Man licks and fucks angel

Man licks and fucks angel
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***This is a re-post of an older story I wrote two years ago with slight improvements. Enjoy!*** Introduction: When my parents swap partners with old friends on vacation things get surprisingly intense.


My Swingin Parents My name's Ted and this is a true story about what happened when my parents and I went on vacation to Hawaii earlier this year. My parents are Chris and Kelly.

My mom Kelly is a bit of a milf and looks pretty great for 38-she works out 6 times a week. Kelly has long, straight brown hair, C cup tits and is 5 ft 4 and weighs about 115. My dad Chris is a successful financial advisor and has short black hair(he's beginning to bald), is 6'2 and about 200 pounds.

Earlier this year my parents and I went and stayed with close family friends, the Belden's, at their three story Hawaii beach mansion. My dad Chris and Tony Belden went to grad school together and my mom Kelly and Tony's wife Amy became naturally close many years ago.

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Tony is in better shape than my dad, he's 6'2 but closer to 170(he's in very tight muscular shape). Amy has medium length blonde hair, d cup tits, is 5'5 and weighs about 130. So anyways, the Belden's have two daughters but they are only 8 and 6 so I was left with no one to hang out with in Hawaii. Still, the house was amazing complete with a Jacuzzi hot tub, pool, private beach, and oh yeah, I got my own room on the first floor.

My parents got the guest bedroom on the second floor and the Murphy's naturally stayed in the master bedroom on the third, across the hall from the room shared by the two young girls. At first I wasn't excited but Little did I know I would be seeing some of the hottest and kinkiest sides of my parents ever on this trip.

Two days into the trip I got out of bed and spotted my mom and Amy subbathing on beach chairs on the Belden's private beach, both wearing small two piece bikinis. "Oh come on! It'll be so fun Kelly…I cant believe your thinking about chickening out" "are you sure it wont be weird?" asked my mom almost playfully.

"umm HELLO, we'll be in the same room. Whats wrong, don't you think Tony's cute?" Amy asked my mom. "hahaha oh I think we both know he's very good looking but&hellip.he probably doesn't even want to&hellip.he loves you Amy!" My mom said as the two turned onto their backs to get more direct sun. "yeah, he loves me but he WANTS you…and besides, it'll be hot hookin up with Chris" Amy giggled playfully.

"so?" Amy asked after a long silence. "so what?" my mom asked with a smile. "so are we gonna swap men tonight or are you gonna be a chicken?" asked Amy. "I'll do it" my mom said after awhile. "ohhhh yay this is going to be fun!" Amy laughed. I nervously tip toed back into the house, my hear beating fast. What had I just heard? Could this be real? Were the two couples going to have sex with the other partner in front of each other?

I knew I would have to spy on them that night. That night finally arrived and we all went to a fancy dinner, where everyone was sure to chug the wine down. I said good night to everyone and lay in bed…waiting to hear movement.

Then, about thirty minutes after I "went to sleep" I heard my dad whisper "should we go up and meet them now?" "yea, oh honey, I'll meet you in a second I need to go get into something a little sexier" said my mom Kelly. My dick started to throb at this&hellip.I couldn't believe what I had heard. I heard my dad trudge up the stairs to the 3rd floor and heard my mom stop at the second to go change. I waited about five more minutes and heard my mom quietly walk up to the third floor and decided to tip toe after her.

I neeled near the top of the stairs and listened. No one had bothered to shut their door since the twin girls were at a family friends house in Maui for the night. I peared in.

My mom Kelly was wearing the same sexy sundress she had worn to dinner, her strong tan looked really hot. Amy wore a nightgown, what was under it I did not know. Chris and Tony both wore swimtrunks and t-shirts and the two couples were sitting on the large queen sized bed talking.

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"god you two are so cute, why aren't we that cute?" asked Amy as my dad and mom tenderly began to kiss each other.

"We are that cute…but everyones got to take their clothes off" said Tony making my mom laugh as she and my dad stopped the passionate kiss.

""agreed. Girls first" said my dad. My mom buried her head in my dad's shoulder and let out a laugh "im so nervous" she said as she laughed.


"you want to do this right?"my dad asked seriously and quietly, staring into her eyes. "yea, you too right" asked my mom. "uhuh" said my dad.

