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Edit: This story has undergone some edits to better fit the site requirements. The following story is a work of fiction.

All characters and places in this story are fully made up. Any resemblance to people or places is completely coincidental, yada yada yada. Some intro is necessary before we begin the story. First and foremost: This story is typed in notepad and then copy-pasted from the desktop directly to the site.

I will do my best to avoid spelling and grammatical errors, but the will be a few, so just don't worry about them. Secondly, this is a story told in many parts, and will have at least ten parts to it. It may be several days between uploading of each part. Be patient. Also, I should mention that I'm not very good at writing conversations, so much of the story will be written from the main characters thought point of view.

Nextly, this story includes some themes of sex that some may frown upon. If you do not like any of the tags, do not read this story. At this time I would like to remind you that this story is 100% fiction and is in absolutely no way connected to real people or places, etc., etc. Now we will introduce the characters seen in this story, some of their stats etc. They are arranged from top to bottom in the order of which chapters they will appear in.

I included this for all of you who like details out there. James Main Character Age: 18 Length: 7 1/2 inches. Description: The main character, get used to his point of view, cause that's what you will be seeing a lot of shortly! Peyton Age: 18 Cup Size: 32C Desc: Best friends with James's girlfriend, Kelly. Is also a cheerleader for the school cheer-squad.

Catherine Age: 18 Cup Size: 34C Desc: James's Lab partner, also one of James's many dream girls. Bella Age: 18 Cup Size: 34B Desc: The only female football player on the schools senior A football team, of which James is the Quarterback. McKenna Age: 18 Cup Size: 34A Desc: Although she doesn't have much boob, McKenna has a butt that makes any guy around her age stare.

Ellen Age: 18 Cup Size: 34C Desc: Your classic girl next door. Is both the genius of James's class, and also his literal girl-next-door.

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They are neighbors. Bethany Age: 18 Cup Size: 32D Desc: A smoking hot student who has just moved to town. Kelly Age: 18 Cup Size: 32C Desc: James's girlfriend, James and her have gone all the way before.

Many times. Gabby Age: 19 Cup Size: 34DD Desc: By far the girl with the biggest tits in the school, apart from some teachers, Gabby is the fantasy of almost every boy in the High School. Quinn Age: 18 Cup Size: 32B Desc: A beautiful teen with a sexy ass to boot.

Enough Said.


Mason Age: 18 Cup Size: 34B Desc: Your other classic stereotype, Mason is the usual "rich girl" of the school. Now, ladies and gentlemen, with ought further hesitation, I present to you, Chapter One!

May 8th, 2014 James's House 7:03 A.M. I woke up to a drizzle of May rain on my window. A look at my clock told me that I had time to spare. The bus doesn't come to pick us up until 8:40, and school itself doesn't begin until Nine A.M. Today was a Monday, and I hate Mondays. Nothing good ever happens on Mondays. Well. Except for that one time. With Kelly, after school while my parents were out. But that's another story, for another time.

I finally managed to drag myself out of bed. With luck, I would have time for a nice shower and a good breakfast, with enough time to play a quick game of TotalProFootball on my new Y-Cube gaming console that I got last Christmas from my Uncle Clyde (He always gets the best presents). I ran downstairs to the main floor bathroom, which has a shower-sauna type steam room. I guess I should also mention that my family is fairly, if not very, well off.

My father, Rick, was a high ranking employee of a chain of hotels that had locations all over the country, and my mother, Lisa, worked as the Vice-C.E.O. of a P.R. Firm. Because of this my family has been able to afford some of the more high-end type stuff, and I have my own roof, separate from my younger brother, Chase, who is 13 and plays way to much Terraria, and my older sister, Claudette, who is 19 and is the singer in a small high school band with some of her friends.

She plans on attending Yale next year. Once I got into the shower, I cranked the heat setting for the steam portion to a nice warm temp, and then turned on the water and put the nozzle to the "rain" setting. I sat down on the in-shower bench, and grabbed my shampoo off of the shelf. Once my hair was squeaky clean, I conditioned it and proceeded to soap up and rinse off. I was about 1/2 way done using the soap when the shower turned ice-cold.

Surprised, I suddenly screamed "Holy Shit, that's freezing!" I could hear my little brother across the hall in the kitchen laughing his punk-ass off.

He had cranked the dual kitchen sink to hot mode again, and doing that redirects the hot water to the kitchen, and sends cold water to the bathroom. He enjoys messing with me every chance he gets. I rinsed off quickly and hopped out of the shower to towel off. Once I was dry and wearing clothes, I walked out of the bathroom, across the hall, and into our large kitchen. My brother was eating a bowl of cereal, and my sister was cooking herself an egg.

