Brunette Sucks Long And Big Black Cock

Brunette Sucks Long And Big Black Cock
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The Brother and Sister Next Door r This is a fictional story of a brother and sister sneaking sex in their parents the back yard. Next door, another brother and sister were watching them from an upstairs window. ---- Lisa, and her brother, Brad, continued to watch the brother and sister next door in their back yard, kissing and feeling each other up behind a lawn shed. Brad had surprised his sister when he saw her standing hidden by her bedroom window.

She was peeking thru the blinds at something. He said: "Lisa, what the hell are you looking at?" She shushed him and whispered, "Come and look." They watched as she fondled the front of his pants, and he felt her ass. Now they both started getting turned on, but said nothing. Lisa had already been getting wet watching. Brad finally whispered: "I just know they're fucking each other, those lucky shits." Lisa got chills when he said this and started getting wetter.

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She had on a short tee top (no bra) and short shorts. She was only 5', with long brown hair down to her butt. She had 32b tits still growing that stood straight out with large nipples. He was 6' tall, slim build and had a 7'' dick. He had on a tee shirt and boxers. She noticed he was tenting.

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He was standing behind her. She tried to control her breathing, but couldn't. She got bold and took a tiny step backwards. She felt his tent on her ass.

Soon she felt his warm hands come up to the sides her shoulders. She shivered, she couldn't help it. She then thought she felt a slight pull, pulling her backwards. She got a hot flash up her spine that ended up on her warm face. She could feel his warm breath on her neck, and his body heat on her back. She closed her eyes and leaned back a tiny bit into him.

Brad whispered: "Can you imagine getting to have sex in your own house, when no one is home. I bet they have a ball with that kind of freedom." It had always been taboo to even think about anything like that in Brad and Lisa's home life. Lisa was getting dizzy now, her heart pumping so hard. Brad had never had much to do with her, but now he was looking at her in a different way. Lisa had gotten boobs now, and a nice ass.

He had started to noticed how she was getting so sexy looking lately. He had never allowed him to think of his sister in a sexual way before, kinda. Now with his dick firm against her little ass, he thought of how much fun they could have feeling each other up around the house.

He found himself over riding the ol taboo feelings, the risk of getting caught was exciting him, and he liked it. He wondered if Lisa would go for it. Lisa too thought how her big brother was so hot, she'd had a big crush on him for a long time, but he ignored her. She had fantasized before, that she would suck his dick, and then he would fuck her so hot.

Now she was leaned back against his warm body with his dick giving her the tingles between her legs. She couldn't remember being this turned on, ever. They continued to watch them next door. Now the brother next door had his hand down the back of the girls skirt, rubbing her ass. They couldn't see her hands, but they knew she was doing something. The girl looked around and then went down on her knees. Brad had started rubbing up and down Lisa's arms. Lisa took his hands and wrapped them around her.

Brad thought, she might let him feel those boobs…maybe. She felt the heat in her face, as she tried not to gasp for breath. His arms so warm around her. Brad felt the bare skin of her tummy as his hands moved around her warm body. Lisa guided his hands slowly up under her top to her young tits. Brad's hands trembled as he felt Lisa's warm tits. He rolled her firm nipples in his fingers, gently. She felt chills as he did and starting kissing her neck and behind her ear.

She reached back and felt his boner, so big and warm. She felt a trickle out of her pussy slowly descend down her thigh. They both thought how risky and taboo a brother or sister feeling each other was, if anyone ever found out. It only excited them more. Brad whispered: ( "this is between us only and don't ever tell anybody I have felt you up, you got it?) Lisa whispered back out of breath, ('this never happened.

My friends would have a cow if they ever found out my brother feels me up.' ) The girl next door was sucking her brothers dick now, and jacked it slow and he was feeling her nice tits.

He then put his hands under her arms, and lifted her up to her feet.


He worked her tight skirt up to her bare ass, and she wrapped her legs around him. He eased them both down as he lay on his back, and she squatted on top of him. Brad had Lisa's sweet tits in both hands under her short little tee top.

His hands were warm and firm. Lisa gasp hard and moved her butt back firm into his tent. She eased her trembling hand down inside Brads boxers. She felt the naked hardness of big brother's dick, for the very first time. She tried to swallow, but her mouth was dry from her heavy breathing. She let her shaky fingers feel all of him, pubic hair, balls and fondled the head of his dick. Her stomach was hot inside, taking her breath away.

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Now next door the girl was bouncing on top of her brother, leaning her head back with a look of pure pleasure on her face. Her brothers hands went around her young butt to join in the rhythm of her pumping up and down on him. Then he reached up and pulled her face down to kiss her and they started fucking fast. No sound could be heard but the body language told Brad and Lisa they had a hot dual climax, as they watched them squirm and shake.

