Luscious boss marilyn mansion gets humped by assistant

Luscious boss marilyn mansion gets humped by assistant
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The sound of buzzing woke me up. It took me a moment to get oriented, having never spent the night in my daughter's bed before. Nicole was next to me, the covers pushed down to the foot of the bed. She was naked, as I'd come to expect, and masturbating, as I was also becoming more and more accustomed to. She was staring longingly at my cock as she ran her purple vibrator up and down along the length of her pussy. "My God, girl," I chuckled.

"Are you ever not horny?" "I'm only like this when I'm around you." She rolled toward me and gave me kiss. "Morning, Daddy." She pressed the tip of her vibrating cock against her clit and moaned. "I missed the school bus." "I got up and rescheduled my meeting earlier while you were still asl**p." This brought a big smile to her lips.

"So we're having a naked day together?" "Looks like it." "Have I told you that you're the best daddy ever?" "Yes, but not enough." "I want to see you cum at least, like, ten times today." I had to laugh. "Don't get your hopes up, kiddo.

Your old man isn't one of those teenage studs that your used to." "We'll see." Nicole teased her hole with the head of her dildo.

"Here, you do me," she said, handing me the vibrator. I propped myself up on one elbow and directed the toy between her wide open legs. I touched the end of it to the area just above her clit. "And how many times am I going to see you cum today?" I asked. "A hundred…at least." She groped for me and grabbed a hold of my cock. "I love how hard you always are in the morning." I continued caressing her pussy with the buzzing toy.

She arched her back, and stretched her lithe nakedness under my tender manipulations. Her grip on my cock grew tighter. She wasn't jerking me, as she liked to do, but rather just holding onto it, possessing it. "Almost there," she breathed. "Already?" "I was pretty close before you woke up. And it's so much better when you do it." She squeezed one her breasts roughly with her free hand. "Yes, right there, Daddy. Ooo, you're going to make me cum…" I held the dildo in place, jiggling it ever so slightly.

"Uh huh, uh huh…" Her body was rocking in time with a beat that only she could hear. "Uh huh, right there…" Her hand clutched my shaft, relaxed, clutched again in rhythm with the pulsating approach of her first climax of the day. "Uh huh…ooooh, fuck, Daddy, there…" Her body jerked, snapping her hips upward against the dildo. A string of girlish grunts signaled her pleasure as the spasms continued to fire.

After several seconds, she had to let go of my cock and push the vibrator away from her clit. I threatened her pussy with it a moment later and she screamed, clapping both hands over her crotch to protect her sensitive girl parts. She drew her knees up and lolled from side to side with a gratified noise that was half giggle, half groan. "Did you see that, Daddy? Did you see me cum?" "Of course I did. What the Hell else would I be looking at?" She grinned and hugged herself.

"I love cumming in front of you. It's ten times hotter when I know you're watching me." I turned off the toy and set it aside. I once again marveled at my daughter's naked body. It seemed impossible that I would ever get enough of the sight of her. My mouth watered at the thought of those soft, puffy nipples of hers against my tongue.

She noticed where my attention was and brushed her fingers across her pink little mounds. "Now I want to see you." She bit her lower lip in contemplation. "I think you should cum on my tits." I wanted to jump at the invitation, but I knew I shouldn't. "Well, maybe that's a bit too…how about if I just do it like usual?" "Oh, c'mon, you've cum on me before." "Not on purpose…really." "Stop being a wuss and do it." She pushed her titties together, making them look twice as big as they actually were.

"I know you want to." "Since you put it that way…" She squealed with delight. "Alright, get up on your knees…good, like that…turn this way…perfect. God, your cock looks huge this morning." Once she had me positioned the way she wanted, she settled herself in front of me. I was up on my knees in the center of the bed facing to the side; Nicole was lying in front of me on her back, feet toward the headboard, her chest just below my jutting cock.

She was laid out before me like a virgin sacrifice on the altar of my incestuous lust. Her eager eyes looked up at me, begging for me to soil her body with my spilled seed. I couldn't disappoint her, could I? I gripped my shaft and began stroking. Her eyes fluttered in fascinated anticipation. It was an alien prospect to me that someone could be so entranced by seeing me play with my dick.

None of my past lovers had let on that they were the least bit interested in witnessing my exclusively private act of self-pollution. Performing in front of my daughter like this was in itself a distinctly demeaning experience, but at the same time it was somehow liberating.

I'd never reached a point where I could let myself be this vulnerable with another person. With Nicole, I felt safe. Her unconditional acceptance of me as her father gave me the freedom to indulge my perverse whims without fear of judgment or criticism.

Maybe this was all wishful thinking. Maybe she would end up recognizing me as the degenerate pig I really was one day down the road.


Even so, I was going to enjoy the moment while I could. "Cum on my tits, Daddy," she cooed beneath me, smashing her small breasts together as a kind of carnal offering. "Jerk off all over me." I jacked my hard dick in my fist.

My balls swayed freely with each stroke. I feared they might still be empty after last night. That didn't stop me from admiring my daughter's naked body spread out for my private gratification. I'd seen that cute face of hers every single day for my entire life, and yet it had a special glow about it when she had no clothes on.

I'd never noticed how sexy her neck was. Her shoulders were masterful sculptures of sensuality. I wanted to fall upon her belly and make love to that pure expanse of smooth softness. Even her knees had become a source of lascivious attraction for me. How did my sweet innocent little girl turn into this embodiment of sexual allure?

She could have any guy her own age, and here she was playing daddy's little slut with her old man. I needed to stop thinking and just enjoy it while it lasted. "Look at how your balls are flopping around like crazy," she said, reaching for them.

She formed a cage around my loose nuts with her fingers and let my sack rattle around inside of it while I jerked my cock. It gave me a warm feeling to be able to see her discovering and experimenting. I knew she wasn't some clueless virgin, but there was still a lot she hadn't had time to experience yet. The cage closed around my balls and she held gently, tugging and kneading my scrotum with just the right amount of tender pressure. "You have great balls, Daddy. I love how they feel.

Nice and big and manly." She fondled each of my testicles lovingly. "I can't believe that this is where I came from. I started right here in these sexy balls." She looked up at me with one of those wicked smiles of hers. God damn, she really knew how to get to me. I let out a gruff bark of satisfaction as my orgasm suddenly burst free and I began spattering my daughter's chest with cum.

Watching my filthy spunk coat her tits in a series of ever-weakening spurts while she stretched my scrotum made it all far better than anything I could have achieved on my own. "Oooo," she gushed happily, "so warm and slimy." She swirled a finger around her far nipple, spreading my cum evenly over the pink of her areola.

As I watched her do this I wasn't paying attention to what her other hand was doing until I felt her pulling my hard-on downward and rubbing the head of my cock against the nipple closest to me. Holy fucking shit that felt good! I couldn't move for a few seconds as the sensation held me suspended in a moment of unadulterated bliss. I was barely able to regain my senses. "Okay, missy, let's not get carried away." I eased my cock out of her hand.

"I'm going to hit the shower. I'm feeling a bit crusty this morning for some reason." "Aww, you're no fun," Nicole pouted. "Or maybe the problem is that you're too much fun." I gathered up my robe and underwear from her floor. "You have to at least kiss me before you leave me like this." She was still fingering the cum I had deposited across her chest.

I leaned down and gave her soft kiss on the lips. Her tongue sought out mine and it was all I could do to pull away before it developed into a full-on make out session. I would have never guessed that my girl could be so insatiable. I was starting to worry that I wouldn't be able to keep up with her. Despite the extra few hours of sleep, I was still feeling somewhat drained.

The hot shower went a long way to revitalizing me, and hopefully restoring some of my potency. How lame would it be if she wore me down to the point where I couldn't get it up for her?

Maybe it was time to start thinking about some pharmacological assistance. I stepped out of the shower and began toweling off. I felt a cold draft of air and looked up to find Nicole leaning against one side of the open doorway in nothing but the button down shirt I had worn to work the day before. She was biting the tip of her thumb in the most adorable way as she watched me drying off.

"Nice shirt." "I always see women in movies and magazine ads wearing their man's shirt, so I wanted to try it." She lifted the collar to her nose and drew in a deep breath.

"I like it." "You have my dirty underwear on also?" "Nope." To prove it she lifted the shirt tail high enough for me to see her naked pussy.

That lilting giggle of hers seeped right into me. "Are you going to shave?" "That's the plan." "Can I watch?" I wrapped the towel around my waist.

"You haven't wanted to do that since you were a little girl." "God, I must have been such a pest back then." "Back then? How about now?" "Yeah, how about now?" The sultry way she said that gave her an air of sophistication way beyond her years. I don't know how she did it. One second she's a gawky kid, then the next she's a seasoned seductress. I got out my razor and shaving cream. She put down the lid of the toilet and sat, hands tucked between her knees, happy as could be.

I wiped the fog from the mirror and lathered my chin and cheeks. "I forgot how much I loved this," Nicole was leaning forward enough for me to get a good look down her (my) shirt. I was only able to get a partial glimpse of one of her nipples, but it was clear from the sticky sheen covering her chest that she hadn't bothered to clean my cum off of herself.

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Such a dirty, dirty girl. "I don't know what you get out of this." She considered this for a moment. "It's just nice to be around you this way. Like you're letting me peek behind the curtain of your secret man-world." She shrugged in that cute way she had.

"It gives me a good feeling inside to be with you like this." "I suppose it won't hurt to admit that I liked those Saturday mornings, too. There was something special about those times. Why did you stop?" She was quiet for a long while. I scraped my razor up my throat, rinsing it in the sink after each stroke. "Remember that giant stuffed giraffe you won for me that time at the carnival?" Okay, new topic.

"The ball throw game, right? We were barely able to fit that stupid thing in the car. Didn't you name him Jeffery, or something like that?" "Jeffy, yeah." She went on in somewhat shy manner. "I loved playing with him.

Anyway, one day when I was about ten I was pretending like I was riding him and I got a funny feeling down there. I didn't know it at the time, but that's when I basically figured out how to masturbate." She waited anxiously for my reaction.

"When you were only ten years old?" It didn't seem possible. "It just sort of happened. I had no idea I was having orgasms, or something close to it at least, I just knew it felt good." She looked down at her bare toes wiggling on the cool floor tiles. I realized I was frozen in mid-stroke and tried to get back to shaving without cutting myself. "I probably humped Jeffy like ten times a day those first couple weeks.

