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Reifen Bäuche  wölbt Schießen Hähne von neurosiss
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"Oh, yeah. That's it." Max sits in a chair in front of his window, staring out across the way into Pete's house. Or more exactly, Pete's bedroom, where Peg is undressing from a hard day of work. She takes off her pink sweater to reveal a white lingerie bra holding back her massive love melons.

Max sits with one hand holding his binoculars, and another one reaching into his pants. "Oh, baby. That's what I like." He says, stroking his manhood inside of his pants. Peg goes on to pulling down her pants, revealing her huge, luscious round ass in a white thong. She goes on to take off her bra, as Max continues to gaze at her beauty.

"This is it. I'm finally gonna see it." Suddenly, the sound of loud crashing and crazy screams fill the house, causing Max to stumble out of the chair and fall to the ground, bringing half of the room with him to the floor. He sits up and looks at his door and sighs.

"Looks like Dad's home." He says as he stands up and pulls up his pants. He lets the shade down so that no one can peek into his room, and goes downstairs. When he reaches the bottom, he cuts across the Living Room and into the kitchen to see his father, Goofy, welling up in tears. "Dad, what's wrong?" Max asks. "They cancel your favorite show again?" Goofy lifts his head up and looks at his son.

"Max…remember that good job I got a month ago?" Max nods his head yes. "Well, they're…they're…THEY'RE RELOCATING ME!!!" He breaks down into tears again, as Max just stands their, shocked.

He can't believe what his father just said. "But…they can't." Max says.

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"They have their home based here. And I'm in my senior year of High School. This can't happen!" "Apparently it can." Goofy says. "We're gonna have to leave all of our friends. Oh, this is gonna tear Pete's heart apart." "Yeah, I'm sure he'll be devastated." Max says under his breath, with a hint of sarcasm. As Max got older, he started to notice how Pete treated his Dad, and no longer felt him as a friend.

Although he was still good buddies with Pete's son, P.J. Goofy stands up and wipes the tears from his eyes. "No. Now's not the time to be sad. This is a new beginning. I'm gonna go get started on my packing. From what I heard, we'll be going to some great foreign land. Some place called Siberia." As Goofy passes his son and climbs up the stairs, Max stands there with his eyes shot wide open & his jaw on the ground.

"Siberia?" He says to himself. "I'm leaving the comfort of Spoonerville…for Siberia? This…this isn't fair." He falls to his knees on the kitchen floor, feeling his life is completely over. The Next Day… Max stands out in front of his house.

His mood hasn't changed since last night, he still feels lousy and sad. Beside him stands P.J, who feels just like him since Max told him the news.

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"This sucks." P.J. says. "Yeah." Max agrees. "So, has your Dad heard the news?" Max gets his answer when he looks over at P.J. house, and sees Pete Tap Dancing on the coffee table wearing a Top Hat and carrying a Cane. "Does that answer your question?" P.J.

asks. "PETE! GET DOWN OFF THE TABLE!!!" Both boys turn to the house and see P.J.'s mom, Peg, yelling at Pete, who quickly climbs off the table. She has the voice of a Drill Sergeant when she's angry, but the demeanor & body of an angel when you're on her good side. "Mom's a little torn up about it." P.J. says. "She liked having friends living right across from her." "Yeah, now we gotta move to Siberia." Max says.

"I haven't even left my mark here in Spoonerville. No one will remember me or anything I did." He sighs, feeling that he will be forgotten here. But a moment later, his frown turns into a smile; a smile that P.J. doesn't like. "Wait, Max," he says.


"Whatever you're thinking…" "I'm thinking that I'm about to go down in Spoonerville history." Max says. "Get all of the nerds from school that you can, and meet me down at the Lumberyard. I just had a hell of an idea." 2 Hours Later… A giant ramp is set up across the street facing the front of the school. Behind the school, dozens of kids are holding a giant trampoline, ready to catch anyone that falls. At the top of the ramp, Max stands with his Skateboard and helmet, ready to make history.

He puts his helmet on when suddenly, he sees P.J. climbing up to join him. "NO! Max! Don't do it." He says. "It's not worth it." "Yes it is, Peej." Max says. "I'm not gonna be forgotten by Spoonerville. From this day forward, they'll know me as Maximum Goof. The kid who jumped over Spoonerville High." With that, Max climbs on his skateboard and pushes forward. He barrels down the ramp, his speed increasing with every second. "This is it! I'm gonna do it!" he says.

He reaches the bottom and shoots off the ramp like a rocket, flying into the air. He grabs his board and spins in the air, showing off for the kids watching. But his show ends when he notices that he's falling too soon. "Oh no, I'm not gonna clear the school!" He comes crashing down on the roof of the school, missing clearing it by a few feet. He keeps going and falls off the school roof, crashing through the branches of a nearby tree before hitting the ground.