"Ok Kelly, enough talking, take off that sundress lets see what you got," Tony said with a cocky smile. My mother Kelly looked back at my dad. "can you help me baby?" she asked. "mhhhm" my dad said as he began to nibble on her neck while massaging her boobs through the sundress and slowly lifting it above her head. My mom's decent sized tits popped out sensually, she was not wearing a bra. Her underwear was a sexy white G-string but you could see a 'thong tan line'. "ohhh look who's been tanning" said Amy with a giggle.

Amy followed, removing her robe revealing a pink bra and matching pink thong. "come over here" said Tony to my mom as she slowly approached and he began to kiss her neck as she let out another nervous laugh. "nervous?" asked Tony. "yeah&hellip.very. Icant believe we're doing this" she laughed as he threw his shirt onto the ground(revealing a much better body than my dad). Meanwhile my dad and Amy were deeply making out and my dad removed his shirt and boxers, revealing a raging 6 inch boner. Amy smiled at him as she began to kiss his belly button.

But my attention was on gorgeous mom Kelly and Tony. "god you are fucking beautiful" said tony in between kisses as his hands played with her ass and white g-string.

I was wondering if the couples were only going to have a makeout party until Tony loudly said to my mom: "SUCK. MY. DICK" in a surprisingly stern and loud voice. He removed his boxers revealing a huge 8 inch boner! "oh my god, its so big!" my mom laughed as he wrapped her hair into his hands and directed her head towards his member. "mmm, then suck it just like a lollipop" said Tony as my mom stared up at him sensually before enveloping the cock into her mouth and I heard the slurping commence.

"Oh god, that's right baby&hellip.yeah, suck that dick" moaned Tony as his grip on my mom's hair tightened and he began to slowly face fuck her. "can I face fuck you?" asked Tony as my mom tried to mumble out a "mmhhmm" but he couldn't understand and for a quick second let go of her scalp and said "can I?" My mom quickly licked up and down the entire shaft and whispered "mmm, I want you to".

That was all Tony needed to get really aggressive.

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The sight was extremely HOT, as my mom looked up at Tony with her bright blue eyes, on her knees and happily going along with his aggressively rough blow job, still looking gorgeous with her thong tan line and her tight white g-string, clinging to her hips as she sucked. Meanwhile my dad looked slightly bored as Amy was giving him a mediocre looking hand job and I saw a shot of strong jealousy come across my father's face as he stared at Tony and his wife, clearly distracted.

Amy slipped out of her pink thong and stared at her husband and my mom, who were clearly stealing the show as Tony began to madly buck at my mom's mouth, still grabbing her hair as both he and my mother seemed oblivious to the jealous couple next to them. My mom's sucking sounds got louder as she tried to keep up with Tony's rhythm.

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It was clear there was a very serious mutual attraction between the two as my mom continued to stare straight into Tony's eyes dreamily, as if she had wanted to get face fucked by him all her life.

"oh my god, you slut, swallow my cum&hellip.oh fuck, I'm cumming, swallow it" said Tony as my mom closed her eyes for the first time as I heard her gulping, swallowing what seemed to be ounces of cum shooting down her throat.

My dad looked obviously upset as Amy, now getting annoyed by me dad's jealousy, took my fathers hands and loudly announced "Me and Chris want some more alone time, if that's ok with you two. We're gonna spend the night in the guest bedroom and we'll see you two in the morning?

That ok?" Amy asked. "with the way this woman's working right now? I don't want to give her back ever Chris!" Tony stammered obnoxiously. I could see the hurt in Amy's face as she briskly flung on her robe and grabbed my dad by the hand. I hid in the bathroom in the hallway as my dad and Amy walked past me and Amy half-whispered half-screamed "I want your cock in me", but my dad just smiled weakly and looked back at the bedroom as Tony, still fully standing with my mom Kelly on her knees sucking up any last cum from his explosion, edged the door a bit more closed with his free hand, the other still obnoxiously controlling my mom's scalp.

"oh god baby your so hot, get the fuck on that bed" said Tony rather suddenly, releasing her scalp for the first time in ten minutes. "mmm, do we really have the bedroom to ourselves all night?" my mom half whispered, clearly excited about the prospect. "you fuckin bet we do, now get on all fours"Tony commanded as my mother did as she was told, still wearing the sexy white g-string. And god it looked great on her. Her ass lacked the tightness of a 20 year olds but it was tan and HOT, fairly small but nicely shaped as well.

