Dudes cover Nova Goldie and Lana girls with their hot cum

Dudes cover Nova  Goldie and Lana girls with their hot cum
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Jade and Bailey sat in Bailey's room, both bored. But Jade came up with the perfect idea. "How was Alex?" She asked.

Bailey grinned. "A beginner, but he tries hard, and he's enjoyable" that was all she needed. She texted him, and made sure to add a winky face at the end. Alex showed up, and remembering the rule, stripped down. He still blushed when he saw Jade's butt, as she was still a good friend of his.

Jade giggled when she saw this, and gave him a cute little wiggle.

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That was all it took to harden him. They rushed to Jade's room, excitement building. The sisters pushed him onto the bed, and put on a show for him, kissing and groping. When they were finished, they layed on either side of him. Bailey kissed him passionately, while Jade stroked him. The smallest whimper escaped his lips as Jade brushed her nails over his balls.

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Alex enjoyed the taste of Bailey's mouth, and the feeling of Jade's soft fingers. Jade gave Bailey a wink, and she backed off, letting her do her thing. She got on all fours, and arched her back. Alex saw this, and jumped up. He plowed his cock into her, grabbed her ass and held on for dear life. Jade moaned as he worked her. Her older sister was right, he did try hard, and she lllllloved it.

She held off as long as she could, and eventually rewarded him by releasing on his still pumping dick. He pulled out, and laid back down, as he was close to release, and didn't want this to end. Jade licked her lips sensually, and crawled like a cat over to Bailey's open legs.

She stuck her tongue out, but didn't enter his sister, instead flicked her tongue at lightning speed over her wet slit. Bailey moaned and squirmed. Alex sat back, stroking himself at the sight, his hand and cock lubed by Jade's juices.

Jade bit down softly onto her big sister's clit, and she squealed, a mix of pain and pleasure.

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She kept her teeth there, and used her fingers to rub her lips until she went over the edge. Her back arched and her eyes rolled upwards. She shoved her little sisters head into her, as wave after wave hit her. Alex stood up and walked behind Jade, and cummed onto her ass, which was popped into the air. Bailey shakily got up, still recovering, and cleaned the mess off her sister.

They all layed down playing with each other, until Alex had to leave. They each kissed him, and when he walked out the door, all Jade whispered into Bailey's ear was "Wow, you were right" and gave her a playful lick on the neck.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next day ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bailey was out with her friends, and mom and dad were out for the evening, trusting the house to herself.

"You can invite Alex over If you want hun" her mom said with a wink and a lick of her lips. She couldn't believe it!


Her mom wanted her to fuck! She blushed a little, but when they left, she immediately called him. "I need you" was all she said, and he was there in minutes. He entered, and stripped down.

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There was a note on the door "Mom's room" was all it said he walked down there to find Jade cuffed to the bed on her belly, as she knew how he felt about her beautiful booty. He climbed on top of her, and licked her cheek. "Here I am baby" he whispered. She moaned, and mouthed "Fuck me" with a lick of her lips. Alex slapped her ass hard. "Don't tell me what to do" he growled, and Jade squealed, surprised by his dominance. He spit on her pussy, and rubbed it in.

She moaned louder. He slid two fingers inside her, and fingered her, feeling the heat from her young pussy. He removed them, and stuck them in her mouth. She gladly tasted herself. He positioned himself behind her, and slid his cock in slowly.

He pushed her ass toward him as far as she could, wanting him with all her being. He humped her, slowly at first, and building up speed. When he felt her getting close, he pulled out, and quickly replaced it with his mouth, tonguing her hard.

She cummed, squirting once, twice, four times onto his face, each time contracting her pussy around his tongue. She relaxed her body, and tried to pull away.

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"NO" was all alex said with a hint of animal in his voice. He grabbed her hips and yanked her towards him. He plunged his tongue and three fingers back into her, working then in unison. She cummed again, and he kept it up. Every time she did, he pulled out, flicked her clit hard, causing her to cry out, and kept going. Only when he felt her cum dry, totally wasted for juice, did he pull out.

Her pussy red and tortured, she relaxed, and looked back at Alex, he smiled, and rubbed her hard one last time, and that was the last thing she remembered before passing out. When she woke, She felt her face all sticky, and she was unlocked. there was a note next to her. "You were out for 5 minutes, had to leave, enjoy the gift, see you soon" she smiled and licked what she could off her cheek and chin, using her fingers to get the rest.

She stuck what was on her fingers into her pussy, which was still red, and played with herself, still thinking of the beautiful boy who had shown her the best time of her life other than her sister. She stepped into the shower to clean up, and heard Bailey's car outside pull in. Bailey heard her sister singing in the shower, and joined her.

Greeting her with a kiss on the back of the neck, and rubbing her from behind. "So how was he" she felt the little bit of cum in her, and scooped it out with her finger and tasted it. "Oh, that good". "Let me show you how good he was sis" Jade said. She grabbed her sister's breast and kissed her hard, and the two made out, sisters in heat. Jade took the shower head and stuck it on Bailey's pussy, at the same time turning the water to cold.

She gasped, and dug her nails into Jade's ass. Jade tweaked Bailey's nipple and shoved the head harder onto her. She whined with pleasure, and said shakily "Pleaaasse sis I'm cuuummmmming" Jade obeyed, replaced the shower head, and kneeled down as Bailey exploded, shrieking, into her sister's mouth. The pleasure took over, and she humped Jade's face until it subsided. She stood up, and kissed her again, passing her big sister's fuck juice back and forth between them. "That's how good he was" she whispered, and gave each of Bailey's still hard nipples a kiss.

They soaped each other up, bending over for one another, placing themselves on display. When they finished, they went to Jade's room and slept next to each other, still smelling like hot sex, breathing the pungent odor in. The shower hadn't helped, but they didn't mind. "You awake sis?" "Ya". "I never gave you a turn in there" Bailey said. "Well I am kinda still horny, I wouldn't mind if you.FUCK" she squealed this last word as Bailey plunged two fingers into her under the blanket.

She got her nice and wet like this, and when she was ready, Jade climbed onto her, and grinded her, their pussies rubbing hard. They were both moaning quite a bit, and Bailey muffled it by licking her collar and kissing her softly. The two made out, not fiery and passionately, but softly, and breathing heavily in between.

These noises woke Dylan, and he came into the room. Their big brother stood in the doorway and smiled as he saw the movements under the sheets. Bailey was tired from the shower event, winked at him and let him take over. Dylan climbed in, opposite direction her, and tongued her.


Jade completed the 69, and sucked him deeply. They continued, and Bailey sat back slowly rubbing herself watching her older brother please her younger sister. Jade squeezed her legs together, and Dylan knew this meant she was close. He used his fingers the way he had on Sage, the way Sage had on Bailey, and this sent Jade into those wonderful revolving orgasms. On the fourth one, she made a sound so full of pleasure and desire, and her kitty gave up trying to hold back.

Just hearing it caused Dylan to cum down her sister's gullet. She swallowed hungrily, and Dylan flipped right side up. He stuck his fingers into his mouth and tasted his younger sister, and this sent Bailey reeling with pleasure as she released for the second time that night, shuddering as juice spilled onto the bed.

Dylan licked what he could before it soaked in, kissed both his sisters on the nose, and went back to bed.