Sexy guys asian fucking each other and photo of young gay in fuck

Sexy guys asian fucking each other and photo of young gay in fuck
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Story is true, but names are changed to make them easier to read by English speaking people. This, of course, implies that I'm not from EN speaking country so, please be gentle to my writing and use of English.

I'll call myself John. This name has nothing to do with my real name, but if anybody wants some tongue exercise pronouncing my true name, PM me and I'll tell. At the time of writhing this, I'm 42, happily married with no kids of my own (can't have kids). Events that I'll write about (in this story or maybe few of them more, depends of feedback) took place 28 years ago, when everyone involved were very young, kind of worry free and much more open to listen and try something .

well, something different. I was younger of two kids - my parents got daughter (my sister) six years before I came to bee. We lived in beautiful flatlands of my country, with only my (now late) father employed. As you can imagine, we didn't had much but we had exactly as much as we need for normal life. We owned a house, and my sister and I shared one room, my parents second and house had nice kitchen and dining area with comfy living room attached. Being as it were, I never had any privacy while in house except for toilet and bathroom, and that too was only for short periods of time - I remember that soon as I entered bathroom somebody will yell to me to hurry, because they have to go.

My entire life I was . well, chubby. Not too much, as I was told, but I had some fat on me, mostly on my belly and pecks. In result, I had a bit of tits which, as it turns out, will be deemed attractive . but, I'll come to that. At 5 ft. 5" at that time, I was a bit higher than rest of my buddies with hazel eyes and short brown hair.

My two best friends were same age as me, and we knew each other and got really close long before we started school. As I recall my childhood we spent every free moment together, playing and doing stuff that young boys do . and we did a lot of mischief that is for sure. I'll call two of my buddies Ben and George.

They were my peers, just few months younger than me. Ben was well built in a kind of lumberjack way - broad shoulders, fairly muscular and with small amount of fat on his lower belly. Blue eyes and light brown hair were just pluses to its appearance.

George, on the other hand, was purely sporty type. Although he was a bit shorter than me, he had slim build, very well proportioned - in a word, runners build - without single shred of fat on him. His muscles were very well defined. Hell, as soon as in the age of 12 he had full six-pack on his belly without any effort. Unfortunately for him, his nose was quite big - he got it from his mother - and often his black-as-coal eyes never got proper attention, since nose would steal it all.

His hair was quite long because his dad liked it that way, but he was kind of unhappy with it. Our teasing that he had a hair like a little girl surely didn't help. And, was he into sports . he'd always try to pull us in some kind of running after a ball . if there were more of us, we'd play soccer and if it was only three of us, he'll always try to make us kick the ball between us. I guess, besides genetics, that is why he looked so fit.

Three of us growing up was really fun time. Summer was our most loved part of the year - our chores would be concentrated in the morning and late afternoon (or better yet, early evening) so most of the day our parents would send us out of our houses to have some peace.

Since river flowed near to our village, we'd go swimming and bathing for the most of the day. River was very slow flowing and wide, for the most part not deep at all.

It was shallow, so much so that where the public beach was, average grown man would stand in the middle of a river with water barely up to his nipples. So there was no real danger from drowning no matter how god or not-so-good swimmer one is. That being said and due to fact that my sister is much older than three of us, our parents would let us go to the river with only her being our guard when we were younger - actually she hanged out with her friends, just accompanied us to the river and back home so we were pretty much left alone.

As young kids we skinny-dipped all the time and due to that, we knew each other's bodies in detail. Our dicks were pretty much same size when flaccid, but - as it happens with all boys - when we got stiffies, some differences were noticeable. Mine was smallest and Ben and George were pretty much the same size, both bigger than me. At that time, we weren't paying much attention to our dicks, or rest of our bodies to that matter - except when we wanted to tease and aggravate each other.

But, as years passed by we started to discover our sexual side. Also, we started to pay much more attention to each other's body features.

To be honest, we started to notice all bodies around us, exchanging lustful comments while checking them out . Both George and Ben always had something juicy to say for any girl they've seen, but I always gave much more attention to checking out other boys and men than girls. As far as I can remember my early life, male bodies were much more attractive to me than females, although I liked to check out girls also.

Summer that I'm telling you about was the first summer that we got permission from our parents to go to the river by ourselves.

