Big booty blonde gets a raging boner

Big booty blonde gets a raging boner
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Dark Encounter: A New Life As I ran, I could feel him getting closer and closer. I tripped on a crack. Blackness for a little while, then I awoke to my hands tied behind my back and my ankles tied as well. I could hear his breathing.

that shallow, deep-voiced breathing.

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all too familiar from the long nights of agonizing pleasure. I was pushed against the wall roughly, my nose smashing against the concrete. I can still feel the blood that sprayed onto my bare chest and the wall, The body fluid that was stuck in my hair and ass, dripping casually. I could feel him touching himself as he held me in place with his free hand. His breathing getting deeper. his movements getting faster. 3. 2. 1. But that was before.

Now that I'm free, I can enjoy life, I can enjoy those things I was meant to as a child. As a 16 year old pubescent boy, full of hormones and what not. A vampire-white, black haired, video-game designing, emotional teenage boy. I still remember the night it all started. Back then, I was free. I had wonderful parents, a younger 7 year old sister, and even a twin that looks nothing like me. I had my own room, my own computer, my own studio. I would sit and program all night long, then go to school at 6:30 in the morning running on 2-4 cans of monster.

I'd laugh at the teacher's mental capacity when it came to maths. Snicker at my chemistry teacher for not knowing proper equations.

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Stun my English teacher with my profound creative writing skills. I was already 2 grades ahead of my class they refused to let me go any higher. One day, I had a particularly easy day.

Everything seemed to be wonderful, up until the bus dropped me off at home.


The door was ajar, that's what threw me off. Mum never left the door open. I rushed into the kitchen, only to have slipped on some sort of liquid all over the ground. Blackout.


I remember waking up later, dazed. I scrambled for my glasses in the mass of liquid I couldn't see shit without them.

As soon as I put them on, I wished I hadn't. I remember staring at the maroon liquid coating my hands, my shirt, my feet, my pants. Everything. I stared for the longest time. I stared at the new-found bodies across the kitchen floor.


I stared, and stared, and stared. And screamed. Apparently that wasn't such a good idea at the time. Seems the killer was still around. I saw him walk in with a handgun. Blonde hair, about 6'5, muscular body tone. Absolutely handsome, I remember thinking. No clue why, I didn't remember ever being turned on by a guy before, but this man. He noticed me staring, as he was staring back. Eventually he came to his senses and came over to me, pulling me up, lifting me over one strong shoulder with those amazing, muscular arms.

I don't know where he took me, but he took me somewhere. I think outside. To some sort of van or something. I remember falling in the back, splashing blood everywhere, landing on a body.

I didn't take my eyes off him for a second.

I hated this man for what he did. Yet even so, I loved him more than I have ever loved someone before.

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He closed the door. Darkness. A loud engine seemed to have started. We went somewhere. Somewhere very quiet. I stared at the door as though he was still there. I don't know why I did. Couldn't help myself it seemed. We ended up arriving at our destination sooner than I expected.

He came to the back door, and before I could see him I was whacked with something, passing out. I awoke inside some sort of dark room. The sky outside could be barely seen seemed like he took me to somewhere in the country. I could feel a breeze, and something tight around my neck. I wasn't bound any more on my wrists and ankles. I stumble forward, only to be yanked back by whatever was around my neck. Apparently it had been a collar or something.

So I sat in the filthy dirt and waited, knowing this guy would be too smart for me to be able to escape from here. As I sat there, I heard something coming. The door was opened, blinding me from the change from dark to bright.

I could just barely see his beautiful figure in the door way, his hand touching himself. He came over, unclipped the leash from the wall with the other hand, and yanked it, commanding me forward. I fell face forward in the mud, and he kicked me in the rib and told me to come once more.

I stumbled to my feet and walked slowly through the door. I remember looking down and confirming the fact I was completely naked.

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He pushed me and I fell onto my hands and knees, a bowl of some sort of processed raw meat and a bowl of water in front of me. He commanded me to eat as he leashed me to the wall near the bowls, then he left. I stared at the meat, wondering who this guy was. I remember vividly being shocked in the ass with a huge voltage of energy because it hurt like a bitch. I remember him shouting at me to eat, or else he would turn the voltage up higher. I stuck my face in the meat and ate some of it, shovelling it in with my hands before he did.

While eating, I remember hearing something come from behind. Someone - or something began licking my asshole. I twitched but didn't do anything, scared that I would get another shock. I could feel the thick, wet, tongue licking my asshole clean, sticking it's tongue deep in. I moaned, while at the same time thinking it was absolutely disgusting.

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However, my body had other plans because my dick was getting hard, 7" and counting. Suddenly the tonguing was stopped, and I could hear the beast leave. I felt the man pull the collar up, embracing me in a rough tongue kiss. I started to resist, but eventually my body gave out and let him. Apparently he didn't like this too much, because he stopped and threw me against the counter. I groaned, my breath taken from my lungs.

Seconds later, I remember screaming in agony as he shoved his cock up my ass, taking my virginity. He was so rough, so harsh. I hated it, yet loved the feeling of my ass being filled with such a massive cock. I remember moaning, even as he brutally fucked my ass.

It felt so wrong, so harsh, but so good at the same time. I could feel him picking up speed, my ass torn raw from the abuse. Not long after, he pulled out and yanked me to a kneeling position in front of him, trying to shove his cock in my mouth. I tried to resist, smelling the putrid shit smell from my ass.

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However, he must have attempted to clean my ass out first because there wasn't any on it. Eventually I accidentally gasped for air, and he got his timing right and shoved his cock in my gaping mouth, fucking my mouth for a few seconds only to shoot his thick cum down my throat. I gagged, yet somehow kind of enjoyed the taste. After about 2 shots, he pulled out and shot 4 or 5 more all over my face and hair and chest. While he was doing this, I was wanking off and came more than I ever have before.

He pulled me up and took me in a rough kiss, then slapped me across the face, saying he was going to punish me for cumming without permission. He through me back in the pit then closed the door, locking it behind him Seconds later, I remember feeling the beast from earlier licking my asshole again.

It felt so wonderful, I moaned and wanked off some more. Suddenly it stopped, then jumped on my back.

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I got scared, not knowing what the hell was happening. Then it dawned on me; it was a dog, and it was about to make me it's bitch. I felt something probing at me as I struggled to get out, but the dog was too massive to escape. Suddenly, it found it's target. A sharp pain went through me and I gasped in shock. The dog began pumping furiously into my asshole, and I began to feel it's knot swell. I got really scared and tried to grab his cock before it tore open my ass even more, but I wasn't successful and I heard a pop as it went in.

groaning, I realized it was stuck for good. The massive beast picked up speed, fucking me faster than I ever thought possible.

I felt his cum squirt into my ass, once, twice, three times, I eventually lost count of the amount of times. I felt like I was going to burst until I finally felt him stop. I blacked out from the pain, and remember thinking how wonderful that felt, even if it hurt more than I've ever hurt before. Not finished, hopefully some good comments, i'd appreciate? :D <3