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Overwatch Pharah The Slut Best Sex Compilation
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The Futa Fairy Futa's Hot MILF Wish Chapter Two: Cassandra's Futa Problem By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Tears fell down my cheeks as I stared at my new cock sprouting from where my clit used, the folds of my pussy wrapped about its base. It was still wet and shiny with Mrs. Teller's hot pussy. The MILF, mother of my best friend, had rode me so hard, so eager to cum on my dick.

I thought, finally, that I had her. After lusting after her for years, I had the MILF in my arms. Yes, I didn't imagine I would grow a cock at nineteen and fuck her with it, or that a naughty futa-fairy would visit me in my dreams to grant my wish. But it happened. I made love to Mrs. Teller, and it was magical. I held her, kissed her, and felt that glorious pussy about my new futa-cock.

And then she came. I came. I flooded her pussy. It was the best feeling ever. And then Mrs. Teller felt so guilty. She was married, her husband asleep upstairs along with my best friend, Lana. Mrs. Teller had bolted off of me, fleeing the living room in a panic, leaving me sitting on her couch in a crying daze. I had my wish, and she rejected it. Mrs. Teller didn't want to be my lover.

I stared at my cock. It twitched, still half-hard. "It's all your fault. If I wasn't a freak, she would have loved me." I grabbed my cock, pulling on it. My hand slipped up the shaft, lubed by her juices, and popped off. My tip throbbed from the friction, pleasure racing down my shaft to my pussy. Tingles rushed through me, the memory of my orgasm I just had with the hot MILF.

"If it wasn't for you," I hissed, tugging on it again, my dick stretching, my hand sliding up it and brushing the tip, sending more pleasure through me. "Stupid cock!" The pleasure only remembered me of what just happened, from waking up from my dream with Leanan Sidhe in the aviary to Mrs. Teller standing over me in her robe, burned in my mind. My cum had erupted, painting her face with my jizz.

She had looked so hot, so sexy, dripping with my seed. Even in the dark living room, I could tell how beautiful she was, her tanned face flawless, ripened into the epitome of womanly beauty, her blonde hair spilling in a tousled mess about her face, her large breasts straining against her loosely tied about her waist. It was so hot. My dick throbbed as I tugged on it, my hand stroking up and down as I relived what just happened. My eyes closed. I leaned back into the couch, furiously tugging on my cock.

The tip throbbed and ached as my palm slid over it, my girl-cock so hard, the shaft throbbing in my hand. It had been magical as Mrs. Teller mounted me. The MILF had fucked me so hard, riding my new cock, moaning and gasping. She loved it. Her big breasts had broken free of her robe.

She had cum so hard on my dick. "Then why did you run?" I hissed. "You loved my cock! You told me. You hadn't cum in forever. Your husband's cock isn't as good as mine." I tugged so hard. No boy had ever tugged so hard on his cock as I tugged on mine. My pussy clenched as I squirmed on the couch, my moans echoing through the still living room. I squirmed on the couch, juices leaking out of my pussy. My hand slapped over and over into my pussy lips before sliding up to stroke my crown.

My toes curled as pressure swelled in the depth of my body. I groaned, mewling as my body shivered. My pussy clenched. The ache built at the tip of my cock. That need to explode. I groaned through clenched teeth, tugging so hard on my dick.

White cum spurted from my girl-cock. I groaned, thrashing as it arched through the air and splattered onto the glass coffee table.

I groaned, squirming as another blast fired from my dick and then a third. Each one sent pleasure knifing through my body, stabbing right into my brain.

It was amazing. "Yes, yes, yes," I panted, heaving, my body buzzing from the intensity of my new cock's orgasm. It contrasted with the softer pleasure rippling out of my pussy. "Oh, damn that's—" DONG! DONG! I gasped, the grandfather clock in the sitting room announcing it was 2 AM. I shuddered, my heart racing. My eyes widened.

I just jerked off my new cock in Lana's living room. I groaned, wishing I hadn't fallen asleep watching movies with my best friend. If I had gone home, then at least I would be there.

And I wouldn't have had my heart broken by Mrs. Teller. Fresh tears fell down my cheeks. I let go of my cock. Trying to tug it off just led to filthy masturbating. I stumbled to my feet, heading to the kitchen to find paper towels. I wiped up my creamy mess from the coffee table, feeling so guilty, then I disposed of the evidence in the kitchen trashcan. My new cock was so tight in my panties. I headed home, leaving the Teller's house and walking through the cool summer evening back to my own house next door.