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I was the responsible one in our 'band of brothers' so once when our parents got together, they set all three of us in front and said we do not need 'sitter' anymore. Also, I was promoted to 'guy in charge' with loooong speech about responsibilities that come with that. Both, Ben and George were happy knowing that I really won't abuse my 'powers' .

it just wasn't my nature . and I was kind of more mature than two of them, so they accepted rules gladly. So, we could go to the river as soon as we liked, not having to wait for my sister anymore . and we did so. That summer we started wearing speedos.

My mother, being good fried with Ben's and George's moms bought three identical black speedos for us.

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Actually, we asked for it since . well, you know - we've grown and were a bit embarrassed to go skinny-dipping in front of other people.

I think I'll never forget the moment of that day when we arrived to the river beach and I saw Ben and George in speedos. Their packages, bulging in front of them, caused some steer in my own briefs.

It struck me like a thunder from a clear sky - I was aroused by what I saw!!! That was the first time I was ashamed for popping boner in front of two of my buddies. To hide my embarrassment I sat on the sand, crossing my legs. Ben was first to react: "Are you coming in or what?" - he asked confused. "Give me minute to cool down - you know that one shouldn't go in the water right away" - well, I was the responsible one, remember - "you two should sit down and cool down too" I said trying to justify myself.

Truth to be told, part about cooling down was something everybody advised especially as we walked some 3,5 miles from our houses to the river and summer sun was hot .

but, I was mainly trying to wait for my cock to go limp before standing up. George and Ben looked to each other and looked back to me … than George said with a smirk: "Yes mom . we'll sit for a minute or two . but only for minute or two - and you can sit your ass on the beach all day if you want to, I'm off to swim ." he said grinning.

"Me too . and don't be so boring, come into water with us" said Ben. They approached and set down beside me. Both of them sat in a same way, extending their legs slightly parted and leaning back onto their hands. Of course, all I was still seeing were their bulges making my swollen cock twitching inside my speedo. Both Ben and George looked at the other two of us, clearly checking us out and comparing our bodies .

They joked about all hot days ahead of us and how we should never leave our beach . or that's at least how I remember that moment . but, I clearly remember I was keeping my mouth shut and my eyes fixed on their crotches. "Oh . you have a boner, don't you?" Ben's question felt like slap to the back of my head. "Ha? Who?" I stuttered "Well, maybe . " was my reply with rush of blood to my face - as they both said later, my face at that moment was redder than home grown tomato.

"Oh come on" exclaimed Ben "it's not like you've never had one before and like we've never saw it.

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And look, I'm popping one too" he said lightly caressing its package through its speedo. His dick was semi-hard making its contours clearly visible underneath thin fabric. To prove his point even further, he stood up propping its crotch . and he got some package. "Nice one" I heard George beside me "but, it's just half hard, isn't it? This, my friends, is what proper boner looks like" said George standing up. My jaw dropped - he was fully erect, his cock pointing to his left hip, making contours of its cock head clearly visible.

As we were pretty much alone at the beach, I just looked to them, mouth wide open. Man, they've grown down there - I've grown also, but was still noticeably smaller them either of them.

"Wow guys, you two have grown" was all I could say . "Come on, stand up . we're missing you here" said Ben still fondling its package with more and more attention.

"Yeah John, don't bail on us now. All for one, you know ." said George moving its hips from left to right and back, lightly garbing his cock from time to time. Somehow, my shame dissolved and I stood up showing my hard dick through my speedo.

"Not so big . well, seeing you guys like this I think I should be in charge, not John - my dick is bigger than either of yours" Ben was being Ben - always making fun and teasing rest of us. "Not so fast, buddy - I have more meat down here than you, for sure" said George cooping its package between both of his hands. Now, devil in me took over and, without any prior thinking words just came out of my mouth: "OK, I'm no competition to either of you guys thus making me ideal referee to measure each of you and resolve this once and for all" - was what I said with a bit of evil grin on my face.

Surprisingly, both of them just said "You're on" almost unanimously. "But how are you going to measure us - it's not like we're having measuring tape with us" said Ben.

"And that is why I'll always be in charge, no matter how smaller my dick is compared to you guys" - I was again in control, acting on some strange impulse within me and not fighting it for the first time .

