Black Studs Share a Cougar

Black Studs Share a Cougar
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"Yea, baby, give me that fucking dick! Eu quero isso!"Amy said as she continued to ride his dick. She didn't need to fuck Jessie's boyfriend Mike, but she's the type of girl that craves drama. "Will you fuckin speak English??? I hate that shit; I think you're gonna steal my wallet… Oh my God! …Amy, right?" Mike asked as he slapped Amy's fat ass.

This was the best sex Mike's ever had! Jessie was always such a fuckin prude; never letting him do what he wanted. "Yes, and I said I want it, dumbass!

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Now fuck me from the back! I know you wanna see this fat ass bounce off of you!" She replied as he flipped her over. This wasn't about love, and Mike knew that; actually, he had no idea what this was about, but he wasn't about to stop and ask this sexy bitch! When he entered her, Amy purred like a kitten.

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Although he wasn't nearly as big at Matthew, Michael could swing a dick! And it didn't hurt that this was her favorite position! "Fuck yea, bitch! Whose pussy is this?" Mike roared.

"It's Matthew's, but you can have it on loan. Now shut the fuck up and fuck me silly!" Amy replied in between moans. She could feel that his dick was getting harder, which only meant one thing; he was about to cum. "Tell me when you're gonna cum, and you can bust all over this gorgeous face!" she moaned into the pillow she grabbed. It was a risky move fucking Amy in his girlfriend's house, but this was the servant's quarters; they'd have no idea.

Besides, when a girl like Amy pulls you aside and practically begs you to fuck her, you don't say no. 'She feels so fucking good,' he thought. Mike started thinking about how she can grind on his cock, giving him the sweet attention he's desired for so long. He loved Jessica, but it was almost like she was in love with someone else at times… 'I know I was supposed to do something' he thought as he felt that familiar feeling in his balls.


"Oh shit, I'm coming!" Mike said as he sent jet after jet of thick cum into Amy. She immediately jumped off of him and started hitting him. "What the fuck, bitch?" he said. "I'm not on the pill, asshole!!! Did you think I like facials??? NO!!! It's called forced contraception! Fuck!" she screamed. After she finally stopped hitting him, he said, "Look, if there's a problem later on we can always get it rectified. You wouldn't be the first chick this year I've gotten pregnant… Now we need to clean up and get around to this date.

I'm listed in the white pages if you need me…Or this." He grabbed his flaccid cock. 'Abortion is strictly against my family's religion…If I am, what the hell am I going to do?' Amy thought as they got their clothes on. They cleaned up and both went separate ways to the front door. I just got done dressing when Jessie walked in my room. She was only wearing a pink towel, apparently fresh from her shower and hair dryer. "Hey, stud. Here's the ground rules: mom will be suspicious if as soon as you get back we both break up with our counterparts.

So, we're going to have to play ball so they don't break up with us. Whatever they want, do it." She stated. I was not okay with that. "I don't want anybody but you, Jess. And I don't want that tool fucking you!" I replied as I cringed. I didn't even wanna think about anything like that.

It's bad enough I have to be around him kissing her… "Listen little brother, I can't fake a headache every time Mike gets hot. And I'm sure u can't say I'm not in the mood every time Amy asks for it. Nobody said being together would be easy. Do you really think I want that third world ignoramus touching my man?

Hell no! But if I can get half of you, then it's better than none of you." She said. That put a smile on my face. Call it weird or gross all you want, but my sister is the most gorgeous girlfriend I've ever had. "Okay, sis, I agree. But soon I want a real date, with just us. We'll drive to the next town over where nobody knows us, and I can wine and dine you like I want.

And hold your hand in public, and kiss you…Those are my terms." I demanded. Jessie cracked a smile, and then she suddenly tackled me to the bed. And guess what she did.

That's right, she started wailing on me. "Say uncle!" "Make me, bitch!" "Your wish is my command!" She wrapped her legs around my waist, and as her towel unwrapped itself, she started punching my ribs with wild abandon. Did I mention this girl was extremely heavy-handed? It hurt, but other parts of me were very aware of the fact that her naked body was wrapped around me. Thinking it was time to strike, I used one of my wrestling holds to grab her arms and roll myself on top of her.

So, here we were, in the missionary position; the only thing between me and her gorgeous lips was my zipper. "Say uncle." "Make me, bitch." "…Nah. You'd like it too much." I released her, and maybe it was me, but she looked a little disappointed. "After all," I started as I threw her towel back at her and got off of my bed, "I'm sure our 'guests' will be here any minute." As soon as I said that, I heard the doorbell open.

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Jessie jumped up. "Shit, they'll go straight to our rooms!


I gotta go!" Jessie said as she ran to the door. Before she opened it, she hesitated, ran back to me and gave me the most earth-shattering kiss I've ever had.

"Remember to be a good boy. See you in a few, baby." She said as she winked and ran out of my room, being careful not to make a slamming noise. This "date" is going to be very interesting!

