She squirts to the ceiling

She squirts to the ceiling
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After my night with John I woke up refreshed, and excited to start the day. Before John left he had requested I go to his house tonight once I'm done with my work for the day. I work from home, so I could really leave anytime I wanted to, but my work is important so I decided I needed to focus on that first. I took my shower, and I realized that today was going to be the first day of wearing nothing while I worked. I have to admit it was a bit arousing when at 10am I had a conference call with two of my male clients in the UK.

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I kept thinking to myself if only they knew I was sitting here completely naked. It was complete torture all day knowing that I wasn't allowed to touch myself, as masturbating during breaks had become a habit. Working from home certainly had its perks, but I was almost wishing I was in an office at the moment around people so that I would for sure not start rubbing my clit.

I certainly didn't want to disappoint John on this first day, and I made up my mind that I wouldn't.

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At 12:30pm I received a text from John that read."My house 5pm! Do NOT urinate from now until I see you! That's an order baby." Don't urinate?

Was he kidding? How was I going to wait until 5pm to not pee? In that instant I started having doubts of myself. I wanted this so bad. I wanted nothing more than to please John, but did I have the strength to do everything that he asked of me? I tried to push the thought out of my head, and focus on work for the rest of the day.

At about 4pm I closed up, and that's when it hit me that I needed to pee so badly. I hadn't had anything to drink since the text; for fear that I wouldn't be able to hold it. I was thirsty, and a little bit miserable. I was doing this for John though.

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I tried really hard to keep thinking that. About 4:55pm I pulled into John's house. He lived in a really nice part of town. In fact, a good friend of mine when we were growing up lived just a few houses down. Her Dad was the lawyer for the city we lived in. So I knew that the houses here were not cheap.

I remember my Dad saying that John was a CEO for some big insurance company before he moved back to town a few months ago. I wasn't sure at this point if he still worked, or if he was retired. My father was a fireman, and firemen are able to retire at an earlier age than many professions. There were four other vehicles in the driveway. I recognized John's vehicle, but I had no clue who the others belonged to. I rang the doorbell, and I could feel my body tensing up.

I was excited to see John, but also very nervous. John opened the door, and immediately pulled me into him, enclosing me in a big bear hug. He kissed my forehead. "Right on time baby girl," he said. He leaned over and whispered to me, "I have plans for you today baby girl, and I need you to keep trusting me. Can you do that?" "Of course I trust you," I said but my mind was running wild with thoughts of what he had planned. "Do you remember the rule I gave you upon entering my home? Please take care of that.

I don't want to remind you again." he said.

"There were a bunch of cars in the driveway…so I didn't know if you had company or not." "If at any time I don't want you to remove your clothes upon entering my house, I will tell you.

Otherwise you just do it. Understood?" "Yes Sir." The "Sir" just popped right out of my mouth, but he had smiled when I said it. So I think he liked it. I pulled my shirt over my head, and unsnapped my bra. I folded them both up and placed them on a chair. I looked around and I saw nobody, so I still haven't figured out who those vehicles belonged to.

Clearly nobody else was here, or John wouldn't have had me remove my clothes. Feeling a little more confident I took my shorts off. No panties of course, as John had taken those yesterday. "Good girl," he said. Every time he said "good girl" it sent a tingle through my body. It meant that he was pleased with me, and that meant everything.

He moved so he was standing directly in front of me. He slid a finger through my pussy lips, and asked "Did you do as I said regarding urinating Sami?" "I did, Sir, but I need to pee badly now." "Good, then we'll get started." He led me through the house, and he pointed out where the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and his bedroom were.

He led me back further down the hallway to the last room. He opened the door, and motioned me inside. The room was painted black, and there was a bed with white sheets. Along one wall there was a rack of sorts, with belts of different sizes hanging from it. There was a closed brown cabinet in one corner. "Go ahead and crawl on the bed Sami. We are going to be doing our first inspection, before we have any fun today. Let's start by having you lay on your back." He moved toward the bottom of the bed, and he pulled up two ankle straps that were attached my small chains to the corner of the bed.

