Athletic boy Tommy White strokes his dick

Athletic boy Tommy White strokes his dick
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last time: i secke my first cock, {kevin's} in the lockerroom shower. after school. now we were hiding in there after we hear the football team pass by. the shower was oppended by Tyler, Sam, James, Paul and Tony.

"Well well well, look at the little fags." Sam says. There all in 10th, white n semi-taller than us.


Sam was the only one who was older, 16. they were all kinda gangersterish n wore gangster clothes. me im not really gangster or rocker or anything for that matter n neither was kevin. i thought they were all straight n all hot. there all athletic n muscular n must have been there to watch the football practice. "Now what should we do with them?" Tyler said. "Maybe we should beat them up?" Paul suggests.i was scared shitless.

kevin walked infront of me and said "finally, i sent u guys that text after school let out." He says. "Now he can be our little slave" james says. "i gotta piss. im sure our little slaves are thirsty too." Tony says. they all agree and tell ne to get on my knees. they have me unzip their pants and take out their cocks. Tyler Sam and Paul stand in front of me and Tony, James, Kevin wait behind them. they hold their cocks at my mouth and unleash their golden flow.

"Drink up" Sam says. their piss was salty but not like the cum i had just guzzled down a while ago.

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most of the piss goes in my mouth but they deliberatly mis and get it all over my head, hair and body. i feel so slutty at the fact that i was enjoying being their bitch and my cock begins to grow. "oh shit this little slut like this!" Tyler says. Tony James and Kevin are now standing behind me waiting for their turn.

the first three end and make me turn around. i am immedeatly am greeted with three new cocks with three new golden streams. the three behind me start beeting their cocks in anticipation.

the streams end and im turned around agian too see the familiar cocks but they were now hard. Tyler had a 5 n a half incher, Sam had a 6incher, and Paul and 5 and a half incher too. i alternate between them suckin and blowing and swallowing and jerking.

They werent at gentle as kevin was and pushed me farther then i could handle at first and made me deep throat.

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Paul was the fit to cum but i was on Tyler at the time so he pulled me away and came slightly on my face. he thrust my head deep into his crotch until my nose was berried into his pubes and came. he yanked my head back and rubebd his cock in the cum. "Yea you like that bitch, dont u?" i dint answer and blushed.

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he slapped my face with his cock. "I said answer me!" "yea i liked it." i said embaressed. "From now on answer us only as sir, daddy or master. understand." "yes.sir." he backed away and tyler pulled me back to him. "now where were we?." i was forced into another deep throat. soon the cum went right down into my stomach. now for Sam. he didnt take long thankfully.

Kevin James and Tony stepped in front and since they had been beeting off the whole time, they just came all over my face. James had the biggest cock at 6 and a half ischs and Tony had 5.


it went everywhere. all over my face and hair and even dipped down my chest. "Lets wash him off and and take him to the car and we can fuck him in and empty parking lot." Tyler said and stuck one finger from one hand in my hole and spanked me hard with the other.

it felt good and degrading at the same time. i got up and put my head under the shower. i got most of the cum out of my hair and face but there was too much. me and keving got dressed and we went out of the building. we walked over to sams car and had to pile in.

with sam in the divers seat, Tyler next to him, James and kevin sat in the second row and Tony and Paul were in the back (he had and expedition or something, it sat sevin but one of the seats had boxes on it or something i dont remember.) i had to sit on the floor.

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i got a call from my parents saying ther were going out of town for the weekend. i told the guys this and we immendiatly went over to my place. we run inside and down into my basement which i furnished. theres a couch and big tv with a dvd player.

"hold on a sec." i say. i run upstairs and get some of my secret porno dvds and lube. when i get back downstairs they are all naked and waiting for me. i got and instant boner and quickly popped in the dvd and stripped naked. i held the lube up and said "who wants my ass first?" Tony hoppend up first and i was thankfull because i wanted to be loosened up for the bigger guys later.

he grabbled the lube from me and faced me towards the couch in front of Tyler. me and tyler started making out as Tony rubbeed the lube between my cheeks and put the tip of his head up to my hole.

he pushed slightly and i cringed. "shhh baby its allright," tyler whispered in my ear. he kissed me on the lips and i slowly lowered myself to his cock. Tony pushed his cock deeper and deeper into my ass. i keep sucking and sucking in tyler to keep myself from screeming.

it was painfull at first but got better and better. his cock bot bigger and i thrusted back. he shot deep in my ass and then pulled out. not more than 2 seconts later my ass was now greated by a new cock. i pulled off tyler and he came on my face. i looked back to see James. He layed me on the floor on my back and put my legs on his shoulders.

Kevin came around and squated in my face he said "Lick it" and i reacheed up and licked his ass hole. i stuck my toung in and was greeted by the now familiar taste of cum. he must have just got fucked by some one. i started sucking and worked all the cum out of it. James was working my ass the whole time. pumping harder ahd harder. His cock was Huge compared to everyone else. I was in puer extacy.

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By this time everyone was moaning and the room was filled with the sent of musk, boy, and cum. After a while i was fucked by everyone and even got 2 cocks up my ass (Tyler and Sam, who i thought were the hottest) while i had James and Kevin in my mouth and beet off Paul and Tony ALL AT ONCE. we even got all in a line and fucked in a line with tony fucking kevin who was fucking james who was fucking paul who was fucking sam who was fucking tyler who was fucking me.

the whole time i hadnt gotten off so i told Tyler i wanted to fuck him the most.

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i leaned him over the couch and proceded to fuck his brains out. We finally all passed out after a long make out session. next time: the next morning