Brad and Lisa could take no more. He turned her around and started kissing her as they tried to breathe and kiss. They both trembled with excitement and passion. Lisa moaned 'ooooh brad' quietly in between kisses. His fingers glided thru her silky long hair all the way down to her butt.

They both inched over to her bed, still kissing passionately. Lisa sat down and pulled Brad's boxer's down. She whispered: " I have dreamed of this, (gasp) but figured it would never happen." She said: "Let me do this first Brad, (gasp) I've wanted to so bad, for so long." Brad now realized his sister had had the hots for him for a long while now. That excited him, and he let his desire to even think about having sex with her come out.

His dick had never been harder, and he could feel the hot stimulation in it. He felt the jitters in his stomach, and the reality of his sister sucking his dick. He thought, was the door downstairs locked? Could anyone see in? When would mom and dad be home? What would he say, if they called him right now?

Then&hellip. all that mattered was Lisa's warm little hands on his dick. She took her time feeling all around his dick first, then slowly ran her tongue over his bulging head. Brad was dying to fuck her now, but let her savor the moment. Lisa's eye's glowed as she licked all of him up and down, savoring his sticky pre cum in her mouth.

Brad watched her labored breathing as she was in her own personal heaven. Lisa thought, brother and sister aren't suppose to have sex, but she couldn't help the desires in her head. They had slowly built up ever since she first saw him with an erection, a long time ago.

He thought she was outside, and his door wasn't closed all the way. She had peeked in as he lay on his back stroking his big dick. She never got that picture out of her head. She was only 13 when that happened and she wanted then, to go in and jack it for him. She now put her lips over that same head and sucked on it.

Brad jumped slightly. She continued taking his dick slowly deeper, adjusting and then she got it all in her mouth. His pre cum and her saliva oozed around her lips and down off his dick. Brad was feeling her tits and rolled her nipples in his fingers, causing her to moan more.

He played with her long hair and felt her lips as she sucked him down to her throat. Brad had denied himself even thinking about messing with his sister, but now the hidden feelings were out. He had to fuck her now or explode.

He eased her lips off of his dick, and laid her on the bed. He took off her top, shorts and wet panties. Wow, was sis ever wet. He started licking her sweet pussy, with her small mound of soft pubic hair. He inserted two finger in her little pussy, she moaned his name and squirmed as he felt her G spot. He went for her little clit, and sucked it firm. She jumped her hips up and yelled a little. Brad loved the smooth feeling of her inner thighs on his face. He could wait no more, he wanted his dick in her bad.

He moved up to suck her wonderful tits, and licked them and sucked her cute nipples. She had her eyes closed pulled at his hair and feeling him all she could. He eased his dick up to her wet pussy and rubbed it on her entrance. She began to buck with excitement. Their body heat filled the room. Now was the time. Brad pushed the head of his dick in her very wet pussy. He guided it in slowly all the way until she moaned, as he just touched her cervix.

She started humping him now, with loud moans. She was tight, but not to tight.

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He started pumping with her, together moving to let it build up to an awaiting climax just for them. Lisa wrapped her legs around him and dug her nails in his back. "OH LISA!!" Came out of his mouth…"OH MY God Lisa, I'm cuming", he shocked himself at what he was saying, but had to. "Brad we can fuck now, fuck me, fuck me!" she said. They began a furious fuck, body's slapping together as he felt his slick dick expand to fill her tight pussy.

Lisa was out of it, fucking her heart out and half crying with pleasure. His aching balls began to tighten up to the point of pain and his "Oh Lisa, OH LISA!", moan told her his cum was here. She squeezed down on his dick as hard as she could as she climaxed like no other. They both yelled…"OH DAMN, GEZZZZZZ LISA BABY, …BRAD I LOVE YOU…Ahhhhhhhh.

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YES!!!" As he unloaded a massive cum in his sisters little pussy. Slapping his body to drive his dick in her deep. Lisa kept moaning…"Oh brad, OH brad, OH baby, it's so beautiful, fuck me good baby, fuck me good…OH GOD!!", and she shook and just kept squeezing his dick with her pussy, over and over.

The brother and sister next door were in the back yard.

The sister said: "listen", as they listened quietly. She said: "Did you hear what I just heard next door?" her brother just smiled. Lisa and Brad had an inner feeling of such joy, but they now had to hide it from their mom and dad, and anyone else.

They went over how they would still act the same around each other&hellip.but&hellip.when their parents left for work each morning, they were lovers from that point, from now on. Lisa hoped that their parents couldn't tell the excitement in her stomach. It made her a little jumpy, but that was also exciting. She found herself wet all the time now, and tried not to think about Brad's wonderful dick and how it felt in her hands and in her lips.