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I walked over to my brother and play- punched him in the shoulder. I then got myself some toast and jam and ate my breakfast. My mother walked into the kitchen, already ready for the day, even though her business didn't open until nine and was only a fifteen minute drive away.

"Sorry kids, emergency in the marketing department this morning" She said. "I have to leave right now, and won't be back until late this evening." My sister then scoffed "What, some customer not happy with the new commercial for that dog food company you guys made?" My mother disregarded her remark, and asked "You kids can get ready for school fine, right?" We assured her we could, and I commented that I had football practice after school, as there was a big game against the rival school in a week and a half.

She said since she wouldn't be home, she had arranged for Chase to go to his friend Malcom's house after school, and that Claudette was fine to go to the mall with some friends if she wanted. After a quick goodbye, she was out the door.

We continued getting ready for school, and once all of the lunches where packed, headed outside to the bus stop on the corner.

There were five other kids there now, there was my best friend Roy, my neighbor Ellen, and three younger kids who I don't know all that well. As we waited for the bus, Chase was chatting with the younger kids about Terraria, Claudette and Ellen were talking about some music by some guy named Beaver, and Roy and I were chatting about TotalProFootball, as it is our favorite game. Roy is also on the football team, he is a linebacker.

Once we got on the bus, it was only a ten minute drive to the school. Our stop is the third to last stop, so we don't have to be on the bus for that long. The school we go to, South Central Academy, is a mixed grade school of K-12. It is a little out of the city, on the outskirts, and as such, there is only about 200 students right now. May 8th, 2014 South Central Academy 8:56 A.M.

"Hurry James! Class starts in four minutes!" Roy said to me, as he was grabbing his binder from his locker. Our first class was English, and I hate it. Our teacher is one of those old lady teachers who praise Shakespeare as if they new him. Sometimes, I think she might be old enough to have met him. Anyways, I managed to get into the classroom with about ten seconds to spare before the bell sounded over the Intercom. We stood up for the national anthem, and afterwards our teacher took attendance.

Once everyone was accounted for, we began our assignment. We had to pair up into groups of four and right a composition about why the English language has played an important role in historic events.

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I was paired up with Roy, Alicia (Roy's Girlfriend) and Kelly. Our teacher has a tendency to put friends together with ought meaning to. We managed to finish the paper and turn it in just before the end of class. Besides one other group, we were the only ones who had finished yet. We continued on to our second class, math.

We have double math on this particular day of the week, and since math is boring, I'll spare you the details. May 8th, 2014 South Central Academy Lunchroom 12:02 P.M. Our school has a small lunchroom, but as it is so small scale, there is no cafeteria.


We do have a soup and sandwich vending machine, but there are limited selections, and the sandwiches are almost never fresh.

There are about 30 tables in the lunchroom, one of which is usually occupied by Me, Kelly, Roy, Alicia, and some of the football team. I had packed myself a lunch the consisted of a Steak Bun, an apple, and a protein bar. I needed to have lots of energy for the football practice tonight. As I was about halfway done, I noticed Peyton, a cheerleader for the schools senior cheer team, wink at me. I was sitting right beside a boy named Bob, though, and I happened to know Bob has a crush on Peyton, so I disregarded the wink as being directed at Bob.

I saw Peyton winking at Bob several more times throughout lunch hour, although she was looking more in my direction, and Bob never noticed. After lunch, we had Science class. The teacher instructed us that today we had to create a simple chemical in the lab, and that we should find out lab partners and prepare a station for the experiment. My lab partner, Catherine, took charge quick and assigned both of us jobs.

Through ought the duration of the experiment, I couldn't help but notice that she was wearing a shirt with a bit of a V-Neck style. I snuck a couple of glances when she wasn't looking, for later. I know I can really only fantasise about her tits, since there's no chance a girl like here would like a guy like me right?

Oh, but they just looked so round. creamy. soft. they were just so. "James!" I was brought back to attention when Catherine poked me on the shoulder. "James, I need you to grab the distillation compound, quick! Aren't you paying any attention?" She asked quizzically. I reached over and handed her the distillation compound, and told her I "Was just thinking about that math problem from earlier." She shrugged it off, stating that I should think about the experiment now.

