Carter cruise seduce aali kali into lesbian hardcore sex

Carter cruise seduce aali kali into lesbian hardcore sex
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As I sat sipping my long island ice tea I noticed a few things.


The first was that I was actually in a bar drinking and wasn't old enough to drink. One of the perks of having a boyfriend that was older and worked at a bar. The second thing I noticed was this drink tasted like iced tea and nothing else. I was certain my boyfriend was lying to me and didn't want me to drink.

So I downed the first one like it was nothing, and asked for another. He smiled at me and told me I had better take it easy, I told him he was foolish I could handle my "liquor", and I chuckled. I drank the second one in 15 minutes. Still feeling nothing I knew that I was being duped there was 0 alcohol in it.

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I asked for the third drink, my boyfriend looked at me and raised an eyebrow. He said something to the bartender, and then he told me this was the last one I'd be throwing up all night and he had plans for me.

I downed the third LIT, as he was just finishing his shift. He walked over to me asking if I was ready to go. I was for a fact, I stepped down off the barstool my head was swimming, and it was then that I realized there had indeed been alcohol in these drinks I was downing like water.

Walking to his truck I was aware I had his arm and was staggering. He helped me into the truck, as I am short and his truck was rather tall for me. I sat in the seat waiting for him to climb in.

When he did I leaned into to him and found his lips with mine. He kissed me, my tongue brushed against his lips; I flicked my tongue between his parted lips in search of his. Finding it, I kissed him passionately making sure that my tongue gave his ample attention. I moved away and back into my seat as he looked at me for a second and backed out of the parking space. He asked if I wanted to go to the lake, I was feeling very good by this time. And I believe I told him yes if we could go out on the boat.

He drove about fifteen minutes to the lake. Pulling into the marina, I climbed down out of the truck and staggered around to where my boyfriend waited for me. I was drunk there was no doubt about it, not just a little drunk either.

I was pretty fucked up actually, I was 5'5" and weighed about 115 pounds soaking wet. The alcohol I had consumed was pretty strong and no doubt I had drank entirely too much. We walked hand in hand down the dock to his parent's boat.

He helped me climb into it, I was extremely horny. As I know now I'm always horny when I drink. Some people are happy when they are drunk, some are mean, but not me I just want to be fucked, hard, rough, and often.

My boyfriend started the boat and we took off for the middle of the lake. I began my disrobing for the boyfriend. I took off my shirt and bra, I knew better than anyone that he couldn't resist my nice big firm tits.

He was always quite mesmerized and I loved it. I rubbed over them and was aware of his eyes on me at this point as he continued to drive the boat far out onto the lake where there were no lights and no people. Not that it was extremely populated at midnight on a Friday night anyway.

He slowed the motor, and I knew it was time I moved some more to capture his eye. I moved to the front of the boat sliding off my jeans and panties and leaning over the seat I turned and looked back at him. I knew he was enjoying the view of my tight little ass, as well my pussy through my legs that were barely spread.

Just enough for him to get a glimpse of the soft blondish red hair that covered my waiting pussy. He walked over to me and I felt his hand on my ass as he caressed it. He rubbed my ass and down my thighs much to my enjoyment. He pressed his groin against my left hip; I could feel his hard cock through his tight jeans. Reaching around behind me, my hand found his cock and I traced the outline through his jeans with my fingers.


I heard him softly make a noise and I knew he approved of what I was doing. He reached between my legs tugging on the soft hair that covered my mound. Pulling on my lips just made me wetter and made me want him that much more. I tugged at his zipper on his jeans and pulled at his underwear once I had the zipper open. He made no move to help me, he liked for me to struggle, and perhaps it was worth the wait for him when I finally freed his big hard cock.

I pulled at the underwear until finally his cock popped out. He had a huge hard dick; all around his cock was course black curly hair. I loved to run my fingers through. I stroked his cock with my free hand, making sure that I went slow as he liked it. Using my soft hand I pulled all the skin up toward the head of his cock and back down the shaft toward his balls. His hand found my little hard pink clit. He stroked my clit with his fingers, and moved down and touched my little wet hole, back up he would work his fingers rubbing and then back down to the hole.

The feeling is indescribable; just know that my thighs were beginning to shake which signaled to him that I was going to cum. He continues to tease and stroke my clit with his fingers and I stroked his cock. He moved behind me, and I turned and looked at him, "fuck my ass," I said to him as seductively as I could. I felt him push fingers into my waiting pussy, it was soaked. He pulled out two fingers scooping my wet pre-cum out and rubbing it across my asshole. He was going to fuck me as soon as I was lubed up enough to take his huge cock.

He continued to pull in wetness and rub it into my asshole. Soon he was sure it was wet enough I could feel the head of his cock pushing into my tight hot asshole. It was very tight; I didn't let him fuck it too often because it hurt more than it felt good. But tonight with all the alcohol I was throwing caution to the wind.

