Tgirl latina Kate rubs her body teasingly

Tgirl latina Kate rubs her body teasingly
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This is my first posted story. I didnt mean for this to be this long. Feedback is welcome. After enjoying Nikki I started to think of ways I could improve my process, Improve the flavor and who was next. I would find girl who looked appealing but never could decide on who was next. One day my crazy ex sent me a text. I wasn't going to reply, she was crazy and I didn't need that in my life. I ignored her for a day then got to thinking. The sex was good, I enjoyed it a lot with her.

I figured that if nothing else she was a good fuck. I sent her a reply. We caught up and talked. It wasn't until she sent me a selfies that my mind got to thinking about her as meat. I thought about it more and more as the day went on. Finally I asked if she wanted to go to my cabin and spend the week away from the city. To my surprise she agreed. I knew she was into the kinky side of sex. Handcuff and gags were what really turned her on. It would make things easier.

As I made preparations for our week at the cabin I started to think about my cooking process and how I could improve it. I thought about my hunting and cooking experience, I realized that cooking an animal whole with the guts was not the best thing to do. It usually tainted the meat.

I noticed this on Nichole. I figured since I was trying to improve the meat I would prep and cook my ex differently.

I gathered all the supplies and headed up to the cabin a couple of days before so my ex wouldn't see everything I was bringing. I also wanted to make an addition to my place. I stopped at La Casa Marte and picked up my building supplies and dove to my property. The plan was to add a dedicated prep room. One with a drain in the floor and built tough so resistant meat could be kept until they were cooked. I got my cabin and started to plan the addition.

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First was first, I had to play Mexican backhoe and dig trenches for the water, power and drain pipes. I finished my digging and started to rough in my plumbing and drains. By night fall everything was in place ready for concrete. The next morning I woke up early and started to mix concrete and our my foundation. It took till lunch to pour my 15x15 pad. While it hardened I built the walls so I could tilt them up. I went to bed early knowing that if I worked hard the next day I could almost be done with my new building.

I woke up later then planned but started to lift the walls in place. One they were secured I added my roof joist and moved on to the decking. I made sure to add extra roof beams so I could hang meat from it. I got the walls set and the roof finished before I lost light.

When I woke up I knew I had to finish today so I go to town and pick up the ex tomorrow. I was able to get a lot done before lunch, I finished the exterior walls, and got all the electrical and plumbing finished. I put the plywood on the inside walls and finished all the plumbing by nightfall. I worked through the night to add a bed, sink, and toilet to the addition. I finished the room with some heavy duty hooks in the floors, walls and ceilings.

It was done. I was proud of my work and decided to drive back to town that night and sleep in my comfortable bed at home before starting my week with my ex. I woke up from a good night sleep to a text from the ex asking if I was excited for this upcoming week.

I replied that she had no clue how excited I was. I picked her up and we left for the cabin. The whole drive she talked and I went over my plan. When we arrived we unloaded the car and rested a little.

I wanted to start my plan but wanted a good fuck first. I walked up behind her and grabbed her ass. She turned around and we started to kiss. Our hand explored each other's body and soon our clothes were in a pile on the floor. I pushed he back on Hrh couch and started to eat her pussy. She always had a thing for oral. Once she came I picked her and I sat on the couch. She got on her knees and started to suck my cock. When I was hard she stood up and turned around and positioned her self over my cock she slowly lowered her self.

She fucked me like this for a couple min. I knew I was close to cumming so I stopped her and grabbed her hair.


I forced her to take my cock in her mouth. She started to suck and soon I blew my load in her mouth. She swallowed all my cum. She crawled up on the couch with me and we snuggled.

I let her fall asleep so I could move on with my plan. Once she was sleep, I got up and grabbed my bag. I pulled out the ball gag, and rope. I worked slowly to tie her hands together with out her noticing. I tied her legs so she wouldn't be able to kick but could still walk.

I was going to put the gag in but she started to stir. When she woke to being tied up she was excited. She like bdsm and thought this was going to be more sex. It would be but it would not end the was she wanted it to. I went to my bag and pulled out a leather collar and placed it around her neck. I Pulled out a leash and attached it to the collar and pulled her to her feet.

I lead her out to the new addition. I opened the door and pushed her to the center of the room before turning on the lights. As the light came on she looked around and was confused. I forced her to her knees and pulled out my cock. She opened her mouth and started to suck.

When I was hard I lifted her to the bed and out her on her hand and knees. I got behind her and put my dick at her asshole. She out her face on the bed to give me better access to her ass. I slowly pushed my cock in her ass and started to fuck her. When I was close to cumming I grabbed the leash and pulled her around and shot my load all over her face.