He put each ankle in a strap, and tightened the chain so that I couldn't move my legs at all. He did the same at the head of the bed with my wrists. I felt completely and totally exposed to John. He could do anything he wanted to me at this moment, and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it.

That thought was scaring, and VERY arousing. "Sir?" "Yes, baby girl?" "I really need to pee. I don't think I can hold it much longer." "You need to. There will be no peeing in this bed. Do you understand, Sami?" "But, I don't know if I can hold it." "You can, and you will!" he said in a voice I had only heard one other time when he was gagging me with his cock last night. He walked out of the room without saying anything.

And, about two minutes later he walked back in, and he wasn't alone. Immediately I started to struggle to try and get out of the straps. I tried so hard to close my spread legs. "John, what's happening? Why are." and he interrupted me. "Quiet Sami! No more talking." he ordered. He turned to the three guys that followed him in. "This is Sami guys. What do you think?" The tall brown haired guy said, "Nice John, real nice.

How old is she?" John replied that I was 30, and he told the guys a shortened version of how we met. I was humiliated laying there with my legs forced open, and these four men standing there and looking at me, and talking like I couldn't hear them.

John smiled, "I'm going to get this inspection done, you guys can wait in the backyard or you're welcome to stay and watch." My tears got harder to control, as I realized the three strange men were going to stay and watch. John first examined both of my breasts. I have very large breasts (34DD) so he picked them up, and he rubbed them and he looked closely at them. He moved to the side of me so he could see if I had shaved my armpits well enough.

He took his right hand and he rubbed right above my pussy, checking for any signs of hair. There was one spot that he kept coming back to, "Sami you missed a spot right here. Did you use a mirror to check before you presented yourself to me today?" Still crying I mumbled, "No." By this time my whole body was shaking, and I was crying uncontrollably.

John ignored it. He acted as if I was perfectly fine. "Sami it needs to be completely smooth every single day. There are no exceptions, ever.

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I thought I had made myself clear." "I'm sorry," I promised that I would do better next time. He said that I would be receiving a punishment for it, to help me remember to do a better job next time. I thought to myself, "Wasn't being humiliated in front of these men that I don't know punishment enough?", but I certainly didn't say that out loud. John walked to the cabinet, and when he opened it I could see all kinds of things from butt plugs on the top shelf, to a crop.

All sorts of things that I would become familiar with in time I assumed. That was if I could make it through this first day. He pulled out something that looked like what the Doctor used on me at my gyno appointments.

As he turned around with it I confirmed in my mind that's what it was. "Hey Steve, can you check to see if I need the lube please." "Sure, man." And before I could think about what was happening Steve was leaning over the bed and he had inserted a finger all the way in my hole.

"God damn girl. No you definitely don't need lube, she is soaked." John started laughing as he walked back over to the bed. He rubbed the speculum along my pussy picking up all of the wetness. He leaned over to where he was basically sitting on the bed, "Hold still, Sami.

It won't hurt I promise." He inserted the speculum, and as he was pushing it in he was watching my face. Still I couldn't control the tears, but he didn't seem to notice. He opened the speculum, and he was right it didn't hurt. It just felt like my pussy was being stretched open a little. He pulled out a mini flashlight from his pocket and he turned it on pointing it inside.

The pressure to pee was becoming unbearable, and my body was instinctly making me move my hips a little to relieve the pressure. He told me that everything looked good.

He closed the speculum, and removed it. He started rubbing my clit, and watching my facial expression. I think he thought that was going to calm me down, but really it was making it worse. I didn't want these guys to be watching us do this. John unstrapped my ankles, and I was instantly relieved. Finally, I would be able to relieve myself, and these guys would go away. Instead, of letting my wrists go, John reached over my head and behind the headboard he pulled out two more straps with chains.