I breathed a sigh of relief that she hadn't noticed me looking down her shirt. Once science class was over, the day flew by, and before I knew it, it was time for football practice. I put on my gear, and when I got out on to the field, I saw that the cheer squad was also practicing, getting ready for the big upcoming game also. For practice we did the usual drills, pass, kick, throw, run, tackle, repeat, etc. Before I knew it, it was time to head home.

May 8th, 2014 South Central Academy 5:37 P.M. I was the last I line for the shower room, which meant that as usual, I would be the last one to leave tonight. There were still seven guys ahead of me waiting for their turn, so I would be at least 20 minutes until it was my turn.

I decided that I would just walk around for a little, as I wouldn't lose my place in line anyways. The coach has been begging for an extra shower or two, but the divisions been pouring all their money into a parking lot of the next school over, East Central Academy.

Sometimes we joke that they should put some money towards re-naming the schools more creatively. As I walked past the bleachers, I heard a slight moan coming from under the stand. Worried that someone was hurt, I peeked around the corner of the bleachers. To my surprise, there sat Peyton, the cheerleader, with one hand feeling her tits, and the other stuffed into her skirt, rubbing at her pussy furiously!

Her eyes where closed in pleasure, and she hadn't heard my, so I quickly backed around the corner to think. I knew I had to find a way to remember this, so I ran as fast as I could back to the locker rooms, grabbed my yPhone S-5, and checked on the shower line.

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Still four more people waiting. I ran back over to where I had seen Peyton Jilling off, and to my luck, she was still there. I put my phone into video mode, and leaned it around the corner just enough to get a clear image. I pressed record. About one minute into recording, I suddenly heard an electric guitar start screeching a catchy tune! It was my custom ringtone for Roy! Peyton stopped rubbing and looked up, and let out a little screech. I stammered out sorry and apologies while slowly backing away, all the while the phone was still ringing.

I ignored the phone and got ready to run, when Peyton said "Wait, don't go!" "Huh?" I asked confused.

"Please, just, just stay here, let me explain!" She answered. "What's there to explain? I said. "You sitting under a bleacher masturbating!" "It's just. all you football boys, in you big shoulder pads and uniforms.

it. it just turns me on. a lot." Peyton said nervously. "Oh?" I responded, starting to feel my cock twitch in my pants. "Ya.

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it does. and. well. ever since I met you, especially, after you started dating Kelly, well, I've been." "Been???" I asked. "I've been fantasizing what it would be like, to, you know, fuck you. after Kelly told me what it was like.

I just. can't stop thinking about what it would be like." She stammered. "Hmm. well, what would Kelly say if we were to, you know, have sex? I mean, I am her boyfriend after all!" "She. she told me that she thought maybe one day, we could havewell, you know. a, erm. a threesome!" With that statement, I felt my cock go from half-mast to fully erect. By the look on Peyton's face, I knew she had noticed it as well.

Her staring at my dick turned me on as well, and I started getting pretty horny. "Tell you what Peyton, I am last in line for the shower room.

There are probably about one or two guys ahead of me now. If you want after the last one is done, we could go in there, and I could, well." "Fuck my brains out! Please! Oh I would love that so much James!" Peyton said. "Ok, I will, but you have to promise not to tell anyone except Kelly! Ok?" "Ok, I promise! Let's go see if anyone is still waiting!" May 8th, 2014 South Central Academy 5:56 P.M. I peeked around the corner of the locker room wall, only to see the last boy just packing his bag to head home.

That meant that there was nobody else here, and after he left, we would have a good half hour before the senior B practice. The school has a rule that whichever team practices last gets to clean the locker room that day, so our teams coaching staff was already gone.

Once the least boy headed out the door, he switched off the light, which further proved we where now alone. I turned around and nodded for Peyton to come with me. We quietly opened the door to the shower room, and once it closed, locked it, just in case. There was a large vent in the back wall, so if worst came to worst and we got trapped in there by the senior football team, we could try to escape through there.

I pulled off my uniform and shoulder pads, as well as all of the other protective equipment, while Peyton pulled down my football pants. I helped her remove my underwear, and the special groin protector called the "Can" and then helped her pull off her cheerleading top. She pulled off her skirt and panties in one quick motion, and we stood there for a second. Me, completely naked, and her, wearing only her bra, which pushed her tits together to create a beautiful sight of cleavage.

I grabbed her in my arms and we French kissed while I undid her bra. It was easy to undo as I had some practice with Kelly. Once her bra was of I broke off the kiss and stood back to admire the sight of her beautiful teenage tits, pointing straight out from her chest, with her nipples amazingly hard. I grabbed her left tit in my hand, with the rock hard nipple poking into my palm, while I used my right hand to grope and squeeze her incredibly fine ass, which I imagined must look amazing in tight pants.

