Cute busty teen close up masturbation on cam

Cute busty teen close up masturbation on cam
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Ling Hui (44) and her daughter Jenny (18) driving home after the prom saw flashing lights ahead. The police directed them down a detour to avoid the accident site. As they detoured through an old industrial area, Ling Hui thought how pleased she was about the prom.

She had remained by Jenny's side throughout just in case any boy misbehaved. She was pleased that none of the boys had bothered Jenny especially seeing as how Jenny wore an embarrassingly low-cut prom dress. Jenny drummed her fingers on the door panel as she reflected on the disastrous prom.

Her mother had insisted on coming with her and had sat right beside her all evening. None of the boys had dared to come near. Her mother tried to talk with any that did in her annoying messed up English. What a disappointing end to her 18th birthday!

Today Ling Hui (5'2") had dressed in her best polyester Wal-Mart dress; a lovely form-fitting dress that zipped up the back. Unfortunately the dress had developed a rather serious case of static cling so that it clung to her every curve.

Indeed, the front of the dress seemed to wrap itself around and between her firm 36C breasts and, at the back, it crept into the crack of her bum.


Also, the static cling had made the dress material rub against her bare nipples making the normally large nipples become very hard. In addition to the red dress, Ling Hui wore a new black thong, no hose and no bra; she wanted to excite her husband who was coming home tonight from an overseas business trip in Italy.

Ling Hui couldn't wait for her husband to get home and undress her so she could lie on her back on the bed while her husband entered her; it would be an exciting 10 minutes.

What she didn't know was that her husband had gone to Italy mainly to bang his young Italian mistress. She also didn't know that the American Embassy in Italy had been trying to call her at home this evening. They had bad news; her husband had just been charged and tossed in jail because his mistress' mother had found out and notified the police that the girl was underage.

He would be in jail a long time. Jenny (4'9") wore a white strapless prom dress with a low neckline exposing the tops of her breasts.

Ling Hui was very upset that the dress was so revealing. Of course, since Jenny's tiny breasts barely stood out even 1 inch, the dress really didn't reveal much.

Jenny, unknown to her mother, had also gone bra-less but she did wear pretty pink floral panties. Ling Hui suddenly noticed a red light on the dashboard.

The light said "Engine". A few seconds later, the car shut down and Ling Hui coasted to the side of the old road.

Getting out, Ling Hui and Jenny entered a nearby establishment named "Jake's Bar" looking for help. As the two entered, Jake, the owner, looked up to see a good-looking middle-aged Chinese lady and a young Chinese girl. The first thought that went through his head was "This is what Big Tony wants! I'm off the hook!" Big Tony, a prominent and vicious gang leader had told him to find some exotic girls to entertain some out of town guests. Tony wanted someone who would put up a fight but he didn't want any hookers this time.

That was three days ago. Jake had only found the usual hookers and worried that Big Tony would be upset and do something rash, such as breaking his arms. He needed to find someone real quick or he would be in serious trouble.

Speaking to Jake, Ling Hui asked, in her broken English, for a repairman and when Jake shook his head, she asked for a taxi instead. Jake smiled and agreed to call a cab. Going to the phone he pretended to call for a taxi but instead called Big Tony to tell him that he had found an exotic mom and daughter for their evenings' entertainment.

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Ling Hui waited in the bar worrying about the taxi. It was late and she had to be careful. She was very broad-minded and lacking in prejudices but, still, there were practical realities to consider. So, if the taxi driver was black she would have to say no thanks. After all, she didn't want to get robbed and sometimes black people shouted odd things at her.

Once, one of them had called her a cock-sucking bitch. When she looked up cock and sucking and bitch in her electronic pocket dictionary, she found that she had been called a female dog that sucks on chickens. Lingrd! Also, she couldn't have a Chinese driver because he would try to cheat her. Of course, an Arab was out of the question. She couldn't risk riding with a terrorist. Ling Hui hoped for a white driver because she knew he would be honest and safe.

Shortly, a big, burly white man walked through the door and asked, "Did someone call for a taxi?" Ling Hui smiled, nodded, pulled Jenny to her feet and followed the taxi driver out. He led them to a big Hummer. Ling, surprised it didn't have a taxi sign, opened her mouth to question the driver only to find his big hand clamped over her mouth while his other arm held her immobile. Ling's eyes widened in shock. A tough woman with a crazed look held a sharp knife to Jenny's throat.

