Asa Akira gives amazing lesbian assage

Asa Akira gives amazing lesbian assage
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Chapter 3. She Was Created for Me I got a surprising call from on my cell from Eve at the end of the day. She apologized and said she had gotten the flu and had diarrhea so she would spend the whole weekend in bed, and she didn't want me to catch it and we missed out on our chance to get together over the weekend. I knew that she was lying to me and how so transparent she was that I laughed silently to myself and my brain started working overtime trying to figure out what else she could be hiding from me and why she was playing games with me.

After an hour or so of trying to solve that quandary, I started thinking about my fantasy of Kate and how hot she is and how wicked it would be, to eat her bald snatch. On my way home I asked Becky not to mention Bret and Eve having sex to anybody.

Then I told her about Eve wanting to play games with me, and I would love to get even with her and she promised to keep my devious plan under wraps. Once getting Becky over to our mom's house I left her there and I drove over to my dad's house.

When I got there, he and Natalia, as well as my fantasy girl Kate, were home and they were all in the living room waiting for me. Soon they were grinning like a Cheshire cat with gas. What kind of a surprise or tricks did they have waiting for me? Natalia began, "Kate is going to go upstairs to her room to try on a couple of prom dresses and you get to pick out which one she looks best in." I wondered why me and would it come back to bite me in the butt.

So I said, "Oh, I will." Dad smiled at me, "This may or may not be a good idea, but since Natalia and I can't go to the Prom the choice is yours." Kate went upstairs to change for this special fashion show, she had picked out five hot dresses to model for me and they all fit her like they were made on her and she wore each one like she was a princess.

I chose the white dress with flower patterns. The wavy hem did not quite reach her kneecap, so I could see plenty of thighs when she sat down "evil grin". Once I made my pick she went back upstairs to change and she came back wearing the winning dress again and I knew I'd made the right choice. She ran over to me and jumped in my lap and she hugged me and I got two quick kisses on my face. She told me, "Thank you." My dad praised me, "You've got great taste son." Natalia agreed, "Ben made the right choice." Kate stated categorically, "First, Ben has to like my dress!

Everybody else is second!" Natalia and my dad laughed a little. Natalia told Kate, "Please go change your dress and then help me cook dinner." Kate went to her room to change her dress then the two women disappeared in the kitchen. Natalia was seven months pregnant and Kate went in to help her. Dad looked at me and smiled then he gestured for me to sit down with him. Dad cleared his throat and we had one of the most important father son conversations in my short life. Dad said, "I know you love Kate and Kate loves you too.

And I'm happy you love each other." I was way too embarrassed to answer right then. Dad continued, "Kate, Natalia and I discussed everything, so I need to explain some very important things to you, plus Kate asked me to do this." Dad shocked me by the knowledge that he knew Kate and I had the hot's for each other.

So I asked, "What is so important dad?" Dad then got real serious, "It's difficult to explain to you…but.I'll try to tell.You .Kate loves you.We know you love her.But you must decide .Could.

could you live with her forever till you die?" I had a shocked look on my face, "What does that mean dad?" He said, "Being together is not always easy and you two will have some time to think through everything. If you lose your virginity to each other you will have to be together until you die.

Now you have to think…about it.would you like to know other girls or do you choose Kate forever." I looked at my dad, "Forever.?." "Yes, it's forever. Or you will have to look for a different girlfriend!" dad stated. Everything went through in my brain that I know about her. Kate was beautiful, smart, full of laughter and I also knew that she was very good student as she came to our house to tutor my sister several times.

She also is a wonderful musician with a great voice, as she sang for us in the Cook Islands. I think if it wasn't for Eve's betrayal and dad hadn't been betrayed by my mom, I would have not hesitated at all or I could have refused her. But I wanted a woman who would love me and I was sure Kate could be that girl. Dad knew me too well and so he began to encourage me, "Ben, Kate loves you and her plan is to have two kids with you.

AND she'll never cheat on you, believe me! But if you cheat on her. You're dead. I've told her, you have to live with her until your die.," Dad stopped, because he might have just said too much.

The having two kids plan was an interesting idea which was in my mind. I think the average eighteen year old boy does not usually think of having kids with any girl, and he'd run as far from that girl as he could .I mean who mentions a kid plan when you're both only 18 and haven't even had sex yet? However the secret that I had shared about Becky might have changed me just a bit, I became a little bit more mature.

