Göttin kyaa gibt den süßen Schwanz

Göttin kyaa gibt den süßen Schwanz
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It had been a long day for Christie. Not only did she have to run her kids all around, she also got stuck watching her sister in law's dog.

She didn't hate pets, but she didn't love them either. She never had a dog or cat growing up and had never had one since.

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This dog became a change in her life though. Christie had seen the dog several times when the family would go over to her sister in law's. Max was a large German shepherd who was very playful and aggressive.

She always worried about him knocking her kids over when they played with him. Christie had said he should be fixed so that he would settle down. However, her sister in law would never do it, saying it seemed cruel. She loved the dog almost like he was family.

Of course, she was approaching 30 years of age and was single is what Christie thought. Christie just couldn't stand it when Max would hump her leg when she was over. She hoped that wouldn't happen while she was watching him. Christie's husband was pulling and over night trip for work. He does that all the time. So she had been home alone to take care of everything. So when she finally got the kids to bed, she was ready for some quiet and peaceful alone time.

She hadn't had sex in a few weeks and was as horny as could be. So, even though she was tired, she got her vibrator out of her dresser and laid in her bed. Since it was summer, she just laid on top of the sheets with nothing covering her.

She had on a t-shirt and running shorts. Her body was still in great shape for a woman with kids.


She worked out religiously and stayed tan at the pool. Her C cup tits still looked good. She quickly slid the shorts off of her legs and threw them to the floor. She began to rub the inside of her thighs and squeeze her nipples through her shirt.

This always got her going when she masterbated. Soon, her pussy began to tingle and she was feeling ready. She used one hand to rub over her pussy lips while the other turned on her vibrator. She then rubbed the vibrator over her pussy pushing it in between her lips so as to hit her clit. This sent a sensation over he body and she began to arch her back and breath heavy. Playing with her clit always made her moan, but it never got her off. Christie always needed penetration in order to get off.

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So she slid that vibrator into her pussy hole and began fucking herself. The feeling of that plastic head sliding in and out of her wet pussy made her begin to thrash a little.

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She knew an orgasm was coming and began to prepare for it. Of course, her eyes were closed and she was blind to what was going on in the room. Max had walked in as the bedroom door was only half closed. He had been watching in the dark as Chrisite fucked her pussy with that vibrator. Max could smell her sex in the air and slowly made his way to the foot of the bed.

From there, he got a great view of Christie's pussy and the vibrator going in and out of it. As she approached orgasm, he climbed up onto the bottom of the bed, unknown to Christie as she was oblivious to anything else other than her orgasm. Just then, the vibrator stopped working. The batteries had given out and there was no more vibration for Christie.

"Fuck!" she yelled in frustration. However, she didn't stop fucking her pussy. Instead she kept on slamming that dead vibrator into her fuckhole.

As she did, she felt a new sensation on her inner thigh. It was tickling her. She stopped with the vibrator, pulling it out of her went pussy, to look down just in time to see Max take a long lick of her pussy lips. He began lapping away at them, his big, strong tongue piercing them each time and going deeper into her pussy.

The sensation was unreal and repulsive to Christie all at the same time. She quickly sat up and pushed Max away, throwing her vibrator at him in doing so. It missed him. She was so mad that this had happened, that she had missed her big orgasm. She also was confused as to why his tongue felt so good in her pussy.

Christie rolled over in frustration, burying her face into the pillow. Her heart was still beating fast and her legs, thighs, and ass were glistening with sweat. Christie could tell her orgasm was still almost there, so she reached down between her legs to try and bring it back.

She began to stroke her clit and arched her ass int the air as she did so. She did not realize Max was still on the bed. Max slowly made his way back to Christie's pussy. It was just inches from his nose now and she had no idea he was there again. Again, he lunged forward with his tongue and darted it in and out of her pussy. This time, Christie knew what was happening. However, her orgasm was so close she didn't stop him. Max kept licking her pussy, his tongue fucking her hole deeper each time.

The sensation of that rough tongue penetrating her fuckhole sent her over the edge. She came hard, moaning into her pillow from the pleasure she was having. She felt so dirty and pleased at the same time. It gave her the best orgasm ever. As she came down from that feeling, she began to gather herself. She pulled her knees in which raised her ass into the air. She was trying to pull herself away from Max as she was still licking her pussy. She didn't know this was exactly what Max wanted.