She licked up all she could. I looked at her face and thought how nice it was, I would be nice to fuck it a couple more time through out the process. Back to the plan. I grabbed the rope from wall and tied one end to her wrists, I pulled the other through a pulley attached to the ceiling I slowly pulled the rope until my ex was on her feet in the middle of the room.

I secured the rope to the wall and started my prep work. My plan was to clean her insides out, and only feed her a mix of spices that would flavor the meat from the inside out. Next I would shave her clean of all hair and scrub her down.

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After hearing Nikki scream for 2 hours I decided that I would kill and gut my ex prior to cooking. I would also butcher my ex and cook her in parts. I had thought about cooking her breasts while attached so show would know her fate but I wasn't sure if I wanted to deal with her screaming. The cleaning was first. I grabbed a gag from the wall and walked over to her. I held it up and she opened her mouth. I put it in place making sure that is was secure.

I went to the sink and pulled out a tube and walked by over to her. I threaded the tube through the gag and forced it into her stomach. Just breathe thought you nose I instructed. I hooked the other end of the tube to the sink and slowly turned on the water. I watched the water flow down the tube and into her. The look on her face changed from excitement to panic. I walked over to her and held her from behind. You are ok I whispered in her ear she calmed down a little.

I was really feeling he stomach fill with water. I didn't want it too full so she would like it up but I needed to clean her out. Once I felt there was enough I turned off the water. I left the tube in her mouth and I grabbed another tube from the wall. I walked over and grabbed some lube. I started to feed this tube up her ass. I could tell she was panicking again so I looked her in the eyes and told her she was fine.

She calmed down again. This was almost too easy. I went back to cleaning her out. I fed the tube up her ass and connected it to the sink and turned on the water.

I once again to stood behind gopher and few her gut expand with the water. I also did this to comfort her. When she was filled with a couple of gallons of water I tuned off the water. I grabbed a butt plug and lube it up. In one swift move I pulled the tube out of her ass and shoved the plug in.

She gasped at the size of the plug. I left the room and turned off the light. I retuned an hour later, sipping on a dr pepper.

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I walked up behind her and felt her stomach and abdomen. The was would slush around inside of her. Are you ready to get this water out? She nodded yes. I grabbed the plug and pulled it out. I stepped backs and told her to push. The water sprayed out of her ass. I could see that I would have to do this a couple more times to clean her out. When she was done pushing the water out. I stepped behind her and started to push on her stomach seeing if I could get any more out of her.

She still had the tube in her stomach, I pushed the tube back up her ass and turned the water on again. I watched as her belly extended. I guessed there was another 5 to 7 gallons of water in her. I turned the water off and pulled the tube out of her ass. I watched as the water flowed out. I pulled the tube out of her mouth. She tried to talk but with the gag in place I couldn't understand.

I really didn't care.

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I pushed the tube up her ass one more time and tuned the water on. I set a timer for 15 min. I watched as she once again filled up with water. When the timer went off I got the plug ready and shoved it in her ass.

I left back to the cabin. When I came back 2 hours later. She was crying. I don't blame her at all. I guess I should let her talk. I removed the gag and she looked at me. What's going on she asked. Long story short, I am going to eat you. She got a confused look on her face. I am going to eat you like a cannibal. I was going to be nice and kill you before I cook you but looking at these breast.

I am having second thoughts. I think want to fire up the grill and see if I can grill your breast. She looked at me, shocked from what I just told her. I went about the cleaning. I pulled the plug out and the water flowed out again. It was clear this time. It was time to start feeding her the seasoning mix. I left the gag out as I got the first bowl of seasoning. It was a mix between mostly thyme, rosemary, garlic and onions. It had a really good flavor to it. I held the bowl up showing her what was in it.

Why are you feeding me if you just cleaned me out? She asked. This will flavor you from the inside out. It should make your meat taste better. I held up a spoonful and she refused to eat it. I set the bowl down and walked over to her. You can eat or it I will force it down. It is up to you. I let her think about it.

I walked over to the cabinet and grabbed a medical gag that would hold her mouth open. I also grabbed a pair of forceps to hold her tongue. She refused to open her mouth. I grabbed a nipple in my left hand and started to squeeze. I could see her face change from defiance to pain. It was a matter of time before she opened her mouth. When she did I forced the gag in and cracked it open. I grabbed her tongue with the forceps and pulled it out of the way. I grabbed a handful of seasoning and forced into her mouth.

I pushed it down her throat with my fingers.

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I kept doing so till the bowl was gone. I grabbed the water hose and added a little water. I removed the forceps and gags. I was surprised to hear her say how good it tasted.

There will be more tomorrow. I untied to the rope and placed her on the bed I attached her legs and wrists to the frame.

I turned off the light and retired to the cabin.

