Long pecker makes a hot teen happy

Long pecker makes a hot teen happy
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Names changed to protect people's privacy: locations genuine. Now what I could do is rewrite every one of Fiona's encounters that she constantly adds to her growing sex journal, but I think that'd get a little tedious. So I'll add a new story when I think it will be slightly more exciting for the readers or when Fiona's situation or predicament alters which makes her story worth telling. Seven weeks after the garage incident involving the five men Fiona's predicament did alter; it altered when Steve Lomax made a request that caught Fiona totally by surprise.

Fiona hadn't been taken to the garage by the men again in the last seven weeks but she had seen an awful lot of their cocks on what can only be described as a very regular basis. A brief insight into her new routine would give you some idea of the demands now facing her with five men involved in Steve Lomax's fun and games. After finishing at five see was expected to visit Steve's office first as he was chief of the little scheme; in his office she'd either be fucked until her pussy was full of come or she'd suck his cock until he coated her throat or slashed her face, it was always his choice and never hers.

His mates Neal and Shaun also knew this routine and whichever one happened to ring from their office first to request her attendance that is where she would head taking a route that allowed her to avoid any night staff. Fiona had to take this route as she was sent to the next office in anyway Steve decided; this often involved her being naked carrying her clothes as Steve's come leaked from her hole down her thighs or her face would be covered in his gooey cream.

But Steve liked to play around so she never knew what state of undress she'd be leaving in.


Whilst she moved to the next office in whatever state she'd been left she knew the cameras would be following her route as Gerald and Trevor waited their turn. At Neal or Shaun's office again she'd suck or be fucked it also was their choice and never hers; the only difference being was she always left the last office dressed she was also allowed to clean her face in the nearest toilets if Neal or Shaun had indeed chosen to leave her face soiled. It was mainly because her route from either of Neal or Shaun's offices whichever was last took her past the night shift area and Steve didn't want the supervisor getting suspicious.

Her last port of call was the security office where Gerald and Trevor had been waiting for her arrival and watching her journey on the cameras.


Fiona had been upgraded to what Gerald and Trevor now called the internal search; as search to which only Fiona was required to undertake and followed its own special protocol. On her entry to the security office she was told to leave her bag on the desk and wait as she waited they bloody tossed a coin to see who would go first.

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The first time this happened she actually couldn't believe that the use of her body was now subject to a coin toss; but this ritual stuck and was used every night. Whoever won would jump up and lead her to the visitor toilet on the opposite side of the reception area.

Once inside she'd be told to strip and sit on the toilet seat facing the winner who would order that his cock was pulled out and sucked hard.

Once the cock was hard she was told to turn round and kneel on the seat and stick her head down low into the corner under the corner of the cistern pushing her bum up in the air. She found the position very uncomfortable but again it was her choice; she was then fucked and filled with come and told to stay in that position. She'd listen as the winner pulled up his pants and trousers and left letting the door slam only for it to open a minute later when the loser would come in and drop his trousers.

It'd normally be a little wait as the cock became erect and entered her cunt and gave her another good seeing too; this time as her abuser neared completion she was told to turn and open her mouth which she did just in time for the last load of the evening. It didn't take her many nights to figure out the importance of the coin toss as Gerald the lucky fucker won three times leaving Trevor with her mouth only to dump his load.

From her she dressed and collected her bag leaving with come in her pussy and throat. Fiona was now accustomed to getting home after seven and spreading her bum cheeks for her most important load; mine deep in her ass. It was exactly seven weeks since the gangbang in the garage when she attended Steve's office as she had for the last thirty five work evenings.

She stripped as usual and bent over the desk facing Steve waiting for him to come round and either use her cunt or spin her round and push her to her knees for an assault on her mouth.

Nothing happened for a moment as Steve stared into her eyes for a minute at least; he then stood up lifting up a newspaper on his desk revealing one of the snaps that had landed Fiona in this bloody mess. As Steve walked behind her she looked at the photo and wondered why Steve had uncovered it for her to see. She felt his hands on her arse cheeks pulling them apart and the tip of his hard long cock nudging at her entrance a couple of times before her lips parted and his dick disappeared in her hole making her moan like it had many times before.