God, I was such a little nympho." "I had no idea that's what you were doing in your room all the time. I was just happy you were being quiet and keeping yourself busy." "I was so afraid you were going to catch me. Remember the sign I made?" "Keep out. Private Property!" I shook my head, the pieces were falling into place. "I thought that was just normal tween stuff. I had no idea what that sign on your door was really about." "Well, now you know. I was in there having unprotected sex with wild animals." She gave a nervous laugh.

"I did it with all my clothes on at first, or sometimes my PJs. Then I tried it with nothing but my underwear on and found out that was way better.

I was afraid to try it with nothing on because I thought that would be the ultimate sin. A week later I was buck naked and humping away like a crazed little sex fiend." "Jeffy must've loved that." "God it's embarrassing to be admitting all this to you." "Seriously?

After this morning? After last night?" "That's different." Her nipples were now poking up from beneath my dress shirt in the most provocative way. "The thing is that I eventually realized that the good feelings I got from riding Jeffy were the same sort of nice feelings I got when I hung out in the bathroom with you and watched you shaving, or combing your hair, or putting on cologne." I shaved my upper lip, not sure how to respond.

Not sure if she wanted me to respond at all. "I finally put two and two together in my tiny brain and figured out that the nice feelings I was getting in my tummy, and other places, when I watched you in the bathroom were something sexual.

I didn't completely understand it, but I knew there was some kind of connection and that it was something dirty." "Geez. I had no clue." I tried not to let on how shocked I was by these revelations. "So that's why you stopped hanging around with me during my Saturday morning shaves?" She shrugged one shoulder. "I thought you would be mad at me, or hate me, for having sex feelings about you like that.

And it was just too weird for me to deal with when I was that young." She smiled wistfully. "I swore I'd never ride Jeffy again, but that only lasted about two days. It's funny, I thought that he was the only thing that could get me off that way, like Jeffy had some sort of magical power. I eventually figured out that I could straddle my teddy bear or one of my stuffed unicorns and get the same feeling.

After that, I started humping everything. My pillow, the arm of the sofa, the footboard of my bed, the corner of my toy box. I even used to take all the clothes off of my Ken doll and put him on the floor, then I'd get naked and lie on top of him and grind my pussy up and down against him.

Sometimes I'd set Barbie up and make her watch. Damn, I was one sick little bitch." I joined in with her nervous laugh this time, feeling uneasy about picturing my pre-pubescent daughter lying face down on the floor naked, fucking herself against a plastic doll.

"God, I remember lying awake at night trying to think up new things I could grind on. You know your black leather coat? When I was home alone I would bunch it up in a big ball and hump it like crazy. As soon as I came I would get scared you would know what I did and hurry up and clean off the wet spot and put it right back in your closet." "I still wear that coat sometimes." "I know." She gave me a look that let me know she'd been privately enjoying that dirty secret for some time.

"And did you ever notice that I always say how hot you look in that jacket whenever you wear it?" Nicole pinched one of her nipples through the shirt, apparently feeling a bit less shy than earlier.

"I was so dumb back then that I thought humping stuff was the only way to masturbate. That's the only way I did it for almost like five years before Becca showed me how to use fingers." "Showed you?" Nicole's mouth hung open, suddenly realizing what she'd just said.

"I said told me." "I'm pretty sure I heard showed." "They say the hearing is the first thing to go." She reached out and tugged at my towel, letting it drop to the floor and leaving me standing there naked. "Mmm, I knew you were hiding a big juicy hard-on under there." I decided not to press the issue and let her change the subject.

I shaved off the whiskers on my chin, and touched up a few spots. "I could just stare at you like this all day," Nicole said while gazing at my cock.

"It's nice to know that I can see it whenever I want now." "I don't remember that being part of the deal." I ducked my head and rinsed my face. When I opened my eyes again Nicole was no longer sitting on the toilet. I looked down and found her kneeling next to me, her face about even with my erection. "What are you doing?" There might have been a note of panic in my voice. "Just want to see it close up." She put a hand on my hip and turned me toward her.

Her other hand ran up the outside of my thigh and settled on my opposite hip. The head of my cock hovered inches in front of her face. "Wow…look at it." It almost seemed like she was in some kind of trance. I stood still, letting her look. It was despicably vain of me to take so much pleasure from the way she admired my cock. She must have fetishized it for years, and now she finally had it.

I was perfectly aware of how dangerous this position was, but I convinced myself the boundaries I'd set down would hold. That conviction lasted for about more three seconds. Nicole suddenly leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth and began sucking. My knees all but gave way and a rush of adrenaline swept through my body. I felt instantly lightheaded as I pushed her head back and pulled my prick from between her lips. "What are you doing?" I demanded a little too harshly.

"What does it look like?" She licked her lips enticingly. "We're not doing this. I'm not going to let this happen." "It already happened, Daddy. You put your cock in my mouth." "I? You…" I tried to compose myself. I was still close enough to feel my daughter's warm breath on my dick — which was harder than ever.

"You agreed that we were only going to masturbate together." "That's right. And that's all we're doing." "Oral sex is not part of the deal." "All I'm doing is jerking you off with my mouth. How is that any different from using my hand?" "It just is. I can't think straight right now, but all I know is that there's a big difference." "Can I at least lick it?" "Nicole, please, you're killing me here." "Just let me suck it once and I won't ask again." "Don't do this." She tried to push her head forward, but I held her back.

"I've been told I give a pretty good blowjob." "How about we go back to your bedroom and play with your dildo?" "This could be my early Christmas present." She looked up at me with her best puppy dog eyes. My resolve was weakening by the second. Would it really be any worse than letting her give me a handjob? "I want to suck your cock so bad." Her head moved a little closer.

"I'd let you cum in my mouth, Daddy." Closer. "Think of how good it would feel." Her tongue reached out and grazed the tip of my cock. "I want to taste my Daddy's cum." She was close enough to kiss it. "I'm going to suck your cock and swallow all your cum, Daddy." Her lips wrapped around my cockhead, and in the next moment she was taking me deeper into her mouth. "Mmmm," she moaned around my throbbing shaft, and began bobbing her head.

This was insane. This couldn't be happening. I was letting my daughter suck my cock. She was on her knees in front of me, willingly sucking me like I was the rock star of her fantasies. This was too much to comprehend. One thing was for certain, she wasn't exaggerating about being able to give a pretty good blowjob.

In my experience, she was administering a damned good blowjob. I had to hope she was a natural at it because I didn't want to think about how many dicks she had to suck to get as skilled at it as she was. My daughter's lips formed a tight seal around my shaft as her head moved smoothly forward and back on my shaft. Her tongue was a warm, wet pillow gliding along the underside of my hard penis.

I only felt her teeth at the precise moment that she wanted me to, and that was only when they skimmed lightly over that most sensitive spot just beneath my cockhead. During all this she managed to supply the perfect amount of suction. She'd suck as she took me into her mouth, then release as she pulled back.

The fluctuation between one sensation and the other elevated this blowjob to a whole other level I didn't know there was. "That's it, baby, suck Daddy's cock." I felt a pang of guilt for talking to my daughter like she was some kind of a street whore, but I knew she liked it. Her yearning moan confirmed it and she began working my cock even more intently.

As incredible as her technique was, it couldn't match the decadent thrill of seeing my cock disappearing into my dear daughter's mouth again and again. She had been fantasizing about this for who knows how many years, but I had done everything in my power to avoid thinking about her in any overtly sexual way. The sudden developments over the past days weren't a matter of me finally realizing a longtime forbidden appetite, but rather a complete upending of my reality.

In a very short time I had gone from responsible protector and role-model to unprincipled violator. I rested my hands on Nicole's head to better feel the tempo of her oral worship of my cock. "You want my cum?" I croaked, sounding like a common back-alley pervert.

"Mm hm," she hummed her ascent. "Are you going to eat Daddy's cum?" "Mmmm." This seemed to get her going more than anything. I couldn't see, but I could tell she was fingering herself as she sucked me. How she was able to play with herself and deliver a world-class blowjob at the same time was beyond me. She was quite the accomplished little multi-tasker. Her face wore an expression of serene elation, like that of someone who was getting exactly what she wanted.

I always tried to give her everything; I never would have imagined that shoving my cock down her throat would be one of those things. "God, Nicole, you look so pretty. You look so beautiful with Daddy's cock in your mouth." She whimpered around my dick without slowing and began finger fucking herself faster.

Her free hand went to my balls. She massaged my heavy-hanging sack in perfect concert with her cocksucking. I began to sense that the end of this singularly exquisite experience was quickly approaching.

My daughter was sucking my cock. My own fucking daughter. The sweet little girl I had tea parties with; held on my lap while we watched Disney movies; made funny faces to when she was sad; and tucked into bed with a story that always ended with the princess living happily ever after with her prince.

This was the girl I was face fucking. I was such a piece of shit. She was taking me as deep as she could as fast as she could. Every few strokes I could hear her trying to suppress a gag. That somehow made it even hotter for me. She wanted to take every inch of me that she could handle. She wanted all of me. "You like that, don't you? You like sucking Daddy's hard cock." Her acknowledgement came in the most arousing way possible. Her eyes flicked open and she looked up at me.

Those big, beautiful eyes so full of lust and passion. She wanted nothing more than to please me. My daughter was in the midst of fulfilling an adolescent fantasy that she'd secretly nurtured for years, and yet her main purpose was to give me the most mind-blowing orgasm I'd ever known.

I was pretty sure she was about to achieve that goal. Our eyes stayed locked as I generously fed my cock into Nicole's mouth over and over. She accepted each thrust readily and seemed only to want more. I couldn't hold out any longer. "You ready, sweetheart? Ready for Daddy's cum?" She managed the barest of nods without breaking eye contact.

I'd never seen anything as divinely sinful as what I was doing to my daughter's angelic face with my infernal appendage. "Suck it!" My balls tightened. "Suck my cock!" The tingling started at the base of my spine. "Take it, Nicole!" Saying my daughter's name broke open the floodgates. "Eat Daddy's cum!" My cock swelled and unleashed a forceful blast at the back of her throat.