He started putting them on my ankles, but these were in the area that made my legs stick straight in the air and pulled back a little.

I began to cry again. "Sami please stop crying." "But Sir I need to pee!" "I know you do, and you will pee when I tell you to. Now stop!" "Take a good look at that ass boys. That's a virgin right there." John said with a slight snicker.

"Oh hell John, are you fucking kidding?" said the tall brown haired guy who I now know is Steve. "Yep, dead serious. She hasn't had anything up there yet." John walked back over to the cabinet, while the guys were making comments about my asshole, and how tight it probably was.

John returned with a bottle, and he opened it and he was putting lube all over it. He bent over the bed, "Relax Sami. If you relax it won't hurt." I tried really hard to relax, but I couldn't. I could feel his finger touching the opening, and it was just a reflex I couldn't control. I couldn't relax. He started pushing his finger in, and it hurt so badly. I started screaming and kicking my legs what little I could move them. I begged John not to do this yet.

I begged him to make the guys leave. I begged and begged and begged. John ignored me completely. The guys were egging John to push it in further and further. Once John had his entire finger pushed in, he started moving it around a little. He slowly removed it, and pushed it back in. I screamed louder than I did the first time. Almost immediately he removed it completely, and he brought it up close to my face. He touched the finger that was just in my ass to my lips. "Suck it baby girl. I need this ass clean.

I'm not going to enjoy putting my cock up there when it's dirty. Do you understand?" I shook my head yes, as he slid the finger in my mouth.

I didn't fight him on this. I just sucked his finger clean.


"One last thing before I unstrap you." He walked back to the cabinet in the corner of the room, and he pulled something out. He walked back to the bed, "You're getting 5 smacks for the spot of hair that you missed Sami. Every time you receive a punishment like this you need to count. When you reach the last number, you'll thank me for the lesson. Do you understand?" "Y yes yesss Sir," I stammered. He set the wide part of the spoon on my open pussy, right over my clit.

He looked straight in my eyes, and he lifted up and smacked my pussy. I screamed "One", and burst into tears again. Before I could regroup he smacked me again, "TWO!" He stopped for a few seconds, and then he smacked my pussy even harder two times in a row, "THREE, FOUR!" The guys were loving it. They were all laughing and egging John to go harder.

He set the spoon on my pussy one more time. As he lifted it I felt my body jerk, and then I felt the worse pain I had ever felt right on my clit, "FIVE! Thank you Sir". I was crying so hard.

My body was limp from fighting, and limp from crying. With his hand John rubbed my pussy. It was a rub trying to tell me that it was ok, but my clit hurt so bad that the rubbing was making me cry harder. The short guy with brown hair told John, "Hey John we'll be waiting outside." And the other two guys followed him out of the room. Finally, they were leaving. Thank God! John took the straps off of my wrists and my ankles.

He climbed into bed with me, and cuddled up against me. "You ok baby?" I didn't answer him. I just started to cry as he put his arms around me. "You'll get used to it," and he leaned over to kiss me. I wanted to believe that I would get used to it. I still didn't understand why I wanted to give myself to someone, and why this desire and need was so powerful inside of me.

He rubbed my clit, as he held me. "I still need to pee Sir. Can I please go to the bathroom now?" "Yes, you may. Follow me, and I'll show you where you can pee at." I remembered passing the bathroom and that was just down the hallway, so I was a little confused why John needed to show me.

I followed him out of the room, and he walked past the bathroom. I stopped, and pointed to the bathroom, confused and not knowing what to say. "No, you'll only use that bathroom when you need to do #2", he said laughing. What the heck? I kept following him, and he started toward the sliding glass door that lead to his backyard. He opened the door, and motioned me to go outside. I stood frozen. I couldn't go outside naked in the middle of the day. "My yard is completely fenced in Sami, nobody can see in." Reluctantly, I stepped one foot outside and looked around.