"Who's that in the photo Fiona?" he said leaning over her back placing his mouth next to her ear. She wondered why he'd asked and looked at the photo again, it was a snap of her and Alice balancing on the balls of their feet with their thighs apart showing off both of their beautifully shaven pussies. Water from the showers was cascading down over their naked bodies as well as the men's surrounding them with very hard cocks.

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She couldn't say her daughter Alice. "A friend" he pulled out and drove his cock back in her leaning back over her to talk into her ear. "What fucking friend" again he pulled his dick out and waited for her response. "A friend from my old job" slam he was balls deep again and whispering in her ear. "She looks very young to be your friend how old is she?" She felt it ok to tell him Alice's real age so replied "twenty two" slap slap slap his balls bounced of her skin over and over; the question and answer seemingly over.

That was until he unloaded a huge load in her pussy and pulled out letting it run from her and down her thighs. He sat back in the desk looking at her as he spoke. "You will meet me here on Sunday afternoon at two o clock in this office is that understood Fiona?" "Yes of course" "Your friend will be with you Fiona is that understood?" "Er.erm" "It's either understood or it isn't Fiona it's a simple question that requires a simple answer you stupid whore" "Err yes of course we'll be here" she knew damn well that she wouldn't be turning up here with her daughter so that Steve Lomax could get his grubby mitts on her, I suppose she'd have to face the consequences whatever they maybe.

"Right now fuck off your keeping Shaun waiting".

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For the next hour as she was mercifully fucked by the remaining four men her head was thinking about the problem she now faced with Steve and the repercussions she would face if she failed to bring her 'friend' along. She had a day and a half to think of something or except the consequences of her actions. When Fiona returned home she was very quiet, a lot quieter than normal anyway, she stripped of as usual and sat next to me on the sofa showing me her well fucked spunk filled pussy.

I asked her if there was anything wrong and she said no handing me her sex journal. It wasn't until later that night that she told me Steve Lomax wanted her at the warehouse on Sunday afternoon.

"That's fine Fiona; just make sure your journal is filled in before your home" She left the house at around one fifteen in order to be on time for Steve's meeting as she didn't want to be late as well as totally ignoring his instruction to bring her 'friend' along. She hadn't worn work clothes and instead had opted for jeans with heeled boots along with a vest top and bra. She arrived about fifteen minutes early and drove in the main gate as instructed by Steve, this gate was normally used for delivery lorries but as there wasn't going to be any today Steve told her to use this entrance.

She drove down the ramp to the flat area and along the side of the imposing warehouse until she reached a sign on the wall saying 'goods in'. This is where she was instructed to park then make her way into the building where she was told to wait in the middle of the shop floor. She stood in the big open space in front of the warehouse racking that was full of stock; stacked from floor to ceiling. The floor was very clean and un cluttered apart from a few shrink wrapped pallets dotted about the floor, she waited by one of these pallets so that she could lean against it.

She waited in the eerie silence for over fifteen minutes and hoped that Steve would not show. Still she waited until the clock was showing twenty past two; a moment later she heard the heavy double doors swing open at the far end of the racking and slam shut behind Steve who was marching over looking very pissed off, this was confirmed when he shouted across at her.

"Take your fucking trousers down and bend over that pallet you fucking stupid slut.NOW!" She knew he was pissed so quickly unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them as far down her legs as possible as they were tight fitting and her boots would only allow them to go so far, she also pulled her French knickers off and pushed them on top of her jeans and then shuffled round and bent over the pallet of wrapped tables. She braced herself as Steve approached his footsteps getting louder and louder.

'SMACK' Steve's bare hand slapped her bare right bum cheek and she winced and yelped, 'SMACK, SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK,SMACK' ten times Steve slapped her bare cheeks alternately every time she winced and with each smack her cheeks became more and more sore and sensitive ending up with her screaming in genuine pain as tears ran down her cheeks.

"Don't fucking cry bitch; you wouldn't be crying if you'd done as I asked and bought your friend along would you? Where is the fucking slut?" "I couldn't bring her" Fiona whimpered her bum cheeks still throbbing.

'SMACK' "Why the fuck not bitch?" another hard slap stung her tender flesh making her cry again. "I just couldn't" 'SMACK' "Not good enough bitch tell me why?" tears came again as he second violent slap landed on her throbbing bum cheek.

