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Superb kathrin in sex webcam shows do beautiful on amateur with
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DONNIE'S STORY, PART 3 There was a big grassy field and hill behind the school where neighborhood kids would sometimes play hide and seek and other games.


Sometimes my friends and I would go there and hang out. One afternoon, I went there looking to see if any of my friends were there.

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I didn't see any of them. The only one who there was a neighborhood kid, Kyle, and his sister Kelly. Kyle was around 13 and Kelly was 12. both were cute kids that I knew from seeing them around the neighborhood.

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Kyle didn't run around with my friends and me, but I saw him hanging around from time to time. There was a long red brick wall behind the school, and they were sitting on the wall, talking.

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Having nothing else to do, I went over and joined them, sitting beside Kyle. "What are you guys up to?" I asked. They replied, almost with one voice "Nothing much. We had to get out of the house 'cause our mother's boyfriend is over. They make so much noise it drives us batty." "And that stinks," said Kelly, I can't go home for a while, and now I have to pee." The wheels started turning in my horny, young boy's mind.

"Why don't you just pee right here. Nobody can see you but us, and we'll turn around and not peek." Her face flushed, and with a funny look in her eyes she said that we didn't have to turn around as long as we would pee also.

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I had seen a few cocks and had sex fun with some of my friends, but had never seen a girl's pussy before. I got excited and could feel my cock getting hard. I looked at Kyle, and he was rubbing his cock through his pants very slowly thinking we wouldn't notice. Kyle broke the silence by saying to me, "OK, I'll pee if you do." Now it was my turn to get things going the way I wanted them to happen, so I told them the only way to do it right was to have no clothes on when we all peed.

They both smiled, knowing it was something dirty that we were going to do, and agreed. I watched as my new friends got undressed. Kelly took off her blouse, then her shorts and panties. I stared between her legs looking at an almost bald slit that to me looked funny but exciting at the same time. She had just a few fine hairs above the slit, unlike like the women in the pictures I had seen, and you could see that her pubic mound was puffy and pink, looking deliciously like a ripe peach.


Kyle took off his t-shirt, then his shorts, then his underwear. His beautiful young cock was sticking straight out, getting me as hard as a rock while I took off all my clothes. I told Kelly to start peeing so we could watch her.

It must have excited her too, so she squatted down a little, and looking straight at Kyle's and my cocks, she smiled, and a stream of hot piss started gushing out of her cunny.

Reaching over, I felt Kyle's bone hard little prick and started playing with it, and he started playing with mine while watching Kelly pee.

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"You guys have to pee now," Kelly said as her yellow stream was getting weaker and she was staring at my hand on Kyle's cock. I took my hand away and held my cock and started to pee into the grass, and Kyle, along side me, did the same. Now we were all done peeing, and were standing there naked.

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Kyle and Kelly must have been wondering what would happen next. I could tell they were both excited, and in their own very young way, horny. "Do you guys want to have some fun?" I asked, and both their faces lit up as they said in unison, "Oh yes." I had Kelly lie down on the grass, and told her to spread her legs wide open.

I wanted to try what I had seen pictures of in those dirty comics at my friend's house. I had Kyle lie down beside her, and I lay down on my stomach on the grass, with my face between Kelly's bald cunt and Kyle's very hard little prick. Now to try what i saw in the dirty comics, I lowered my face down and stuck my tongue out and started slowly and softly licking Kelly's cunny. It didn't really taste of anything in particular but it was wet inside the slit and that tasted really good.

While doing this, I was jerking off Kyle and he was moaning with joy.


Now, I switched over to Kyle and gobbled his cock into my moth and started sucking it from bottom to top. Meanwhile, I put my finger into Kelly's slit and started moving it in and out. It was really wet in her cunny, and it smelled kind of nice, a soft, salty scent.

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"Time for something new!" I said. I lay on my back and had Kelly suck my cock, and had Kyle crawl up over my face and put his cock into my mouth. We lay there sucking one another, and Kelly was finger fucking her cunny rapidly, as I was pushing my cock deeper into her hot mouth, and Kyle was starting to fuck my mouth.

I felt Kelly shudder as I guess she climaxed, and a minute later I was gushing cum into her mouth. She didn't know what to do with it, so she just let it drool onto her chin. Then I felt Kyle go rigid as he pumped some small spurts of boy cum into my mouth, which I happily swallowed.

I don't know what it is about cum, but I find it to be the most delicious and satisfying substance to have in my mouth and on my face. Afterward, we three just lay there on the grass feeling really good and relaxed, when Kelly asked if we could do it again some day soon. "Of course," I replied, and next time I want Kyle and me to fuck you." Her eyes got as wide as saucers when I explained to her what fucking was, and she said she might like that.

We got dressed and made plans for when we'd meet next and I made them promise not to tell anyone about what we did. Kelly learned to love sucking off her brother and me, but she never did let us fuck her.

She had learned a little more about fucking, and was afraid one of us might get her pregnant, when would not be a good thing for any of us. However, both Kyle and I were happy to taste the sweet juices of Kelly's pussy and to lick her young, ripe breasts. We met about once a week for almost a year, until they had to move away with their mother and her new husband.