I slipped into my house and padded upstairs, hoping I didn't wake up Mom. I reached my bedroom, throwing myself on my bed, crying into my pillows. After my tears finally stopped, I rolled onto my back, my dick throbbing in my panties. I hated it so much. Why did that stupid fairy curse me with a cock? It just caused so much problems. I was happy lusting at my MILF neighbor from a distance, hanging out at Lana's house as much as I could so I could vicariously peep on the object of my affection.

I glanced to my bedroom window. It faced out to the Teller's master bedroom, the lacy curtains open as usual. There she was, sleeping beside her husband. She must have douched herself and went to bed. She always slept naked. There were her breasts pillowed by her arm.

Before I knew it, I was jerking off again. Sitting on my bed, I stroked my dick so hard staring at her sleeping. I groaned when I came, my cum splattering the carpet of my floor. More drizzled over my hand and splashed on my thighs. No wonder girls joked about a guy and the box of tissues by his bed. Cumming made such a huge mess. "Damn fairy," I muttered, falling back onto my bed, the cum drying on the back of my hand. "Stupid, dumb fairy. I bet you're laughing. 'Oh, look at my dear, sweet Cassandra in such a tizzy because I gave her a big, huge cock that freaked out the woman she loves and now everyone will know she's a freak.

They'll see her cock bulging her panties and laugh at her. Tee hee hee.'" I rolled onto my side. I would have to face the world with a cock. I couldn't wear any tight bikinis and sunbathe with Lana. I would have to hide the filthy thing. No one could ever know what the futa-fairy cursed me with. Maybe I could cut it off?

That thought hit me as I lay in a daze on my bed, so tired and wanting to sleep, but so frustrated and sad about what happened I couldn't. It wormed through me.

I could get a pair of scissors and just snip it away. Then I could be a normal girl again. But I'd probably end up bleeding to death or something. I think there was an artery that ran through boy's penis. It's what let them get so hard.

I'd have to wake up my parents, tell them I cut off my own futa-cock, and had to go to the hospital. So many people would know. I rolled onto my back, staring at the ceiling, my dick throbbing in my panties, begging to be stroked again. I shook my head. It was lighter in my room.

Dawn approached. My eyes felt like grit. I closed them, too tired to really care now. And then it happened. I felt something in the world change. Like an energy that had dissipated. My dick throbbed once, and then the pressure in my panties grew less and less. They weren't so tight, so constrictive and. My eyes bolted open. I sat up and stared at my panties. They weren't bulging around my cock. There was nothing. "Oh, please, please say it's over." My fingers pulled aside my panties.

I had never been so relieved to see the fiery landing strip leading to my shaved pussy. My slit was as tight as usual. No huge cock bulged out. I ran my fingers through my pussy lips, nudging my clitoral hood. My clit was inside, not hard and aroused. "Thank god," I groaned. "It's over." Relief flooded through me. I had lost my chance to ever have my relationship with Mrs.

Teller, but at least I wasn't a freak any longer. I fell back on my pillow and my eyes closed. I must have fallen asleep right away because it was past noon when my beeping phone dragged me out of unconsciousness. I fumbled for it, reaching. I snagged it off my nightstand. I had a Skype call from Lana. I swiped the screen. "Hello." "Hey," she said brightly, sitting in her bedroom, sunlight almost washing out her blonde hair into a white blur. "You weren't sleeping on the couch when I woke up." "Yeah, I decided to go home and sleep in a bed," I said.

"You just waking up? You look awful." "Thanks," I grumbled. She giggled. "Just looking out for you. Your eyes are bloodshot." She brought her phone closer to her face. "Did you get into your dad's booze." "Just." I shook my head. "Nothing.


Just didn't sleep. The sun was up when I passed out." "Ugg, insomnia's the worst. Remember last year when I didn't sleep for two weeks?" She was exaggerating, as always. "Yeah," I grinned. "I remember." "So, excited for tonight?" I blinked. "Tonight?" "My big slumber party." She shook her head.

"Summer's almost up. One last bash. How could you forget?" "Right, right. Sorry, just waking up." I faked a smile. I would be at the Tellers house all evening. "I remember." "Then get your keister over here and help me get ready. That's a best friend's job." "Let me take a shower and look less horrifying," I said.