"I can't" she whimpered "Please Steve I'll do anything" 'SMACK' "I know you will whore but first I want to know why, give me a good reason and I'll stop" 'SMACK' Tears were streaming and her bottom was in so much pain. "I can't Steve please she cried" "Not good enough bitch maybe you like pain" 'SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK'. She could take no more so she screamed and his hand stopped short of inflicting more damage on her behind.

He gently touched her inflamed skin and rubbed her red flesh before walking round in front of her on the opposite side of the pallet. "We'll address the situation about your friend later but at the moment we have more pressing matters to attend to Fiona; you see my role in this unfortunate situation you find yourself in has run its course." Fiona had no idea where Steve was going with this and felt incredibly uneasy.

"My uncle allowed me a few months to see how 'easy' you were to blackmail and to see just how much of a whore he had on his hands. We'll three months are up so that's why I've bought you here today so your progress can be assessed" Assessed!!, what the fuck was he on about she thought they were alone and panic set in as Steve began talking on his phone.

"Uncle, do you want me to bring her up or are you going to pop down?" there was a slight pause as the voice on the other end obviously spoke to Steve who continued to stare at Fiona. "Ok no problem were in the middle of the floor, bye" He hung up and stuffed the mobile in his jeans pocket. "On your hands and knees bitch" he said to Fiona helping to lift her off the pallet and turn her around so that she was facing away from the double doors where Steve had entered from.

Getting down on her knees was particularly awkward considering how restricted her thighs were with her jeans and knickers still on. Anyway Steve positioned her in the middle of the floor and told her to put her head right down so that her left cheek was on the cold but smooth concrete floor.


Her bum was in the air and her holes were more visible and exposed even with her thighs tightly closed together it felt like her lips were being pushed out. She also noted down that the cool air blowing across her hot sore bum cheeks was extremely nice and was helping to ease the throbbing she was feeling. It felt like ten minutes but was probably only three by the time she heard the big heavy double doors swing open and then slam shut.

She knew now that her and Steve wasn't alone and her body stiffened as panic set in. She tried to look round towards the footsteps but Steve put his foot towards her head until she returned her cheek to the floor.

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She nervously waited as the click of shoes approached from behind across the concrete floor, as the sound got closer and closer her stomach knotted and she felt sick; her mind raced thinking about who was now standing behind her as the footsteps came to a halt. Nobody spoke but she could feel a presence hovering above her arse, she flinched and instinctively clenched her bum cheeks as she felt something poke her anus and then move away.

She again tried to look around but she was met with the same foot from Steve forcing her to resume her vulnerable position. A moment later she felt a big smooth hand on her right cheek which applied just enough pressure to pull her anus open ever so slightly; she then felt the hard poke again only this time it stabbed at her dry anus three times until on the fourth prod it rammed deep into her tight dry hole.

"Arrrrrrghhhh" she screamed and then listened to it echo around the vast warehouse.

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After a moment she realised that the object invading her bum was a middle finger and she could feel the curled up fingers and knuckles against her cheeks as the owner twisted his finger grinding it in as deep as possible. This went on for a good minute or so with a bit of twisting and pulling out and pushing in until her tormentor had had enough and removed his thick finger.

"We haven't touched her arse uncle like you requested" Steve addressed the person who had obviously just fingered her anus. "We'll Fiona now my early suspicions have been confirmed you better get dressed and follow me upstairs." She couldn't believe her bloody ears Steve Lomax's uncle was only fucking Mr. Graham Butterworth the most arrogant hard to please director at her company. She felt physically sick and petrified when she realised this bastard was behind all this.

"Well Fiona? You really don't want to keep me waiting" Fiona hauled herself up with a bit of difficulty and then turned to look at Graham for the first time; he was stood next to Steve looking her up and down with a massive smirk on his face that seemed to grow as he watched her pull her French knickers up to cover her neatly shaven pubic area. By the time she was buttoning up her jeans Steve and Graham were heading towards the double doors at the end of the warehouse.

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She hesitated for a moment wondering whether to run the opposite way but Grahams booming voice bought her round. "NOW FIONA" She followed the men through the double doors letting them slam behind her. To be continued shortly