I could tell she was struggling with the sudden rush, but she stayed with it and continued sucking without missing a beat. "That's it, baby, swallow it." My cock convulsed and I poured more and more jism down my daughter's throat. "Swallow it all." She went still, holding my cock in her mouth during the last weak pulses of my fading orgasm.

I had to hold the edge of the sink to keep my balance. No woman had ever made me feel like that using just her mouth, much less any other body part. It was all I could do to come back down to earth and focus once again on Nicole's smiling face. When she was sure she had my attention, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. There I saw a substantial portion of my own creamy load. Just one more sight I never expected to witness as her father. She withdrew her tongue, swallowed with an exaggerated motion, then presented me with a clean tongue.

If I was capable of cumming again right then, I would have. "Best Christmas present ever!" She exclaimed wiping a bit of drool from the side of her chin. "Holy shit, Nicole, where did you learn to suck cock like that?" She gave me one of those I'm-not-telling shrugs and took my cock back into her mouth. She sensuously massaged my head and shaft with her tongue and lips.

It took me a second to realize this wasn't for me. She was busily masturbating herself with both hands as she lost herself in the sensations of suckling her father's cock. I couldn't imagine anything more precious. I held myself steady while she sucked, and fingered, and moaned. She was humping her hand and rubbing her clit at the same time while savoring my slightly wilted erection.

As her bouncing cadence increased, and she was about to cum, she sucked as much of me in as she could take until I could feel the head of my cock pressing against the back of her throat. Her face was flushed, and I wondered if she could even breathe. Her body clenched and her back hunched. She let out a scream of triumphant ecstasy that was muted by my cock plugging her throat. This was followed by a string of laughing yelps of unrestrained jubilation.

She'd gotten what she wanted. Something she'd apparently been wanting for a long while and never dared to believe she would actually get. I was profoundly ashamed of myself, but also supremely grateful that I was able to play a part in making her as happy as she was in that moment.

She sucked my cock as hard as she could as she rode out the final waves of what had to be an orgasm almost as intense as the one I'd just had. "God, you look beautiful when you cum," I said with sincere reverence.

I stroked her cheek with the back of my fingers as she reluctantly released my cock. "If that's true, then you should know that I plan on looking beautiful a lot more today." Nicole stood up, unbuttoned the shirt she was wearing and let it fall to the floor behind her.

She pressed her naked body against mine and kissed me. This wasn't a daughter kissing a father; it was a woman kissing a man. Her tongue was still thick with the flavor of my semen. That would have normally been repulsive to me, but with her I didn't even consider balking. If she wanted to share the flavor of my own cum with me, I wasn't going to deny her that.

After a few seconds of mental revulsion, I realized it wasn't all that bad. Actually, I could probably get used to it. I sucked Nicole's probing tongue, wrapped my arms around her small body, pressed my flagging cock against her warm belly, and tried to convince myself that this was as positively as far as I would allow things go between us.

I was also distressingly certain, however, that my insatiable daughter had a plan of her own that didn't have anything to do with my wavering limits of propriety.

I stood leaning against the bathroom wall, naked, fondling my cock and balls leisurely as I watched my daughter in the shower. The frantic lust of my previous encounters with her wasn't overwhelming me this time only because I knew that I would have her all to myself for the whole day. I marveled at the natural sensuality of her movements as she caressed her soapy body and let the warm water sluice over the contours her recently developed curves.

Nicole stepped out of the shower, her bare skin glossy wet. I could see the slight hint of her swollen inner lips peeking out from the womanly crease between her legs. Her small, firm breasts sat high and proud. She noticed my wolfish leer and smiled. "I don't know why you bothered making me wash off all your cum, Daddy" she said as she patted herself with a towel. "You're just going to end up jerking off all over me like twenty more times today." "For starters, I wanted the chance to watch you in the shower." I stepped to her and took the towel.

She turned away so I could pat her back dry, along with her ridiculously perfect ass. "I also wanted to start the day with a clean canvas." I hugged her from behind, kissing her slender neck.

She giggled and cringed, but didn't pull away. "Mmm, I love the feeling of your penis on my skin." Nicole pressed her ass against my erection and shifted slightly from side to side. "So, I guess you're not upset at me anymore?" "Upset at you?" "For sucking your cock earlier." She moved my hand up to one of her breasts. "I know you didn't want me to, but I couldn't help it. I had to know what it would feel like in my mouth, and what your cum would taste like." "Well, now you know." I lightly twisted her nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

"I'll forgive you this time, but we can't let that happen again. Understand?" "I promise to be a good girl from now on." She shivered in my embrace when I combed my fingers gently through her fine tuft of moist pubic hair. "As long as I can masturbate with you, Daddy, I'll be happy." I heard her tummy growl. "Sounds like someone's ready for breakfast." "I'm starving," she laughed, then patted my hand as it tickled its way closer to where I knew her clit was hiding.

"But first, someone has to leggo my Eggo!" After that comment, we were both craving toaster waffles. I got out the dishes and forks, Nicole fetched the gridded disks from the freezer, along with the butter, and the maple syrup. It was impossible for me not to ogle my daughter's lovely naked bits as she moved around the kitchen.

It seemed that she was just as preoccupied with glancing at my swinging dick every chance she got. We made a perfect pair. "You know what would taste good?" Nicole asked as she filled her mouth with a gooey forkful. "If you jerked off on my waffle for me. Mmmm." "I think you've eaten enough cum already this morning, young lady." "Aww, no fair," she pouted, licking the sticky syrup from her fork. I'd seen her sit at the table Indian-style a thousand times, but it had a much different effect on me seeing her sitting cross-legged while naked.

"Maybe you can have some after dinner for your dessert if you behave yourself today." Her eyes lit up and she licked her lips in anticipation. It was despicable for me to be playing along with her like I was, but I couldn't deny that I was having fun doing it. My instincts that had once guided me toward being a responsible father were being increasingly supplanted by my animal lust for the desirous woman my daughter had revealed herself to be over the past weeks.

It wasn't so much acceptance on my part, but more a matter of surrender. I collected the dirty dishes and took them to the sink. "What's next on the day's agenda?" "This," she answered cryptically. I turned to see her leaned back in her chair with two fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. She upended the syrup bottle and poured a drizzle of maple sweetness onto each of her nipples. Mrs. Butterworth appeared unmoved by the lewd act she was being forced to participate in.

"Nicole…" "Oops, I made a mess, Daddy." She flashed me those puppy dog eyes of hers. "How will I ever clean this all up? Maybe you could help me…" "You're not going to earn that dessert you wanted by behaving like this, young lady." "Fine," she stuck her bottom lip out, "I'll just do it myself, then." Nicole pushed one of her small breasts up and craned her neck down.

Her tongue stretched out. I was surprised to see that she could actually reach her nipple. I stood in stunned amazement as she licked the maple syrup from the puffy tip of her breast. Meanwhile, her fingers were working quickly in and out of her wet hole. I didn't waste any more time and quickly began taking advantage of the erotic sight being offered to me right there at my kitchen table.

I grabbed my hard-on and started jerking. The kitchen was silent except for the sounds of my balls slapping against my stroking fist and the liquid staccato of Nicole finger fucking herself.

It didn't take long before she was moaning her way through a sumptuous orgasm while I released a stream of fresh cum onto the floor between us. My daughter smiled coquettishly at me as she watched me squeeze the last remnants of semen from my cock. "This is going to be the best day ever," she declared before she flounced off, leaving me to clean up my own mess. She came out of the bathroom half an hour later after blow drying her hair and doing whatever other maintenance girls need to do in there.

I was sitting at my desk checking e-mail.


She came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my shoulders, pressing her breasts against my back. We were both still happily naked. "That better not be for work," she warned, and began nibbling on my ear lobe to distract me.

"Look, you're not even hard right now." "I'm sure you'll find some way to remedy that very soon." "For sure." She tickled the back of my neck with each of her nipples as I signed out of my e-mail. "Though, your pee-pee does looks cute when he's all scrunched up and droopy. It's like he's taking a nap on your balls." "He needs his rest." "I know what'll wake him up! Let's watch some porn." The glee in her voice was the same as when she was little and was trying to entice me into watching one of her princess movies with her.

"You're not old enough to watch porn, young lady. Maybe when you turn eighteen." "Don't be a poop." She pulled up a chair next to me.

"I watch porn all the time." She pushed my hands away from the keyboard and typed in a web address. In a few seconds the screen was populated with preview images of dozens of hardcore porn videos.

"Oh, Daddy, don't act so shocked. I know you do it, too." "Maybe, sometimes, but…" "So what's your favorite?" She moved the cursor down a list of kinks and fetishes.

"Amateurs, Asians, Big Boobs?" She looked down at her small tits and shook her head. "Hmm, let's see…Cumshots, Grannies, Lesbians. You probably like seeing two girls do it, don't you?" I shrugged noncommittally. I wasn't entirely prepared to share my preferences of jack off materials with my daughter.

"All guys get off on that, don't even try to lie. What else…MILFs. No thank you. Masturbation. You don't need porn for that with me around." She opened her legs and diddled her clitty to bolster her argument. "Teen. We already know what a perv you are about that. Shemales, Squirting, Watersports. What's watersports?" "Um…I think it's people peeing on each other, or something." She looked at me with mock surprise.

"I can't believe that's what you're into, Daddy. Are you going to try to pee on me?" "I didn't say I was into it, you little brat." "So then it's shemales?" Her devilish grin gave away how much she enjoyed teasing me.

"You like chicks with dicks, is that it?" "How did I end up with such a sicko for a daughter?" I took control of the mouse and clicked on threesomes. I spotted one in the third row that I'd seen before and selected it. It was one of the classier ones with good lighting and quality photography, not to mention some smoking hot actresses.

The two women were already in the big bed when the guy entered the scene. The girls pulled him into the bed with them and they were all naked in short order. "Ahh, so this is what Daddy likes to jerk off to." She reached over and began stroking my cock.

"Have you ever been with two girls before?" "No." It was weirdly wonderful to be watching this with Nicole. "I don't know if I could handle two women at once, but I don't mind watching it." "I always thought it would be hot to do two or three guys at the same time." She stared attentively at the action on the screen, playing with both of us as she did. "Three cocks, three mouths, hands all over me everywhere.

Yes, please." I couldn't bear the thought of my baby girl taking on three guys at once, but she had apparently given it quite a bit of thought. "Another girl would be pretty cool, too." She had my cock at full attention.