Dad knew I concealed the biological paternity of my sister well and this secret caused me to be to think about it. Yes I was more mature than my contemporaries, because of the secret of my parents had shared.

So he was right about the plan of having two kids having an effect on my decision. My mind churned around a few things such as the fact that she might be spiteful, if I cheated on her.

But I knew I was the faithful type, but who knows at eight-teen I could make a mistake. It was a very strange situation to decide the future of my entire life at the age of eight-teen and heck I am still in school yet. I looked at my dad, "Are you sure Kate really loves me?" Dad tried to explain, "Yes, Kate has loved you since she learned you kept our secret about Becky. She'll be yours forever, if you choose her. I can't explain now why she won't betray you as your mom did.

After the birth of your kids … one of her conditions will be to have a DNA test run on each one of them. Natalia also asked to have a DNA test done on our baby. It's very important since &hellip.Kate. was created just for you…" WOW that's strange what did he just say? Created.What does that mean?? Did I hear that right? Also it's interesting that both women want DNA test done Why? And especially since only Natalia is pregnant right now. What's the meaning of his last sentence?

Dad stopped like he had said too much and then he continued with a different subject, "I looked into the step-sibling marriage thing before marrying her mother. You're both eighteen years old now, so it's not illegal for you two to get married!" I said, "Dad, I hope that I am not making a mistake but she is gorgeous and we do love each other." Dad smiled at me, "You'll never be disappointed in Kate, and I assure you! She won't betray you like Eve did and your. mo…" He stopped before he said my mom again.

Dad then stood up from his chair and said, "You two will have some great kids. But son, Kate and you both have some time to work out the plans. But Kate has already decided on you." Dad went into the kitchen where the two women were finishing up dinner and I sat there in deep thoughts about Kate and what the future would be like.

She has a fantastic personality and she's damn gorgeous to boot and could be wild in bed. A few minutes later Kate stuck her head out the kitchen door and she said, "Ben!" I looked into her beautiful eyes with stars and lust in my eyes. She noticed the twinkle in my eyes and her face became red. She winked at me and she disappeared through the kitchen door. Her seduction was tiny but super effective, because I felt the blood rush from my brain into my cock.

Oh shit it got hard as hell in a flash!!! I had to re-adjust the damn thing before it broke. Soon Kate came out from the kitchen to see me.

Her face and body language showed a clear message and I understood it well. She was in heat…and she.had something on her mind.ME!! She took my hand and she pulled from my chair and said, "Ben, let's go to my room!

We have plenty of time before dinner." I was startled when she took me to her room my cock throbbed and I had to re-adjust it again. When I closed the door Kate hugged me tightly and I could smell her delicious fine tea scent. We melted in a long kiss and our tongues explored each other. After our passionate kiss, she said, "I love you and I'll be yours." I replied the same thing.

"I love you." She took me to her bed and we sat down on her bed and we started kissing again. As our tongues went to work in our mouths. During our kiss her arms held me tight and she gulped a breath of air and she allowed me to explore her body with my hands. Eve's body was a little softer than Kate's, but her body was firm, but pleasant the touch and I enjoyed exploring her beautiful body. We stopped a bit and her beautiful face lit up and her pupils went wide with lust that sent shivers through my cock again.

Then Kate stroked my face, "Be mine and I'll be yours forever! Do you know what that means??" Just then dad and Natalia shouted, "Dinner, dinner is ready!".dammit…I was enjoying our kisses. Kate stood up and she said with smile, "Ben, we've got enough time for everything, but we have to go thank your dad and my mom now. Let's go!" I questioned Kate in confusion, "To give thanks to my dad and your mom!?" Kate responded, "They're so happy that we are in love with each other that you cannot imagine it." When we came down the stairs hand in hand, her mom hugged me with taking care of her big belly.

She was ecstatically happy, as Kate predicted earlier. She said, "Ben, Kate loves you and you don't know how hard it is for my daughter to love you." Dad laughed heartily, "Ben, you won't be disappointed in Kate," as he patted me on my shoulder and squeezed it.

The table was set differently than usual, they put two chairs side by side at the longer side of the table, so Kate and I could sit next to each other. Usually when I was at dad's alone or with my sister I was always sat opposite of Kate and either my younger sister sat beside Kate or she sat alone.

Kate went to help her mom in the kitchen to bring the dishes in, so I stayed seated at the table with dad. Dad was happy for us, "Ben, you'll bind our family together. Secondly, I need to ask you to help Kate out with any problems that she might have, because she wasn't born in the States.

