Amateur MILF NaughtyNyara plays with her pussy in the park

Amateur MILF NaughtyNyara plays with her pussy in the park
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I have had a fantasy for a long time now of buying women lingerie/clothes and having them model it for me and have yet to play it out. My intention is to write a number of stories on how I have fantasized and discussed playing this out with different women and different scenarios. This is all fantasy at this point. I have never written before, however I did try to ensure the punctuation was decent and the grammar did not leave too many questions as I have seen in many other stories.

I am a 26 year old single male somewhat heavy, but over 6 feet tall with wide shoulders. I am single and a little bit of a nerd, but I get by with a good income and have a good amount of friends. Kate is a teacher that lives a few states away, I know her through a college friend. Kate is a petite girl with b cup chest, curly hair just past her shoulders, a nice round butt and a pretty smile. I had not talked to Kate in a few years, until one day out of the blue we started texting back and forth as joke at first, which quickly turned dirty.

The texting turned to IM chat and eventually a few pictures of each other were exchanged.

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I sent her one of my cock, and she sent me one of her holding her new dildo between her fantastic little tits. Kate had an extremely dirty mind and I loved it, we shared many of our craziest fantasies.

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One night the chat was getting very hot and heavy the idea of actually following through with all the teasing came up.

Within an hour I booked a suite at a hotel about equal driving distance and we were to meet there at 1PM the next Saturday. I was ecstatic, practically a walking hard on for 4 days waiting to meet up with her.

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At her request I did not jerk off again until we were to meet, which made me even more on edge. The plan was to go shopping and do dinner, the things I was to make sure I had included lube and handcuffs.

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++++++ I arrived at the hotel at 12:30, early enough to check in before she got there. I was horny and nervous as hell that she was going to bail on me until an hour into the drive when I received a text confirming everything from her.

After checking in I walked outside to see her with a small over night bag, a big smile and in the sexiest short khaki shorts, a plaid shirt and white tank top under it. We hugged and gave each other a quick but nice kiss before I got the bags to the room with her going the whole way not saying a word just smiling at me.

When we got to the room, she kissed me and asked if I was ready for the night of my life. I replied yes of course. With that she patted the hard on in my trousers and asked "is it safe to assume you were a good boy and did as you were told?" I nodded yes.

"good then, can you hold it just a little while longer if I promise to make it worth your while?" again I nodded yes with the smile on my face getting bigger. Kate walked around the hotel room, checking it out for a few minutes and asked "would you still like to take me shopping this afternoon?" I replied "Yes, if you are still up for it." With that Kate took my hand and we headed out to the car.

The car ride was nice, and keeping my eyes off of her legs was difficult, especially on the occasion she took my hand and rubbed her mound with it through her shorts. Once at the mall I suggested we look for a dress first, with her agreeing we were going through a few small shops and having a hard time finding anything she liked in her size.

Ending up in the large department store, we were looking through the black dresses and she picked a few out. She modeled 3 of them all cute but not exactly what she had wanted. With the help of an attractive woman at the store the fourth dress was perfect, black, a silk/satin like material just above her knees, just loose enough for a good twirl, with a tank top that was still conservative. (I loved the dress because I knew it could hide some sexy lingerie, lady in the street is a huge turn on.) With the dress picked out we were on our way to the shoe department.

I helped Kate try on a few nice heels and each time enjoying feeling her smooth legs. When we found the black strap heels that she had to have I gave her legs a nice long rub while helping her take them off. As I was putting the heels into the box, Kate whispered into my ear "you know that's not all I shaved this morning…" and gave my ear lobe a little lick.


Buying the things at the department store was a bit of trick while trying to keep my hard on hidden. Walking back into the mall Kate smiled and said "Now the fun part!" Like we were pulled in by a tractor beam, we went straight for Victoria's Secret hand in hand. I was nervous as hell about this but excited at the same time. Without any warning a sales person asked if she could help us before we were more than 5 feet into the store. Kate immediately blurted out that she had a new dress and needed something extremely sexy for under it.

I saw the grin on the woman's face as she asked to see the dress and was offering to help. Kate showed her and in an instant we were off! Questions and answers between Kate and sales person flew.


I was overwhelmed but trying to catch everything, questions ranged from sizes, to materials to colors. Before I knew it I was watching Kate get measured by the woman and seeing her smile at me, let me know she knew exactly what she was doing.

The two women were like childhood friends almost immediately, going around the store holding things up sometimes looking for my approval and other times just smiling in my direction. I told Kate to get a few things she would like in the hopes that I would get to see all of it. When checking out, she had this sexy black babydoll with garters, matching thong and stockings and a red bra and panty/garter set.

When I opened the car door for her, she gave me a nice kiss on the cheek and said thank you. The car ride back to the hotel had my mind racing, I could have sworn I was going to lose it in my pants, but some how I managed to keep it together with her teasing and flirting a lot more than on the way there.

At the hotel, I carried everything up for her and upon her request set it in the large bathroom. I used the restroom before she got ready and then waited for her impatiently flipping channels on the tv after making reservations down stairs.

