Step daddy gets first time Family Fourth Of July

Step daddy gets first time Family Fourth Of July
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"Knock knock" Sasha said as she opened the door to Mr Riley's office. "Sasha, come in" Mr Riley responded in surprise. "What are you still doing at school? The final bell went 20 minutes ago" Sasha walked into the office and closed the door behind her. She sat down in one of the two chairs that were in front of the desk, facing Mr Riley.

"I wanted to talk to you about my grades in English" Sasha responded, with her cheeks starting to turn red in embarrassment. "I know I'm failing, but, you see, the reason is, um, well, I ah, can't focus, in um class " she stammered, looking down at her lap. "Why can't you focus Sasha? Your previous year grades, and your grades in all your other classes are fantastic." Mr Riley closed his laptop at this point, focusing all his attention on Sasha.

"This is your last year of high school, if your English grades don't pick up you may not be able to graduate" "I know that. And my parents said that if my grades don't improve then they will stop my dancing. I want to improve, but I don't see how I can" Sasha replied into her lap, her eyes glistening on your verge of tears.

"What is the reason you can't focus in my class? I don't see you talking to anyone else. In fact from what I hear from other teachers you aren't yourself in my class. They all say that you are bright, bubbly and participate all the time.

In my class you are drawn in and quiet. Is it my teaching methods? Is someone in class bullying you?" Sasha responded in a mumble. "I'm sorry, I didn't catch that. Please look at me and speak clearly" Mr Riley said gently. Sasha heaved a big sigh as she looked up at him.

"I can't focus because of you." "Can you please elaborate?" "Because you are so damn hot and I spend the entire class imagining you with no clothes on" Sasha rushed out.

"Oh" was all Mr Riley could say in response, with a shocked look on his face. It seemed that now that Sasha had started she was unable to stop. "I imagine your strong arms around me as you kiss me, as you pick me up and pin me down so I can't move. I imagine you ripping my clothes off and caressing by boobs. I imagine you giving me so much pleasure I scream in ecstasy. I imagine the taste of your cock, I wonder at what noises you make, and the look on your face when I deep throat you and you cum in my mouth." At this point Sasha could see Mr Riley readjust himself and was suddenly full of confidence at the thought that she was turning him on.

"Have you ever wondered what my naked boobs look like Mr Riley?" As she said this, she leaned forward in the chair squashing her breasts together with her forearms.

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"Um Sasha" Mr Riley said with a cough. "This isn't appropriate. You are a 17 year old student and I am your teach.". He trailed off as Sasha started to bite her lip in a seductive way. He went to look away, but in his haste he wasn't thinking and looked down at her breasts. "You like them?" Sasha whispered, and Mr Riley could do nothing but nod. Sasha, feeling full of power at the thought of what she was doing to him, started to undo the buttons on her school blouse, one by one, very slowly.

Mr Riley swallowed loudly, his eyes transfixed on her boobs. "But, anyone could walk in. I could get fired, I could go to jail!" This seemed to break Mr Riley from the spell he was under. "Sasha Monroe, you must stop this now!" Instead Sasha stood up and dropped her blouse on the floor. "Relax Mr Riley, no one else is here, I checked before I came.

And I locked the door". As she was speaking she was walking around to his side of the desk.

Without thinking, Mr Riley swirled his chair around to face her. Sasha walked right up to him and put a hand on the arms of the chair. "Come now Mr Riley, are you telling me that you don't want to taste my tits?" As she said the last word she swung them right close to his face. He groaned as they came close to him and he inhaled deeply. "Sasha, stop this now!" And he tried to move his chair away from her. As her hands were still on the arms of the chair she moved with the chair until he backed into his bookshelf behind his desk.

Now that the chair could go no further, she bought one of her hands down to his bulge in his pants. "How big is your cock, Mr Riley?" She asked as she tried to stroke him, but he crossed his legs making it harder for her to get access. "I want to taste it. See if it is like I imagined. Will you let me taste it?" She asked, still leaning in front of him, noticing how his eyes kept moving to her breasts and then away.

He coughed in reply, trying to regain some composure, some control. "Miss Monroe, stop this at once.

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If you put your top back on and leave at one I won't tell the principle or your parents about this" "But you know you want to" she said looking down at his crotch, "and I mostly definitely want to" she continued with one hand starting to massage her boob through her bra, "so what's the problem?" She finished, licking her lips seductively. "Oh I'm going to hell for this" he murmured as he put a strong hand behind Sasha's back pulling her forward so that she stumbled right onto his lap, her breasts squashing into his face.

"You smell so good" he said as one hand went to her ass to hold her steady as the other hand expertly unhooked her bra. Sasha threw the bra to the floor as Mr Riley took her left nipple into his mouth and began to suck it, like his life depended on it.

The hand on her back pushed her closer while his other hand went to caress the other breasts, tweaking the nipple between his fingers. "Oh God, oh God", Sasha began to wimper as Mr Riley continued, swapping so that he now had her right nipple in his mouth, this time biting it gently.

"Is this close to what you had imagined?" Mr Riley asked into her right nipple, still gently caressing the left with his thumb. "It is better, way, way better" Sasha responded short of breath.