I know you and Becky will take care of her just fine. I said, "Dad, it was just natural for us to help her." Dad said, "I need to explain something to you and why Kate and you will need to go to the same college." I exclaimed, "Dad it's a fantastic idea!" "I am glad you think this a great idea," Dad continued, "I think you know now that Kate is a very smart girl.

It may be such a situation that you'll experience her unique abilities. Don't forget Kate will always have your best interest in mind and the future of your common kids also." Dad talked about us having kids again and future college life.

My mind churned around these two ideas, Kate and I in college and this funny plan about common kids. I responded with a question, "Which college will we go to? And what does "common kids" mean I know what kids are, but "common"?? The women brought out the food, as they put the plates on the table and Kate rushed behind me and she pushed her fantastic "C" sized rack to my head as she hugged me. Kate said, "Yes, we'll be together at college.

And dad and my mom will find an apartment for us to live in off campus." She kissed my face and ran her tongue across my ear before she sat down. My cock began to grow again from the hot kiss and from thinking about the chance to share a bed with Kate full time in our own apartment. The blood was leaving my brain too damn quick for my comfort with our folks sitting right there.

During dinner we talked mostly about nothing, but our hands and our legs touched each other several times and I had to adjust myself a couple times again and I was horny as hell.

When we got done eating, dad asked if his trick worked out OK and I responded it was excellent trick. We laughed together. The two adults let Kate to escort me to the door. Kate and I kissed for a very long time and I was getting a case of blue balls. Then Kate pulled away then told me to watch out for the icy roads on the way home.

Kate's warning was not necessary, because of my hard on and the image of her and me living together followed me all the way home. I am usually a good driver but my brain had minimal blood in it so I paid extra attention on the turns and stopping at stop signs. Becky and my mom were waiting for me at the door. I was glad that Becky could see the shit eating grin on my face and that my disappointment about Eve cheating had gone away and she guessed the name of the lucky new girl way too quick.

Becky said, "Ben, you're an evil little shit… Kate's a lucky girl," as she laughed. I said in surprise, "How the hell did you know, Becky?" Mom told, "Son you're smiling, Becky is right. I'm happy for you" Becky told, "Mom, look at his face it's turning red." I admitted to my smiling and surprised sister, "You're right." Mom began crying and she rushed to the kitchen same way as the last time when she had heard Eve deceived me.

Becky and I ran after her. We found mom sitting at the table in the kitchen and her face was in her hands crying. Becky questioned her, "Is there a problem with Kate? You told us several times what a sweet kind girl she was, when she came to us to help me with my homework. And she is coming back again tomorrow." I thought I knew what was wrong.

Mom was jealous that I'd love my dad and his family more than I loved her, so I knew I had to say something quick to stop her from being jealous of my dad and his new family. I began, "Mom, my love for Kate won't change my love for Becky and you. You're my mom and Becky is my sister and Kate doesn't have any problems with either of both you." Becky tried to help me, "Mom, Kate is a great girl and she won't turn Ben against you.

I know her and my brother too. You said several times she's a very kind girl." Mom wiped her tears and she began smiling at me and she stood up.

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She realized she could do nothing against the inevitable and she hugged me. She gave me the Mother's blessing Kate and me, "Son, love the girl that loves you!" Mom quit crying until it was time to go to bed. I was sure that mom cried in her bed all night. But Becky was excited for Kate and me. The next day was Saturday and Kate would be coming over to help tutor Becky with her homework.

It was kind of funny, but Yekaterina alias Kate would help my sister with History, Math, Physics, Biology and Chemistry tomorrow. I was not sure whether my mom would accept Kate, but I was not too interested in my mom's opinion about Kate right now.

I loved Kate and Kate said loved me and that's the most important thing. Soon I fell asleep and dreamed erotic fantasies about Kate and living together. The next morning I got up and went to the kitchen, where Becky and my tired mom waited for me with the breakfast already cooked.

I was right. Mom had cried most of the night, I hoped she would accept Kate. Becky told me excitedly, "We talked about Kate.

Mom admitted again Kate is a very kind girl. Kate and you belong together and." Mom interrupted Becky, "Ben, I don't have any problems with Kate and you. Love her, if she loves you! She's a very kind creation." Becky smiled at me. My sister was fantastic to reassure my mom. We had breakfast and we waited for Kate. She drove up in her Prius and I waited for her at the door, mom and Becky let me open the door for her.