When Kate walked out of that bathroom my jaw hit the floor. She looked absolutely beautiful in that dress, the heels, the thigh highs under, and I wasn't sure which set she had under it.

This was almost more of a tease to me, and she knew it.

Naturally her being a woman she asked if I liked it and I tripped over my own words to her amusement. I gave Kate a hugmy arms wrapping around her small body and I leaned down to give her a kiss. Before I knew it our tongues were dancing, heart rates rising, and the passion was really there. As the kiss slowly ended with a very knowing smile and eyes staring into each other, Kate smiled up at me and said "thank you very much, I do feel like a princess." Kate then went into her bag and fished out a few simple pieces of jewelry.

As she put them on, looking into the mirror over the dresser, I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. Like a magnet I stepped up behind her, and just before my hands touched her hips, she asked for my help with her necklace. I obliged and connected the clasp of the simple silver necklace, following it up with a kiss to her neck and shoulder as my hands wrapped around her, she pressed her body back into me just for a few moments enjoying my kisses on her neck.

I sucked on her earlobe for a moment before whispering to her that I promised her dinner before the fun. We walked hand in hand to dinner and it was nice, her teasing me a little here and a little there. Just before desert she leaned over just far enough with a devilish smile and asked if I knew which lingerie set she had picked.

I was lost in her cleavage and realized the question she had asked, I had to admit I wasn't sure yet. Kate smiled and whispered the black one to me just as the desert was brought. As we ate desert I am sure the wine was taking its effect because she was becoming a bit more aggressive, her foot wandering up my leg and other little things. After the bill we wandered around for a few minutes to get some fresh air. The chatter was good and we talked about all sort of stuff through the night, but on the walk I asked her if she was ready for the rest of the night (I thought it nice of me to give her a last out).

Her response was a simple yes. Arriving back at the room with Champaign already there in an ice bucket, next to chocolate covered strawberries and a can of whipped cream, only made her more happy. Kate smiled, asking me to poor her a glass as she sat nicely sat in an arm chair. After taking a sip of her drink she smiled up at me and said "I think I want to see the thing I have been teasing all night." Gulping my glass as I stood in front of her I opened my fly and fished out my hard on.

To her delight precum on the tip already, and raging as could be. After another sip she smiled and saying "I'm glad you like what you see so much, give it a few strokes for me, please." I obliged and started stroking myself while standing less than a foot from my princess of the evening. After she finished her drink, she told me take off my clothes and sit on the couch. Following her request as fast as possible I nearly tripped as I sat on the couch ready to explode.

Within a moment of me sitting she was on her feet in front of me, asking me to start stroking my cock again for her. Her foot made its way right next to my hip and her dress was stretched and pulled up a bit.

As she pulled her dress further and further up, the top of her thigh highs and then her garter came into view. "Wait until I tell you to shoot" was all she said, and I slowed down my pace. Then her foot was on the ground and I heard a zipper just before her dress practically fell off her slender shoulders. There she was in the black babydoll, I could just barely see the bottom of the thong covering my desire… Laying down on the floor infront of me she spread her legs slowly and began to rub herself through the shiny black thong.

With a smile she asked me to kneel between her legs and I obliged again, still stroking myself slowly. As Kate began to moan softly looking at my cock and up at me and back and forth, as I did to her, she finally said "time for you to make both of us happy, show me all that cum you saved up, I want it all over this sexy baby doll." Kate began to rub herself harder her hips begin to move and I was lost in a fury of stroking for her and in what seemed like minutes (probably seconds) my cock began to jerk and in slow motion jizz began to shoot out on to her.

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Her chest and all the way down, a massive load pooled between her mounds and on her stomach, a few nice trails leading down to her hand that hadn't stopped rubbing as she moaned. My cum dripping onto her hand and through her fingers to her panties.

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I stayed kneeling admiring my work, feeling spent, but knowing there was more to come. After taking in the view, Kate licked her fingers clean and began scooping up what had been on her bare chest to her mouth, enjoying every taste and savoring everything.

All I could do was look on in awe as she was enjoying her present. After a few moments I began to kiss my way from Kate's knee down her leg.

As I reached her thong I quickly pulled it aside and gently kissed the top of her slit. Starting in slowly with short licks that got longer and longer her fingers through my hair as I picked up momentum and my tongue spent more and more time at her opening and at her clit she was continuing to moan louder and louder.

My fingers joined in and I focused my tongue on her clit as my 2 fingers reached her g spot. Going non stop at this point her moans blending together I felt her juices flow nicely and I lapped them up. Before I knew it she was pulling my hair out to keep me away and I was like an animal wanting to lick more.

I finally gave in and stopped, smiling down at her as she had the same look of exhaustion I'm sure I had earlier. After each taking a quick turn in the bathroom, Kate came out still in the same outfit, still with my cum on the front. She straddled me on the couch and began rubbing that silk material of her thong against my cock, teasing me and enjoying every second, we kissed and made out and dry humped like animals.