There was no way I could face Mrs. Teller looking awful. Even if she thought I was a freak. "Sure, sure, no hurry." I shook my head. Lana was like that, one moment so excited about something that it had to be done right away and then the next acting like she didn't care a bit. "Kay. Bye." "Bye." The Skype call ended.

I groaned, not wanting to get up. But it was past noon. My stomach twisted and roiled as I took my shower and spent an hour mastering my red hair and applying a light amount of makeup. Nothing overboard. I selected a florescent-green set of bra and panties, cute and fun but not too sexy for a slumber party, and made sure I had a bikini to bring over. I dressed in a flaring, flowery skirt and a tank top, my bra peeking out around the white top, adding a splash of color that worked well with my red hair and green eyes.

My parents were at work, since it was a Friday, and I foraged for food in the kitchen. As much as my stomach was twisting with nerves, I also was starving. It was strange eating while feeling like I wanted to throw up.

I made a cup of chamomile tea and drank that to settle my stomach before facing the Teller house. Lana and I practically lived at each other's house, so knocking wasn't necessary. I opened the door and stepped into the living room. I flushed with guilt when my eyes fell on the coffee table. I moved to it, searching for any streaks. There was one. A bit of cum I missed. "Oh, hi," the strained, bubbly voice of Mrs.

Teller said from behind me. I jumped, spun, and saw the MILF wearing a pair of white shorts and a pink baby doll t-shirt standing at the hallway leading back to the kitchen.

She looked so radiant, her blonde curls falling about her head, her legs so tanned and lithe, contrasting with her white shorts. And her breasts. They filled out that t-shirt. My pussy grew hot, wet. But no cock sprouted. "Hi, Mrs. Teller," I said, my cheeks red. I fidgeted, washing my hands before me.

"Cassandra," she said, her cheeks darkening with a blush. Her eyes flicked down. "I. Right, you're here to help out with the party." "It's gone," I said, squirming, my eyes burning.

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"So you don't have to.worry?" "Oh, okay." She licked her lips. "It was just.a dream, right? Not real. I mean." Her cheeks grew darker. "You're a girl. Not." "A futa," I finished. "Just a dream." She stared at me, her own hips swaying. She opened her mouth twice to say something. And then Lana burst into the room from a different hallway that led to the stairs.

"Cassandra!" "Hey," I smiled. Lana glanced at me then at her mother, frowning. "What are you two doing? There's such a weird vibe in here." "Just." "Talking about dreams," Mrs. Teller told her daughter. "I found Cassandra having a.um.nightmare sleeping on our couch last night. It was." "Weird," I said. "Oh, is that what had you up all night?" My friend grinned, her face a younger version of her mother's. "She's a scaredy-cat.

She won't see any horror films." "I can't handle the stress," I said. "It's not fun. I don't get why you love them, Lana." "Because they make me feel sooooo alive." Lana darted to me. "Now we're on cupcake duty. And then we have to go out and buy the drinks and chips. Mom gave me a budget." "And you'll stick to it," Mrs. Teller said, disappearing back down the hallway to the kitchen. It was weird around Mrs.

Teller. All day we kept bumping into each other as I helped Lana get ready for her party. And we always just looked at each other, both of squirming. I wanted to seize her, to tell her I didn't have the cock and she didn't have to run. That we could love each other. I didn't care that she was married. But she was embarrassed. I was just a kid. Nineteen. Not a sophisticated adult. And there was guilt, too. She had known me all my life. I was her daughter's best friend and then we had sex last night.

And that was without adding the weird cock I had temporarily sprouted. There were six girls coming for sure, though more were invited, and Lana wanted to have enough food for them all. "I don't think Deidre's coming," Lana said as we shopped for snacks at the WinCo. "She's attached to the hip to her bratty sister, and Keily was not invited." "Yeah, it's so weird," I giggled.

"But Mei, Marissa, Kelly, Becky, Rosa, and.Theresa are definites," she said, rattling off the names for the seventeenth bazillion time. "Mei only drinks diet soda, right?" "I think so," I told her. "Well, grab a case of Diet Pepsi for her." We had a shopping cart full of soda, jugs of Arizona iced tea, and bags of all sorts of chips and dips.

It was far too much, but I didn't say that to Lana. She was clearly having so much fun.