"First of all, let me get my props and you two keep petting your snakes - we don't want them to be nothing less than full size, don't we!? Then, we'll take measures and compare them, so . well, we'll know who has biggest dick between three of us. Agreed?" I had them where I wanted and somehow, both of them were in my power. It felt that whatever I said to them promising measuring their dicks at the end, they would accept it without any objection. "Ahm . John, when you say 'props' you mean - what?" George asked still foundling his cock and balls, now fully erect.

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"As it was already wisely noted, we have no measuring tape so I was thinking about using twigs … or I can use my hands if you want me to do it faster".

To be honest, I really wanted to grab their cocks in my hand, but thought they will never let me. Not waiting for them to answer, I already turned to walk into nearby bushes in search for appropriate twigs when George said: "John, wait" I heard "you're going to look for twigs, aren't you? Knowing you it'll take too long … use your hands, that way I can have my victory and will go into water sooner." "YEAH …" exclaimed Ben enthusiastically "come on, use your hands".

I turned around facing them both, and to my surprise found both of them looking me right in my eyes, having same lustful look in their own eyes, and both with hands showed their down their speedos, slowly stroking their erect cocks. I remember vividly rush of that tingle sensation in my lower belly, my crotch and in my balls. As I stood there, my mind was like ' my God, I'm about to hold someone else's cock in my hand '. "OK, fine by me" I said "but I think we should move to some less exposed area of the beach … it would really be bad for all of us if anybody sees me holding your dicks".

That was true. On the other hand, when I think now about it, I know that my less conscious part of mind was already preparing setting for things that will happen shortly. "Yes, you're right. Let's move to that corner of the beach" said Ben pointing his hand to furthest part of the beach where forest already took over sand and trees were growing all the way to the water line.

George was quick to agree and we went there running, our swollen cocks rubbing to our speedos adding to our excitement. We got to our spot in no time, and I being chubby panted a bit more than two of them.

"Look here, our referee lost its breath from few hundred meters of running" George teased. "We can't all be sprinters as you, you know" said Ben breathing heavy also. "But … we can … find out … who has … bigger dick … of you guys" I said slowly regaining my breath. Both of them rubbed their junk over speedos, but my dick lost quite a bit of its hardness … after all, I did lost my breath running.

Few more seconds passed both of my friends rubbed their cocks and I was watching. That tingly feeling in my crotch returned, my cock rose to full mast and my hand started to squeeze it and my balls with it through my swim briefs. Slight moan escaped my lips and both of Ben and George noticed it. "Oh look" said Ben "John likes what he sees" "Do you John?" George was looking at me with some strange fire in his eyes.

"Well …" I wasn't prepared for this … my mind frantically tried to find way out. I mean, if I say what I wanted to say, they will surely kick my butt and never want to see me again or so I thought. Yet, I was deeply compelled to say simply 'yes'. "As a matter of fact, I do … you guys are hot and you know it" just kinda went out of my mouth without much of my control. "Mhmmmm" this time Ben moaned with his hand inside of his speedo, very slowly squeezing his own meat, looking me and George straight in the eyes.

"I have to say John, you tits are tempting" "Hey … isn't this wrong?" exclaimed George, but he never let his own cock out of its hand … not for a second. In two long steps, I was in front of him, looking straight in his black eyes, breathing heavy not from running … not any more … I was now deeply aroused, well passed my 'point-of-no-return'.

"We're all guys…" was all that he managed to say before my hand slipped inside his speedo. His hand tried to cover cock, but I managed to grab it by its base and gently squeezed … "Ahhhhmmmmm &hellip." loud moan came out of George's mouth while he tilted his head backward and closed his eyes.


His hand suddenly left leaving his entire cock only to me. My hand grabbed his hardens, gently feeling it … it was hard yet his skin was so warm and soft.

Oh my, was that feeling good. "John, your hand feels really good on my cock" George said, now looking straight in my eyes. "Way better than my own". "You have one more hand, you know" Ben said, almost whispering as he stood right next to us. He crept to my left and I didn't even notice him being there, since I was so intoxicated with flood of new sensations that George's cock in my hand made. Determined to feel them both, I realized that speedos are making thing unnecessary difficult for me.