Jenny's eyes, looking terrified, filled with tears. The crazy looking woman threatened to cut Jenny's throat unless the two followed orders. Ling, shaking with fear, nodded that she understood. "Do what Ellen says." Tony growled, "Now get in." Ling and Jenny found themselves literally heaved into the back seat of the Hummer. Ling heard a ripping sound as one of the seams down the side of her dress tore.

Struggling to sit up, she felt the Hummer already in motion as Tony quickly drove off while saying, "Have fun Ellen but remember, I get first dibs. We'll be there in 10 minutes." Ellen sat with her back to the far door holding Jenny around the waist, the knife pressing against Jenny's throat. Jenny's face was wet with tears. Ling immediately understood what was happening.

They were being robbed! She pleaded, "Here, I give all my money. You take. Let us go." Ellen just stared at her. Tony laughed. Ling continued, "My husband pay lots money. Let us go. He pay you money." Ellen chortled saying, "It's not your money we want.

Now shut up you stupid foreign bitch." Ellen let the knife slide down from Jenny's throat. Ling watched in shock as the knife slid between Jenny's small breasts and started doing a figure eight around the 2 budding mounds.

Sometimes the knife would bounce up and down on the breasts at the top of the dress where they were slightly exposed. Ellen's hand around Jenny's waist started rubbing Jenny's belly then slid down to caress Jenny's bare leg where her dress had ridden up exposing her young, tender thighs above the knee. Jenny shook with fright, her eyes wide as tears continued to flow down her cheeks and splash onto her white prom dress. "Please don't touch my Jenny," Ling Hui pleaded horrified at what the crazy woman was doing to her innocent daughter.

Ellen just grinned, reached over with the knife and slid it up and down between Ling's firm breasts. The knife stopped when it reached one of Ling's nipples, still hard and erect from rubbing against the dress. Ellen dragged the knife along the rip in the side of Ling's dress making the rip longer, exposing some of her bare flesh. The knife next whisked down the front of her dress making a neat slit between her breasts, exposing more bare flesh.

Ellen whistled, "Nice. You aren't wearing a tit holder." Ellen leered at Ling before sliding her other hand away from Jenny's bare leg, up Jenny's tummy to the top of her dress and then down inside to cup one of Jenny's tiny, bare breasts.

Jenny's small nipple "inadvertently" stiffened. Ellen giggled, "Jeez kid you ain't got no tit." She laughed cruelly. Jenny promptly fainted. A few minutes later the Hummer pulled into the driveway of a large, well-lit, fancy house and Ling breathed a sigh of relief. She saw a caterers van just leaving. She and Jenny were finally safe!

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Pushed roughly into the living room, Ling Hui stared around her. Eight people looked back at her. None of them seemed friendly. There was a middle-aged black man with a younger black woman leaning against him. A bored looking middle-aged white man with a scarred face sat beside a fat middle-aged woman wearing too much make up.

The fat woman had her hand on the black man's leg and seemed to be sliding it toward his crotch. There were two other young white couples, the men wearing dark suits and white ties, the women wearing low cut dresses and very short skirts. Ling Hui had the sinking feeling that she and her daughter would not be safe here after all. The Tony man said something and the scary woman, Ellen, twisted Jenny's hands behind her back, cuffed them and bent her over a table.

Jenny looked so vulnerable in her white strapless prom dress. Jenny seemed to be in some pain. Wild-eyed, Ling Hui looked at Tony but before she could protest Jenny's treatment, he said something. He spoke too fast for her to follow his accented English but it sounded like fun and dance and peel. She wasn't sure what he wanted but by now she was so panicked that she just started shaking and sobbing. She pleaded, "Let go us. We give money. Please. No hurt us. Not hurt my Jenny." Crying pitifully, Ling Hui stood in front of the unfriendly people in her best form-fitting red polyester Wal-Mart dress that zipped up the back.

Unfortunately the seam that had ripped in the car exposed bare flesh and the slash on the front from Ellen's knife exposed the fact that Ling was bra-less. Static cling made the dress adhere to her every curve. Ling was uncomfortably conscious of the fact that she only wore a black thong underneath.

The middle-aged scar-faced man, still bored, said, "Tony, she doesn't know what you said. She no speak English. Quit fooling around. Unwrap the goodies. Rip her dress off and let's see what's inside. Strip her." About half the group launched into a chant of, "Strip her, strip her, strip her".

Several yelled, "The kid too." Tears streaming down her face, Ling turned to continue begging Tony to let her and her daughter go. As she turned, Tony grabbed the front of her red dress and tore it down the front exposing her ripe, heaving breasts.