I opened the door before she could push the buzzer. We said "Hi". We kissed at the door after she entered the house. Then mom and Becky coughed so we stopped. Kate greeted my mom and Becky.


After taking off her coat, I assisted her; we went to Becky's room. Mom stayed in the living room and she gave us a few quick looks. I knew she had already resigned herself Kate was my girlfriend, but she would have been more pleased with another girl.

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Before we sat in my sister's room Becky began, "I'm so glad you love each other," and she hugged Kate spontaneously. First Kate was very surprised and after declaration of my sister's unexpected joy she began smiling at us.

She said humorously, "Ben and I aren't just siblings, since yesterday, but Becky you'll always be my sister." We laughed a little and we sat down and Kate sat next to me on the sofa and we hugged each other and I ran my fingers through her blond hair. My sister blurted out by accidentally, "What I'd give so that Eve could see you with Kate now!

Kate, you're ten times a better girlfriend than that bitch Eve!" Kate and I kissed after my sister's compliment and I said at the end of our kiss, "Becky you're right. Eve is playing sick and I suspect she wants to play being my girlfriend role for a while. She promised we'll have sex after Prom but since I saw her and Bret getting busy that will never happen. I think she wants to use me as reserve or as spare parts that are stored in a warehouse.

" Kate furrowed her brow indicating she was thinking about something. During this my sister said quickly, "Eve's place is in a whorehouse." We all busted out laughing. Kate found her thoughts, "She didn't say your relationship was over and I suspect she won't say it until just before the Prom. I think she'll say you're done the day before Prom.


I heard from my parents that the competition for King and Queen will be at the beginning of the Prom. So the end of her game playing you it would be on the night before Prom. Ben, we three could play with her until Prom. Instead of being depressed you'll have a date for the Prom and a good girlfriend for the competition of Prom King and Queen," after saying her last words she became red a little and I smelt a little whiff of her pheromone cloud and I instantly got rock hard.

I thought in myself, "What a scent! Her scent smells awesome and, pleasant and very erotic! Eve's scent wasn't quite the same." Her light musky scent was the most erotic of any of the women whom I smelt in the past. Kate's scent and her red face showed me that she shared our lust, and I couldn't wait to get her in bed and ravish her.

I also knew that she could help me against some unfriendly opponents which Kate could help prove her love to me. Becky and I looked at Kate with a glowing admiration and I said, "Kate this is an excellent idea, because I planned to do the same to Eve.

What a coincidence!" Becky said laughing, "Ben told me a similar plan just as you suggested. He wants to play a little with Eve too, and she will go ballistic at Prom. What a pity that I won't get to see her!" I explained, "Bret is also planning to take some revenge on me since I was the spokesman when we stopped his bullying at school. I'm also sure he doesn't want me to know about his sexual relationship with Eve. And Eve isn't so sure of Bret either, because Helen told everybody Bret is a player, when she was ready to break up with him.

Eve is just a calculating bitch who wants keep me in reserve. What happens if Bret breaks up with her before Prom? This could be very confusing and very nasty." Kate said grinning, "We are a go, you and me but the shit will hit the fan for them. And you could call Eve just to stir the pot a little bit" We both laughed our asses off.

I thought about Kate's idea, "I'll leave you two alone to learn and I'm going to call Eve to ask her about her convenient post coitus illness." We laughed a lot and Kate said, "Ben, please chill out and lose your attitude before you call so she doesn't get a clue about your real intent." Becky smiled at me, "Kate I'm sure Ben can cover his intent." We laughed again.

Becky was right, if I could cover up whom her dad really is…Then the Eve project would go just fine. So why I couldn't I turn the tables and play a few games with Bret and Eve also. We stood up and Kate and I kissed, Becky patted me on my shoulder and I went to my room. They began to plan and scheme together. Then they studied some more together.


I called Eve and I was right, she told me she would have a family event for winter vacation and they would be going to the Caribbean. This was not new news she also knew my sister and I would be going skiing in Switzerland with dad and his family. Next week was the last school week before the winter break. She promised we would get together before Prom again, which was in mid-January. So until Prom we would be saving our love and kisses till then. I laughed to myself.

She told she was feeling better though. After the call I put my headphones on jammed out with some rock and read a novel on the Internet. My favorite story is 800lbgorilla's Sci-Fi & Fantasy story "A Beautiful Wish" and I re-read this serial again several times.