Before she could gather herself, she felt him put his paws into the middle of her back. His weight, since he was a big dog, pushed her upper body down. Still drunk from her orgasm and tired from the day, she collapsed down with her face going back into the pillow. She then felt something poking her thighs. She could feel Max's fur as it rubbed her ass and legs, which was a pleasant feeling.

Just then, she realized the poking sensation was his dog cock. As she tried to get herself up, Max growled and beared down on her body. She couldn't move. She wasn't strong enough to get up and couldn't slide out because of his arms and legs.

She was stuck. Just then, she felt it. His cock slid across her pussy lips in a forceful thrust. It missed her fuckhole, but barely. She could not see, so she arched her ass up higher to as to looked down and back between her legs.

In doing so, she brought her pussy to the right height. Just as she could see his big, pink dog cock with all of its purple veins and weird tip, she also got to see it hit her pussy hole just right. He had entered her. She was in shock as she watched that dog cock go all the way into her pussy. He buried it in her. As he did, she could feel the fur around the base of his cock hit her pussy lips.

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The feeling made her pussy spasm. Max knew he was in and he also knew what to do from there. He wrapped his front paws around her upper waist, holding her in place.

More importantly, it gave him the leverage he needed. He then began to hump furiously into Christie's pussy. She watched it between her legs, that pink shaft going in and out so fast it was almost a blur.

Max wasn't one to worry about the well being of his mate. He just fucked hard and fast. It had only been a minute or two of fucking, but it had seemed like forever. Christie could not believe she was being fucked by this dog. She was mounted like a bitch. She remember how hard he had humped her leg on her visits and now he was doing the same to her pussy. The thought and feeling of all of this was bringing her to another orgasm. She began to spasm on his cock more and that feeling overcame her whole body.

It was so strong that she barely began to feel that new sensation in her pussy. Max's cock was buried in it and growing. She could feel it inside her growing and pushing on her pussy entrance. He kept thrusting, but was barely getting anywhere as his cock was stuck inside her.

She then heard him make a weird whining noise and then felt a warm sensation overcome the inside of her pussy. She then realized that Max had just shot his cum inside of her. The idea of an animal cumming in her pussy made her try and stop it. As she tried to pull away from Max, his cock could not leave her pussy.

She felt like it was now a large ball inside of her. Max himself had stopped humping and was just on top of her. They laid there for several minutes, each getting their breath back. Christie was in a panic as she couldn't understand why his cock wouldn't leave her pussy.

Max began to turn now. He was off to her left side but still buried inside of her. As he did this, his cock pulled on her pussy.

The feeling was incredible to Christie. It was different. It was like being fucked from the inside. As he tried to pull away, the feeling made her cum again. As she climaxed, his cock began to make its way out of her pussy. She could feel it slowly sliding out. Suddenly, making a plopping sound, it was out.

With her orgasm, she just laid there feeling his cum drip out of her now gapping pussy and down her inner thighs. It just kept dripping out, seeming almost endless. Christie knew she had been fucked good and hard. She loved it. Part 2 Christie had just gotten out of the shower. Just 15 minutes before, Max, a german shepherd, had fucked her on her bed. She was so confused as to what had happened and how it had happened. She cleaned off her legs as they were soaked in dog cum.

She washed the sweat off of her body as she had been through a workout from being fucked so good. She got out and dried off.

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She then wrapped the towel around her as she always does. Wanting to know what had just happened, Christie went out to the living room. She grabbed her laptop off of the table. She began to look up dog sex. She quickly read over articles telling her how dogs fucked.

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She even found a few sites with videos of dogs fucking other dogs. As she read, she saw the term "knot". She read that part thoroughly. It explained why Max couldn't pull out of her pussy as his cock had knotted inside her, which all dogs do.

She then she looked up "dog sex women". She found several websites on this.

She saw pictures of women bent over and getting fucked by various dogs. She then found some with videos of the same thing. As she clicked play on the videos, she was overcome with those earlier feelings of disgust and being horny. She then saw the term "beastiality" and knew it explained what had happened to her.

She had been fucked by a dog. As she watched the videos, they gave her ideas. They also made her pussy wet again. She put the laptop on the table in front of her and let a video of a woman being fucked by a dog play.