The guys that I had just met were sitting at a table to the left, drinking and smoking. John took me by the arm and led me to a section of the yard that was toward the right. It was about a 12 foot by 12 foot area that was sectioned off by a line of gravel on all sides. "When you are here, and you have to pee this is where you will relieve yourself. Do you understand?" I didn't answer him. I just stared at this section of grass, thinking to myself that I couldn't do this.

I couldn't come outside to pee. I couldn't pee in front of these guys. Then I looked at John, and knew that I would. This is what he wanted me to do. I had already learned once today how it felt to disappoint him, and I don't mean the pain. I hated knowing that he wasn't pleased with the the poor job of shaving that I did.

Suck it up Sami, I told myself. I walked towards the middle of the area, and I saw the three guys get up and head over. They stopped at the gravel, and with beer in hand they were ready to watch me pee. I closed my eyes, spread my legs and squatted.

I had to pee so badly, and I just needed to push them out of my mind. In a matter of a few seconds I felt the relief, as I started to pee. Once I was done, I opened my eyes. The first thing I noticed was the short hefty guy had pulled his cock out and was stroking it. John told me to follow him, and on the far side of the 12 x 12 area there was a little barn. Behind the barn was a plastic tub. John opened it and showed me the contents. There were two rolls of toilet paper, and a plastic bag.

He explained that after peeing I would wipe with that toilet paper, and discard it in the plastic bag. I did as he said, with all of the guys watching me.

We walked back over toward the house, and the guys. "Sami, I want to introduce you to my friends." Pointing at the tall brown haired guy, "This is Steve. Steve and I have been friends for almost 30 years. He actually knows your father too. He has a slave who you will meet soon, her name is Steph." John walked over to the quiet guy who had hardly said a word the entire time, "This is Josh. He is the newest person to our group.

We're teaching him the ropes. He has a slave, and her name is Rita." And, pointing to the last of the three, "And this is Matt. He doesn't have a slave at the moment, but he is certainly looking." All the guys started laughing. Steve and Josh finished their beers, and said their goodbyes to John and Matt. Relief came over me, they were all finally leaving. Matt however, still stood there with cock hanging out. I felt a little ashamed because I couldn't stop looking at it.

I could also feel my pussy becoming a little wet. His cock was not as long as John's but it was thicker. "Sami you can head back inside, please head back to the room we were just in." I turned around to head inside, and I could hear John and Matt talking but I couldn't hear what they were saying.

As I entered the room, I had time to take everything in a little more. I glanced at the belts again, and I peered into the cabinet as John had left it open. So many things that I have seen online before, but never in person. I turned around and in the corner of the room that I hadn't seen before was a video camera set up. Before that even registered in my mind John and Matt came in the room. John said, "I need to run and get a pack of cigarettes, and Matt is going to stay here with you.

He has permission to use two of you three holes, and he can do anything he wants. He's in charge." "Wait, no you can't leave me here with him. I don't know him." I cried. "Sami, he's my friend and you'll be fine. You need to get used to my friends. Do as he says." and out the door he went closing it behind him. I ran over to the door, and Matt was right behind me.

He grabbed my hair, and pulled me back into the room. Holding onto my hair, he pulled my head back toward him and he whispered, "You will be the slut we all know you are, and you will enjoy it." He pushed me toward the bed, and I fell on it with my feet still on the floor. Matt came behind me and held me down there with one hand, and fingered me with the other hand.

He then pulled my hair so I was standing up again next to the bed. "On your knees bitch!" he ordered. "I saw you staring at my cock outside, so don't be shy I know what you want." Now I was scared, John never talked like this. Even when John used his scary voice it wasn't like this. I did as I was told. I sat on my knees waiting for the next order, "Spread your legs". I spread my legs as far as I could, and Matt took a hold of my hair again, and he pushed his cock inside my mouth.