She paid with her Mom's debit card, putting in the pin code while she stared longingly at the locked liqueur shelves. "Dad's out of town," she said. "Left this morning. And mom's such a heavy sleeper. Why don't we know anyone who's twenty-one? This party could be real wild." "Yeah," I said, grinning at her.

"Truth or Dare would be so wild if we were drunk." "Remember Becky's party? Oh, my god, I can't believe you actually kissed her naked ass for the dare." My cheeks blushed.

None of my friends knew I was a lesbian. "I always do my dares." "Alcohol makes you do your dares." She sighed. "This party will be so lame without it." I nudged her hip with mine. "It'll be a blast. You'll see." She beamed at me, looking almost as sexy as her mother. "Thanks, Cassandra." As she hugged me, my nipples tingled and a wet heat raced through me.

I hadn't ever paid attention to Lana. Why would I when I had her MILF mother attracting my attention. Maybe I should have set my sights on a younger Teller woman to seduce. We could be more than friends. Maybe.during Truth or Dare, I could dare her to kiss me. That would be wild. I was wet for the rest of the day as we got everything set up.

Around five, the girls began arriving. Mei was first, the Chinese girl beaming as she came in, then Kelly and Theresa.

Rosa, Marissa, and Becky arrived together. We all put on our bikinis and hit the pool. It turned out, I had a lot of hot friends. Mei was petite, her breasts small mounds, but her skin was so exotic. Rosa had golden-brown skin and such a great ass. Becky was almost as stacked as Mrs. Teller, her boobs seemed to float as she lounged against the side of the pool in her blue bikini.

Theresa had killer legs, and Becky had these plump, kissable lips. Marissa was a knock out in her one piece stretched around her round breasts, her legs so sleek. My excitement only grew as we splashed in the water. I didn't need Mrs. Teller. I could have fun with my friends. One of them had to be at least bicurious. My nipples were so hard, bringing laughs from Mei when she noticed.

"Someone's thinking of a cute boy," grinned Mei before she splashed. "She's always thinking about boys," laughed Lana. "She's boy crazy." "I am," I lied, splashing Mei back. Shrieks echoed through the backyard as we tried to drown each other. Water splashed in every direction as we screeched and giggled. There were no teams. It was a free-for-all. Alliances would pop up and then were betrayed moments later as we moved around the pool.

"Girls, are you trying to murder each other?" Mrs. Teller asked, coming out in her red bikini. And the world stopped for me. I stared at her heaving breasts as she sauntered out, her hips swaying.

I groaned, lusting after her.

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My friends were all cute girls. But that was all they were—girls. Mrs. Teller was a woman. I couldn't settle for my friends. But how could I have my MILF? I had my chance last night, and the dumb futa-cock blew it.

I tracked her as she walked across the pool, sunglasses hiding her eyes, an amused smile on her lips. Then a huge splash of water crashed into my face.

"Pay attention," Lana laughed. "Or you're going to lose." "How do I win?" I shrieked and splashed back at her. But as we played, I felt Mrs. Teller's eyes on me and flushed. I was just proving to her I was a girl, too. Not a woman. Not someone worthy of her beautiful body. I faked my enthusiasm, but the game had lost all its fun. I wasn't sad when it petered out finally, the eight of us all panting for breath, flushed from our exertion. Then we were sunbathing, enjoying the last rays of the sun while our stomachs growled.

Drinks were poured and chips were snacked on as we talked boys and music and clothes and more boys. I kept glancing at Mrs. Teller, now on her stomach, staring at her ass hugged by her bikini bottoms, wanting to grab them.

My clit throbbed. I wanted to fuck her again. God, I hoped I wasn't missing my futa-cock. "Okay, let's order pizza," Lana announced around seven PM. "I am starving." "Yes!" the other girls cheered, and we headed inside the house to change out of our swimsuits. We settled down into the living room, the glass coffee table moved to the off-limits sitting room, and put in a sappy romcom while we waited for the pizzas.

I sat on the floor between Mei and Becky, a Dr. Pepper in hand, snaking on tortilla chips. The laughing and giggling started up immediately as we all squirmed. The pizzas came not long after. It was a lot of fun. With Mrs. Teller retreated to upstairs, giving us our space, I could relax and forget about my heartache and concentrate on having fun. Soon Mei was dancing before the TV, the movie completely ignored. She laughed and giggled, her boyish hips swaying.