I felt his cock push the head was into the opening, and I was aware of the stretching pain, he was being very gentle.

Barely moving he would inch his cock into my brown little tight ass.

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I reached behind me and took his shaft in my hand, I pushed him further into my asshole, I knew once I had him past that tight little opening the pain would stop. He popped into my ass all at once, and he slammed his cock into me up to his balls.

He moaned loudly as I screamed even louder. He stopped afraid he had hurt me, I assured him he hadn't. He cock moved in and out of my tight little hole, I was aware the stretching was getting better. Reaching around under me, I found my pussy which was even wetter than it was a few seconds ago. I began to massage my clit pinching it between my index and middle finger; I rubbed it as though I was stroking a cock.

With the movement of his dick in my asshole, and the stroking of my clit, I was nearing an orgasm. His hand reached around in front of me, as he grabbed ahold of my right tit.


He pulled on my nipples as he continued to bang my ass hole. The sensation of his hand on my tit, and my hand on my cunt, I came.

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I came hard, my thighs shaking, my ass tightening the orgasm racked through my body. I was breathless, as he never lost a stroke during my orgasm. I allowed him to continue to fuck me in the ass for a few more minutes. Then I pushed him off with my right hand and I straightened up. I had been bent over the chair for perhaps 30 minutes. I lie down on the floor of the boat and spread my legs for him to see my pussy, he knelt down between my legs his lips finding my clit quickly.

His tongue circled my tight little clit, and entered my wet little hole. He lapped and sucked at my pussy and the lips until I exploded in his mouth. He lifted his head from my pussy and smiled at me, moving up my body he reached my tits.

My nipples were hard and standing firmly at attention. I watched him as his tongue met each one with anticipation; I loved to feel his mouth on my nipples. He nibbled lightly and then would suck the entire brown spot into his mouth, sucking hard.

His other hand had moved back down my body and his hand found my asshole. He took two fingers entering my asshole; he fucked me with his hand while sucking my tits. I was getting excited again, I wanted to feel his hard cock in my pussy and I told him so. He told me not yet I had to wait. I wanted him to fuck me; I tried to pull my tits away from him.

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He smacked my hands and told me no I had to wait. Giving in I came as he fucked my asshole. Pulling his fingers back out, he brought them to my mouth and told me to suck them. I didn't want to, I turned my head away, he grabbed my head and shoved his fingers into my mouth, and I sucked them as instructed.

He moved over the top of me; let his cock find its way into my pussy. I felt the head poke through my outer lips, hitting my clit, he moved back and forth until his cock entered my tight pussy. He set the rhythm over me, his cock shoving into my tight pussy, my legs spread far apart, and the rocking of the boat on the water brought me to edge of orgasm over and over again.

Finally, I could not stand it any longer, I dug my nails into his back as he plunged deeper and deeper into me, and I came as he did. When he came he moaned the cum shooting from his dick was hot and poured back out of my cunt. As he laid on top of me breathing heavy, hell we both were, he kissed me lightly telling me he loved me. After a few moments he moved off of me, and I sat up. Hot and sweaty from more than an hour of sex, I decided in my drunken state, we were in the middle of a lake I was going swimming.

I told him so, he said no it was dark, but I dove off the side of the boat into the lake anyway.

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I swam and cooled off, and moved back up the ladder on the side of the boat. Dripping wet and naked he brought me a towel and began to dry me off. He moved to my thighs and reaching between my legs he began to dry off my pussy.

I felt his lips on my pussy lips, I felt his tongue push between those lips and hit my inner lips, and I moaned and sank back into the chair, he stuck three fingers into my pussy and began to move them in and out and I threw both legs over the arms so he had full access to my clit, my pussy hole, or my brown little hole.

He then placed a fourth finger into my cunt, as I squirmed with the pain he continued to fuck me. I was nearing orgasm yet again. His hot tongue found my clit once more as he finger fucked me hard. I felt the orgasm getting closer, my pussy was soaked and I could feel the cum pouring out around his hand.

Looking down I realized he had his entire hand shoved into my cunt. I came at the sight, it shot out of me in a hard stream, hitting his face and his mouth. His tongue caught most of it, as he moved in to lick at my cunt and clean up the mess he had made.

There isn't a lot I remember from that night I had all those Long Island Ice Teas but I can tell you that I have remembered that fuck on his boat for my entire life. LIT's continue to be a favorite drink of mine, but I've only been fucked like that by him, and never again on a boat.

And I can honestly say that I don't know what else happened that night, but I do know that I was fucked out there on that lake for over four hours. My little asshole and pussy the next morning were beyond sore; I knew I had been fucked hard and rough and for a long time.

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