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Esposa fudendo gostoso com amante bitch wife fucking buddy
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CASE # 1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Victim……………………&hellip.James Madison Age………………………&hellip.17 Date of Birth…………&hellip.July 13, 1994 Date of Death……………October 29, 2011 Cause of Death………&hellip.Multiple Stab Wounds and Massive Blood Loss ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It had been a tough week for James Madison, a senior at Aherne High School.

His girlfriend had left him for another guy, his car was wrecked by a drunk driver, and he failed to finish his thesis on time. To top it all off, they lost the championship football match.

After their game He told his friends and coach that he'd stay behind and shower alone where he can be with his thoughts and troubles in peace. Everyone understood him and tried to make him feel better as they left for their homes. "Damn. This week couldn't get any worse" James kicked off his shoes and pulled of his socks. His feet were terribly sore and tired. He massaged them for a while before stripping off his football uniform, revealing his beautiful body.

His flat chest and sculpted abs rose and fell with every deep breath he took and his muscular arms and legs were red from being smashed on the ground all night long. James' body hair glistened with sweat as he walked to the showers and turned the faucet.

Hot, refreshing water ran down his body as he tried to relax and forget his problems for a few minutes. James whistled a tune as he scrubbed his body. He was alone anyway; no one can insult his whistling. But unknown to him, someone was watching him from the dark hallway outside the locker room. The man moved his hand down and rubbed his crotch as he observed James.

He whispered hoarsely to himself.

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"Tonight, you're going to be mine…and this time, I'm not going to let you go." Just as James stepped out of the shower, the man burst into the locker room.

He grinned evilly as he spoke to James in a cold, threatening voice. "Good evening, James. Did you enjoy your shower?" James froze. It was that voice…that man. He thought he had lost him back when he was living in another city, but here he was again. Painful and horrifying memories entered James mind as he remembered when he was molested by this man. He was a young, handsome, 14-year old freshman when this man abused him in a dark alley behind his school.

A shiver ran down his spine, but he mustered all the courage he had and shouted. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?!

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LEAVE ME ALONE, YOU PERVERTED BASTARD!" "Oh, someone's in a bad mood," the man replied casually. Hurriedly, James put on his clothes. His angry stare was fixed on the man's eyes. Those were the eyes which showed no mercy as James whimpered under the man's touch 3 years ago.

Slowly, the man approached James. Both his hands were in his pockets. "I don't mean any harm, James. I just want to talk." "ABOUT WHAT?! ABOUT HOW YOU ABUSED ME?! ABOUT HOW MUCH YOU ENJOYED SEEING ME SO SCARED AND HELPLESS?! WELL GUESS WHAT, I'M NOT THAT KID ANYMORE!

SO JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" Quickly, the man took a knife out of one of his pockets and held it to James' throat. "You'll regret not submitting to me James. You know what I can do when I don't get what I want." The man's sinister grin grew wider as James froze again. He had him in his power. Now to get what he came for. "You do know what I want, don't you?" The man pulled James body to his and rubbed his crotch against James' "Mmmmm…that feels so good James.

It feels so damn good." As the man was preoccupied with the sensation of rubbing against his prisoner, James raised his knee and hit the man hard on the stomach. The knife he was holding fell to the tiled floor and made a loud, metallic sound. As the man fell to his knees, James made a dash for the door. Suddenly, the man's expression changed into anger and he shouted with fury at James.


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YOU WILL NEVER ESCAPE ME! I'LL HAVE YOU IN MY ARMS EVEN IF I HAVE TO KILL YOU!" James ran faster through the dark, deserted hallways. He had never been so scared in his entire life. His heart beat quickly as he sprinted down the stairs and across the school lobby. He grabbed the handle of the door and tried to open it, but the door wouldn't budge. He tried the other doors, but they wouldn't open. "Do you think I was going to let you escape that easily?" James turned around and saw the man.

He was holding the knife tightly and was staring at him. "NO! LEAVE ME ALONE!" James ran down another hallway and locked himself inside a large janitor's closet. Outside, the man was walking slowly down the hallway, kicking down doors and screaming for James to come out. His footsteps were getting closer and closer. James held his breath as the footsteps stopped. Suddenly, the door flew open and the man stepped into the room. "There you are, my sweet boy. I've been looking all over for you." James was crouched on the floor, screaming for help.

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His face showed in complete fear as tears ran down his handsome face. "Oh, don't cry. I'll take good care of you." The man leapt onto James and knocked him down.