After a minute, I moved my right hand around to rub and finger her pussy, which to my surprise, was fully shaven. After a few minutes of fingering, she knelt down so that her lips were level with my dick, and opened wide. She sucked my cock like a real pro, her mouth like a vacuum, while using one hand to jack off the base of my dick, and the other hand to finger herself, which was an incredibly hot sight.

Her head bobbed back and forth, coating my cock with saliva, and her tits jiggled around cutely as she sped up. Jest before I was about to completely blow my load into her beautiful mouth, she pulled her mouth off of my dick and said: "Ok, before you cum, I want you inside of me.

Don't be afraid to be rough either. I'm not a virgin." I was curious as to what lucky dude to this little nymph's virginity, but it didn't matter now. We had at best 20 minutes before the senior football team arrived, and I wanted to blast a load of cum all over her pretty face and tits with enough time to shower and get the heck out of the football shed left over.

I grabbed her roughly and put her into a doggy style position on the large shower bench. I stood behind here and prepared to enter what looked like a super tight pussy. The head of my dick slid in, and I was greeted by one of the tightest, wettest, hottest pussies I had ever fucked.

As I pistoned in and out, the dirty talk began to grow and grow. "Oh ya! Fuck me! Fuck my cunt nice and hard!" "Oh shit Peyton, your pussy is so tight! Oh fuck!" "Mmm ya! God this feels so good! Shove your cock harder! Deeper!

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Faster! Oh shit!" She cried out as I pushed all 7 1/2 inches into her pussy. "Oh ya Peyton! How does it feel to have my whole fucking dick in your tight pussy?

Does it feel good? Hmm?" "Oh yes James! Oh it feels so fucking good! Oh fuck you're so fucking big! Oh harder! Harder! Ohh shit!" "Oh god Peyton!

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Oh take my fucking dick like a little slut!" "Oh yes! I'm a little slut! Fuck your little slut hard! Slap my ass!" I slapped Peyton's sexy ass and watched it jiggle around. It was so hot. The profanities continued, and eventually I flipped Peyton into missionary so I could watch her tits bounce around while I fucked her. "Oh fuck me James!" She screamed. She moved her hand down to her clit and started rubbing furiously while I fucked her. "Grab my tits!

Make me cum!" Peyton pleaded while I continued to screw her tight pussy. I reached over and grabbed her right tit, and started rolling and pinking her erect nipples, all while she moaned like crazy. "Mmmm yes James! Yes! I'm going to fucking cum! Mmmmm I'm going to fucking cum all over your dick! Oh fuck me harder! Harder! Oh shit! Mmmmmmm IIII'MMMM CUUMMMINNGGG!" Peyton's body shook with orgasmic convulsions as her pussy spasmed.

"Oh James! Cum on my tits! Please cum on my tits!" Peyton begged as I continued to fuck her. I didn't need an invitation anyways. As her pussy continued squeezing my cock, I pulled out and erupted six shots of hot cum all over her sexy tits. She took her finger and wiped some into her mouth, and moaned with joy at the taste of it. I looked over at the clock and almost had a heart attack. We had only five minutes before the senior B team would arrive!

We needed to get out of there fast! We hopped under the shower head and rinsed off as fast as we could. We toweled down at light speed, and once I finished dressing, helped Peyton with her bra.

But not before I fondled her tits one last time. Once we were dressed, we kissed goodbye, and bolted off our sperate ways. I met the first senior B team player just at the school doors as he came in. I walked home alone, thinking about before. May 8th, 2014 James's House 8:45 P.M. My sister, brother, and I were watching the end of a movie when we heard the car pull into the front drive. In a few minutes, mom walked in the door.

She asked us about our day, and I told her it had been good, but didn't mention fucking Peyton in the locker room. After the movie was over, we headed off to our rooms for the night.

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Before I went to bed, I opened my photo app, and looked over the video of Peyton rubbing her pussy under the bleachers. I had also taken a few photos, and I jacked off one last time that day, and fell asleep, thinking about Peyton, and how sexy today had been.

To bad this kind of thing can't happen every day, right? ----------------------------------------------------------- I hope you enjoyed my first Sexstories.com story! Part two will be out soon, and will feature James's lab partner, Catherine. Any constructive criticism is welcome! Please no rude comments though. If you did not like the story, why are you still reading all the way down to here?

Sorry if any grammar or spelling errors got past me, I tried to make this story as grammatically "good" as possible. And lastly, thanks for reading!