He fucked my mouth for about 10 minutes. During that entire time he called me names, and made fun of the way I was sucking him. He told me that it was a good thing I was getting trained, because I was a shitty cock sucker. He picked me up and threw me towards the bed again, ordering me on my back. I climbed in the bed and got on my back. He removed his pants completely and climbed on top of me.

With no warning he pushed his cock inside my wet pussy. I couldn't believe how wet it was. Matt clearly noticed too, as he started laughing. "You definitely are a slut." He kept thrusting harder and harder inside my pussy. I felt my face grow red, as I knew Matt could see how much I was enjoying this. It made him thrust harder and deeper inside of me. "I can't wait to feel the inside of your little asshole you fucking whore." He kept thrusting inside of me, and my body was responding.

He could tell I was getting close to cumming. "You best not cum without my permission, or you will regret it." I was trying so hard to control it, but my body was not listening to my head.

"If you want to cum, ask me bitch. Beg for it!" "Please Matt may I cum," I finally got out once I caught my breath.

Matt pushed his cock in harder and so deep. "Not yet, but be ready." I tried focusing on my breathing as he kept pushing his cock inside my pussy. All of a sudden his thrusts got quicker and shorter, and I could feel his cock getting ready to explode.

It felt so good, and I was so embarrassed that it felt so good. I couldn't control my body any longer. "Please Matt. Can I cum!?!" His body tensed up and he yelled, "Cum now!" As my body released the orgasm, I felt his white cream explode inside of me.

He held onto me as we both shook with orgasm. We laid there for a few moments catching our breath, and Matt slow sat up removing his cock from inside of me. "Don't move," he ordered.


He got up and he wiped his cock off with a towel that I hadn't even noticed on the bed earlier. He walked over to the cabinet, and he pulled out a camera. "Spread your legs, and with your hands spread your pussy lips as far as you can." I did as I was told.and he started laughing. "Damn that's a lot of cum." He took a picture. I could feel the cum dripping out of me. Matt started getting dressed, and just as he was zipping up his pants, I heard the front door open and close.

"Don't move until John gets back in here!" and Matt was out the door. Again, the tears started running. Why was I crying? I asked for this. I dreamt of this. I fantasized of this. What's wrong with me? I was playing back the whole evening in my mind, when the door opened and John walked in. "Hi baby girl. Why are you crying again?" He brushed the tears off my face, and kissed my forehead again. He moved down toward my pussy, and spread my lips apart with his hand.

"I see you must have pleased Matt, and that makes me very happy. You should only be crying if you disappointed me baby girl." "I don't know why I'm crying, I'm sorry Sir." "It's ok. I think you're awfully sexy when you're in tears." he laughed. He removed his clothes, and he climbed in next to me again.

He wrapped his arms around me. When he was loving and holding me it was the best feeling I have ever felt in my life. I felt so safe, and so loved. Nothing could be wrong when I was in his arms. He whispered, "Have you ever had two men cum inside of you in one day Sami?" I shook my head, of course not I thought. I had only had two men in my entire life cum inside of me before today. John got on top of me straddling me at my neck.

He pushed his cock inside my mouth, holding my head up. "Swallow it baby. Get it nice and wet for me." I kept sucking and taking it as far as I could down my throat. After only a few minutes he moved down toward my pussy, and he push my legs apart further than they already were. He positioned his cock at my hole, and slowly slid it in. He moaned a sound I hadn't heard before. He leaned over so his head was right next to mine as he started fucking me.

I could still feel the cum from Matt inside of me. "God Damn Sami you don't know how much I love this. Fucking you with another man's cum inside of you. One of my favorite things ever." He continued pushing his cock in my already cum filled hole. "Did you enjoy Matt, be honest?" I didn't answer him, and I looked away my face was getting hot.

"Tell me Sami. Did you like being used by Matt?" I shook my head saying that I did, but I couldn't say it out loud. Me confirming that I liked it evidently made John hornier, as he started fucking me faster and harder. He was slamming his cock inside of me. After about 10 minutes of slamming my pussy, John sat up and grabbed my legs.