Desperately she tried to protect her modesty by folding her arms over her firm breasts only to find Tony pinning her arms to her sides as he roughly grabbed her tits and twisted her nipples. Vainly she tried to push him away. This was useless. She was too weak. Tony had to exert almost no effort to overpower her.

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Tony picked Ling's body up and tossed her to the floor. Landing flat on her back Ling felt all the breath knocked out of her body. She was stunned, unable to move. As she gasped for air, her vision started to blur and she felt her dress violently torn in shreds from her petite body. Seconds later her sexy black thong was ripped off.

Poor Ling, stark naked, continued to gasp for air on the floor. Taking in a breath at last, she piteously pleaded for mercy. In her panic she unwittingly slipped into Mandarin instead of English. Looking up with pleading eyes she saw that Tony had somehow stripped during the process. His hard cock slapped against her bare belly. His cock was enormous. Ling gasped in shock. Her husband's manhood wasn't even close to this size. Ling despairingly realized her fate: this monster was going to rape her with his monster cock!

Casually, Tony grabbed a pat of butter from a table, rubbed it on his cock to grease it up and rammed his big cock into Ling's dry hole. She screamed in pain and terror. She screamed over and over. Tony pulled out and then rammed in again.

Her world was nothing but stark terror. Screaming was her whole world. Even her daughter, Jenny no longer entered her mind. Jenny. Jenny, just turned 18 today. Jenny held by Ellen, the sadist.


Tiny titted Jenny, bewildered, wearing her bra-less white prom dress. Jenny heard her mother shriek in terror and pain. What were they doing to her mother?

Jenny tried to turn to look. Her eyes caught a sight that almost made her vomit; her mother was naked! A man was on top of her! Some enormous stiff thing sticking out from the man was aiming between her mother's legs! In shock, Jenny realized what this "thing" must be; she remembered from health class.

How could this be happening? Just as Tony started his first thrust into her poor mother, Jenny heard him call out, "Hey Ellen.why don't you take that little girlie's clothes off and explore her a little. Maybe one of your lady friends can join in the fun. Leave her cherry alone though.that's mine!" In panic, Jenny tried to pull away and run.

It was useless. She was even more petite than her mother, she was totally in Ellen's power. Ellen hauled her to the middle of the floor facing the leering guests and called out, "Anyone want to help me with this delicious fortune cookie?" The young black woman leaning against the middle-aged black man hopped up and swayed toward them.

She was a bit unsteady on her feet, probably from all the rum her boyfriend had been handing her. Giving a lop-sided grin, she looked Jenny up and down and said, "Hi there cutie. I'm in the mood for a fresh egg roll." She laughed uproariously at her own dull joke but her eyes fixed Jenny with a frightening leer. Ellen, holding Jenny tightly so she couldn't move, giggled, "OK little girlie, time to see what you've got under that dress.

We got some explorin' to do. But we're going to do this slowly…with feeling. A little bit at a time. Not like Tony, he has no patience. I'm going to take my time savoring every little piece of you.

Every little taste." She added, "Stop squirming bitch!" Jenny's scream of terror elicited a loud round of laughter from the assembled guests. Ellen slowly sliced off Jenny's clothes. One cut at a time, she shredded Jenny's beautiful prom dress as the tears rolled down Jenny's face. Ellen took pleasure in the girl's whimpers. A slit down the front of the dress exposed Jenny's little tits to the entire audience, eliciting howls and cheers as they encouraged further abuse.

The two women holding Jenny down started pulling her tits as she cried at them to stop touching her.


Ellen slid the knife blade down to Jenny's brand-new floral panties. One quick slice and they fell to the floor, exposing Jenny's virgin ass. Jenny's entire body quivered from fear. Jenny screeched as Lila sliced her dress and panties off. She couldn't move. The tipsy black woman and one of the younger white women were firmly holding her arms up and out from her body.

She was held spread-eagled and naked in front of a room of leering, nasty looking strangers. Everyone could see her tiny breasts. Several were loudly, rudely laughing at the small size of her tits. Her virgin pussy and small ass were exposed for all to see! She tried to call to her mother for help but could only hear her mother's own screams as Tony viciously pumped her mother's pussy with his hungry cock.

Jenny begged, "Please. NO! It's my birthday!

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Don't touch me!" A broad grin broke over Ellen's face. She laughed, "Your birthday? Well then, you need some birthday whacks." She reared back her hand and spanked Jenny hard on her ass cheeks causing her to yelp from the sting.