I let George's dick and with both of my hands peeled his speedo off of him. Then I turned to Ben and did the same to him. Lastly, my speedo went down and … there we were standing butt naked in front of each other as many times before, only now it was completely different … IT WAS SEXUAL.

Both of them took position one by each my side Ben was to my left side and George positioned himself to my right.

Both had their hard cocks leaned to my hips, slowly grinding … moving less than inch but still moving… and that's when it happened Ben took my left tit in his hand, gently squeezing it with my nipple between his fingers.

At the same time George grabbed my ass and started to squeeze it. "Ohhhhhhh … my God this feels good …" I growled grabbing my cock. Both of them responded with harder grinding of their cocks against my hips. This went on for a minute or two when I said "Guys, measurement … stand in front of me" As they changed their positions I kneeled down.


Grass and foliage made soft surface for my knees. As George and Ben stood in front of me I was mesmerized. There they were, hard cocks of my two best friends, uncut and throbbing, pointed at my face … long and thick, as it turned out much bigger to me than they really were. I took Ben's hardon in my left and George's in my right hand, savoring their hardness, softness of skin covering their cocks. And my hands formed fists holding two gorgeous cocks, starting very slowly to stroke them … "Ahhhh … uuhhmmmm … it's so good" I heard George, while Ben was a bit more demanding "Faster John, jerk me faster".

And I did, I started to pick on speed now fully masturbating my best buddies … I do believe it took me less than a minute to lead each of them to the orgasm. George was first to shoot his legs stiffened, his cock hardened even more, he pushed his hips ahead and hissed … "I'm cuummminnnggg &hellip.

Ohhhhhh … ahhhhh &hellip." His cock twitched in my hand, and shoot first string of cum right on my forehead. It was warm and sticky. I devoted all of my attention to him, slowing Ben's jerking almost to complete stop. George squirted some two or maybe three more shoots of his boy juice on my shoulder and belly, while his entire body shook. As his orgasm subsided my hand also slowed down, but I still held his cock in my fist.

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"Now Johny, do me … I can't take it any more" Ben was almost pleading. So I did, I fastened movements of my hand on his hard cock. I made barely ten strokes when his entire body started to jerk. Feeling his cum is about to fly, I pointed his cock to my breasts … First spurt though landed on my chin, almost hitting my open mouth.

Next four or even five shots landed on my tits, with Ben loudly groaning and moaning, his body jerking as his orgasm shook him. At the same time, I grabbed my own cock and just by squeezing it hard I started my orgasm … My own orgasm was so hard that I lost my breath, with my eyes closed I still saw every feasible color, and my entire body was shaking with pleasure.

When it passed, all I could do was to let my body fall down to the ground. As I slowly opened my eyes, I saw Ben end George kneeling in front of me, each breathing heavily, recovering from strongest orgasms in their lives. Ben was first to talk "Fuck … that was something". "I jerk myself every day, but this was something entirely different … much better" George added, still breathing heavy. I rose from the ground, kneeling as the two of them "Guys, I have to admit just holding your cocks and watching each of you finish in front of me was enough for me to shoot.

At the moment I touched and squeezed my dick, I was shooting … and it felt like it never felt before".

"So, we're OK with what happened?" I asked … Ben was first, as usual "Hell yes, why shouldn't we be? I did thought about us three jerking together, just didn't know how to ask". "Me to, you know … " said George " I also wanted to try stuff with you guys, just was afraid you'd make fun of me or worse …" Feeling somehow closer than ever with those two boys, I said "When you two guys grabbed me Ben at my tit and George at my but it felt really, really great.

To tell the truth, I'd like to do this some more". They both agreed, and Ben suddenly stretched his arm to my face like he's trying to reach something. And he did, he put his fingers in cum on my chin smearing it all over my face eventually pushing his finger smeared in cum into my mouth … Honestly, I tried my cum before while jerking myself, and it tasted somewhat funny but not bad … but this was tastier … almost sweet.

And it was Ben's own spunk. George did the same with his sperm still on my forehead and his tasted good also. "We still have to see who has bigger dick, me or Ben" George said grinning from ear to ear.

And he was hard again. So was Ben, and my cock started to stir too … well, you can imagine what happened but it's suffice to say that we actually measured our cocks only two days after our first sexual encounter.