She was such a petite thing. Just like Leanan Sidhe. A flush heated my pussy as I cheered, "Shake that booty, Mei." "You'll be a great stripper," laughed Lana. "You'll get the guys horny." "You think so," Mei said, her ass clad by a pair of booty shorts, her slim legs toned and with that lovely Asian-olive shade. "I don't have much of one." She turned around, cupping her small tits through her tank top.

"And I'm sooooooooo flat. I wish I had boobs like your mom, Lana." "Your mom has the best boobs," I blurted out. "I know, right," Becky said. "Mine come close." I nodded my head. "Ugh, don't ogle her boobs, Cassandra," Lana said. "And stop talking about my mom's tits. She's my mom. That's super gross." "What?" Becky said, now cupping her breasts.

"Don't you like a big pair of boobies, Lana?" "I like a big pair of balls," Lana said. "And a hot chest." "Ooh, I saw Brian at the Y this morning," Theresa cut in. "He was swimming in a speedo." I sighed at the mention of boys, and suddenly all the talk of boobs was gone.

It was just getting so good. Becky did have a nice pair of tits. They were almost as big as Mrs. Tellers. I bet I could have as much fun with them. I just needed to forget about the MILF. Move on. My heart ached. I sank down on the couch, retreating into silence as the other girls laughed and giggled.

Marissa freaked out when Lana started talking about her hunky Dad. "I would so ride his mustache!" I glanced upstairs. The master bedroom was overhead. I bet Mrs. Teller was naked right now. If I was in my room, I could masturbate in the dark, staring at her. I kept my curtains drawn just right so they looked closed but weren't. I would peep on her so hard. My thighs rubbed together.

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"Someone's nipplely," laughed Rosa, the Hispanic girl reaching out and tweaking my nipple through my top and bra. "Who are you thinking about?" "Marissa's dad," Lana laughed. "She's got the hots for an older lover." "My dad?" Marissa gasped.

"Come on. That's not funny. He's soooooo old." "And experienced," Becky sighed. "Mmm, I'm getting nipplely, too." "So, were you thinking of Marissa's dad?" Rosa asked. I bit my lip. "Truth or Dare!" declared Lana as she pulled off her tank top, exposing her breast contained in a hot pink bra. "It's time. Strip to your undies, girls." I couldn't remember why we stripped to our bra and panties to play Truth or Dare. We had played Truth or Dare this way since we were kids. So I didn't hesitate to join in.

I ripped off my tank top, exposing my florescent green bra, and wiggled out of my skirt. Becky had a yummy, black bra that fought to constrain her rather large breasts, and Kelly's was sky blue and so lacy, the cups dotted with little holes that let her flesh peek through.

Theresa had a skimpy, red thong on that barely hid anything, and gave her a delicious cameltoe. Damn, my friends were sexy. "Truth or Dare, Cassandra," Lana said, giving me a look. I knew the truth she would ask. "Dare!" I always took dare. It was too dangerous doing truth. I didn't want my friends knowing I was gay. Especially Lana. She would freak out. "You always pick dare," complained Becky. "I like to have fun," I shrugged. "Fine," Lana said, her eyes gleaming.

"Take off your bra and step out onto my front porch for thirty seconds." My eyes widened. "What?" "Or you could take truth." She licked her lips. She really wanted to find out who I had a crush on.

"Fine." I stood up. "No way," Kelly said, her green eyes wide.

"Way," I told her, my fiery curls swaying about my shoulders as I reached behind me and unhooked my bra. I slipped it off my shoulders, baring my round breasts, pink nipples hard, to my friends. "No covering the goods," Lana said, shaking her head as I dropped my bra on the floor.

"Fine," I said, trembling. I couldn't believe I was doing this. My house was next door. It was still daylight, barely.

Someone would see me. I forced myself to walk to the door, head held high, tits bouncing. My friends moved behind me, giggling, whispering. They didn't believe I would do it. I reached the front door, took a deep breath, and opened it. "Holy shit," Mei groaned as I stepped outside. It had cooled off as the sun sank. The world was dark with twilight, but sunlight still spilled down the street as it set.

The girls began counting behind me as I gazed out on our quiet street. I looked around, trembling, my entire body shaking. "Don't let anyone see me," I whispered.

"Ten," they counted. A car approached. My knees knocked. "Fifteen!" "You have to stay out there," Lana called. The crunch of the tires came closer and closer. The shadow of the car appeared ahead of it. "Twenty." "Oh, god," I groaned, my hands clasped before me. My tits were so exposed. "Twenty-five." The fender of the car appeared. Blue. Mr. Whittaker would get a treat. It moved so slow, creeping out from behind Lana's bush. The driver would see me.