She repeated it, spanking Jenny several more times. Slapping viciously, Ellen kept yelled, "Feeling a bit of a sting?" SLAP! "Want me to stop?" SLAP!!!! Whack! Ellen kept whacking Jenny's small bum.

It stung so much! Her little bum reddened. On the 18th slap, Ellen laughed to the crowd saying, "Anyone else want to give her a few birthday whacks?" That elicited a round of raucous laughter and several hands shot up. Jenny, shaking in fear, felt herself dragged to a small coffee table where her legs were tied to the table legs. She was shoved forward and her arms were tied to the far set of legs. Poor Jenny now found herself, stark naked, stretched out over a coffee table, her legs tied wide apart, ass sticking up in the air, pussy exposed to the crowd's jeers.

Her tiny tits peeped over the far end of the table. Tears still streaming down her terrified face, Jenny realized in shock that the women were touching her! Fingers were poking into her pussy. One finger went into her bum hole! She screamed again. One of the women started licking her pussy. Jenny almost vomited. The black woman lay down in front of her and shoved her hairy, black pussy up toward Jenny's face as Ellen demanded that she lick the black woman's pussy.

Jenny screamed, "NO! NO! PLEASE!" As Jenny's screams of terror again gave the crowd pleasure, her mother's screams started to subside due to her throat becoming raw. Big Tony continued to slam into poor Ling until he finally found relief as his cock shot an enormous load of evil seed into her aching cunt. With a sigh, Tony stood up, yawned, scratched his balls and wandered off to the kitchen looking for a cold beer.

Ling curled up into a ball, sobbing. She was no longer aware of anything except her humiliation and pain. Sobbing on the floor, she felt herself being lifted by strong arms. Looking up she saw the middle-aged black man. Naked.

His cock rubbed against her leg. Looking wildly around, she saw clothes being dropped everywhere as the guests prepared to enjoy Ling and Jenny. The black man dragged Ling around so that she was on her knees in front of Jenny. Her Jenny naked - tied to a table. Ling tried to scream again but the black man stuck his fingers in her mouth and said, "Shhh.

You're giving me a headache." He laughed and added, "Here's your chance to teach your daughter how to suck black cock." Ellen giggled as she grabbed Jenny's hair to force her head up so she could see her naked mother.

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The black woman held Ling in place, forcing her to all fours so her breasts, still aching from Tony's attack, hung down, swaying. The black man knelt to Ling's side letting his big black cock rub against her cheek. He took her head, turned it to face his cock, squeezed her mouth to force it open and forced his throbbing black member between her full lips.

Jenny, unable to do otherwise, stared, wide-eyed. Someone had resumed spanking her bum; it felt rough and hard like a man's hand this time. He loudly counted the spanks to 18 then said "Next!" Someone else had seized her tiny tits and was trying to pull them off while twisting cruelly. Feminine fingers started spreading her pussy lips then squeezed and pulled her love button.

When she tried to scream again, Ellen stuck a cloth in her mouth yelling, "Enough already. You're hurting our ears!" Jenny gulped as the black cock started rhythmically pumping in and out of her mother's mouth. She noticed one of the younger white women had started squeezing her mother's breasts and pulling on them as if milking a cow. Ling felt her breasts being pulled and kneaded. The black man's hot, dark member kept pumping in her mouth. She wanted to bite it and make it go away but was too scared.

She had never had a cock in her mouth before, she had heard of such things but had never imagined experiencing it. The cock kept slamming into her mouth pushing at the sides of her cheeks. The black man held her hair tight so she couldn't move her head away. Soon the cock spasmed and poor Ling felt a gush of hot, sticky liquid squirt into her throat. Several waves of the salty goo hit the back of her throat. She gagged as the black man pulled his cock out.

The man smiled saying, "There. That tasted good didn't it? Does your daughter want to try it next?" He turned to look at Jenny. Jenny had tried to look away but Ellen wouldn't let her turn her head. She reluctantly stared at the black cock rhythmically pumping in and out of her mother's mouth until finally the black man seemed to jerk several times and pulled out.

He looked at Jenny. Jenny tried to look away. He came closer, his cock dripping and slightly softer than before. He grabbed her long dark hair to steady her head and squeezed her cheeks to force her mouth open. Meanwhile, Ellen had grabbed Ling's head to force her to watch the black man fuck Jenny's mouth.

By now, both of the young white women were pulling and squeezing Ling's breasts. The black man inserted his deflating cock into Jenny's mouth with a warning, "Bite and I break your neck. Lick me or I break your neck." He laughed.