Brad and her had the summer off and he starting planning for every minute of it. He had trouble thinking about anything else but Lisa. He would try not to look at her when the parents were home. She was so exciting now in his eyes. He wanted her so bad. Brad watched from his window as he saw his parents cars leave for work.

His heart started to pound. He had on his robe and was headed to find Lisa. Suddenly his bedroom door flew open, and there she was. She had on a light blue long night gown, with nothing on underneath. She smiled big and said: "You'll have to catch me, big brother", and took off.

He shot out the door and went after her laughing. He heard her giggle in the kitchen. She was laying on the kitchen table with her night gown pulled up, exposing her sweet bush. "Breakfast?" she said. He grabbed her, but she got away and ran thru the house giggling as he chased after her.

He cornered her in the den. Now he had her. He opened up his robe and said: "I have your breakfast right here, Lisa. " They both giggled as he picked her up and carried her upstairs to his room, kissing all the way. His room was at the front and he could see if anyone drove up or walk up to the house. He looked at Lisa and kissed her passionately. Her tongue immediately probed his mouth. He gently laid her down and whispered: "I want breakfast in bed little sister." They both panted as they removed his robe and he pealed off her night gown, over her head ,exposing her sweet body.

Lisa said: "I've wanted you so bad, the waiting has been killing me." "I had trouble sleeping sis, all I could think of was you." "I love it when you lick me, I kept thinking how it was going to feel, when we got our time, Brad." Brad now took a minute to just look at his naked sister, her smooth skin, sweet little bush and budding tits.

He approach her like a stalking animal, slowly moving up to her, lower in mouth to taste that sweet pussy. Lisa opened her legs wide and pulled her knees up and held them, waiting for his tongue.

They both gasp for air. He started licking her slit up and down slowly. She jumped as his tongue slid across her clit. Her knees closed in on his face as she shivered and lifted her hips up to meet his tongue. He loved the feeling of her smooth legs on the sides of his cheeks. She ran her fingers thru his hair gently, and felt his tongue dance around her clit. He tasted her juices and smelled her sex. He moved up on her stopping at her sweet tits.

Around and around his tongue went teasing her nipples and then drawing them into his mouth. Now was their time as he directed his dick into her wet pussy.

She moaned as she felt him glide it in, further until just touching her cervix. She made a hi pitched squeal as shivers traveled thru her body. His warm body met hers as her arms went around his neck. They moved together helping each other slide themselves in and out of her pussy, and passion demanded more speed. Moans from him and her filled the room as they began to slap their body's together.

Their hot breath warmed the air around their faces, as heat fueled their passion. The excitement filled the air as a climax was on the way quickly.


They moaned together as the peak was here and overtook them. They couldn't help but yell."Ohhhhhh my god, Oh baby, cum with meeeeee!" The sound of cum and juices could be heard clicking at their joining, as it spilled out. Brad's dick kept pumping hot cum in his sister at last. Lisa's pussy tightened around his dick and squeezed over and over.

They moaned out their passion for each other. Their arms and legs twisting and shaking for every drop of feeling possible as they fucked and fucked. He collapsed on her, spent, and wrapped up with her to savor every second with her.

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They both felt the pulses from his dick and her pussy as they continued on. They didn't want to move, but just lay there forever. He helped her up and carried her to the shower. He washed her, as she did him, with their trembling hands.

Afterwards, they just lay naked, in each others arms on her bed. Brad looked at the clock. Ahhh, just enough time to play with Lisa before the parents came home. Lisa was sleeping naked, with that sweet content look on her face. He slowly parted her legs to lick her sweet pussy real quick before the parents came home. When he licked her clit, she moaned awake. She held his head and purred like a kitten. She moaned how much time do we have Brad. He said about 1 hour.

She said: "Let me suck on you, I want to taste you so bad." He laid back for her. She whispered: "Gimmie gimmie!, and got on her knees on the floor. She started licking and sucking. She did it all as he just lie there watching her. She used both hands to jack him faster and faster. He began to squirm. She knew right when to put he lips over his head and feel it expanding. He moaned loud as she jacked as fast as she could.

Brads dick pumped stream after stream of hot cum in his sisters throat and mouth. It ran out the sides of her mouth as she swallowed all she could. He squirmed over and over. Lisa had wanted to suck him off for ever, and just knew it would please him. This had been one of her dreams to do, and now she had tasted him for real.

-------- "Hi mom, hi dad", Lisa said. "What's new?" Same old crap at work they both said. "What did you guys do all day?" Brad looked at Lisa and said: "Nothing much."