"You'd like that, huh? Two young girls doing sixty-nine together while you fucked one of them from behind and the other one sucked your balls. Is that what you want, Daddy?" "Uh…sure." It was difficult to think straight while I was picturing Nicole as one of those two girls, preferably the one I was doing doggy style. "Here's one that I like." She let go of my dick and typed "pussy bukakke" into the search box. As soon as she hit play, she sat back grabbed my cock again, and resumed stroking.

At the same time, the fingers of her other hand were teasing up and down her very wet slit. The video started with a cute Asian girl slouched low in a big black office chair. She was naked except for a pair of red thigh-high stockings. Her legs were spread wide, and she was holding her hairy pussy open. It was already much more vulgar than what I would have guessed my daughter might gravitate toward as far as erotic materials were concerned.

Soon, a man stepped up. He was jerking his cock, and after a few seconds he deposited his load onto the woman's open pussy. Moments later, another man came in from the other side and spilled his spunk in the same spot. "Mmm, look at it running down over her ass," Nicole pointed out, never taking her eyes away from the screen.

One by one, masturbating men approached, blasted the woman's pussy with more semen, and then backed away only to be replaced by another. Her gaping privates were all but obscured by the mounting flood of pearly spunk from a dozen different men. I'd never seen anything like it. "So much cum," my daughter marveled. "It must feel amazing to have all that gooey stuff just covering your pussy everywhere and dripping down all over the place." Her hand was now actively busy between her legs as she stared at the increasingly messy scene in front of us.

My attention shifted between her enthralled face, her pussy, and the porn clip. I stroked my cock steadily, but not enough to bring myself off. I was pleasantly surprised by how gratifying it was to be able to sit and watch porn with my daughter in this way.

I had always been f***ed to be so secretive and paranoid about it in the past that it made it impossible to completely relax. Now it could be something both Nicole and I could do openly without fear, either together or alone. I was almost looking forward to her "catching" me one of these days while watching porn alone and jerking off. Nicole swiveled her chair so she was facing me, scooted down, lifted her legs, and spread them wide. She reached around the outsides of her thighs and held her pussy open with her fingers.

It only took me a second to realize that she was mimicking the girl's pose in the video. I looked up at her to make sure she wanted what I thought she wanted. She just smiled and nodded with a wicked gleam in her eye. I stood and started jerking with purposeful intent. If my little girl wanted me to bukakke her pussy, then I was going to do my best to give it to her. I stared down at her gorgeous young cunt and was in awe. How could I have gotten so lucky? Her cute tummy and tits were bunched together in her curled position, and her adorable face peeked out from between her shapely calves.

The Japanese girl's high-pitched dolphin-like moans provided the backdrop to the sound of my frantic fapping. It only took about a minute before I was ready to deliver. I crouched down until the tip of my cock was only inches from my daughter gaping pussy. I wanted to make sure I didn't miss my target.

I aimed for her clit and slowed my stroke to insure my spunk didn't go flying all over the place. With a dozen more controlled strokes that shimmering sensation of sexual fruition infused my whole body. My daughter and I watched my cockhead with anticipation as it swelled just moments before release.

The first spurt was a direct hit, landing on her stiff nub. "Cum on me, Daddy," she pleaded. "Cum all over my slutty cunt." I didn't need any further encouragement, but I enjoyed hearing it nonetheless. I continued pumping my cock and milking out more cream onto her pussy.

It wasn't my most impressive load in terms of quantity after having already gotten off twice that morning, but I'd managed to give her a respectable dousing of my cock sauce. "Oh, Daddy, that's so fucking hot! Better than the video." She strained her neck so she would watch my jizz trickle down her pussy lips toward her open vagina. Thank God she was on the pill. This would be a lot less fun if I had to stress out over the possibility of getting my daughter pregnant, no matter how remote the chances might be.

When she couldn't hold back anymore, she began smearing my spunk all over her pussy. Nicole began fingering her clit and her hole at the same time. I just sat back and enjoyed the show, fondling my expended dick as I did. "Your cum feels so good on my cunt, Daddy. God, this is so fucking nasty.

I love it." Nicole fingered, squeezed, and rubbed herself. She was trying to take it slow and prolong the decadent titillation of wallowing in her own father's cum, but her youthful exuberance soon got the better of her. I watched with loving delight as my girl masturbated herself to a breathtaking orgasm. I'd never tire of hearing the sounds my daughter makes when she cums.

"Now just imagine how good that would've been if you had ten more guys doing it on you." She was slumped in the chair, looking about as contented and relaxed as a person could.

"All I need is you, Daddy." She licked some of my cum from her fingers, then blew me a kiss. We both lazed around for a while after that.

I needed time to recover, and Nicole needed to clean up (again). I lounged on the sofa and read some of the book I'd been chipping away at over the past month. My daughter caught up on all the vital events happening on Facebook. At the end of each paragraph, I couldn't help glancing over at her sitting naked at the computer. You'd think I'd eventually get used to seeing her in the nude, but every time I caught a glimpse of a bare nipple, the cleft of her ass, or the fuzzy triangle where her smooth thighs met it gave me a shivery thrill.

When she got bored with the computer she went to my easy chair and sat with her feet pulled up and her arms wrapped around her knees. All her sexy bits were concealed, and yet she looked as hot as ever. When I glanced over she was staring at my limp cock and slack balls without any effort to be subtle about it. "How many times do you think you've jerked off in this chair?" she asked.

"I don't know. Once, maybe twice." "Yeah, right," she scoffed. She knew me better than that. "I probably made myself cum in this chair at least a hundred times.

Maybe two hundred." She ran a hand along the armrest. "It smells like you. I would hump myself right here on the corner." She patted a worn spot at the end of the armrest. "Or I'd sit like this and finger my pussy." Nicole let her knees fall apart and caressed her inner thighs provocatively. "I'd imagine you coming in and catching me. You'd be mad at first, but I would keep on masturbating because I was so horny by then. This would get you all hard and you couldn't resist pulling your cock out." "Then what would I do?" I could feel my dick stiffening in small pulses that matched my heartbeat.

"Sometimes you'd watch me and jack off. Once in a while you'd shove your cock in my mouth and make me suck it." She licked her lips. "But usually you'd put me over your knee and spank me, and then you'd make sure I'd learned my lesson and fuck me really hard." I could tell how much she enjoyed seeing my erection grow to full strength as she talked. "I never spanked you in your whole life, even when you deserved it. How did that make it into your dirty little fantasy?" She shrugged.

"I guess I liked the idea of being a bad girl and getting punished for it. I told you I was weird, Daddy. After you spanked my ass and made me cry, you would always kiss it and make it better." "Maybe I should take you to the psychiatrist after all." "You should," she agreed with a devilish grin. "I could tell him about how my father's cock gets really hard when I tell him about my kinky sex fantasies." I looked down at the irrefutable evidence of my excitement.

"Well, he'd probably have a hard-on by then, too, so he wouldn't blame me." Nicole watched me from between spread legs as I half-heartedly tried to get back to my book. "Let's do massages!" she proposed excitedly after another minute.

"I'll do you first." "I don't know. That sounds a little risky." "How is a back rub risky?" "The only reason the back rub was invented is because it almost always leads to sex." "You really think I'm trying to trick you into fucking me?" "I wouldn't put it past you." Nicole pulled the lever that extended the foot rest.

She set her feet on it and spread her legs wider. I had an unobstructed view at her darling pussy. All the markers of her own excitement were clearly evident there between her legs. "I'm not going to lie and say I wouldn't totally have sex with you if you wanted." Her fingers absently stroked her wet slit.

"But I know you think that would be a bad thing for us to do, so I'm not going to 'trick' you into doing anything that you don't think we should do." "Yeah, but you're a bad girl, remember?

Who knows what you might try?" "If you think I'm being bad," she slipped a finger into her opening, "then you'll just have to punish me." "You'd like that, wouldn't you?" The only response I got was one of her seductively tempting smiles and the addition of a second finger into her sopping wet pussy hole.

"I guess I'll just have to trust you," I said, putting my book aside. "Where?" "Your bed." She pulled her fingers out and hopped up from my chair. "I'll get the baby oil." Once I was face down on my bed, Nicole mounted me, straddling my hips. She rubbed the oil over my back. I could feel her pussy against my ass as she wiggled around.

Her small hands began kneading my muscles and I was instantly propelled to heaven. My daughter was apparently a natural at all things sexual. That would have scared me if I wasn't the main beneficiary of her instinctual talents just now. "How's that?" she quizzed me. "Perrrrect," I groaned. She worked my shoulders, then moved down to the muscles under my shoulder blades. I almost wept at how good it felt. Her hands made their way down to my lower back and began untying the knots there. I felt guilty for not paying her for such a fantastic service.

And all the while her hot little pussy slid this way and that over my butt. "So, Daddy, when was the last time you had sex?" Her question came just as I was about to doze off. "Huh? Oh, I guess that would be this morning." "No, that doesn't count.

That was just a blowjob. I mean how long has it been since you got laid?" "I don't know. A couple years now." "Holy crap! No wonder you decided to take advantage of me and turn me into your sex slave." "Hey, you're the one" She pinched my side. "Calm down, Daddy, I'm only teasing. We both know you're my sex slave." Nicole pressed her thumbs up along either side of my spine, sending waves of pleasure through my whole body.

"Tell me about this lady you banged. Was it good?" "It was okay. I met her at Uncle Marty's barbeque." "Was she the one with dark hair and big boobs?" "That was her. Charlene, or Charlotte, I don't remember now." I was feeling more relaxed by the minute.

"We went out a few times, but nothing was clicking." "Something clicked enough for you to put your dick in her hoo-ha. My guess is it was those huge knockers." "They were quite nice. But I like yours much better." "Oh, please. I hardly have anything. I probably couldn't even give a decent titty fuck even if you wanted it." There was a loaded statement. "We'll have to see about that one of these days." She was up to my neck and shoulders again.

Her crotch had settled over my lower back and she was pressing her mound against the base of my spine. "Did you make her cum?" "As far as I could tell." "Did you eat her pussy?" "I did." "Lucky bitch." She was no longer just pressing her pussy against that spot, but instead she was grinding against it.