He would look to his right and see a topless, barely legal girl standing on the porch. Oh, god, this was so embarrassing. "Thirty!" I turned and bolted inside, barreling into my friends. "Holy shit, you did it," Lana said, slamming shut the door. "Wow." "Yeah," I said, still shivering, my legs felt watery. "I did." "Well, who you going to pick?" Lana asked.

"Pick?" "For the game." Lana rolled her eyes. "Come on, Cassandra." "Right, right." I licked my lips as we headed back to the living room.

"Mei, Truth or Dare." "Truth," Mei said. "Have you masturbated today?" was the question that tumbled out of my lips. I sat down on the couch as Mei blushed. "Yes." Everyone gave a wicked giggle. Kelly said, "I love masturbating. I do it every day." "Really," Mei blinked. She looked around the room. "Theresa, Truth or Dare." "Truth," Theresa said. As Mei asked her question, the world changed. I shivered, my naked breasts jiggling. I felt the sun set and the energy surged through me, lancing right for my clit.

My eyes widened in shock. My entire body trembled as my clit ached and throbbed. It swelled. I clamped my hands over my crotch as it grew bigger and bigger. "Oh, no," I groaned, my clit transforming into a big, thick girl-dick, pressing on my hands. "It's not that bad," Theresa said. "Right?" "Cassandra's just being mean," Lana said, giving me a look. I had missed the question and answer. But that didn't matter. I was growing a big dick.

Wearing only my panties. Sitting with my friends. Panic struck me. I let out a gasp and bolted to my feet. Still covering my panties, I darted away from the living room.

"Cassandra?" Mei called. "Bathroom!" I shouted. "Hope it wasn't the pizza," muttered Lana as I raced through the living room. I don't know why I bolted up the stairs. Maybe it was the closest path of escape from the living room and my friends finding out I had a cock. Maybe I was scared and wanting comfort from someone motherly.

My feet slapped on the stairs, my naked tits bouncing as tears fell down my cheeks. What would I do? It was back. The stupid futa-cock was back. This was horrible. It was a nightmare. Why did it have to sprout now? Why sunset? What did that stupid futa-fairy do to me? She ruined my life. How was I getting out of the house without my friends seeing it? Seeing I was a freak. I was ruined. They would hate me. I reached the top of the stairs and stumbled into the hallway wall.

I pressed my face against the flowery wallpaper, my entire body shaking as the sobs hit me. Why did that dumb fairy have to ruin my life? Why did she have to pick on me?


A door opened. I flinched as Mrs. Teller stepped out wearing the same loosely tied bathrobe as last night, her large breasts swaying beneath it as she stared at me. It was dark in her bedroom. I must have woken her up. I trembled. She was the last person I wanted to see. "Cassandra, honey?" she asked. "What's wrong? Did Lana do something to you? Were they picking on you?" "I." I kept my hands firmly clamped over my crotch, turning away from the MILF as she walked forward.

"You're topless? Did they take your bra? Were you playing that dumb Truth or Dare game?" Mrs. Teller let out an exasperated sigh. "One of you girls always ends up crying whenever you play it." "It's not that," I said. She touched my shoulder. "I.I know things are weird.because of last night, honey, but." Her eyes flicked down. "Oh, no. Is it.?" I nodded my head. "They'll see, Mrs. Teller. They'll see I'm a freak." "Oh, honey, you're not a freak," Mrs.

Teller said, turning my shoulders to face her. I breathed in the vanilla scent that wreathed her. Lotion. She must have covered her body in it before falling asleep. I had seen her do that many times. She smelled so good. My dick throbbed in my tight panties as I trembled before her.

"I am a freak," I said. "Y-you ran away last night." "Not because you're a freak." She moved her right hand from my shoulder to cup my chin.

She lifted my gaze, her thumb wiping at a tear. "No, no. I fled because I'm married. I cheated on my husband. And. It scared me how much I wanted you. How much your cock pleased me." She swallowed. "I know you have a crush on me. I've felt you watching me for years from your bedroom." "You have?" She nodded her head.

"I thought you might grow out of it, but." She trembled. "After last night." Her left hand moved down to my hands covering my cock. "Don't hide it. You're not a freak.