I had undone the top of her babydoll and freed her tits that I had so badly wanted to suck on, while my hands grabbed and caressed and her ass. Her fingers ran through my chest hair and we continued on and on until she finally bit my ear lobe gently and asked me in the sweetest but dirtiest voice to fuck her. Before any more words were said my hands on her ass had reached under pulling her thong to the side and I felt my cock getting wet from her.

Kate sat up for just a second and slid down ever so slowly taking my hard on into her. When I couldn't go in any further she sat back a second holding me inside of her and smiled, before kissing me. She was so wet and I was so hard it was like fireworks, I couldn't help myself we kept going and going, she was screaming and I was doing everything I could to hold back.

She leaned back begging me to cum for her again, and not much longer with my hands on her ass and my hard on buried inside her, I let loose. My cock was tingling inside of her as I finished and she continued to ride me. I bit my lip hoping to hold on for dear life as she finished herself off with my cock and a full load of cum still inside her.

We stayed like that for a few minutes, our bodies pressed against each other, her in her lingerie with my dried cum on the front and my hard on and cum still inside her.

I finally slipped out as I deflated for the first time in what seemed like all day. Even after I was out of her and I could feel our mixture running down her leg we stayed like that catching our breath and enjoying the moment. After a few moments we decided to clean off, when we went into the bathroom Kate stripped completely naked for the first time letting me see her body in all its glory, and wow was it worth it.

I started the shower and Kate sat down on the toilet spread eagle holding her pussy lips apart for me to see as she peed and my cum dripped out. She smiled at me as she went and put on a good show, cleaning up at the end.

After she flushed, she said "your turn" and as I stood up to the toilet to pee she asked if she could aim for me (something she had talked about wanting to do), I said yes, and she seemed to get a kick out of it. When I finished she shook me off and flushed with a giddy laugh she jumped in the shower and we quickly got to soaping each other up.

We took our time on our favorite places of the other, and the rinsing off process turned into a very steamy makeout session. Our kiss seemed to last forever and hands seemed to never stop roaming. We got out after the mirror had fogged and cleared, toweling each other off and kissing in between.

Once I was dry, she said she would be out in a minute and closed the door behind me. I put on a fresh pair of boxers and poured each of us a fresh glass of Champaign. Waiting sipping on my glass and sneaking a strawberry, it wasn't long before she came out. Not that the shower wasn't fun enough to start my engine again. She came out in the red bra with garters and oh wow… She took her glass and drank it down before quickly asking for another.

After pouring her a fresh glass, she popped a strawberry and took a second one teasing her chest with it. She pranced around in her fresh, set of sexy lingerie, while we chatted and drank. All the while I was getting worked up again. After about 20 minutes she asked if I wanted to play some more.

Of course I said yes, unsure what the next thing to do was. She dug into my bag, and into hers pulling things out, the hand cuffs and lube out of mine, a vibe out of hers and she tossed in the whipped cream.

Before I knew it she had taken her panties off again and was in just a garter belt and bra. Opening the whipped cream she put some on her chest just above her bra and on her mound above her slit. Smiling at me she laid back on the bed with her arms above her head and said "cuff me, lick it off and then you can have your way with me." I smiled and went to work cuffing her to a spot in the head board.

Kissing my way from her lips to her ear, down her neck to her chest and licking it clean without going under the bra. I kissed my way down and licked the cream off her mound and gave her mound a little licking after. Then I decided it was my turn to tease back, knees on both sides of her shoulders, I push my cock into her open mouth. Letting her suck for a few minutes to make sure I was good and wet. I then crawled down to between her legs letting my cock slide the whole way long her body.

Kneeling between her legs, she looked so hot in that lingerie I just enjoyed the view for a few before letting my cock touch the tip of her slit.

I let it touch a few times, then rubbed it back and forth a few times, and then slapped my hard on against her slit a bunch of times. She was squirming, trying to use her legs to keep my hard on in contact with her slit. After teasing her to the point that she was begging I got off the bed and fed her a strawberry that I had gotten some of my precum on right in front of her face.

The bra was a front clip and I unclipped it exposing her lovely little chest and awesome nipples. I sucked on each one again enjoying myself and teasing her more. I grabbed the lube and left a nice trail between her small mounds, as well as lubed up her vibe.

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I started the vibe and used it on her clit for a few minutes, just as she was getting close I stopped. And I straddled her chest and begin to rub my cock up against the lubed up area, enjoying the sensation and spreading the lube.

I would periodically let the tip of my cock get close enough for her to lick the precum before going back to enjoying the feeling of her lubed chest against my cock. Once I was close, I decided to stop and go back to using the vibe on her.

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I used it on her clit and inside of her getting Kate off to a few very fun and loud orgasms. I went back to my cock rubbing on her chest with some fresh lube, this time ready to get off for her.

Rubbing against her chest for a bit to get myself nice and close, I scooted up and begin jerk my lubed cock for her again this time right infront of her face. "Kate you are going take my cum in your mouth." As I got close, Kate opened her mouth wide.

I shot my load into her mouth with a nice strand going onto her cheek. I uncuffed her after a few moments of recovery and she used her finger to eat the cum off of her cheek. We fell asleep in each others arms.

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