"You're probably really good at pussy licking, aren't you, Daddy?" "Never had any complaints." "Did you use a condom?" "Wow, you are a nosy one, aren't you? Yes, I used a condom." "Because you didn't want to get her pregnant, or because of all her skanky diseases?" "Both." Nicole began lightly pounding her fists down along the center of my back.

"See, that would be the good thing with me. You wouldn't have to use any condom at all." She pressed her pussy harder against the spot she'd found. "You could just slide your big cock into my tight, clean pussy whenever you wanted and not have to worry about anything. You wouldn't even have to pull out.

You could fuck me as hard as you wanted and cum right inside my cunt just like that." She was an evil child. "Let's not go there, sweetheart." "I'm just sayin'…" She moved off of me and pushed against my side.

I rolled over onto my back. Nicole didn't hide her delight at seeing that I was hard as a rock once again. She re-mounted me and poured oil onto my chest.

"You've got just the right amount of hair." Her oily fingers worked up and down my chest and belly. "Steven hardly had any hair at all. It was a little weird sometimes." "Why weird?" "I don't know." Her slippery hands brushed past my hard-on and slid briefly around my balls.

"I guess from seeing you I got the idea in my head that a man is supposed to have a nice, hairy chest." Her thumbs found my nipples and worked around them in small circles.

"With Steven, I sometimes felt like I was with a little boy instead of a man." "You two probably fucked a lot, I suppose?" She gave a one-shoulder shrug. "Maybe two or three times a week." "So, pretty much every time you saw him." "Pretty much." She couldn't hide her guilty grin. "It was fun, but he wasn't very good at it.

I had to play with my clit while he fucked me if I wanted to cum." I didn't know if I'd ever get used to hearing my daughter talk so explicitly and openly about her sex life.

"Why did you two break up?" "Mostly because I was bored of him." Nicole had managed to work herself into a position where she was straddling my waist so that the slit of her pussy was nestled along the length of my erection. It would take only the slightest motion for me to be inside her. "Partly because there was someone else I wanted." "I hope that someone wasn't me." The idea that everything that had happened in the past weeks was part of a deliberately orchestrated plan on the part of my calculating daughter gave me a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.

If it was, I had too easily fallen into her trap. Her soft, slick pussy slid up the length of my pinned shaft.

Then again, if I had it to do over, would I have done anything differently? "You should be out fooling around with boys your own age, not wasting that hot little body of yours on an old man. Especially when that old man is your father." "Sex with you is better than anything I ever did with Steven, and we haven't even fucked yet." She angled her hips as she spoke so that the tip of her stiff clit pressed against my hard-on. "Yet?" "Oops, did I say that? My bad." Nicole raked her fingernails down the length of my torso.

"Ready for your happy ending?" My daughter wiggled down until she was kneeling between my legs. Her oiled hands began working my cock and balls with expert skill.

I could only imagine how good she was going to be when she was older and more experienced. "Fuck, that feels nice," I moaned. "I was about to say the same thing," she giggled and continued to work me. Nicole took her time. She knew she had all day, so there was no need to rush. She stroked my shaft, squeezed my cockhead, fondled my balls, and experimented with different techniques.

I just lay there and gave myself over to her completely. The only downside was that I couldn't see her naked body the way she was crouched down there between my open legs. "Do you remember when you came in my mouth this morning?" "Oh, I remember." She gripped my balls firmly and tightened her fingers around my shaft.

"Did I suck your cock good, Daddy?" "So fucking good, baby." "I swallowed all your cum, didn't I?" "You sure did." Her pumping hand moved with a steady rhythm.

She'd decided it was time to get me off. "Remember when I fingered my pussy in the kitchen this morning?" "Uh huh." "You like watching me finger fuck myself, don't you, Daddy?" "I do. I really do, sweetheart." "You were jerking off your cock while you watched me.

And when I made myself cum you shot a big load of sperm all over the floor." "I had to. You look so fucking sexy when you cum." Her hand was moving faster. The squelching sound of oil against skin came in a rapid beat. "Remember when we were watching porn together?" "I'll never forget that." "Do you remember what I did?" "You spread your legs." "And…?" "You spread open your pussy." "My what?" "Your cunt." I was quickly descending into delirium as I edged inevitably closer to Nirvana.

"Oh God, Nicole, you spread your beautiful fucking cunt wide open for me." "And what did you do, Daddy?" "I came on it." My body began to tighten up more with each stroke of her hand. "I came all over my daughter's sweet little cunt!" "Your sperm went right into my cunt hole, didn't it, Daddy?" "Yes.

Yes! Fuck, yes! Right in my baby's wide open cunt hooooole!" My mind was scrambled and almost all of my awareness became centered on my cock. A single spurt fired straight up in the air, and the rest of my jizz bubbled up and dribbled down over my daughter's knuckles. She jerked me until I couldn't take it anymore, then eased up.

"I love it," she squealed in girlish delight, inspecting the results of her efforts with undisguised glee. "I can't get over how awesome it is to see you cum, Daddy." Nicole leaned forward and licked the head of my cock. She then began lapping up my semen from wherever she could find it.

I watched her from my euphoric stupor in silent amazement. No woman had ever been willing to swallow my cum before, much less devour it like it was a rare delicacy as my daughter did. "You are quite the little cum puppy," I teased, patting her on the head as she slurped up the spunk that had landed on my belly. "I bet you ate a lot of Steven's cum back in the day." "Ew, yuck," she reacted instantly. She wiped the goo on her knuckles onto my cock, and then began licking it off with tiny swipes of her tongue.

"I always spit his out." She sucked the tip of my dick, drawing out whatever was left in there. "It's different with you for some reason. Your cum tastes so good to me that I just want more and more of it." If I could have given her another load right then, I would have. How did I get so damn fucking lucky? "I'm glad to be of service, milady." She smiled, gave my balls a loving smooch, then flopped face down onto the bed next to me.

"My turn!" My body felt like a warm puddle of jelly, but I knew I was obligated to return the favor. I slowly managed to get myself into position on top of my daughter. I straddled her thighs, being careful not to put any of my weight on her, and began massaging her back. My cock settled naturally into the cleft of her succulently curved butt. "Oh, that's nice," she said, wiggling her ass to make sure I knew what she was referring to.

"I might not be able to give the best titjobs, but I could probably do a good assjob, don't you think?" "I'm certain you could, sweetheart." I rubbed her back, letting my hands wander freely up and down her naked skin, feeling the vitality of her young, athletic muscles.

I hadn't been at it for more than a few minutes before she twisted beneath me until she was facing up. "I'm more interested in getting a front rub than a back rub." I shook my head in resigned acceptance at yet one more demonstration of how sexed up my daughter was at all times. I drizzled a bit of oil over her tits and began massaging her breasts. The points of her nipples stood up prominently, leaving no doubt about her level of arousal. She was unable to lie still below me. The soft fur of her pussy grazed the underside of my balls with each writhing turn of her hips.

My touch roamed all over the front of her, and my heart ached with a mounting desire that I knew I could never allow myself to fully quench. "I can't believe how you've grown." My fingers pinched her nipples lightly before gliding down to her luscious tummy. "It seems like only yesterday you were a skinny tomboy, and suddenly you have the body of a woman.

This amazingly sexy body that any man would kill for." I couldn't tell if the blush on her cheeks was a reaction to my words, or simply a result of her sexual arousal, but she looked adorable whatever the cause.

"Any man?" I nodded. "Even your own father." "Daddy, I'm ready for my happy ending now." As soon as I moved off of her she opened her legs. I lay alongside her and let my hand drift in a slow serpentine path down toward her waiting pussy. She grabbed my cock with one hand and began playing with her tits with the other.

As my fingers dawdled in the curls adorning her feminine mound, she raised herself to bring my touch down to her restless slit.

"I never imagined I'd touch you like this." "I imagined it all the time," she replied with a breathy sigh. "But it's better than I ever thought it would be.

Daddy's fingers in my cunt…" Words failed her as I ran my index and middle fingers down either side of her clit. "You want Daddy to make you cum?" It was awkward referring to myself like that, but I knew she would like it. Nicole squeezed my cock hard and nodded. Unable to speak, she simply moaned her assent. I toyed with the area around her clit, lightly pinched and pulled her swollen inner lips, teased her opening, and let my touch dip down to the space just below her sex.

Her stomach flexed, and her breathing deepened. My daughter's head turned from side to side on the pillow as I masturbated her. Her hand moved from one oil-slicked titty to the other with increasing fervor. Her hips rotated, allowing her to press herself harder against my fingers as I played with her. When I felt I'd tortured her long enough, I concentrated on her hard clit. I stroked up and down along one side then the other. I gently strummed my fingers back and forth across her tiny stiffness.

"Uh huh, uh huh," she panted, letting me know I was taking her where she wanted to go. "Are you ready to cum for Daddy?" "Oh, shit, yes…" "Do you want me to keep rubbing your horny little clitty?" She quickly grabbed my wrist, as if afraid I might pull my hand away.

"Yes! Don't stop!" "You want Daddy to make you cum?" "Fuck, yes! Yes, yes, yes!" "Daddy's going to finger this wet little cunt of yours until you cum." Without being consciously aware that I was doing it, I leaned over and took one of my daughter's nipples into my mouth, violating yet another of my self-imposed boundary lines.

Biggest dong for a curvy beautiful babe

Nicole let out a choked scream and arched her back. My mouth was instantly coated with a greasy film of baby oil, but I didn't care. I sucked my girl's puffy areola, swabbing my tongue around the firm nub of her nipple while continuing to work her clit with my sure fingers. She grabbed my head and pushed it mercilessly to her chest, forcing my mouth tight against her breast.

"Oh, Daddy! Daddy, Daddy! I'm cumming! My cunt, Daddy, my cunt!" Nicole let out a high-pitched yelp, then another and another. Each scream was accompanied by a full-body convulsion. Her one hand was clenched tight around my wrist, and the other was clamped even tighter around my cock. It hurt, but not in a bad way. I plunged two fingers into her pussy hole, which was drowning in fresh juices, and coaxed her through the rest of her orgasm as best as I could.

Even after her body went limp, her cunt would spasm and contract around my fingers every ten or fifteen seconds. I continued to massage the inside of my little girl for the next few minutes until all was still. After a time, I withdrew my fingers and she curled up against me, nuzzling my chest. "If you can make me cum that hard with your fingers, I can't even imagine what you could do to me with your cock." I didn't say anything in response.