Unfortunately the author quit writing on that story and it has so much potential. Mom cooked us lunch and Kate stayed and ate with us, then she helped my sister study again. Christmas would be here soon and I bought gifts for everyone and I had even planned to get a gift for Eve, but Kate would get a way better present than I planned before. Grinning. Eve and her younger brother will be in the Caribbean with their parents from Christmas until school starts again so hers could wait an awhile.

This was a rare occasion, for them because this was her father's first Christmas vacation since he started working for the hospital, so they went all out and made this a big family event. This happened to work out perfect for me, as I didn't have to see her for weeks and Eve could talk to Bret all she wanted. I still thought Eve was not too sure about Bret and she wants to hang onto me as a spare for Prom in just case it doesn't work with him.

Bret's was simple case of getting revenge on me since I was the main guy that shut him down as the school bully. Their secret tryst showed this also, I am sure that their plans were to announce their relationship just before Prom so Bret would get his revenge on me. Eve should just tell me our time was over and she did not want to date anymore, but she has her own reasons for stringing me along. How deep she was involved in his revenge plot was unknown yet. Kate was the perfect revenge medicine.

I came up with a way to avoid a bad situation and how to get out of it is one of Life's biggest challenges and Kate was an awesome Christmas gift for me and it made my cock swell thinking about her scent. After studying the two girls came out of my sister's room and Becky said she was tired, but Kate didn't say anything just yet, she just shot me a big smile and twirled her hair. Kate gave me a great big hug; and she smelled terrific and I felt the blood flowing to my groin and was going have to adjust something pretty soon.

Becky praised Kate, "Kate has a way about her that she can explain everything better than any of my teachers." Kate laughed, "If I could, I'd teach you like a private student and I could move to Ben's room and we could live together." I continued Kate's idea, "Great practice for college huh." Becky was very enthusiastic, "Where will you live together at college?" Kate said proudly, "Dad and my mom will find a small apartment for us and I'll cook for Ben there." We kissed passionately and Becky looked at us with guilty pleasure and she said, "It's great to see you two so happy and I'm so glad you found each other.

I wonder whether I'll find a man like Ben?" We stopped to kiss and Kate said, "If your lover isn't good to you I'll kick his ass!" We laughed a lot and Kate asked about the plan for Eve, "Did you call Eve?" I responded, "She is getting ready to go on her family's Christmas vacation, so we won't get a chance to see each other. That is what we thought; she wants me as a reserve." Kate said, "So you get to see me then." Becky poked Kate, "Hey that's the plan" We broke out laughing and Kate turned red.

Then mom shouted food is ready, so we went down to the kitchen. Kate and I were holding hands as we got to the kitchen and mom gave a dirty look and smiled.

The two girls went to serve us dinner; and we sat down. Kate sat next to me and we pulled our chairs as close as we could, and we touched, squeezed each other through the whole meal.

Becky kept grinning and laughing and repeating sly comments about me and I turned bright red a few times. Kate just smiled and carried on a conversation with my mother and ignored Becky's comments.

When the lunch was over the two girls went to wash the dirty dishes and mom and I went to the living room. Mom stated, "You know, how smart Kate is? She's almost as good English teacher as I am and she wasn't born here and I'm an even an English teacher." Mom continued, "Before she came over to tutor Becky, she was only decent in English before, but Kate brought up Becky's GPA up in every subject, Becky is now second in her class!!

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Kate taught her how to study and I think she'll do great next year." I stuttered, "I tried to help Becky, but Kate can explain stuff way better than I can." Mom said, "I know son, Kate has a special talent." I sighed, "I glad you agree mom," I continued, "I can see you haven't any issue against her." "Kate is always polite and she has a very kind personality.

I saw from the first days she adored Becky and you. Later I could see she looked at you with love glances." But I interrupted mom, "Did you know she loved me? Why didn't you say something about it?" Mom was definite, "Ben, your love affairs are your personal issues and you began seeing Eve at that time." I knew she was not right, my mom knew before Eve that Kate loved me, but she did not want to strengthen the relationship between my dad and me, so she kept this private.

Because, If Kate and I began to date I would have been closer to my dad than my mom. Mom is jealous of dad and his happiness with his new family. Mom was always curious about dad's new family but mainly she interrogated Becky about them. She got that info that my dad was happy with his new family and this info made her sad.

Now she got what she wanted to avoid, Kate and I became an item.