I mean, you're special. I don't understand how you have it. How it grows." "Fairy magic," I whispered. "Sure, fairy magic," she said, pulling my hands away. She looked down at it stretching my panties. "But it's a beautiful cock. It's so thick. I've never had bigger. It was magical last night. Wasn't it?" I nodded my head.

"Your first time?" "Well, the fairy and me in my dream. But, with my new cock. and awake." "And I ruined it by freaking out." She bit her lip. "Cassandra, honey, I'm so sorry." My eyes widened as her left hand rubbed at my cock through my panties. "Mrs. Teller?" "I thought about this all last night. All this morning. Today. I was disappointed and relieved when you said it was gone." "Relieved?

You hated it?" "Relieved that I wouldn't cheat on my husband again. But disappointed because I wanted to." Something flickered across her beautiful face, her blue eyes burning. Her hand squeezed on my throbbing cock. "I want this." And then she fell to her knees before me, her fingers yanking down my panties. I gasped as my cock spilled out, bouncing before her. I stumbled back into the wall, trembling against it as her hand stroked my cock. And her tongue licked my pussy.

"Mrs. Teller," I moaned, the girls laughing and joking downstairs as Lana's mother licked through my pussy's folds. "Oh, you taste delicious, honey," she moaned, staring up at me, my round tits jiggling as I shuddered. "Just delicious." She stroked my girl-dick as she licked through my pussy's folds. I bit my lip, trying to stay silent as her tongue swirled and nuzzled and licked. It was so naughty. Such wicked pleasure shot through me. I squirmed at the top of the stairs.

Her tongue dived into my depths, swirling around. Every caress sent a hot shudder racing up to the tip of my cock.

It throbbed as she stroked it, precum leaking out, lubing her hand so it could glide faster and faster. She moaned as she licked me, savoring my tart pussy. My eyes fluttered in delight as she licked and nuzzled.

It was amazing. I sucked in deep breaths, loving the dual delight of my pussy and cock both being stimulated. "Mrs. Teller," I groaned. "Oh, that's wonderful." "So wonderful," she groaned, her voice so throaty. "Oh, you're just amazing, Cassandra, honey.

Your pussy. Your cock. You're not a freak. You're special." Tears burned hot in my eyes as I moaned, "Thank you." I squirmed and humped against her, the pressure building in the depths of my pussy as she licked and nuzzled.

My dick ached and throbbed in her stroking hand. I moaned again, the girls still laughing and giggling, oblivious to what was going on up here. Lana would freak out if she found her mother licking my pussy. And that made it hotter. My friend was such a homophobe, and I was having basically lesbian sex with her mother.

Sure there was a cock involved. But it was a clit-dick. A girl-cock. That still made it gay. And then Mrs. Teller licked from my pussy folds up my shaft. Her tongue trailed past her fingers holding my dick, her other hand rubbing at my pussy.

She shoved two digits into my cunt as her tongue reached the spongy crown of my dick. "Mrs. Teller," I groaned, her mouth engulfing my dick while her fingers pumped in and out of my pussy.

"Yes!" My pussy clenched on her fingers when she sucked. My eyes opened. Her mouth was amazing. She swirled her tongue about my cock, bobbing her head, sliding my dick in and out of her hungry mouth. I groaned, her fingers pumping faster and faster.

Her blue eyes looked up at me, glossy with her lust. She moaned, her excitement humming around my cock. I shivered, shuddered, the pressure building and building. This was so hot. I moaned her name through clenched teeth as my body bucked. My pussy clenched so hard on her plunging fingers. I trembled, my breasts heaving as the pressure swelled and swelled.

The friction of her pumping digits and the wet heaven of her sucking mouth combined inside me. And exploded through me. "Mrs. Teller!" I moaned, my cum pumping into her hungry mouth. Hot blasts of jizz fired over and over into her depths. I shuddered, the wall creaking behind me as my naked back rubbed on it. Every blast of cum sent waves through me. I groaned with each one. The MILF swallowed them all, frigging my spasming pussy.

Juices gushed out of my cunt, splashing across her hand, perfuming the air with my tart passion as I shuddered. My head banged into the wall as I thrashed. The pleasure peaked. I fired my last blast of cum into her. Mrs. Teller popped her mouth off of my cock.

She kept it open, cum swimming around her pink tongue, stirring it. My dick ached and throbbed. It was so hot. Then she shrugged out of her robe, revealing her tanned body, the skimpy tan lines of pale flesh enhancing her beauty.