Jessie got her wetness all over my shorts, so I obviously had to change. I opted for a black cardigan and black slacks. Jessie was radiant, in a yellow sun dress. She never wore dresses. I'd say Jessie was a T-shirt and baggy sweat pants type of girl. But then again, I have been away for three years, so maybe she matured more than I knew. Mike wore a white t-shirt and blue jeans, dressing like the tool I knew he was.

Amy wore a black dress with pink polka dots and black leggings that showed every curve she had. Damn sexy.

We went around the local mall so I could buy my new wardrobe. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't fun, especially when I could sneak an ass grab or two on Jessie. We went to see some stupid action movie, starring some old guy that used to be senator or something, I think. I was excited because of the seating arrangements; I was in the middle with Jessie in a dark room.

As the movie progressed, I rested my hand on Jessie's bare thigh, not daring to go any further. She slowly put her hand on my zipper. With my heart beating in anticipation, I covered her hand with mine, and let her unzip my pants. She was about to pull out my piece when I felt Amy's hand reach on top of my hand, trying to get to where Jessie already was!

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Shit! Jessie slowly removed her hand, and it was replaced by Amy, who dove right in and pulled my cock out. She whispered in my ear "Ooh baby; you knew I was gonna be a little slut, huh? Thanks for getting that tricky zipper down for me, lover…" as she started stroking it slowly. I couldn't see it, but I could almost feel my sister's eyes burning into me. I tried to give her a reassuring look, but when a big fight scene started and the firefight quickly lit up the room, I saw she was jacking Mike off!

That bitch; touching him just to get me jealous. And it was fucking working, and we both knew it. I could see the faintest smirk on her face.

Well, two can play that game! I reached for the waistband of Amy's leggings, and almost ripped them off. I definitely heard fabric being stretched the opposite way it was intended for.

I furiously started fingering Amy; she must have liked it, because she was wetter than she usually is. Like, it was ridiculous; she was almost leaking. I saw the defiance in Jessie's eyes, and that's when the bitch took Mike's jacket, put it over her head and laid down on his lap! Or, I should say it started as lying, then it became more of a bobbing motion. If she thinks I'm kissing her, she's out of her mind!

I was so furious! Mike looked over at me, cracked a smile and gave me a 'thumbs up.' I really wanted to break that thumb. I took my hand out of Amy's pants and pushed her hands off of my dick as I zipped my pants and stormed out of the theater, leaving behind both of my girlfriends.

I waited in Jessie's SUV until they all came out about twenty minutes later. Amy was pissed, Jessie looked ashamed and Mike had the biggest smile ever on his face.

God, I wanted to punch him, but I resisted the urge. Amy spoke up first. "Where the hell did you go? I was almost there…I mean, I liked that movie!" she yelled. Jessie gave me a pleading look in her eyes; stay with my girlfriend… yeah, yeah, yeah… "I'm sorry baby cakes.

I had a call. I thought it was a job. I promise I'll make it up to you next time." I said. She seemed to be okay with this and forgave me. "Sorry we took so long, bro. It takes me a minute to cum." Mike said as he laughed his dopey little laugh, and Jessie hit him in the ribs as hard as she could.

"Don't say that to him! That's my little brother, asshole! I'm so sorry, Mattie…" she said near tears. Something told me she was apologizing for what she did in the theater as well as his foul language. "It's all good, sis.

Let's get going though. I'm wiped out from shopping." I stated as we all got in the Navigator and went home. Halfway home I got a text from my mother. It simply read 'Going to the cottage with Grant. Be back in a week.' It feels good to know she cares. Carelessly, I let it slip that the parentals were out of the house for the week. "It sounds like it's party time! I'll go home, pack some stuff and come right back!" Amy replied. "Yeah, I'll come spend the week!" Mike added.

Nobody invited them! I was about to tell them where to put their invitations when I felt someone squeezing my hand.

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I followed the hand to Jessie, and she had those pleading eyes again…Fuck I'm never gonna get to fuck my sister!!! Three hours later, Jessie and I were cuddling on the couch in the theater room when the door flew open. We jumped off of each other just in time for Amy and Mike to waltz in. I kinda wished they would've forgotten. "Well, well, my lovelies!

Let's drink!" Amy said as she pulled a bottle of wine out of her purse. We all sat and drank that bottle, along with three more, in the theater room. We were all pretty gone when Amy suggested that we play truth or dare. What the hell, we figured. No harm in a game. So we sat on two sofas, Amy and I on one, and Jessie and Mike on one other. "I'll go first," Amy started as she poured another glass of wine. "Mike, I d-dare you to take your clothes off and give me a lap dance." She took our universal remote and turned the music up.

As Mike got up and walked over to our sofa, I took his place on Jessie's couch. The music was slow and sensual. He took off his shirt, then his pants.


As he was about to remove his boxers, Amy stood up, and pushed him into the sofa. She started moving slowly; very sensuously, very deliberately. She removed her top, and slid it down the curves of her body; and the pants were soon to follow. He tried to touch her, but she pushed his hand away.

She was wearing a baby blue bra and matching boyshorts; but after another 3 agonizing minutes, those were gone as well. As she stood there in all of her glory in front of Mike as if nobody else was around, I knew I should've been upset, but the only emotion registering was lust.

