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Sexy teen Hollie fucks landlord to pay her rent
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The sound of laughter filled the air at a public playground as children ran and played together. Sophie, being only seven years of age, played Tag with a group of other children. Her dark dirty blonde hair bouncing as she shrieked and giggled, running from the others. Her mother watched from afar, casually making small talk with the other parents as she played. Sophie chased after one of the boys of the group and reached out to tag him.

Missing him, she stumbled into the grass. Sniffling she sat up to sulk, when a man came up beside her and kneeled down. "Hey there, you ok?" he asked with concern. Sophie's bottom lip trembled slightly as she nodded. The man had dark hair that was combed back, dressed in a high priced suit. Eye's the color of a stone with a stern deep, yet gentle, voice. "Well good, don't cry now. You're too pretty to be sad." He ran his thumb over her cheek and grinned at her before pinching her nose.

"I've got your nose! Oh no!" he pulled his hand back, pretending to keep her nose. Sophie gasped as her small hands flung up to her face, searching for her nose. "Want it back?" he asked with a chuckle. The little girls' face nodded quickly, never uncovering where her nose was. The man leaned closer to her as his hand neared her face and poked the tip of her nose. "Boop!

There you go! You have your nose again." The small girl bursted with giggles as she touched her face. Suddenly a child called out the girls name. Sophie looked at the child and quickly stood up to run to him. Before going, she turned to the mysterious man and waved.

"My name is Sophie, thank you mister!" she dashed off with a giggle back to the group of children. As she played, Sophie would occasionally notice the man sitting on a bench. He sat alone, watching the kids play. Never saying a greeting or a word to any of the passing parents.

A couple times, some curious infants would wander up to him, yet he never seemed to notice. She would wave to him when he looked in her direction.

He wouldn't wave back, but always seemed to smile when she did. After some time the man stood up and walked down a path that lead into some trees. Sophie noticed the mans' departure.

Looking to her mother, who was in deep conversation among the adults, she scampered off toward the direction of the man. Her little feet padding along the path as her summer dress swayed.

The man turned off the path and deeper into the tree's. She followed. Peeking around a tree at him, she watched him sit under a tree. Leaning back he let out a sigh. She wasn't sure why she was hiding but after a few moments the man smiled. "I see you little Sophie.

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Come out, don't be shy." he coaxed her out with a smooth smile as she slowly appeared from around the tree. He patted the space next to him inviting the girl to join him. She moved her hands behind her back and hesitated, bashfully looking down before biting her lip and scampering over to him to take her spot he offered. "Why are you following me missy?" he asked in a gentle voice and poked her nose.

"Why were you alone?" she questioned with a tilt of her head. "Alone?" "Yeah, you didn't play with anyone or anything. Are you sad?" She asked innocently. His smile faded a bit and nodded. "I miss my little girl." he said. "Where is she?" "Far away." "My daddy is far away now too." she replied as she pulled her knees up to her chest and hugged them.

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He looked at her as his brow furrowed. "Where did he go?" "Mommy and daddy don't wanna be friends anymore." she shrugged, quickly upset from the thought. The man smiled and placed a hand on her smooth blonde hair. Petting her, he kissed the top of her head. Sophie looked up at him, gasping with an idea. "Hey! Why don't you be my new daddy! I'll be your little girl too!" She crawled into his lap and hugged his neck.

The man laughed as she did so. He peered down at her and smiled. His eyes scanned her smaller frame as she wiggled in his lap. Her bottom moved against his lap softly as he felt his member begin to waken quickly. Letting out a groan he moved her from his lap and placed her in front of him. "What's wrong daddy?" she asked with confusion of the sudden change and hearing his groan.

"I just don't feel good." he lied and took his eyes from her. "Where? I'll make it feel better." "I don't know." he forced out as she crawled closer. She peered down at his crotch, and noticed the bulging mound. "Is it that? It looks swollen. When I had a bump my daddy always rubbed it better." She said said as she reached out to place her hand on his crotch.

He went to stop her but he couldn't manage to get the words out when he felt her hand. She rubbed his dick through his pants. Sophie's little hand rubbing back and forth over his ever growing member. "Oh no, it's getting bigger." she whined in despair. He had been holding his breath all the while when she was touching him.

Finally exhaling, he smiled at her some. "It's ok. You did help. It felt good." he reassured her and petted her hair. "Let me make you feel good too." his voice changed into a more raspy sound. His desires slowly taking over. He picked her up and turned her back towards him, as he leaned back against the tree. Setting her down on the lower part of his stomach right above his throbbing cock.

Her slender legs spread open and rested on either side of his hips. Sophie didn't resist or question his actions. Smiling at him as he positioned her there. That soft smile.


A smile of innocence, that drove him to want her. He let out another groan as his cock demanded more. Taking her small hand in his, he led it back to his member. "Make it better Sophie." he sighed out as her hand went back to rubbing him. One hand rested on her side, while the other slipped down between her legs and under her dress.

His fingers pulled her soft cotton panties aside.


A feeling swept through her that she never felt before, causing her to let out an uncertain whine. "Shh, it's ok. I'm your daddy, and I would never let anything bad happen to my little girl." he cooed as he let a single finger slide over her small slit. Sophie whined again. The soft and almost fearful sound she made caused his cock to jump in his pants. She gasped and looked down at it. His hand left her slit and snapped the button undone from his pants. Pulling the zipper down, his eager cock rose from his pants.

