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Erotic Ass Hot Florida Cougar Naked Play
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Sometimes I am a slut. I think I was born this way. It's true, I never expected to have my life changed the way it did when my wife's nephew, Greg, fresh out of jail, came to stay with us for "just a couple of days" and ended staying for over three years. It's not fair to say he changed me, I was a slut before he came but only in my mind; what he did was bring up my inner self that I have been suppressing for many years.

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It was a hot July day. Right after my wife left for work, I took a shower, wrapped myself in a bathrobe and sat in one of our lounge chairs in the backyard. No fences but low shrubs define our orders with our hard-working neighbors who leave early in the morning and return late afternoon. All day, I am the only person in the neighborhood.

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Working from home is great! It was around 9am when Greg came to join me. He was completely naked as always in my wife's absence. "Hey!" he mumbled and sat on the other lounger next to me under the umbrella.

"Hey!" I said and continued to type trying to finish my email. A few minutes passed without a word flying in the air, but with a lot of tension. As he was laying lazily under the morning sun, I was able to see his beautiful thick cock getting hard, leaning left. His hairless balls that were hiding between his thighs moments before, started showing as his cock was getting stiff and pulling them up slowly.


Being semi hard is a beautiful thing; long and thick enough to incite desire and at the same time soft to curb and rest on the belly waiting to be given attention. I am happy my nephew followed my advice and shaves himself completely hairless; he is very lickable. He also got so many tattoos in jail that he can go out in public naked and most people seeing him from more than 5 feet will think he is a weirdo wearing a flowery outfit. "Done typing?" Greg broke my reverie, his eyes closed, his balls now separated by the thick shaft between them.

"," I said and I put my laptop on the table and leaned back as far as the lounge chair allowed. I pulled my hat down to cover my eyes from the sun and my hard cock bounced up through the opening of my bathrobe front like a rocket getting ready for blast off. Without saying a word, he kneeled in front of me and started licking my cock and my nutsack. He sucked my balls a couple of times while pulling them gently until they popped off his mouth.

His tongue gave butterfly kisses to my manhood, then he went even lower and licked my hole while stroking my shaft. He sent me to heaven. What is better than a warm mouth giving a tongue bath to your cock?

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Greg became an expert sucking cocks in jail. Many times I imagine him on his knees, in a dark corner with a couple of guys standing around him, their hard cocks pointing straight to his mouth. Not an easy life having to decide which cock to suck first of the so many around you waiting to be milked.I am sure my nephew always did his best to please the guys offering his holes for them to choose where to shoot their sperm.

It didn't take long for Greg to have my ridge rub against the back of his throat. I could feel how deep I was. With my eyes closed and laying on the lounging chair, what a feeling…I never opened my eyes and really liked it when he tied my wrists tightly behind the chair using my bathrobe belt.pretending to be his slave.I liked being his sub and he liked being in charge.

After all, he was deprived of many little things the last five years. He licked a finger and pushed it in my ass, then he rimmed my hole and pushed in two fingers. My boy was preparing me for his stiff rod. Or so I thought. He straddled me and fed me his balls first, then he pushed his cock in my mouth and started moving his hips rhythmically pretending to fuck my puckered lips.

I very much liked he initiated this and I liked even more when he pushed hard against my throat forcing me to deep-throat his thick pole.

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Oh yes, I gagged a few times in the beginning, but soon my throat was well lubricated and let the slippery intruder all the way in. When globs of thick spit started coming out of my mouth and running down my chin, Greg turned around and sat on my face for a 69 we both love. He rubbed his asshole and his balls all over my nose and mouth, he even pushed his hole open and exposed the tender tissues of his sphincter so that I could lick his folds inside.

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He bent over and sucked me again, pulling my foreskin and balls with his lips and spitting all over. I felt him move his head up and down milking my cock with his mouth and letting a lot of spit run down my balls and ass crack.

He kept me really busy making me rim his ass. Then he sat up, muffled my mouth with his ass and, holding my ankles, he pulled my legs all the way up and secured them behind his armpits In this position, I was completely unable to move and totally exposed and vulnerable. I felt a heavy slap on my balls that made me twitch and then pressure against my slippery asshole… "My boy is going to fuck me with his fingers," I thought.

I got a few more hard slaps on my balls and asshole, then I felt the intruder pushing in, harder this time. I was well soaked with his spit and just gave in, what a beautiful feeling! My hole was opening slowly and I was on a trip.I even gave a push to open up a little more and take his fucking fingers in. then it started to hurt that sweet kind of pain when a hole stretches farther than expected. Greg knew it, but all he did was sit with all his weight on my face covering my mouth with his hairless perineum, his asshole pushing right against my nose.

Suddenly, the all too familiar feeling of a cock sliding past my anal ring shot me to pleasure heaven. I was being raped.and loving it! Oh yeah! I could feel the whole nine yards (pun intended), a pair of hips hitting my ass cheeks and a pair of balls slapping my crack making sloppy noises thanks to my nephew's spit. The cock felt huge inside me, sometimes hitting my prostate, other times just pulling out all the way and ramming my insides with force. I moaned as loud as Greg's ass allowed me.


I could tell whoever was fucking my hole was impatient, maybe a little nervous, nonetheless very pleasing to me to the point I could not hold it. I came buckets, some on my belly, some on my thighs and some on Greg's hand who was trying to hold my balls out of my fucker's way.


I guess it must have been an exciting sight because soon after I released my sperm, my fucker gave a few violent thrusts and pushed himself all the way in and stayed there. The cock inside me started convulsing shooting millions of babies in my rectum.

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I pushed hard trying to take more of him deeper, then I did my kegels massaging his throbbing tool. I know of no fucker who does not greatly appreciate a tight hug from a male hole around his cumming cock. Still, the question was, who was fucking me with Greg's help?

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I found out soon after my nephew released my legs and moved his ass out of my face. "Good morning, Mr. Tony!" I heard my rapist's voice. It was Devaughn, our gardener's youngest son who happened to be taking care of the neighbor's yard and Greg invited him over when we were 69 to add to the fun. His cock was still thick and long but not so hard as before, yet it was almost down to his knees!

I 've known him since he was a child, who could have thought he would grow up to be such a charismatic cock owner? "Devaughn!" I said very surprised, "man, you are wonderful! I didn't know you are so big and like to fuck male assholes.

Let's do it again, ok?" "Ok, Mr Tony, I am here to please you and Mr Greg too!" he smiled. "I am young but I have fucked quite a few asses, this is my favorite thing. And I like guys' asses better, they are tighter and know how to treat a black cock better than ladies." "What a find," I thought while my sore ass started dripping his sperm. I stretched my arm to stroke Devaughn's semi hard rod.

He moved closer and let me lick his purple knob, still juicy and slippery. I could only fit half of its length in my mouth! I tightened my lips and milked the softening pole with my hand to squeeze out a few cum drops on my tongue, a divine moment. "Now, it's my turn to return Greg the favor," I said to myself.