I was afraid she'd somehow be able to tell that I was thinking the exact same thing at that moment. After a short nap, our naked fun day continued. We went into her bedroom where I watched her fuck her dildo. I was hard and stroking the whole time, but I didn't let myself cum. She then had me use the dildo on her again, and I buzzed her off to yet another happy climax. I was definitely becoming jealous of the female capacity to have multiple orgasms seemingly without limit.

We made dinner and ate naked. Neither of us could resist a passing grope at the other when something enticing came within reach. Afterward, we ended up entwined on the sofa, Nicole resting comfortably between my legs, watching whatever she wanted on TV. I leisurely played with her tits while she messed around with my balls and cock.

About twenty minutes into some cop show, she began giving me a handjob. I wanted to save my strength for later, but I was unable to resist. When she knew I was getting close, she took me into her mouth. She knew I didn't want that to happen again, and just that morning she'd promised to be good. But she also knew that I was too far gone to stick to my convictions, as feeble as they were. My misbehaving daughter sucked and jerked me until I filled her mouth with everything my balls had managed to produce in the previous few hours.

With her mouth full of my spunk, she leaned back onto me and began masturbating herself. I watched as she attacked her clit and pussy hole with ardent ferocity. As she approached the peak of her orgasm, she swallowed down my load of cum. This seemed to send her over peak and beyond.

It was another beautiful performance, but what made it extra erotic for me was the sheen of sweat that covered her back by the time she'd finished. I was trying not to look at Nicole as my lover, but it was becoming increasingly difficult not to do just that. Later that night, our orgy of masturbatory transgressions continued. We knelt on the mattress of my bed facing one another and jerked off together. With the light out, we lay side-by-side and stroked off like we did that first time in the dark only this time there was a stream of dirty talk passing between us the whole time.

My cock and balls were sore by that point, and I had to assume that Nicole's tender pussy was feeling the effects as well. This didn't stop us from one more mutual masturbation attempt before going to sl**p.

We lay on our sides in a semblance of a 69 position. I fingered her and she fondled me as we talked about anything and nothing in the early morning hours. It would have been so easy for me to ease my face in between her legs and finally get a taste of my daughter directly from the source.

This is probably what she was hoping for. Eventually, our casual petting turned into serious play. She came first, then did the hard work it took to get me off one last time after a long day of cumming. I cringed at the pain in my nutsack when she finally got me there, and I was shooting blanks by then, but it was well worth it.

I gathered my daughter up in my arms, kissed her lips with all the loving affection I felt for her, and then the two of us fell almost instantly into a deep, satisfied slumber. While our lives had taken a major unexpected turn, it wasn't the only thing going on. We still carried on with all the stuff we normally did.

Nicole had school, and I had work. We both had our regular chores around the house: laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and all that fun stuff. I'd meet up with the guys at the bar one night, Nicole would go hang out with friends another. Despite the fact that we were masturbating together just about every night before we went to sl**p, and at odd times during the day when the opportunity or urge presented itself, we otherwise appeared to the rest of the world like an ordinary father and daughter going about our lives as we always had.

Of course, if anyone had the slightest clue about what was going on in our heads, the facade would quickly crumble. As an example, I was watching Nicole's soccer game on a pleasant Saturday afternoon. There were a few choice soccer moms there, but I wasn't paying any attention to them. I was focused on my daughter as she moved up and down the field with seductive grace.

No one sitting there in the stands with me would believe that I knew how smooth those long legs of hers felt against my cock. None of them could guess that I'd seen my girl's naked pussy, and only that morning I'd watched her finger fuck herself on the bathroom floor while I brushed my teeth.

Every woman there would be thoroughly disgusted if they had any inkling that less than two hours ago I was squatting over my daughter's face with my balls in her mouth while I jacked off all over her forehead. I couldn't keep the lecherous smile from my lips. The girls gathered together for a water break. As much as Nicole stood out, there were several other girls on the team who possessed their own charms.

I surveyed the other dads who'd managed to show up for the game. Were any of them jerking off on their daughters? Were any of these clueless dopes lucky enough to be able suck a pair of young titties, or slip their fingers into a fresh, tight cunny when they felt like it? Did any of their girls spread their legs, hold their cunts open, and beg Daddy to make love to them?

Fucking chumps. Nicole invited Becca and Ashley to our house after the game.

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Her two friends piled into the back seat, and Nicole sat up front with me. The car instantly reeked of girl sweat and sweet body spray. It was a provocative combination. And, as if that wasn't enough to get my thoughts going in several improper directions, there was my naughty daughter getting up to her tricks. She was half twisted around in her seat so she could talk to her friends in the back. It only took me a minute to notice that she was also purposely pulling her shorts up tight against her crotch.

Becca and Ashley weren't able to see from their angle, but Nicole's prominent camel toe was more than obvious to me. She gave me a saucy wink when she noticed me looking. She continued to tease me the entire ride home. Without her friends being any the wiser, she rubbed her pussy through her shorts several times.

Once, she pointed at something out the back window. When the girls turned to look, she pulled the crotch of her shorts and panties aside and flashed me her naked pussy. In the two seconds she was exposed, I was able to see how juicy she was. Just before we reached the house, she slipped her hand down the front of her shorts and came up with a wet middle finger.

She popped it into her mouth and sucked it, complaining that she had gotten a splinter from the old bench at the soccer field. Ashley leaned forward and offered to get it out, taking Nicole's hand. She inspected it closely, but was unable to find the offending splinter. The girl had no idea that her friend's finger had been buried in her pussy only seconds earlier.

I had to wait in the car while the girls gathered up their gear and headed inside. Nicole lagged behind, came around to my window, reached in, and grabbed my cock through my pants. "God, Dad, I can't believe you would get a big hard-on like this in front of my friends.

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You're so embarrassing." She leaned in and kissed me with plenty of tongue. "I know you want to fuck their hot little pussies, but you don't have to be such a pervert about it." She smacked my cheek playfully and flounced inside to join the other girls. I sat parked in the garage, torn between beating off right there or saving my energy and taking it out on her tonight when we were in bed together. A few moments later I was quickly trying to clean my cum off the steering wheel before one of the girls caught me.

My work had noticeably suffered over the past weeks with all the distractions at home. I made a commitment to get my head back in the game.

The last thing I needed was to lose my job and introduce one more disruption into my life. I was determined to buckle down and focus on work. I sat in the executive committee meeting and listened intently to the C.F.O. flog through a jungle of cryptic metrics. I was taking cogent notes, asking pertinent questions, and maneuvering certain conversations in a direction that would most benefit my department.

I was firing on all cylinders. Or at least I was, until my pocket started to vibrate. My phone was set to only alert me if the call was from Nicole, and I knew if she was calling me during school hours that it was something important. I fished my phone out, concerned that she'd had an accident or was sick. As I typed in my passcode I worried that maybe someone had found out about us and she was calling to warn me. I held the phone below the edge of the conference table and saw that she'd sent me a text.

I opened it and almost choked. An image of my daughter's tits filled the screen of my smartphone. I quickly turned it face down and checked to be sure no one sitting nearby saw anything.

They were all staring at the pie chart Harold was droning on about. I checked again and saw that she was apparently in a bathroom stall with her shirt pulled up.

The horny little slut. I swiped and there was another pic. In this one she was standing in the open doorway of the stall and she'd taken a picture of her reflection in one of the mirrors over a bank of sinks. It was a little blurry, but I could see that she was wearing her navy blue skirt.

She was flashing her tits and it looked like her white panties were pulled down and stretched between her knees. She was taking a big risk. What if someone walked in while she was doing that?

Swipe. She was holding her skirt up, confirming that her panties were indeed pulled down. I could make out her small patch of pubic hair and the hint of her slit at that distance.

Despite my commitment, I couldn't bring myself to put my phone away and pay attention to what Harold was saying. My cock was growing hard as I sat there surrounded by the top brass of the company, but I had to see the next picture. Swipe. "Mike, are you okay?" Karen, the woman sitting next to me, asked. I realized too late that I had unintentionally made a small sound when Nicole's last picture appeared. "Yes, sorry. Throat feels a little funny, that's all." I took a swig of cold coffee from my cup and f***ed myself to wait a few minutes before glancing at my phone again.

It was a close-up. Nicole was holding her outer lips apart with two fingers. I could see the pink tip of her clit, the curvy lines of her thin inner lips, and the modest opening of her vagina. The whole of her shimmered with fresh wetness, and I knew beyond a certainty that seconds after she sent the message she had surely masturbated herself to orgasm in that filthy girls' room stall.

The next swipe brought me to her text message: Looking forward to date night. Love you! "Date Night" was a tradition we'd unintentionally established years ago.

Every other week, usually on a Tuesday night for no particular reason, we would go out to a restaurant for dinner and do something fun. It was usually bowling or mini-golf when she was younger, but lately it was mostly movies or shopping. The idea that we were out on a "date" had always been nothing more than an innocent joke between the two of us, but I realized that it would take on a new meaning now that the two of us were sexually involved to the degree that we were.

I swiped back and took one more quick look at my daughter's scrumptious pussy, and then tucked my phone away. My concentration was gone. I glanced at the clock every couple minutes, willing time to race ahead to the end of this interminable meeting. My mind was preoccupied with the images of my horny daughter playing with herself at school.

This led to flashes of the things I'd seen her doing over the past week. She was lying in the tub with her legs straight up along the wall as warm water from the bath faucet buffeted her pussy. She was standing naked on my bed, fingering her cunny while she watched herself in the mirror mounted on my dresser. She was kneeling in the kitchen, masturbating intensely as she sucked the wet dildo that had just been inside her. I had no idea how I was going to get from the meeting to the men's room without anyone seeing the massive hard-on that was raging in my pants.

By strategically holding my notepad over my crotch, I made it safely to the men's room. I hurried into a stall and pulled my cock out. I fumbled with my phone and took a quick dick pic. I then brought up my daughter's recent message and flipped through the images as I jacked my cock like a teenager d***k on getting his first sext message from a girl. It was only a matter of seconds before I was spewing cum down over my fist. I took the "after" picture to go along with the "before" pic, and began composing a message to Nicole.