Almost instantly, both of her hands grasped it. The feeling of her soft hands on his cock caused him to tilt his head up and moan. Her soft peach colored hands looked so perfect as they caressed his large cock. Even with both of her hands, it still wasn't enough to cover his manhood completely.

"Yes Sophie.yes." he breathed out as his hand went back to her panties. She stroked his cock slowly. Once again, he pushed her panties to the side.

Using three fingers he pressed his way down her warm slit. She cried out from the unexpected feeling, her hands gripping his cock firmly as she kept pumping it's thick shaft. He spread his fingers ever so slightly, opening her little cunt lips as he used his middle finger to stroke her while keeping her open and exposed. He looked down over her shoulder.

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Watching her hands working his cock. He ran his finger up and down her cunt, finding the tiny clit that hid there. She shook her head and moaned.

The tip of his finger circled her clit, before running over it completely. Sophie's small body trembled with delight and fear. "Oh d-daddy.wait." she whimpered as his finger left her clit, and slid farther down, finding that small untainted hole.

Pushing the tip of his finger inside her, he gently explored that soft pink that drove him mad. Moving her down some so that his cock leaned up and rested against her pink, he held her little pussy open as he began to slid his cock against her. She closed her legs, tightening around his cock as she watched it. The dark throbbing head that poked up between her legs as he thrusted. Back and forth, back and forth. All he could think about was wanting to be inside her.

That tight little entrance that was untouched. He tilted his hips, not able to control himself as he aimed for it. Lifting her up as he positioned her above his cock. Sophie tensed when she felt his hot throbbing cock against her hole. "N-no daddy please." she weakly begged and grasped at his wrists as his hands kept her there still.

"If it hurts just call out to me. Say it a lot ok?" before she could reply he pressed her smaller body down onto his cock while using his hips to thrust upward into her.

She was so small, his cock couldn't enter her. But his desires overwhelmed him too much to let it stop him now. He pushed harder. Forcing her small pink hole to stretch.

Finally his cock slid inside her. She shrieked as the thick shaft dove into her. "Daddy!!" her voice full of pain and helplessness. He couldn't seem to hear her pleas as his cock was gripped by her hot walls. He lost control as he began pumping into her.

After a few moments, her body grew used to the pain. Sophie panted and whined as she felt him pounding her. He was so big that she could almost feel him in the pit of her stomach. He thrusted into her, moaning as she gripped his cock like a tight glove.

Suddenly he lifted her up off of his dick. Setting her down on the grass he pushed her forward onto her hands and knees. She went to lean up, slightly confused of what was happening, but his hand grasped the back of her neck softly as not to choke her, just to keep her in place. He positioned himself behind her as his free hand ran up inside her dress and gripped her small breast.

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She moaned as his fingers circled her tiny pink nipple. Sophie felt his big cock resting against her small bottom as he leaned over her.

He panted, wanting to sully her little innocent body. His fingers pinched and tweaked her nipple. The action caused her to cry out as her body struggled. Her little ass wiggled desperately against his cock. He smiled as his hands went to the insides of her thighs. Slowly spreading her legs as she remained on her hands and knees. The sight made him lick his lips. Seething her small creamy colored ass cheeks spread slightly with her little cunt, already red from the forced entry of his cock.

He grasped his dick, and circled her pussy.

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Feeling the warm, wet juices that seeped from her. "Daddy w-wait." she began to breath faster, knowing what was going to happen. "Shh." he gruffly shushed her as he petted the back of her hair. Pressing the tip of his cock against her pussy, he let his hands caress her ass. Gripping her cheeks firmly that it left gentle faded prints on her.

Using his thumbs he teased and spread her cheeks slightly. Holding her there he moved his hips forward, in one sharp thrust, he plunged his entire cock into her cunt. She shouted. But it only drove him more. He pounded her, over and over. "Daddy daddy daddy! Oh n-no daddy!" she cried out with every thrust he made.

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Sophie's small body was on fire as he pounded her. Her moaned deeply with every move. Her cunt gripping his cock firmly. "Does it hurt Sophie baby?" his voice deep with lust as he continued. She let out a small reply, but it wouldn't do for him. He wanted to hear her. The desperate cry in her little voice. "I can't hear you." he demanded and made a single hard thrust. "Yea.yes yes yes yes." she chanted as it drove her over the edge. He let out a growl as his cock was about to explode.

"I'm going to make a mess inside you baby girl." " no.oh daddy please, oh.oh." she whined as it seemed his cock grew bigger inside her.

"yes." he moaned as he pounded harder. Sophie's smaller body bounced back and forth as he fucked her deeply.

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Her small hands gripped at the ground, pulling up grass as her silky blonde hair bobbed. Her tiny body seemed to spasm and tremble as he finally exploded, the hard cock twitching with release. His cum filling her as he moaned deeply and gave a few slow hard thrusts. Making sure to taint every part inside her.

She laid her cheek against the ground and huffed as it filled her. His thick cum seeped from her and down her legs as he groaned with satisfaction.

Pulling out of her slowly he looked at the mess he made. The little tainted girl, daddy's little girl.