Was ist hier los Mama

Was ist hier los  Mama
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Please rate and comment Prior: Megyn Kelley - Surprise Sex The men closed in on her. They were all around, everywhere she saw men. Hands pulled her skirt up to the top of her thighs. A hand reached under her dress, the man laughing. "RIPPPP." Her blouse was ripped off and wrapped around her neck.

Next her bra disappeared. Megyn felt hands grabbing her breasts. The black bitch pulled up her head. "Snow White, you get ready for some heavy ghetto fucking." A rough hand yanked her straight up by her hair.

Two men grabbed her panty hose and ripped it to shreds. Naked she was surrounded by the leering joking gang.


All around her men were dropping their pants and pulling off their shirts. Big men, bulked up with gang signs over their bodies. Blonde, tanned, Megyn had been a teen athlete. Now forty she retained a taught tight body. She had an ample well formed body. To the thugs she was an inviting piece. The men walked around her. "Now that's what I am talkin bout." "Fine piece of white ass." "Some good looking fuck meat." Megyn sank to her knees and put her head in her hands.

"Stop this, Stop." Two black girls lifted her up. "Dance Bitch." "Dance you white Whore." "No I can't." "NOOO." The black bitch grabber hair and spit in her face.

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"Worthless Trash, Dance." Megyn started to dance. Slowly. "Fuck, this Bitch can't dance." "I heard she was a dancer." "Fucking stupid blonde, dance." "Fuck ya, lets see your moves." "Yea, cheer us up bitch." Megyn looked stunned.

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Do her dancemoves Naked in front of a group of leering Cheering thugs.? "No, I can't that was a long time ago." "Do it now." A hand pushed from behind." Another slapped her in the back of the head.

"Fucking start NOW." "Lets see what you got. Come on Bitch, do it." The thugs turned on blasting rap music. "GO GO GO." Megyn crying dropped to the ground. "I can't do it. No. NO. I can't." A powerful arm reached down and pulled her up by the hair. One of the scariest looking thug MF's looked her in the eye. "If you want to live you better get started with the show." Clapping started. "Show Show Show." Megyn put her arms in front of chest and the thrust them out on a "V".

The she raised them above her head. "Shake it bitch!/ "Bounce those titties." "Shake that ass." Megyn shook her breasts and turned around and shook her ass. The dance routine continued. She thrust her arms out in a V and raised her right knee and then her left. "Lets see that pussy. Show us your cunt." Megyn continued with more moves. Her arms shot out above her and she shook her booty. Arms raised she shook her breasts. Tit and ass meat jiggled tantalizing the gang.

With her arms above her head she kicked out with her right leg fully out and then her left." "Now that's it, Shake it. " All the thugs were up dancing around her. Her tits and ass bounced as she danced. That's Right. Now your'e moving. Shake it. They danced with her, mocking her, pretending to dance with her." "That's it, more more." Hold that leg up Bitch.

No. I can't. It's too hard. SMAACK. The back of hand smacked her head. "Get that fucking leg up." She held her right leg extended above her head in a classic stretch and hold.

Her cunt was exposed for everyone to see. WHOO WHOOOyea, yea. Do a split, Yea do a split on that clit. "I don't know, it been too long." "Fuck that bullshit, do it. Do it now." Megyn did the little jump and went into a dance split on the floor.

Surrounded, all she could see were black dicks around her. Smack Smack. One after another a black cock slapped her face. On the floor the blonde bitch in the split position was was helpless.


She was surrounded by thugs. "Taste it bitch." "Suck on it." "Suck Suck Suck." What could she do. She took a dick in her mouth. One then another. With a dick in her mouth others slapped her face and the back of her head. One of the black gang bitches straddled her head. "Lick some pussy." She grabbed Megyn's hair and pushed her face into her crotch. "Suck on my fucking cunt." Megyn's mouth was jammed tight in the smelly dirty crotch. The black girl stood back.

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"Look at me slut." Megyn looked up just a steady yellow warm stream hit her in the face. She turned her head to avoid the shower. "Look at me Bitch. Open you mouth." SMAAACK, a slap jolted her.

"Drink that PISS." More streams of yellow rained down on her. "Make her drink it." A hand reached out and held her mouth. Open your fucking mouth. A stream of piss shot directly in her mouth. "Trash talking white whore, swallow it." "All that crap you been talking about, wash out your fucking mouth." Get up. Do a handstand. Get up. Megyn tried to stand up but she was tripped and sprawled on the floor.

They laughed at her. "clumsy cunt, get up." Crying she lay sprawled on the piss covered floor. "Get up." "I can't, I can't." Thud, a kick pounded her ass. "Get up now." "Dizzy, disoriented, Megyn go to her feet." Do a handstand. Handstand Han stand. "I can't, I am dizzy. I can barely stand." "Do it. Now." Taking a step Megyn went into a handstand but she fell over again sprawling on the floor.

Everyone was laughing. "Whats a matter, the bonde all fucked up?" Hands lifted her up. Do a handstand, we will catch you.

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Again she went into a handstand and hands caught her and held her up. Blood rushed to her head. Dizzier she was barely conscious. Do the handstand split. Megyn didn't move but the thugs twisted her legs apart. Her arms quivered as she could barely support her weight. Standing on her hands, legs held split apart her cunt was totally exposed to the gang.

"AGGHHHH." A hand spanked her pussy. Her arms collapsed but she was held up by her feet. The pain was terrible as her legs were pulled apart. Desperate she got her arms planted beneath her. Hands ran up and down her thigh's.

Fingers rubbed in-between her pussy lips. Smaack, a hand hit her thigh, again and again. Hands slapped up and down her spread legs, as they turned from a light pink to crimsom. They let go of her legs and she fell in a pile to the floor. Everything was spinning.

Megyn's life was spinning out of control.

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SMMAAAACK across the face. "Snap out of it." Laughed the cruel voice. Her ankles were tied together and then roped behind her head and arms. Her arms were tied and she was hoisted up hanging from a rafter.

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"Wait, what are doing? What's happening? She hung like a pretzel in front of the circling thugs, pussy and ass hanging out. One of the thugs was swinging his belt, laughing. Her shoulders and hips were burning from pain. LET ME DOWN, LET ME DOWN PLEASE Fully exposed and helpless she waited for her certain fate.


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