My mom got on all fours slowly, looking back at Tony in a seductive and extremely sensual way. "mmmm, what now baby?" my mom asked. Tony got on the bed kneeling in front of her. "Suck it again" Tony said as he fiercely grabbed her hair and began to hump at her mouth!

I couldn't believe he was trying to pull this off! After she'd been blowing him for the past half hour! But my mother just opened her mouth and closed her eyes as he shoved her scalp back and forth on his dick, this time her body language showed she was getting annoyed. She tried to pull her head back and said "lets fuck, I wanna ride your-" "NO. SUCK IT" Tony said harshly as he cut off her words, then pushed her head back onto his dick almost forcefully.

My mom shot him a furiously angry look, but almost appeared to be getting turned on his by his rough/jerk behavior. She kept staring deep into his eyes as he grabbed her by the hair with both hands and said 'like getting throat fucked?

Huh? Like getting throat fucked you little slut?" "mmm(slurp) uh huh. mmm" "you like it bitch?" "mmm(slurp) yeah" "Here, rest your head against this" he said as he temporarily shifted positions, letting her rest her head against the wall at the head of the bed.

She got in position and he began to throat fuck the shit out of her. Every few seconds he would say "Take it all now.good girl" and she would deep throat it. A few times she began to choke and he'd release her scalp and let her cough for a second or two before grabbing a fistful of hair again and re-commencing the face fuck. I could not believe what I was seeing. This was some ROUGH sex. This went on for 3 or 4 minutes, as tears began to stream down my mom's cheeks, but she never complained.

Suddenly, he said " alright get on me baby, ride me" and he said this as he slid off her g-string and began to nibble at her tits.

She kissed his lips passionately and slowly mounted him on the bed as she wiped away a few remaining tears and they began to fuck.

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God, her thong tan line looked hot as hell as he began to really hump at her despite being on bottom. He was ferociously squeezing her tits as she started to let out high pitched moans.

"Ehhh! Oh fuck&hellip.yeah!" my mom shouted in a high pitched tone, sounding like a teenage virgin. Suddenly she covered her mouth, embarassed by how loud she had been. "They're going hear!" my mom half-whispered, trying to speak in a steady tone despite the urge to shout out.

"Let them fucking hear.god you're so fucking beautiful" Tony said, his dick red and rock hard. Tony began to increase the pace of his thrusts as he licked a finger and began massaging my mom's ass hole with it. But the dick in her pussy was clearly what was on her mind. "oh my god, it feels so good" My mom half-whispered, half-laughed again, still apparently nervous about shouting too loud.

Tony was in pure animal mode, madly and aggressively humping away as he grabbed her small waist, still not wearing a condom. "ahhh fuck.EHHHH!! FUCK!" my mom screamed in a high pitched female moan of pleasure. "OH GOD! EHHH! EHHH! EHHH!" she screamed, finally not holding back on the vocals. My mom looked like she was in pure heaven, her face was pure pleasure. "Oh my god. EHH!! FUCK ME HARDER!!

EHHHH! EHHH" she was screaming like a banshee now, and I thought about how it would probably have woken me up even if I had been asleep right now. "WHOSE YOUR FUCKIN DADDY" Tony screamed as he turned her around and started fucking her hard, doggy style. "Ehhh, you are" she whispered quietly.

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"WHO IS?!" he shouted back, now grabbing her hair from behind as he bucked wildy. "you're my daddy OH GOD!" my mom let out in a hot moan of ectasy. I was now watching intensely and her whale tail thong tan line was looking, I must admit, insanely hot with her on all fours. Suddenly Tony began bucking wildly as he shouted "OH FUCK&hellip.I"M CUMMING YOU SLUT! I'm FUCKING CUMMING!". He bucked for ten or more seconds before collapsing back onto the bed, never having had a condom on he relaxed in a sitting position against the bed post.

Suddenly Tony looked at my mom and said "baby, come here I want to tell you something" in a quiet whisper. "yea, what is it cutie? My mom said as she casually sat on his lap naked, kissing his neck. "You…are such a better fuck than my wife" said Tony slowly but seriously.

"and I think your amazing" he added. "and…-baby…" he said to my mom, grabbing her hands. HOLY SHIT, I thought, this is getting intense! "baby&hellip.I love you…and I want us to make this a regular thing." He whispered to her.

"Oh god Tony…I feel the same way" my mom said as they began to passionately make out. I watched as the new lovers embraced, naked in each others arms in Tony and Amy's bed. END OF PART 1&hellip.part 2 coming soon