As I did it, I was fully aware how stupid I was being. This was how people got into trouble. I was constantly amazed by the monumental stupidity of those who were engaged in illicit relationships and willfully created the evidence that would ultimately convict them of their crimes. It was with this in mind that I typed: Can't wait to see you tonight and find out what cums of it.

Attach. Send. It was lame, I know, but my brain wasn't really operating at full capacity just then. As I cleaned myself up using wads of cheap toilet tissue, I instantly began to regret sending the dick pics to my daughter.

All it would take would be for a friend to spot them, or for a teacher to confis**te her phone because she was using it in class and find the incriminating message. I was an idiot. As I tucked my spent cock back into my pants and squared myself away, I decided that I had no right to judge those who had been convicted by their own foolishness; I was now potentially one of them. Fuck it. There was nothing I could do about it now. Back at my desk, I tried to put it all out of my mind and get back to work.

Unfortunately, I found myself pulling out my phone every ten or fifteen minutes to look at my naked daughter. I couldn't make sense of this urge. I'd seen her naked in the flesh pretty much every day for the past couple weeks, but somehow the pictures held an allure that was altogether unique. I imagined her sitting in class, maybe thinking about my cock, and getting so wet and horny that she couldn't take it.

She just had to go to the girls' room and play with herself. Not only that, but she felt compelled to share it with me despite the risk. I could picture her sitting on that filthy school toilet, her fingers buried to the last knuckle in her pussy, as she thought about how she'd given her daddy an i****t-fueled hard-on at work.

I spent the rest of the day with my cock at some stage of hardness. What was that they said about an erection lasting longer than four hours? Maybe I wouldn't have to get any of those little blue pills after all. My horny daughter appeared to be all the medicine this old man needed. Despite the annoyance of rush-hour traffic, my dick only became harder the closer I got to home.

I couldn't remember desperately longing to be with someone this much before. I've always loved Nicole, and had a certain appreciation for the time I spent with her, but this was something entirely new. I physically ached for her. Just to be near her, to see her, to touch her, to feel her against me. It wasn't like any romantic love I'd ever felt for another woman, but it was a love that was bigger than anything I could possibly have with someone else.

Nicole was a part of me in a way that no other woman would ever be. I came into the house from the garage to the faint scents of hairspray and perfume. She was already getting prepared for our "date night." As I headed down the hallway, Nicole stepped out of the bathroom and I suddenly lost the ability to breathe. She stood tall in nothing but a matching set of black lace panties and bra. Her hair was done up, and her head was tilted to one side as she fussed with a troublesome ear ring.

Her freshly washed skin glowed with a delicately lotioned sheen. My eyes tried to take in her bare arms, her naked tummy, and her shapely thighs all at once. Then I realized she was wearing one other item: a pair of elegant black high-heels that showed off most of her graceful feet and accented her delicate ankle with a perfectly placed thin black strap. To make this vision even more erotic, I could just barely make out the pink shadows of her nipples beneath the dark lace of her bra.

My baby didn't just look like a porn star, she looked like a porn goddess! "Hi, Daddy," she greeted me with a knowingly flirtatious smile.

"Is that for me?" She nodded down toward my crotch. I looked down at the ridiculously obvious bulge in my pants. "For you and no one else." "Take it out and let me see." As I unzipped my pants and threaded my hard-on through the flap of my boxers I noticed my hands were trembling.

I was like a schoolboy in the presence a naked lady for the very first time. I wanted to jerk off to her right there in the middle of the hallway Nicole finally got her ear ring to cooperate, placed her hands on her hips and eyed my erection with open admiration. "Mmm, I want to suck it so bad right now, but I just finished my makeup and I don't want to get lip gloss all over your big, hard, beautiful cock." She touched the corner of her mouth in a seductively suggestive way that seemed to hint that she wanted me to push her to her knees and force her to take my cock down her throat right there.

Before I made up my mind to do just that, she said, "I better finish getting dressed before I end up doing something bad." She turned and headed for her bedroom. Although not a thong, the black lace panties she had on didn't hide much of that centerfold ass of hers. I stood transfixed as I gawked at the sensuous woman who had been my little girl only yesterday.

It wasn't until Nicole disappeared into her room that I regained enough of my senses to function. I quickly showered and changed into something casual but classy. As I pulled on my socks, I saw that my hands were still shaking in anticipation. I had a feeling this was going to be a date night unlike any other we'd ever had. The waitress cleared our dishes and threatened to return with the dessert menu. Nicole, my beautiful 17-year-old daughter, gazed across the table at me with a coy smile.

"I don't know what you're thinking," I said, "but I have a feeling it's trouble." "Oh, don't be so suspicious all the time, Daddy. I was just thinking about what a nice time we're having together. And about how handsome you are. And about how much I want your cock right now." My heart skipped a little. Not just because I still got a huge thrill out of hearing my darling girl talking filthy, but because the woman at the table next to us clearly overheard.

I gave Nicole "the look," but that only made her smile more. I noticed her fidgeting around in her chair and was afraid to ask what she was up to. "Nicole? Is everything okay over there?" "I was just wondering, is it hot in here?" She brought her hand up from under the table and held out her fist. "Or is it just me?" She opened her hand and a lacy pair of panties dropped onto the table between us. My heart did a double-skip, and I snatched the crumpled underwear as fast as I could, stuffing them in my pocket.

I recognized this pair as the panties she had on before we left for dinner. They were warm and moist in my hand. The little devil. I was getting a queer look from the woman next to us, but I don't think she saw what I had hidden. "Are you crazy?" I hissed, trying to keep my voice low. "Yes." Her shoeless foot prodded my knee playfully. "I just don't want anything in the way when we're at the movies later." This girl was going to be the death of me. The tension between the abject fear of discovery and the mounting horniness for my incorrigibly sexy daughter was spiking my blood pressure for sure.

"Maybe we should head home and watch a movie there." "Nooo," she pouted. "This is too much fun." Her foot moved along the inside of my thigh. Thank God we were having our "date night" at a restaurant with table cloths. The waitress reappeared and handed us each a small menu. "I recommend the Triple-Cocoa Rapture." She leaned in toward Nicole and added in a half whisper, "Or, as I call it, the chocolate orgasm." She gave me a knowing smirk with that.

"I'll be back in a minute to see what you want." What did she think was going on here? Were we that obvious? "Mmm, that sounds gooood. Daddy, I want a chocolate orgasm. Please, please, please can I have a warm, gooey chocolate orgasm?" The woman next to us was scowling at me. I could tell she was on the verge of saying something that was unlikely to be anything but unkind. Or worse. All I could do was give her a helpless "what're ya gonna do" shrug. "You keep this up, young lady, and you're not getting anything." "I don't care.

I'll just get a treat at the movies. Maybe something good to suck on." Her foot completed its inexorable journey to my crotch as she said that, causing me to jump. The woman was drawing a breath, finally pushed to the point of speaking her mind. "Okay, darling, joke's over. Let's get going." I quickly dropped a handful of twenties on the table, not caring that I was probably leaving about a 40% tip, and whisked my saucy daughter toward the exit.

I don't know what I was more worried about: people seeing the bulge in my pants caused by my hard cock, or the bulge created by my daughter's balled up panties in my pocket. She couldn't stop laughing as we strolled toward the theater. "Did you see the look on that old prude's face? Ha ha!" "Yeah, well, that old prude is probably calling the cops on me right now." "Oh, don't be so dramatic, you silly poop.

We're just having a little fun." She hooked her arm through mine and pressed her body against me as we walked. It was nice. "It won't seem like fun when we're at the hospital dealing with my heart attack." "Is your cock still hard?" "A little." "Good." She bumped me playfully with her hip.

"My pussy is so freakin' wet right now. You'll see for yourself once the movie starts." I wasn't about to admit to her that despite my terror at being discovered as the daughter-molesting pervert that I was, I couldn't buy the tickets and get to our seats fast enough.

True to her word, as soon as the lights went down she took my hand and guided it up under her light, loose-fitting skirt. My fingertips quickly found their way into her soft crease, and she was indeed as wet as she'd promised. Luckily it was a Tuesday night so there were only about a half a dozen other people in the theater with us, and Nicole had made sure we were sitting in the back row. She spread her legs as wide as the seat would allow and closed her eyes while I fingered her in public for the first time.

She was loving every second of it. "Feel how hard my clit is, Daddy," she whispered. I was sure everyone in the place, including the guy running the projector, heard that. No one looked back at us, so I wiggled my finger up to her stiff little nubbin. She barely suppressed a giggle as I teased her excited clitty. Her hand made its way into my lap and she began stroking me over my pants.

I hadn't messed around in a movie theater like this since I was a kid. It was so much better now than it ever had been back then when I was too young and clueless to know what I was doing.

Nicole leaned into me, whispering in my ear, "I want you inside of me, Daddy. Fuck me with your fingers." She bit my earlobe lightly before sitting back to await her pleasure. The previews weren't even over yet and I was about ready to cum in my pants. I gave my sweet girl what she wanted and slipped my middle finger into her increasingly juicy hole.

She drew in a sharp breath and gripped my cock tighter. I knew my baby wouldn't be happy with just one finger, so I added a second. She was only barely able to stifle a moan. "Go ahead, Daddy," she whispered, "make me cum." I slowly pumped my fingers in and out of her, careful not to make too much noise doing it.

My thumb sought out her clit and I worked both of her happy places simultaneously. She bit her lip and began grinding her hips in concert with my subtle manipulations of her most private parts. If you told me a month ago that I'd be finger fucking my daughter in a movie theater while she held onto my cock during one of our date nights I'd have punched you in the mouth.

Funny how life can still surprise you now and again. "That's it, Daddy, play with my cunt." "Shhhh," I urged her quietly. I was worried that she was becoming lost in the ecstasy and forgetting where we were. "You don't have to say anything, just relax and enjoy it." "Ohh, but you make my cunt feel so good," she breathed heavily.

I was only saved by the fact that the preview that was showing at that moment featured enough explosions to camouflage my daughter's pre-orgasmic dirty talk.

I leaned over and put my mouth on hers. That should quiet her down a little. Her tongue darted into my mouth as soon as our lips touched. I'd never been much of a fan of French kissing, but with my daughter it took on a whole new dimension.

