as she shuddered as she came and came and came, as she had orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

The mostt i'd ever seen a woman do, it made me cum and i spurted my load inside her young pussy. I then pulled out exhausted. "Fucking holy shit Katie!" I exclaimed, panting to get my breath back. "I'm sorry i had to do all that but you were asking for it!" I kneeled on the edge of the bed rolled her onto her front and undid her hands. She immediately scrambled the the head of the bed, took the gag off and rolled into a ball trying to hide her violated cum covered self.

"If you tell anybody about this i'll. "Why would i tell anyone?" she asked rubbing her wrists, covered in friction burns from the ties, "you did exactly what i wanted you to do!" "WHAT?!" I almost shouted alarmed. "Well." she started to explain, "i'd always had fantasies of being raped, and i really wanted to lose my virginity soon, and when i started baby sitting for you. well you were so hot i knew it had to be you!


So i flirted and flirted and wore skimpy oufits, and then that night 3 weeks ago when you asked me to sleep with you. i knew i'd done it, i knew you'd eventually rape me! and you did!" "You fucking slut!" i said with a smile, "but you seemed so scared!" "Well i wasn't expecting it like that, and the drugging thing." she grinned, "genius!" She stood and walked towards her clothes, "ok, well you pay me $10 an hour and i've been here and extra two.

so. that's $40 for today!" "I'll give you $100 if you give me blow job!" I said witha grin. "Alright then!" She said dropping her clothes and walking towards me. the end!