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Jenny felt the hot, semi-soft cock in her mouth. It was wet and covered in salty goo. It tasted disgusting. But she was terrified. As yet another pair of hands started spanking her red bum, Jenny hesitantly, reluctantly touched the cock with her tongue. It was awful! The cock started stiffening again. The man started pumping her mouth! His hairy balls slapped her chin.

Ling watched in horror as the black man fucked Jenny's mouth. She saw a line of people spanking Jenny, hard. Ling's breasts ached as the young women continued squeezing her tits. The scar-faced man had come around behind her and knelt down. Ling felt another vile cock touch her pussy. It rubbed her pussy for a few seconds before sliding in deep. Ling realized she was about to be raped by yet another man while being forced to watch her innocent, virgin daughter get fucked in the mouth.

Jenny's eyes were wild. The cock had become rigid and was pumping very rapidly in her soft, moist mouth. Within less than a minute she felt the cock shudder as it shot its remaining load into her mouth. She choked and he slid his now limp cock out. The black man casually sat back down on the sofa to watch the rest of the show. Now Jenny could see the scar-faced man fucking her mother like a dog. He looked mean and uncaring. The two women had stopped pulling her mother's tits and were now smiling at Jenny.

One of them called out to the man currently spanking her ass, "Hey boyfriend, her ass must be heated up enough by now. You never had a fortune cookie before. So fuck the bitch." Jenny felt herself hoisted up to her knees.

A hand caressed her aching, red, hot ass. It slid up and down the ass crack before caressing the neat black thatch at her pussy. A finger poked her cunt hole; it seemed to be applying some sort of grease. A voice said, "Yeah Joe. Here's another pat of butter. Get her good and buttered up so you can poke her good.

She looks kinda tight." A few seconds later, Jenny felt a hot, stiff piece of flesh poking at her pussy hole. In horror, she realized it was a cock. She was going to be doggy fucked just like her mother. She was about to lose her virginity.

She would have cried again, but by now she was too exhausted emotionally. Jenny dully felt the cock start to enter. It was too big. It hurt.

Still it slid further and further in then went back and forth for a few seconds before sliding deeper. It stopped. The man laughed, "The fortune cookie is fresh.

Never used before. Ready, set, go, here I come." With that he slammed in hard breaking her virgin barrier. Jenny felt a sudden pain. The cock, deep in her no-longer virgin hole, pumped hard into her small, unused hole. The man counted the thrusts to 18, let out a bellow and shuddered. His healthy robust sperm raced toward the waiting egg. About the same time, the scar-faced man released his load into Ling Hui with a grunt.

Getting up, he paused to slap Ling's tits a few times before saying, "That's what foreign bitches deserve." Ling curled up on the floor weeping. Jenny felt another man at her rump. Another cock rub her pussy. It had difficulty entering because it was even bigger. The man pushed and pumped until finally his over-size cock slid an inch in.

Jenny screamed again. The man pushed another inch in. Back and forth he slid until finally his full 8 inches had entered. It was a very tight fit so he paused a moment before starting his thrusting in earnest.

In and out of Jenny's small, inexperienced cunt he pumped. He didn't care how much she cried, she was just tonight's entertainment. Just a worthless slant eyed cunt. In his mind, only white women were worth any respect and few of those.

He reached over to grab Jenny's tiny tits remarking, "Smallest tits I ever had. Tightest cunt too. Ready to have my baby, bitch?" With that he pulled Jenny's little nipples, stretching them as much as he could while ramming into her with his full strength. Each time tried to ram Jenny's cunt as deep as possible. He squeezed her still undeveloped breasts with a finger and thumb as hard as he could intending to leave bruises.

Ram. Thrust. Jenny's poor little cunt felt his the full energy of his muscular body. Laughingly, he also counted out his thrusts and at eighteen released a massive load of virile, ripe, healthy sperm into her helpless cunt. Another army of sperm raced to the waiting egg. The five men, having primed their cocks is their two victims, now turned to their own girlfriends who had been anxiously waiting to be fucked by their strong men. Their heroes. A half-hour later, noticing Ling and Jenny curled on the floor, sobbing, Tony said, "Get these stupid bitches out of here.

Dump them somewhere." The scar-faced man and the black man dragged the two hysterical, naked women to the Hummer, drove them to a wooded area, dumped them out and drove off.

Ling and Jenny recovered enough of their wits after two hours to get up, look around and slink off. They eventually found an abandoned house with some rags they could wear and made their way home.

They were too scared and humiliated to tell anyone what had happened, at least until Jenny's baby arrived.