I could do it with her for hours. Nicole grabbed her own breast and squeezed it roughly. The opening credits were rolling, and so was she. Her hips twisted and bucked as I worked my fingers in out of her pussy. Our pace naturally quickened and her tongue became more insistent in my mouth. Her moans were only just muffled with me swallowing them as they came.

"Mm hmm, mm hmmm, mmmmmm!" From the way her cunt muscles were contracting around my two fingers it was obvious she was cumming. Her seat squeaked as she worked her way through the torture of containing her orgasm. As soon as her body calmed, she leaned down, unzipped my pants and had my cock in her mouth.

I looked around guiltily, knowing that if anyone glanced our way they'd know exactly what was going on. I wondered if the theater had infra-red cameras watching the audience. Before my paranoia could take over, my daughter's tongue ran up the length of my shaft and my brain went to jelly. She teased my cockhead with the tip of her tongue, then wrapped her lips around it and sucked hard.

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Nicole deftly massaged my balls with her fingers as she nursed on my penis in her mouth. Damn, she was good at this. The movie had started and I didn't even care that I had just spent twenty-five bucks for something I wasn't even watching.

Nicole worked her lips slowly up and down, taking me in as far as she could before pulling back and going down again. Her long hair hung down and tickled my wet cock flesh anywhere that it was exposed. Everything about my sweet daughter was a sexual delight, almost as if she was made for this.

Even though she was taking it slow, it wasn't more than two minutes before I felt that inevitable stirring at the base of my balls. The stirring became a tingle, and Nicole could sense she had me on the verge. She began bobbing her head quicker and sucking harder. Her tongue hit that spot on my shaft just below the rim of my head with each pass. Fuck, she was good! No matter how much I wanted it to last, seconds later I was unleashing a flood of semen into my girl's eager mouth.

In the silences between the onscreen dialogue, I could hear her swallowing me down. I wanted to jam myself deep into her throat as I fed her every drop I had to offer, but I restrained myself. It wouldn't do to be caught choking my daughter with my cock right there in public.

Instead, I clenched my jaw, held her head, and emptied the rest of my seed onto her tongue. She swallowed everything I had to give and kept sucking until she was sure there was nothing left for her.

Nicole sat up with a self-satisfied smile on her adorable face. What a sexy little minx she was. I waited until my hard-on subsided enough for me to tuck it back into my pants. I wasn't able to make any sense of what was happening on the giant movie screen in front of me. It didn't help that my daughter's skirt was still up around her hips, her smooth, taut thighs on display in the shifting light of the movie, her pussy only just hidden.

"I can't take this," she whispered. I could smell the thick scent of my cum on her breath. "I want to get naked with you, Daddy." "Settle down, young lady, you've had your fun. Just relax and watch the movie." She squirmed in the seat next to me. Her hand was under her skirt. "I want you to put oil everywhere on me so I can rub myself all over your naked body." "Nicole," I scolded in a low voice, knowing I'd already lost the debate, "the movie." "Fuck this stupid move." She put two of her fingers to my lips.

The unmistakable smell of her pussy was strong on them. I sucked her girlish cum juices from them and nearly lost what little control I had left.

Nicole pulled her fingers away before I was finished with them. "I want to go home and play," she insisted in a sultry whisper.

There was no point in resisting because it was exactly what I wanted to do also. As soon as we merged onto the highway, Nicole tugged her dress down, unveiling her braless tits.

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They were two exquisite points of womanly allure in the dim light given off by the dashboard. I seemed to remember that she'd had a bra on when we left the house. I couldn't be bothered trying to sort out when she managed to shed it. She pinched her nipples, pulling at them with unforgiving lust. "Hurry, Daddy, I'm so fucking horny for you." I wanted to push the needle to 120 M.P.H., but the last thing I needed was to get pulled over with my half-naked daughter in the passenger seat sexually abusing herself.

I attempted to steady my breathing and go as fast as I could without risking any trouble. The next thing I heard was the telltale sound of fingers plunging into a very wet female orifice. I told myself not to look, but the temptation was too powerful, and I was too weak to resist. Nicole was leaned back, legs spread, her middle finger inserted in her cunny hole, the rest of her fingers splayed out like a dainty fan.

My eyes lingered too long on the sensual motion of her unhurried self-pleasure, and I had to jerk the wheel to get back into my own lane.

"I never masturbated with someone else in the car before," she purred. "But you have alone?" "All the time." She added a second finger and probed around her inner delights. "I love playing with my pussy and making myself cum when I'm driving." Nicole wet her fingers and rubbed one of her nipples.

"One time a truck driver saw me and beeped. I came in, like, two seconds after that." "I knew I shouldn't have let you get your license." "You can take it away if you want, Daddy. Then you'll have to drive me everywhere while I relax in the passenger seat like this and tickle my taco." She pulled her fingers out and licked them luxuriously.

That was it. I couldn't take it anymore. I flicked on the right turn signal, drifted to a stop in the breakdown lane, and put my hazard lights on.

"Daddy, what are we doing?" "I'm doing something I've been wanting to do for too long now." I turned Nicole in her seat, lifted one of her legs, and leaned in quick. I went straight for her pussy without any preamble. When I pressed my lips against her cunt and started sucking, my daughter let out a shrill cry of joy. "Oh, fuck, Daddy!

Yes!" She shifted and pushed her crotch up where it was easier for me to get at. "I've been wanting this so bad, too!" My daughter grabbed two handfuls of my hair and held me tight against her. "Eat me, Daddy. Eat my fucking pussy!" I had lost it. I was going crazy between her legs, like a voracious animal. I licked and sucked wildly, my head moving in broad circles the whole time.

I wanted to taste her, feel her, swallow every ounce of her all at once. I grabbed her thigh a bit too roughly, and assaulted her clit with my tongue and lips. "Oh God, you're sucking me so hard right now!

I love it! Don't stop, Daddy! Suck my cunt!" Her words were barely registering with me. I was in some kind of parallel dimension where all my fondest wishes were coming true. Not only was I finally tasting my girl's pussy juices directly from the source for the very first time, but she was also loving every second of it based on the way she was enthusiastically face fucking me like she couldn't get enough.

"Get in there and eat it, Daddy," she growled with a fierce passion and jammed her pussy aggressively against my face. "Eat that fucking cunt!" The SUV rocked as a big truck thundered past. A corner of the center console was jabbing me in the ribs.

It hurt, but a couple bruises were well worth it. I'd always enjoyed giving a woman oral pleasure, but I'd never been so charged up to go down on a pussy in my life not even the first time a girl let me do it. My daughter had no idea how much this meant to me. I'd learned over the past weeks that my baby girl had a sumptuously juicy pussy, but I swear she was wetter than ever. Her feminine nectar was running down my chin and trickling along my throat.

Her intimate tang was unlike any woman I'd tasted before. It would have been a simple matter to identify my daughter's cunt from a line-up just from flavor alone. How many fathers could say that?

"Oh, suck it, Daddy! Suck it, suck it, suck it! Yeeeeees! One of her feet stamped against the front windshield, the other was pressed up to the roof. She was screaming as loud as she could without fear of being overheard by anyone there on the side of the highway holding her back. My girl came in my mouth, and I swear I felt an increased gush of her sex fluids. I sucked and slurped at her pussy, trying to capture every trace of her orgasm in my mouth. I gasped for air, then went back in for more.

My nose pushed into her sparse crop of pubic hair and I flattened my tongue against her throbbing clit, shaking my head rapidly from side to side. "No, Daddy, please! I can't take it! Oh, oh, oh, shit!" Her body jerked and she strained up against me as another orgasm ripped through her, quick on the heels of the first.

I knew her clit would be hyper-sensitive to the point of pain, but I didn't want to stop. I went lower and shoved my tongue back in her hole. I swirled around her opening, taking her in with every sense I possessed.

God, my daughter's cunt was so soft and warm and wet. It was the most delicious thing I'd ever known. Nothing else came close.

We were rocked again by another truck zooming past. No one knew I was in my front seat eating my daughter's pussy, but some of the passing drivers surely had recognized the sight of a woman's legs in the air and would have easily have figured out what was happening. I had to get back on the road before some jealous busy-body called the cops. "Holy fuck, I think I almost passed out from cumming so hard." Nicole ran her fingers through my hair, keeping my head between her legs.

I kissed her swollen lips and the soft bulge of her mound. "That was beyond awesome." "I'm sorry our first time was by the side of the road like this. Not very romantic." I kissed her clit and made her flinch before sitting up.

"Are you k**ding? You could have done that to me in the middle of a garbage dump and it still would have been the hottest thing ever." She got herself turned around the right way in the seat, but left her dress bunched around her middle.

I tried to shake the cobwebs out of my brain, and accelerated up to speed before turning off the hazards and getting back into traffic. I checked the rear view mirror. No flashing blue lights…yet.

"I shouldn't have lost control like that," I said, scolding myself more than making an excuse to her. "That's what made it so incredible. It was like you had to have me and you couldn't stand going another second without my pussy.

Then you just…rawrrrr! And took me like that." She raked her short fingernails up the insides of her thighs. "Look at me, I'm still shaking all over." "Yeah, it got a little intense there didn't it?" "Understatement of the year.

I bet your cock is hard enough to drill through rocks right now." She reached over into my lap and confirmed that this was indeed the case. "Damn." "See what you do to me?" "I love making you hard, Daddy." She lightly stroked me through my pants as her fingertips danced along the edges of her slit.

"I'm so lucky." "That makes two of us." "Promise you'll lick my pussy for me again as soon as we get home." "Hmm, I don't know. You've been a very naughty girl this evening, and it's a school night." "Pleeeease, Daddy," she whined, playing the exaggerated little girl to my falsely stern father.

"I'll be good, and clean my room, and do all my homework." "I'll think about it." She cupped my balls and gave them a mock threatening squeeze. "If you don't suck my pussy when we get home, I'm going to tell on you." "Don't even joke about that," I said with more levity than it deserved.

Just hearing her tease me about that gave me a sour knot in my stomach. She quietly toyed with herself as light from the streetlamps illuminated her, glided across her bare flesh then melted away into shadows, only to be replaced a moment later by the next one.

I wished we could have kept driving like that for hours. "You look handsome with my pussy juice on your face," my daughter said to me just before we came to our exit. She caressed my lips and I kissed her fingers. "I couldn't wish for a better dad."