One last thrust he moaned and I felt my pussy filled with his white cum. He fell down next to me catching his breath, and he slid an arm around my waist.

"Will you stay the night?" I shook my head yes, and I moved in close to him. He put this head next to mine, and he just held me. We both drifted off to sleep and about an hour or so later I felt John lightly shaking my shoulder to wake up. I looked at the clock and it said it was 10pm.

He ordered me to the bathroom to clean up. I followed him, and he turned the shower on. He told me to clean myself, and to make sure to give my pussy a good scrubbing. I did as he said, and I tried really hard to get all of the cum out of my pussy.

Just as I turned the water off, and was stepping out of the shower he came in. He told me to hold on, and he took a hold of my arm with one hand, and the other hand he slid a finger inside my pussy. He moved it around and said, "Good sign of me or Matt." He gave me a kiss. "I know that you have had a big day today. And, you've done really well.

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I have one more lesson for the day, and then we'll go to sleep." I didn't know if my body could handle one more thing tonight I was so tired, and my body was so wore out. Not that I was physically tired, but mentally I was drained. "What I'm going to be asking of you is very important to me Sami. I'm going to be honest and say if you refuse, it's a deal breaker for me.

This was not one of your limits, so I hope you were honest with me regarding that." I stood in the bathtub, trying to think what it was he wanted to do. "The first few times we do this will be either in the bathroom, or outside until you are used to it and you can handle it without making a mess." Without making a mess?

What the heck is he talking about? "On your knees now," he ordered. I slowly got to my knees. He unzipped his pants and lowered them just under his cock. "Open your mouth," I did as he said and I started to lean toward his cock. I thought he wanted me to take it in his mouth.

"No! Just sit there." I waited, and then it dawned on me what he was doing.

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"He released just a little bit of piss that landed first on my chin. He moved a little closer, "Take as much of it as you can baby girl. Make me proud of you today." He released his piss again, landing right in my mouth.

After he filled it up, he held his piss and ordered me to swallow it. I did as he said. It was probably the most humiliating thing I have ever felt in my life, and at the same time it wasn't that bad.

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It didn't taste good, but seeing him smile when I swallowed it was all I needed to continue. He moved a little closer, and he put the cock in my mouth. "Let's see how you do baby girl." I felt the warm piss fill my mouth, and I just sucked it right out of his cock and swallowed. At one point it was coming to fast for me to swallow and some of it leaked out of my mouth. He stopped the piss to allow me time to break and catch up.

As soon as I did he released the piss again. This time I swallowed more often and faster, trying so hard to make him proud of me. Finally he was done. "Baby girl you did so good!" he kissed the top of my head. When he stood up he pushed his cock in my mouth again, and he fucked me harder than he had yet.

Halfway through I started to gag, and every time I did he pushed it further and further down my throat. Holding onto my hair, and pulling me so close that my chin was touching his balls, "You don't know what seeing you take my piss like that does to me." His cock was hard and throbbing within a few minutes. "Look at me and suck it baby girl!" I did as he said, and after another 3-4 minutes he was cumming in my mouth.

Holding my head so that I couldn't move, his warm cum filled my throat. He slowly released me, and he told me to clean up again. He said he would be waiting in the hallway for me. I stood back up and turned the water back on. I washed all of the piss off me, and stepped out of the shower.

I dried myself off, and headed out the door. "You did so good today Sami. I am really really proud of you." He grabbed my hand and led me back to the black bedroom where I had been most of the evening.

"This is where you'll sleep until you officially belong to me Sami." He threw a couple of blankets on the bed, and he put his arms around me. "If you need me you can come get me in my room, otherwise I'll see you in the morning." I climbed into bed, completely spent. I started thinking back on the day, and everything that happened but I couldn't keep my eyes open. I drifted to sleep feeling content and happy.