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The next morning I woke up and showered. I went to my meat shack. I woke my ex up, I brought a bowl of seasoning and she ate it willingly. I kept looking at her breast and wondered if I could grill them while attached to her. Maybe right before I kill her. I would try it. Once she finished the bowl I left her. I went out to my grill and started to see how I could do it. I built a box that would allow her to stand on and grill her breasts. I built a heat shield that would protect the rest of her body.

I don't want to cook it too soon. Once I was done I returned to the meat shack and checked up on her. It was time to shave her. I once again lifted her up by her wrist in the center of the room. And grabbed the clippers. I started with the hair and removed it as far as I could. I then grabbed the shaving cream and razor and started to shave her from head to toe.

When I was done she looked different but closer to being meat. I washed her clean and grabbed another bowl of seasoning. She sat on the bed and ate it.

She was starting to accept her fate.


When she was done I put her in the middle of the room and pushed the tube in her ass one last time. I untied her wrist and tied them behind her. While I was cleaning her out I would get her ready for the grill. I pulled the tube out and let the water flow out. Mostly clean, I pushed the tube back in. When I pulled it out, she was good to go. I lead her out side to the grill. I had her watch as I started the grill.

It would take 20 min for the coals to get ready. I left her there and returned to the shack. I grabbed a ball gag. I walked up behind her and put it in place. The coals were ready. I spread them out evenly in an oval just a little bigger then her breast. I had her step up on the plat form by the grill and slowly walked her close to the heat.

I put the heat shield in place and grabbed her hips. I pulled on her hips and I pushed her back. She bent at the waist and her breast neared the grill. I got her in place and she hesitated as I pushed her down towards the grill. I stopped just before her nipples touched. She could feel the heat from the grill. I put my hand on her back and pushed her down.

Her breasts hit the grill with and appealing sizzle. She started to wince in pain. She wasn't screaming to my surprise. She wanted this because it would make me happy. I watched as tears ran down her face. After 5 min, I lifted her up and rotated the grate on the grill I wanted some nice marking on her breasts. I waited for the grill to heat up again.

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I pushed her back down, I heard the sizzle. I kept pushing making more of her breast contact the grill. I patiently waited as her breast cooked.

I stood her up and checked the progress. Her breast looked amazing. I took her inside the cabin and sat her next to the table I grabbed a place setting and a sharp knife from the block. I walked over to my ex. I had her stand and lean over. This way I could easily cut her breast off.

I started with her left one.

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I brought the knife to the base of her breast and started to cut it off. There wasn't a lot of blood. I caught the breast as it fell from her body. I moved to the right one and cut it off as well. I checked the meat. Medium rare. I liked medium. I picked up the plate with her breasts on it and lead her back to the grill. I removed the heat shield and leaned her over the grill again. This time to seal the wound so it wouldn't bleed.

It didn't take long to cotterize the would. I stood her up and she watched as I placed her breasts back on the grill, nipple side up. Another 5 min and they were done. I pulled them from the grill and lead her inside. I sat at the table and cut into her breast on my plate. Perfectly cooked. I lifted a piece to my mouth my ex watched. The meat melted in my mouth, my seasoning plan worked.

It was amazing. I cut another piece and lifted it her her mouth, she reluctantly opened and ate it. I could tell she liked it, she was also annoyed that it was hers. I finished the breast and placed the other one in a container and put it in the fridge. I lead my ex back to the meat shack. I tied her left ankle so she could be hoisted up by it, I loosely tied the right one to the left. I attached the rope and had her lay down on the ground.

I slowly raised her up until her mouth was at the right height to suck my cock. I opened my pants and she opened her mouth. This is the the last time you have to suck my cock. Make it good. She started to move head back and forth. Doing and amazing job sucking my cock. I leaned forward and started to lick her pussy. I could tell she was closer then I was to an orgasm. I slowed down. It wasn't long before I felt my balls tighten and cum come shooting out of my cock. She swallowed everything she could.

Once I was done I picked up the pace and licked her to her final orgasm. As she was caught up in her orgasm I reached for the knife and slit her throat. I stepped back and watch as the blood poured out of her neck. When the blood slowed down I cut off her head. I picked it up and tossed it into the trash can. I grabbed my knife and cut the ropes between her ankle and started to cut her pussy free.

I set it aside and started to gut her. It didn't take me long to break her down into easily managed pieces. When she was nothing but meat sitting in coolers chilling I went inside and pulled her right breast out, tossed it on the grill to heat it up.

Once it was warm I sat in front of the fire pit watching all the belongings she brought burn. I tossed her head into the fire.


I watched everything burn as I finished her breast. My mind started to wonder and I thought about her mom, she had the same body structure just a little bit thicker.

I am sure I can improve on my recipe, I will have to see of I can get her to join me at my cabin.