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I was mad at her and I looked at her angrily. Mom started to cry and she said, "Ben honey she may even be a better spouse than I was for your father." My anger disappeared and I smiled at mom, "Thank you." Mom wiped her eyes and tried to smile at me. Soon the girls came to the living room. Becky asked mom, "Can I go to the pool with Kate and Ben? I'll study hard next week, and this evening is our last free chance until Christmas break." Mom agreed to the swimming pool idea rather quickly.

Becky and I looked for our swim suits and we went to my dad's house for Kate's suit. Kate drove us in her Prius and it was cramped. The city pool is a big indoor one with plenty of room to swim in. The deep side of the pool has a high dive tower. We changed into our swim-wear and we went and jumped in.

Kate's bikini showed her gorgeous figure and showcased her breasts really well. My sister's bikini was hot, and showed off her assets really well. All three of us are good swimmers, but Kate makes us look like rocks. She can swim all four swimming styles with great skill and with very little effort; we had watched her swim on Cook Islands before. We were having lots of fun in the pool and Kate and I played grab-ass under the water, she let me touch and play with her awesome tits a few times even.

The race pool freed up so went and raced a few laps till we got bored with that then Kate said she would like to show us some of her high dives.

Kate then showed us her newer dive routines and we sat on the stairs in the water and yelled and clapped, whenever Kate went up to the stairs to show us her next dive and she then swam over to us and we kissed passionately in the water each time.

She dived more than fifteen times. She did not brag, but she wanted to impress and entertain us. Becky praised her after every jump. Kate was very pleased that we liked her routine.

Soon we had an audience some were strangers and even they clapped and shouted with us. Later Kate finished diving and we went swimming again. She warned us not to try her dives till we got some diving instructions. Becky had to go use the restroom so Kate and I sat there and kissed and groped each other and chatted for a bit. Kate asked me, "Your mom accepted me after lunch, didn't she? I saw she wiped her eyes." I responded, "Kate you're a good observer. She accepted that fact you're my girlfriend.

But this was a very difficult decision for her." Kate said, "I'm so happy for this. I was afraid of she had something against me, because your dad is my step-dad." "Kate, you're right, she is a little jealous, but that's going away," I said.

Kate and I hugged each other under water and she looked at my eyes and said seriously, "Ben my love. I'm yours totally, I'll be yours till your death." We kissed until Becky came back. Then we swam a little more till we wore ourselves out then Kate drove us back home and we kissed for a bit more before she went home. Becky and I begged mom, not to tell to anybody about Kate and our plans, mainly to keep it from Eve, if she met Eve accidentally. Mom said she would keep this under cover.

We spent all day Sunday and the rest of the week studying for finals. Kate also had finals on Thursday and Friday and we all aced them with flying colors. She didn't want us to socialize with her during school, since our plan for Prom was too important to screw it up. I saw Kate a couple of times and she wearing a very modest dress, and a simple ponytail.

But this could not disguise her beauty and each time I saw her blood drained out of my head into my cock and I had to look around to see who was around before I could make an adjustment.

At the end of the semester Becky and I were both second in each of our classes. None of our friends in class knew anything about Eve's and Bret's affair and Becky and I hid Kate's and our own devious Prom plan. Eve and I were polite to each other and we tried to avoid each other whenever possible and it was very funny that Eve and Bret avoided each other too. They also had their own Prom plans to keep quiet.

Natalia paid for and organized our family's winter vacation plans; this was her big gift to us. Christmas Day was spent at mom's house the following day we were at my dad's house, and the next day we would fly to Chicago then we would fly to Zurich Switzerland and we would go from Zurich to Sankt Moritz and rent a car for the rest of the vacation and hopefully Kate and I could sneak away a few times.

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The next weekend we finished up our plans for the winter holiday so Becky and I packed our bags. Mom helped us and she was very envious of us. She used to go skiing a lot with my dad and us, before the divorce.

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We spent the first Christmas Day at mom's house, we decorated the medium-sized real tree together and we helped mom to cook a big meal. We opened our gifts and shared ours with each other. We thanked mom's folks for their gifts by Skype.

They live in New Hampshire, where her family is from and her sister also lives. My grandparents and mom do not get along since her divorce. My grandparents are not extremely righteous people, but they are not very fond of mom cheating on my dad and they made a few comments about it again. Neither them knew I could hear the conversation in the living room. It was also very interesting that my grandparents would visit dad and his new family when they came to visit, in the summer and they liked both Kate and Natalia.

They both thought a lot of dadso their visits to my dad's new family caused my mom's grief for days.