She pulled off her towel and began to stroke her pussy again. And right on time, Max came into the room. He walked over to her and sat right next to her right leg. She sat up and pet his head, acknowledging to him the fuck he had given her. She began to wonder. had he done this before? Had her sister in law been fucked by her own dog? Her attention went back to the video as the woman in it cried out as the dog had entered her.

Only, he was doing it in a missionary position. She was laying on her couch as the lab was fucking her just like a man would. This gave her and idea. She pulled Max's head over between her legs.

She then rubbed her pussy and petted him under his mouth. Max knew what to do from there. He quickly began to lap away at her pussy, licking it like it was his bowl of water.

Christie collapsed back into her couch, the feeling of her pussy being eaten out by a dog overcoming her. She quickly spasmed as her orgasm overcame her. She was cumming and didn't need any penetration for it to happen.

Max kept on licking her pussy for several minutes, good enough for one more orgasm. She was petting his head and holding it with her hands as he did so. She then pulled on the back of his ears to get him to slide up her body. Max climbed up with his front legs onto the couch, each leg on each side of Christie's hips.

She pulled on him more, getting him to slide even more forward. As she did, she slid down the couch, her hips now hanging off the edge of it. This allowed her to look down her body and see that Max was again hard, his cock beginning to come out of its sheath. His pink dick was growing as he moved his hips around hers. Christie reached down, wanting to touch his cock.

She grabbed it and began to stroke it. It was a completely different feeling than a man's cock. Still, she didn't care. She knew what it could do. She jerked his cock up and down, making it grow to full size.

Max began to hump now. He was ready to fuck.


Christie pushed his cock down so it was right at the opening of her pussy. Max thrusted hard one time and missed. He began to hump furiously, but was not inside of her. Christie grabbed him around the head, saying his name. This calmed him down enough that he stopped humping so fast. She then took her right hand and slide it down her stomach and past her pussy. She grabbed Max's pink cock and guided it to her pussy. As she felt the tip hit her hole, Max again thrusted, this time hitting his mark.

He buried his pink dick deep inside her pussy. He then went back to his furious pace of humping her. This time, she was so much more comfortable and yet could see it all. She saw his dick going in and out of her. She could feel his hips hitting hers. This quickly brought on another orgasm. As she came, she held onto his shoulders, feeling how strong he was with his muscles flexed to hold his weight. Christie raised her legs higher letting Max get deeper inside of her.

Her legs were straight out now at a 10 and 2 position. The feeling of Max's fur on her clit and ass made her whole body tingle.

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It was so soft and felt wonderful to her. She reached down between her thighs to attempt to grab his and pull him deeper into her. As she did, she heard him again begin to whimper and breathe heavy. She knew what was coming. She braced for it and waited for the sensation. As it came, she felt overwhelmed and again orgasmed.

His cock was knotting again inside of her. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him into her. She didn't want him to slip out before he could bury himself into her pussy. It worked, as he quickly knotted up inside of her and could no longer pulled out. She felt his thrusts as he was still humping.

Her legs were just holding onto him as he pushed her ass cheeks back and forth on the coach. His knot would pull her back after he pushed her forward. The push and pull inside of her pussy brought her to yet another spasming orgasm.

As she moaned loudly, she felt Max empty his cum inside of her.

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He stopped humping and she could feel each spurt from his coach. It was shooting inside her pussy, coating it all over. The warm sensation let her know he had filled her up. In this missionary position, she could pet and rub Max as he had finished cumming inside her. She felt that knot pulling on her pussy as she rubbed his back and shoulders. Again, he began to turn. He did a complete 180, facing away from her. Yet, his cock was still in her. She looked down and rubbed her pussy lips as they still had his cock inbetween them.

She watched then as the knot slowly worked its way out. She saw that pink base as it spread her pussy hole open and felt the tightness of it as she clinched to keep it in. Finally, her pussy gave way and the knot and cock fell out. After it, what seemed like a gallon of dog cum followed. It ran out of her pussy and down the crack of her ass and then dripped to the floor.

Christie reached down to her pussy, rubbing her freshly fucked hole. It was so wide open she easily slid two fingers in it. The dog cum had her so lube she fucked her pussy with those fingers until she again orgasmed. As Christie came down from her last orgasm, she realized she needed to look into getting a dog of her own.