There's a long silence, as the kids gather around Max. "Whoa…THAT WAS COOL!!!" One kid yells.

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And that sets off cheering and chants from the crowd. P.J. rushes over to see if Max is OK, fighting his way through the chanting teens. But the chanting stops once a familiar voice is heard. "OH MY GOD, MAX!!!" The crowd disperses as Peg runs up to P.J. & Max. "Mom, what're you doing here?" P.J. asks. "I was passing by when I saw what happened?" She says. "What was Max thinking?

Quick, P.J.

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Help me get him to the Van." They both pick him up and carry him over to Peg's Mini-Van, placing him in the backseat. Max starts to lose consciousness, and the last image he sees is Peg's face. "Am…am I in heaven?" He asks. Peg just smiles and buckles him in his seat. P.J. jumps in on the passenger side as Peg's climbs in the drivers seat and takes them home.

Later that Night… Max sits at the table in Peg's kitchen, holding a bag of ice on his head. He has a solemn look on his face, as Peg walks over and slides him a glass of milk. The entire house is dimly lit, and it seems no one is there but them. "So, you tried to skateboard over the school to make yourself famous." Peg says. "Yeah, I know. It was stupid." Max replies. "Not really." Peg says. "There's nothing wrong with trying to be remembered. You just went about it the wrong way." "Yeah…where's PJ?" Max asks.

"He's off chaperoning Pistol's sleepover with friends." She says. "And Mr. Pete?" Max also asks. "Working late at that lousy Car Dealership." She says. "So it's you & me alone here until you father can pick you up." Max's face turns a little red. He's dreamed of moments like this, but never thought that they would happen. He's happy, but it fades once he remembers he has to move.

"Until tomorrow, then we move." He says. Peg puts her hand on his shoulder. "Oh yeah. Heard about the move to Siberia. I'm so sorry, Max." "Just think of the things I'm gonna miss out on." Max says. "No more hanging at the movies. No more days at the Skate Park…" "No more spying on me through your bedroom window?" Peg interrupts, saying it with a sly smirk on her face. Max freezes as his heart jumps into his throat.

He begins to panic, almost to the point of hyperventilation. "Uh…I don't know what you're talking about, Mrs. P." Max says in his defense. Peg takes her hand off of his shoulder and holds his hand. "I've seen you with your binoculars, Max." She says. "It's OK. I'm flattered." Max looks up at her in shock.

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"You are?" "With Pete spending all of his time either with the Car Dealership or trying to make Goofy look foolish, I'm glad someone still finds me attractive." She tells him. "You are attractive, Mrs. P." Max tells her. "I mean, I'd marry you if I was old enough." Peg is touched by what Max has just said. "Aw, thank you, Max. That was sweet." She looks into his eyes and can see the love he has for her.

She also sees a bit of sadness there, as he knows that this might be the last time he sees her tonight. Acting on instinct, she leans in and presses her lips against his. Max is taken off guard, but quickly comes to enjoy this moment. After a minute that seems like forever, she pulls back from her kiss.

"I'm sorry, Max." She says. "That was sudden of me, and I should've never…" She doesn't get the chance to finish, as Max lunges forward and kisses her, more passionately than she did him. Peg is surprised to see this from Max, since she usually knows him as the shy type. She becomes turned on by the kiss, and takes her arm and pushes everything off of it. She takes Max and places him on the table, still holding the kiss. Max probes his tongue inside of Peg's mouth, causing Peg to pull back suddenly.

"Max! Are…are you sure you wanna do this?" Peg asks him.


Max nods his head. Still feeling aroused, and remembering how Pete has ignored her lately, she decides to throw caution to the wind. She leans down and kisses him once more, this time she plunges her tongue into his mouth. Max reaches over and grabs her sweater, lifting it up enough to reveal her bare, massive breasts. Peg breaks the kiss, and pushes her luscious rack right in his face, smiling at him.

"Go ahead, I want you to." She says. Without hesitation, he puts his mouth on her breasts and begins to suck on her nipple. She lets out a soft moan, not having felt this sensation in a long time.

She reaches down in Max's shorts and pulls out his hardening Cock, stroking the shaft gently in her palm. Max shivers a little, not use to having his member stroked by anyone else. He unknowingly bites down on Peg's nipple.

"OOH!!!" She yells, feeling his teeth on her. Max quickly stops and looks up at her. "I'm sorry, Mrs. P." He says. "I didn't mean…" She calms him by putting her hand gently on his head. "It's OK, Max. I like it a little rough." He smiles, before going back to suckling her large round tits. Peg starts to take off her tight pants, then she pulls down her white thong giving a clear view of her succulent pussy. She brings her leg over and straddles him on the table, but doesn't insert his Cock into her yet.