Amy kneeled on the floor and after literally ripping Mike's boxers, she started sucking Mike's cock, and he looked like he enjoyed every second of it. Amy's show got me so hard I thought I was gonna bust my zipper!

Amy worked his pole like a pro, and had he not been so drunk, she would've had him coming in five minutes flat. Amy pushed Mike down on the sofa and impaled herself onto his cock. She rode him really hard and really fast, obviously trying to make herself cum. I knew only too well that she had to come once before she even tried to take care of my needs.

The only difference between Mike and I was that he didn't have the type of staying power I had.

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"I'm about to fucking cum, lover! All over that dick! Tell me how much you like it!" she growled out as she rode him even faster. "I'm gonna cum!" Mike said as they both exploded simultaneously. I almost wanted to clap for them; that was one hell of a show! After a while of seeing them in the same position, I realized that they totally passed out! I'm guessing Amy from the wine, and Mike from coming.

Then, I felt a hand groping the bulge in my pants. Apparently the show had affected Jessie as well… I whispered to her.

"What are you doing? They're right there!" And, she replied, "They're in their own little world! Plus, we've been drinking as well, so we have plausible deniability. If we get caught I'll pretend that I think you're Mike. Now shut the fuck up and let me make up for earlier before I wail on you." She had me there.

And there was no way I would've stopped anyway, if we're being honest! Jessie unzipped my pants and let my cock spring out. She kneeled on the couch and went in to kiss me, but dove straight for my cock.

She can be suck a little cock whore sometimes! She lubed my cock with her tongue, licking around it, and kissing the head affectionately with tiny kisses that drove me wild! She looked up at me, winked, and proceeded to deepthroat all 8 inches of me.

She switched from sucking to gagging, and kept repeating. She suddenly stopped sucking me, and I felt disappointed because I was so close. "I have other plans for that cum, baby. Take off your pants." Jessie whispered to me. After I nearly ripped my pants off of my body, she guided my hand under her dress.

She wasn't wearing panties! She took my index and middle fingers and slowly worked it into her velvety wetness. She was humping my hand, and I thought I was gonna come just from hearing her moan! "It's time, Mattie. Are you ready for me?" Jessie moaned. All I could do was smile and nod. She lifted her sundress over her head, revealing her gorgeous tits and perfect pink nipples that I've come to love.

She straddled me, grabbed my cock, and we both let out a collective gasp as our bodies finally became one. Jessie's pussy was made for me.

She was so tight, and so wet! I grabbed her hips, and she began slowly working up and down on my stiffness. I was in heaven! Nothing could get better than this! "Oh my gosh, Mattie! You don't know how long I've wanted this! Fuck me, little brother!" Jessie moaned into my ear; then she bit it. Everything she was doing felt so right; after being worked up by Amy, Jessie's blowjob, and now this…I couldn't last much longer.

"Jessie I'm gonna come." I grunted as she increased her pace. "Oh, no you don't. Not just yet, Mattie." She whispered back, then she stopped, reached behind her and grabbed my balls as hard as she could.

The pain stopped my orgasm, but it wasn't so much that I lost my hard-on. "Now make me cum! Shoot that hot cum deep inside of me!" Jessie said, getting louder by the second, but we didn't care. I grabbed her hips, and flipped myself on top of her and started pounding her for all I was worth. I grabbed her legs, put them over my shoulders and got even deeper. "Shit, Mattie, I'm gonna cum all over you!

I'm fucking cumming!!!" Jessie yelled. I felt her pussy walls clinging to me, urging my dick to shoot inside of her. Who was I to deny her? I felt a rush as I came inside of my sister- seven or eight long ropes easy. Jessie's walls felt like they were milking the cum out of me, and I loved every second of it. Soon after, I carried my beautiful sister to her bed and kissed her goodnight.

The next morning, I woke up to screaming and shouting. It sounded like it was coming from the kitchen, so I threw on a pair of basketball shorts and a tank top, and flew downstairs. The scene before me was unimaginable; Jessie was in Amy's face, and had her backed against the wall.

Jessie was totally gonna mess up that pretty face. I ran to break up whatever was going on. "What the hell Jessica? Explain yourself!" I yelled as I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her away as Mike did the same with Amy. "That bitch stole my necklace! I woke up, went to put it on and it was gone!" Jessie replied as she lunged at Amy, but I tightened my grip and she didn't move. Why would an heiress want to steal anything? From what she told me, her family was extremely well off.

"I didn't steal anything, you fake bitch! I was borrowing it!" Amy rebutted. "What would make you think that was acceptable, Amy?!" I yelled back, and the beautiful girl sneered. "Well she used what was mine last night, so I figured I'd return the favor." Amy threw back at me. Could she had possibly known? This was about to get a hell of a lot more volatile.

The housekeeper Isabella was passing through, when she stopped in the middle of the room. Go back to your quarters, Isabella. This doesn't concern you!" I said to her, but she just stared blankly at Amy… "Amy, what are you doing here?!" she yelled, and it stopped all conversation. "Hi, mom…" Amy replied.