She stood, large tits bouncing, and leaned against the opposite wall from me, legs spread, her pussy covered in blonde curls soaked with her excitement. "Yes," I moaned, rushing at her, my hard cock bobbing. She seized it with her hands, guiding it between her legs as our bodies pressed together. She was taller than me by a few inches. Her lips met mine, her breasts pressing into my tits.

I kissed her, tasting the salt of my spunk as her hands brought my girl-cock to her married pussy. I groaned, our tongues passing my cum back and forth as my cock sank into her pussy again. I shuddered as I slid all the way into her.

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Our bodies were pressed tight. Her arms wrapped about me, grabbing my ass as her pussy clenched and relaxed on my dick. She was so hot. So silky. So tight. I broke the kiss, moaning, "Mrs.

Teller, I love you!" "Yes!" she moaned. "Fuck me with your girl-dick, honey. Make me cum like you did last night. I've never cum so hard before in my life. I love your cock. I love you, honey." Her fingers dug into my ass, prodding me on. I responded.

I fucked her hard. My hips drew back and slammed forward, thrusting my cock into her hot depths. Her flesh clung to me as I pounded her. She groaned and gasped, shivering atop me. The wall creaked as I pounded her. Our flesh slapped together, our breasts rubbing, nipples kissing.

Her skin was so hot, so silky. Her face constricted with pleasure while her pussy clenched on my dick. The friction burned so hot along my shaft. My cunt dripped juices down my thighs as the pressure built and built within me. The more and more I slid my dick through her silky, tight depths the harder I had to fuck her. I was driven to make us both explode. "Yes, yes, fuck me, honey," she hissed, her voice deep and throaty.

"That's it. Ram that girl-dick in me." "My futa-cock," I moaned. "I'm a futa!" "Yes, yes, you sweet, young futa! Fuck me! Pound my married cunt!

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I need it. I need to cum!" "I will. I'll make you cum harder than your husband! You'll love my cock. I'll fuck you all the time!" Her fingers dug so hard into my ass as I rammed into her. "Yes, Cassandra, honey! Yes!" Our slapping flesh echoed down the hallway. We both moaned and groaned, lost to the passion, the slide of our hot flesh against each other building our pleasure. I groaned, my pussy clenching every time I thrust into the heaven of her hot flesh.

The futa-fairy wasn't fucking with me. It wasn't a mean prank. She gave me Mrs. Teller's affection. She gave me the cock to tame her MILF pussy. I savored sliding through it. I would lick my cum out of her pussy. I would devour her. I would fuck her all night. My nipples ached and throbbed as they rubbed against her fat nubs. I kissed her hard, thrusting my tongue into her mouth, tasting my salty cum lingering on my lips.

It was so hot. So wild. The pressure built and built. Mrs. Teller bucked against me. Her pussy spasmed about my dick. Heaven massaged my futa-cock. I pumped through her spasming folds. The heat wrapped about my dick. Juices poured out of her pussy.

She moaned so loudly into our kiss, her fingers biting into my ass. It hurt. She must be drawing blood.

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I didn't care. It only enhanced my pleasure. I fucked her, loving her massaging flesh. Every thrust brought me closer and closer to my explosion. My pussy clenched as the pressure swelled. My dick ached in her silky depths. I kissed her so hard, burying into her cunt. And erupting. It was the best cum yet.

Pleasure detonated over and over in my body. Each explosion fired a blast of cum into her married pussy and sent bliss shooting to my mind. Gentler waves of rapture radiated out of my spasming pussy. I broke the kiss, moaning, "Mrs. Teller, yes!" "Cum in me!" she moaned. "Oh, Cassandra, honey, yes, cum in my cunt!

I need it! I love it! Your cock is amazing! It's the best! Yes!" The pleasure boiled through my mind.

Stars danced through my vision as we heaved together. Her pussy milked my cock. Every last drop of my cum spurted into her hot, married depths. I held my MILF lover, savoring my futa-cock. So glad the futa-fairy wrote to me. I would cherish every— "Mom?" The horrified sound of Lana's voice snapped me out of my orgasmic high. I looked down my stairs to see my friends staring up at me in astonishment.

Lana trembled in the center, seeing her naked mother holding me tight, our bodies heaving together. "What the fuck!" Lana shrieked. "You're fucking my mother!" To be continued.