His knees dug into James' stomach and his hands pushed his shoulders onto the floor. James was desperate. He had to fight back or he would never see daylight again. "NO!!!PLEASE DON'T DO THIS!!!STOP!!!" James struggled to escape, but the man was too strong for him. He felt his body being lifted up and slammed into a wall.

As his body was repeatedly smashed against the hard, concrete wall, he began to lose consciousness. Just as he was blacked out, the man stopped and lay him on the ground again. He ripped James' shirt open and pulled off his pants.

The man smiled once again and pinned James's body down with his own. "This is going to be fun…" The sensation of being penetrated woke James up from unconsciousness. His body was numb, yet he felt the pain of his tight hole being ripped apart.

A cold breeze ran across his body and James realized he was naked.


"Wake up, sexy. I hope you're feeling the pleasure I'm feeling babe. Your tight ass is so delicious. I can just do this all day with you and I'd be a happy man." James grimaced as the man's thick, 9-inch cock slammed deep into him. He began shouting in pain as the man thrust hard into him.

"No, no, no. You can't be noisy here. Someone will find us." The man leaned down and forced his lips on James'. His tongue pushed against James' tightly-closed lips. Feeling James' resistance, the man ran his knife along James' side. "Remember what I'd do if you don't comply? I'm sure you wouldn't want to have your guts spilled all over this nice, clean floor, do you?" James shuddered as he opened his mouth for his rapist.

His tongue flicked wildly in James mouth, transferring his saliva to him. James cried as the man violated him. The only thing he could do is to just wait for it to stop. Then the man got up and pointed his dick at James' mouth. "Start pleasuring me if you want to live babe.

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I sure would hate to kill you." James opened his mouth once again for another violation. Just as his mouth was open wide enough, the man shoved his entire cock down James' throat. James gagged and choked on the man's cock, but he kept thrusting. Just as he thought that things could not get any worse, the man saw a guard's nightstick on the ground. "Hmmm…I wonder if this would make a good substitute for my cock.

You twitching hole seems to want some more." The nightstick was thicker and longer than the man's cock. It was hard and made of some sort of plastic.

Without warning, the man thrust the nightstick mercilessly into James' hole. James eyes opened wide in pain, but he couldn't scream. The man's cock was deep down his throat and he could only moan in pain as his ass started bleeding. Blood trickled onto the white floor as the man raped him with the nightstick. "Oh God.your ass is taking it so well. And your throat feels so good…Ahhhhh" The man moaned in pleasure as James' throat widened for the man's cock.

The man was thrusting both his cock and the nightstick quickly down both of James' holes, causing his ass to bleed more. "James.get ready babe…I'm gonna fill you…AAAAAHHH!" The man started shooting thick ropes of hot cum down James throat. Wave after wave of cum disappeared down James' throat as the man unloaded over a month's worth of cum in James' stomach. Finally, the man pulled out of James' throat and pulled the nightstick out of his bleeding ass. Just as James thought it was over, the man inserted his cock in his ass once again and shot his remaining cum inside James' bleeding hole.

"Oh, James. You made me so happy tonight. And to think we did it in your school makes it even more special. I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I did" James gathered all his strength and stood up. His knees were shaking and blood ran down his legs. His eyes showed rage and hatred for his rapist. "NOT ON YOUR LIFE, YOU MANIAC!" James threw his fist out at the man and hit him on the jaw. The man fell backwards, screaming in pain. Several of his teeth had been knocked out and his mouth started bleeding.

The man regained his posture and lunged at James, throwing his weight on him. The two slammed into the wall behind them and a fist fight ensued. "I'M NOT GONNA LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THIS!" James shouted. The man screamed back, "WHO SAID YOU WERE GONNA STOP ME?!" James pinned down the man, but didn't notice that the man had grabbed the knife from the floor.

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"Goodbye James. It's a pity, but I can't let you tell anyone about this." "WHAT THE-" James never finished his sentence. The knife entered his side and tore through his muscles and liver. As James collapsed to the floor, the man kicked him so that his back was on the floor. "We would've been so good together, James…" James held his side and pressed on the wound to stop the bleeding, but the man was not about to let him live.

The man got on top of him and started plunging the knife in and out of James' beautifully sculpted body. Blood splattered everywhere and stained the man's shirt. Slowly, James succumbed to his injuries.

Blood was pouring from 23 stab wounds when the man finally stopped.


"Oh, James…If only you let me have you" The man walked away silently, leaving the lifeless body of James Madison lying on the ground. His dead, green eyes stared blankly as the man unlocked the doors and stepped out into the night.