Horny Maria Jade wet anal

Horny Maria Jade wet anal
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Rosie ran quickly, her heart pounding against her chest as he ran after her. The sky was gray, turning everything around them black.

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Her dress shoes slammed into the pavement, making a steady beat. She glanced back, her eyes wide. He was catching up to her. Rain fell heavily, cold wind cutting at her skin. Her school uniform was wet, clinging to her small body.


She neared the end of the sidewalk, a fence to her left. She stepped in a puddle, water splashing over her bare legs. With a cry, she fell forward on her hands and knees. Rosie winced in pain and was pulled up by her arms. ".got you," he whispered in her ear. Her green eyes widened and she squirmed,"let me go Kyle!" He grinned and pressed her against him, "say please." She glared,"Never. Now let.


Me. Go!" Kyle pouted and slipped his hand under her white dress shirt. He tickled her violently and she giggled,"St-stop!" He pressed her small body close to his and he sighed,".say.please." She kicked and laughed,".okay!

Please! Stop!" He laughed and let go.

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"you're bleeding.," he pointed out nonchalantly. She blinked and looked down, the skin on her knee was torn and bleeding. She scrunched up her cute face and gagged,"Damn." Kyle eyed her in her soaked uniform that clung to her small body. She looked no more than twelve even though she was fifteen. She had light blonde hair that fell down to her waist in a mass of curls.

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Her eyes were big and deep green, an amazing contrast with her pale skin. He took her hand in his and led her down the rest of the sidewalk. She looked up at him silently, watching. They had been best friends since they were young. Rosie would screw up and Kyle would be the one to fix it. Now they finally reached the apartment complex and Rosie ran to her door, fumbling to put the key in.

She turned the knob and ran in, shivering violently. Kyle stepped in and closed the door, locking it. ".you're dads not home?" he asked carefully. She shook her head, walking across the living room,"No he's working double shifts." Kyle followed her into her room and unbuttoned his wet shirt. Rosie's room was neat, a few posters on the wall, a desk with undone homework, her TV was on.


She grabbed a white towel and clung to it,"You can borrow some of my dads clothes. I'm going to take a shower okay?" Kyle nodded,"yeah, okay." She ran into the bathroom and slammed the door shut. She quickly turned on the water and peeled her wet clothes off.

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Kyle listened to the water running and he changed into dry clothes. He shut her bedroom door and smirked. They were all alone. He jumped when he heard the bathroom door slam open. Rosie stood there wrapped in a white towel, a smoke of fog surrounding her.

She grabbed some clothes from her drawer and frowned at him,".turn around." He scowled and closed his eyes. "And don't look!" she growled. She let her towel slip to the floor at her feet, exposing her body.

Kyle opened his eyes and stared. Her little breasts were perky, and he felt himself go hard. She slipped on some pink panties, simply pulling a white T-shirt over her head.

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She looked up and met his gaze, turning scarlet,"You pervert! I told you not to look!" He grinned,"Oops." She glared and grabbed her headphones. She sat on her bed and listened to music as she put on socks. Kyle sat beside her, his leg touching hers. She glanced at him. Kyle had dark, curly hair and blue eyes.And he was tall. He was dated alot of girls and was always telling Rosie how he'd slept with all of them.

She had always liked him. He looked down at her, their eyes meeting. A neverending second passed by and he leaned in and kissed her pink lips. She blinked and kissed back a little. After a while he stopped kissing her softly and he kissed her hungrily. He pulled her close and stuck his hand up her shirt, gropping her boob.

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Her eyes snapped open and she pulled away,"No.don't." He ignored her and kissed her neck, rubbing her nipple. "st-stop!" she gasped. He looked at her and pinned her against the bed. She kicked and squirmed but he held her down with his strong arms. ".Kyle stop!" she yelled. He grabbed some socks and shoved them in her mouth, gagging her. He pinned her arms over her head and sat on top off her, crushing her with his weight. He pulled her shirt up and exposed her breasts.

He groaned as he got hard and he squeezed her pink nipple. She squinted and breathed out. He smirked and brought his mouth to her breast and sucked hard.

She closed her eyes and squirmed, her abdomen tightened. He licked and sucked and smiled, saliva covered his bottom lip. He breathed hard as he tugged at her panties,".I want you so bad." She breathed shallow, her throat dry. He slipped her panties down to her ankles. He parted his lips as his erection strained at the front of his jeans. He stuck his long finger inside her entrance, tightness surrounding it. He smiled at her,".you're a virgin." Her eyes were wide and fearful as he slipped his finger in and out.

He smirked,"you're so wet Rosie." He pulled his finger out and rubbed her inner thigh. He fondled her soft breasts again, her pink nipples hard and perky. He bit his lip and unzipped his jeans with one hand. He pulled everything down and grabbed his throbbing erection. Rosie stared and panicked. He looked big.

He soothed his manhood and sat on her, the feel of their privates touching made him moan out. He moved his hips over her and rubbed his manhood on her private. He slipped the tip inside, covered in pre-cum and made her go still.

He pulled out and panted. He kissed her Forehead and slipped his dick in slowly. She shut her eyes and bit into the socks. He met resistance and pushed through, taking her virginity.

She cried out, gagged, tears streaming down her cheeks. She was excruciatingly tight and he moaned out as he went in and out. He picked up pace, the tightness growing and growing untill it burst inside of him and he yelled out, Cumming inside of her.

He collapsed on top of her and panted. His cum oozed out of her private, blood marking her virginity. She was quiet, dry tears on her cheeks.He sat up and let her go.

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Her body twitched and she spit out the socks, she was yelling and hitting him. "How could you?

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You-why?! How could you do this to me?" She cried. He grabbed her wrists,"Because I love you." She shook her head and he kissed her again, and they fell against the bed again. Suddenly the door opened and Rosie's dad stood at the door as rain pounded on the roof.