She lets it rub against the crack of her ass, which turns them both on even more. Max continues to suck on one breast, as he caresses the other in his hand. Peg starts to breath hard, and her pussy becomes moister with her juices with each motion of his rod against her ass. She's finally had enough as she rises up, removing her breast from his mouth, creating a popping noise.

"OK, Max, enough foreplay." She tells him. "It's time to give you your going away present." "My present?" he asks. "Yes. I'm going to make sure you leave here a man." She says seductively, as she raises herself over his manhood.

She guides herself onto his rod, cooing gently as she does. Max moans loudly, as he finally feels what it's like to be inside of a real woman. Peg takes it easy, moving around slowly so to not bring Max to the edge too soon. "So, how do you like your present, Max?" She asks, knowing the answer. "This…is the best…present ever…" he says, barely able to get the words out. His eyes almost roll into the back of his head, as he feels her warmness surrounding him.

He grabs her thighs and holds on to them tightly, as she slowly starts to bounce up & down. The table begins to rock & shake from the force, as Peg's breasts bounce hypnotically up & down, almost like a yo-yo being played with.

Max's eyes are fixed on her enormous Funbags, and it doesn't help that he's almost ready to blow. "Mrs. P…I'm think I'm gonna…" At that moment, a thought runs through Peg's mind that makes her stop her motion. "I can't let him cum on the table." She thinks. "There might be stains left. Or worse, the entire table might break. And I don't wanna explain this to that dumbo Pete." Coming to a conclusion, she takes herself off of his Cock and climbs off of the table.

Max has a look of worry on his face. "Mrs. P?


Did I do something wrong?" He asks. "Oh, of course not, Max." She says lovingly. "I just thought of a better way of doing this." With that, she slowly bends over, resting her breasts against the cold counter, and sticking her inviting ass out for Max to take advantage. "Awesome!" he says as he climbs off the table and approaches her. He guides his Cock back inside of her love walls and gently pushes in & out of her. Peg bites her lips, loving the feeling of having a Cock inside of her again.

"Oh yes. That's it!" She says. "Don't be afraid, Max. Push it in as deep as you can." He follows orders, and thrusts himself deep within her. Peg puts her head down on the counter and clenches her hands into fists.

"Yes! That's it, Max! Fuck me!" He slams into her again & again, drunk off of the feeling of fucking her pussy. As he continues to drill her, he feels himself about to blow. "Mrs. P…" She already knows what he's about to say. "Pull out and spray it on me, Max." She tells him. "Spray it all over my ass." Not wasting time, he does exactly that, pulling out and releasing his load all over her ass. His meat begins to go limp, as he stands there trying to catch his breath.

Peg relishes the moment.

It's been so long since Pete has even touched her, and with Max leaving, she wants to enjoy it as long as she can. Suddenly, the two can hear a car pulling up in the driveway.

Peg's eyes widen to the size of dinner plates. "PETE!!!" She stands up and starts to get dressed, as Max straightens himself out and picks up the stuff that Peg knocked off the table onto the floor, trying to make the Kitchen look normal again. Once everything is settled, they both head out the front door. They see Pete stepping out of his Luxury Sedan, with a crooked grin on his face.

On the street, 3 Moving Trucks with dozens of movers ready for action. This only makes Max miserable again, as he remembers that he has to leave. Peg, infuriated, walks up to Pete. "What do you think you're doing, Mister?" She asks, enraged. "What? I'm just helping the Goof get a jumpstart on his move." He says, trying to sound innocent. He then turns his attention to the movers.

"THAT'S THE HOUSE, BOYS!!!" He yells to them. "LEAVE NOTHING BEHIND!!!" He turns away and laughs, feeling triumphant after all these years. But the feeling fades as he hears a familiar voice yelling from down the street. "YIPPEE!!! YAHOO!!! WHOOPIEE!!!!" He turns back around to see Goofy jumping & cheering towards him.

"What's going on, Dad?" Max asks. "Well, my Boss just told me at work that I can't be moved. Something about astronomical calamity if we move to Siberia." Goofy says.

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"So, he's given me a permanent spot right here in Spoonerville!" Pete's jaw drops as a look of pure horror fills his face. "B-b-b-b…but that means…" "Yep!" Goofy says, interrupting Pete. "Me and Max will be staying in Spoonerville…FOREVER!!!" Max's eyes light up, and he jumps up for joy upon hearing the news.

Goofy begins to dance (which will only be described as 'horrific'), as Pete slowly begins to break down. "No…NO…NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!" He falls to his knees, bawling in tears. Max just looks on, with a jovial look on his face. He then feels someone putting a hand on his shoulder.

He turns to see that it's Peg. "Looks like we'll have more time for practice." She says, winking at him. Max just smiles at her, then joins in with his father dancing. Pete is lying on the ground in the fetal position, screaming 'No' over & over, as he realizes that now he'll never get rid of Goofy.