"Good!" He said, standing up suddenly, his strong arms around her so that she was now straddling him. He walked her over to the couch in his office and laid her gently on it. "Have you ever been fingered Sasha?" He asked as be began to push up her skirt. "Nnnnooo" she stammered as his fingers hooked her underwear and began to slide them off, showing her sweet pussy, nicely trimmed. "Do you finger yourself, Sasha?" He asked, as he slowly moved his hands up and down the inside of her legs.

Sasha just nodded. "Does it feel good when you finger yourself Sasha?" Again Sasha just nodded. "Does it feel this good?" He said as he suddenly swept his hands all the way up her leg and over her clit. Sasha gasped in pleasure as he gently rubbed her clit with his thumb. "Oh my, you are wet!" He exclaimed as he gently probed a finger inside her vagina.

Sasha continued to whimper, with them turning more into moans of pleasure. "You never answered me Sasha" Mr Riley said again as he continued to rub her clit and pump a finger inside of her. "Wh, wh, what?" Sasha managed to say. "I asked if it feels this good when you finger yourself" Mr Riley replied, adding a second finger inside of her.

Sasha could do nothing but moan in response. "If you don't answer me Sasha, I will stop". "No, no please don't!" Sasha managed to gasp and she found that her legs were starting to do little spasms.


"Then answer me" Mr Riley said as he picked up the pace on both his fingers pumping in and out of her pussy and his thumb rubbing her clit. "No! Christ no, it doesn't feel anywhere near this good!" She responded, a little surprise to hear how out of breath she sounded.

"Good!" He said as he watched her, this nearly naked 17 year old girl, a great slender dancing body, perky breasts and a tight little pussy. All at his mercy. The thought of it made his cock strain even more against his pants and he started to wonder what else he could get her to do. If he could make her beg.

How far could he push her. He had never thought of himself as the dominant type, but now was having other thoughts. Sasha's moaning was becoming increasingly louder which pulled him from his day dreams and back to the present. Specifically that they were still at school.


"Sssh, keep it down" he said, while at the same time increasing his pressure on her, knowing it would make it harder for her to do so. "Oh God!" She all but yelled in response. "I said, keep it down" and with that he silenced her by lowering his mouth to meet hers, their kisses fast and passionate, their tongues exploring the others mouths. It was at this point that Sasha's hips began to buck and Mr Riley knew that she was on the verge of cumming. He kept his fast rhythm up, kept his mouth firmly on hers, suddenly wondering if she would be a squirter or not.

Sasha's head started to move from side to side in pleasure until Mr Riley used his free hand to hold it in place. Sasha was no longer able to kiss him, just moaned loudly into his mouth, her eyes now wide open and dark with passion. The pleasure coursing through her was so great that she thought she might explode from it, until suddenly she did.

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She climaxed, Mr Riley keeping up the pace with his fingers until her body stopped convulsing, when he slowed down until finally stopping. He removed his hand and flexed it, easing the cramps that had started. Mr Riley kept looking at her body as her breathing started to return to normal.

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At last she opened her eyes and smiled at him. "That" she started but had to stop and wait a big longer for her breathing to slow, "that was amazing. I never knew it could feel so good". "Oh baby, that was just the beginning" he smiled, then slowly lifted his hand up and sniffed it, still shining from her juices, before gently sucking his fingers then his thumb slowly. "Mmmm, I can't wait until I can taste you properly".

With that he got up off his knees, walked to his desk and returned with the box of tissue which he placed on the couch next to her.

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"Take your time" he said, taking in the still hard nipples and the sheen of sweat on her forehead. Sasha grabbed a couple of tissues and began to clean herself up.

She got off the couch to find her underwear but her legs were like jelly and she collapsed back into the couch. After another minute she tried again, this time successful and bent over to slip them on, her teacher watching her the whole time. "Hold still" Mr Riley suddenly said, and she did, her ass up in the air. He came over and gently carresed her butt checks before slapping one of them.

"Oh" was all Sasha responded with, unsure of what to do next. "No, I'll save that for later" Mr Riley said to himself walking away. "Later?" Sasha queried as she finished putting her underwear on and then straightened her skirt. "Yes, later" her smiled and gestured to the chair in front of his desk, holding her bra in one hand. She sat down and went to reach for bra but Mr Riley held it out of her reach.

"I'll make you a deal Miss Monroe", he said her name to emphasize his point that he was still in fact her teacher. "Every Thursday afternoon you will come to my house for some, private, tutoring", this time emphasizing the word private.

"But if your grades don't improve, then this stops. Do you understand?" Sasha nodded, excited at the thought of the tutoring that he had in mind. "I need to hear it Sasha". "Yes Mr Riley, I understand. Private tutoring every Thursday at your house" "Very good, you should probably leave now, but i'm keeping this" her said regarding her bra, but handing her a slip of paper with his address on it.

"I will need some inspiration for our first session" he smiled. Sasha nodded, but her blouse back on and went to the door. "Thank you Mr Riley" "See you tomorrow Miss Monroe" "But we don't have English until Friday" "No we don't. But tomorrow is Thursday"