Chubby mature amateur wife sucks and fucks

Chubby mature amateur wife sucks and fucks
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The next morning Martin wakes up and sees his daughter snuggled up against him and wishes that he didn't have to wake her up but does anyway. "Taylor," He says, "Taylor, sweetie it's time to get up you have classes to get to." Taylor starts to wake up and moans in protest, and argues that she doesn't want to get up and go to classes.

Although Taylor's protests are fake she gets up anyway, showers then dresses in her uniform for classes. After spending all day in classes Taylor wants to get back to her dorm as fast as possible so she can spend more time with her daddy. As she heads home a car stops and rolls down a window near her.

"Hey sexy," Taylor greets, "What's up?" "Well hello," the stranger replies, "I'm supposed to find the gym but I seem to be lost would you help me find it?" "Tell me the name," Taylor challenges, "and I'll try to help you out." "I think," the stranger tilts his head, "I think it's called John A.

Hall. This is John A.

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Hall high school right?" "Sure is sweet thing," Taylor flirts, "mind if I get in? I can take you right to it." "Why of course not." The stranger replies while opening the door.


"Need a little help there?" Taylor asks when she sees the tent in the man's pants. "Depends on how old you are darling." The stranger drawls.

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"Old enough to handle whatever you got." Taylor shoots back. "Why? Don't you want something young?" "Well honey," the stranger starts, "I like them young but I like them legal if you catch my drift." "I'm legal." Taylor laughs. After hearing this, the stranger puts the car in gear and follows Taylor's directions.

After a few turns they spot the gym and Taylor suggests that he park in the alleyway.

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Once the car is in gear both Taylor and the stranger starts to make out in the front seats. While this is going on the stranger puts his hand on Taylor's thigh and slides it close to the hem of her skirt. "So what kind of fun you offering?" the stranger asks. "Whatever you want." Taylor replies looking into the back seat. "Come on young lady," the strangers tells her, "I see I've got to teach you a thing or two." "Really?" she asks. "Like what?" "First off," he states.

"Bad little girls make proper little whores. Hmm. Just what I thought. clean your juices from my fingers you dirty little training slut." While talking to Taylor, the stranger had reached under her skirt to find that she was recently shaved, and rubbed her pussy lips gently to get his fingers wet with pussy juice. Then he fingered inside her pussy a little bit to find out she was also recently fucked.

"What a good slut you are." He tells Taylor. "Now show me what my tax dollars pay for, come on now." After grabbing a handful of hair, he forces Taylor to her knees and then unzips his pants and presents his cock to her, wanting it to be sucked before he fucks Taylor.

"Is that for me?" Taylor asks in awe. The only response she gets, "Suck it like the slut you are." Taylor opens her mouth and starts to lick and suck on just the head of this man's cock and she feels it start to respond to her talents. As the man's cock gets harder, he starts to moan in satisfaction.

He then pulls Taylor's hair back away from her face so he can see how much of his cock goes in and out of her mouth.

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"Mm what a good little slut you are." The stranger coos, "You're doing well for your first lesson." "What's the next lesson?" Taylor inquires. "I think I'm ready for it." "Oh you do, do you?" the stranger replies. "Well then stand up." As Taylor stands up the stranger grabs her roughly and spins her around leaning her over the trunk of the car. Once bent over the stranger flips Taylor's skirt over her ass and runs his cock up and down her pussy before slamming it into her causing Taylor to let out a small yelp.


"Ohm you must have been recently popped…" the stranger says. "You're pussy is so tight… and wet. That means you've been trained a little bit already." Taylor just nods her head as she remembers the night before that she spent with her daddy.

As the stranger fucks her from behind, Taylor starts to moan softly and tries to play with her breasts but is pinned down on the trunk of the car.

"You're not doing anything unless I let you." The stranger tells Taylor. "Do you understand slut?" "Yes I understand." Taylor replies a little scared.

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"Good." As the stranger continues, he rips her panties to where they are open to him and he has free access to her ass and pussy. Seeing her ass staring at him, the stranger inserts a finger into her ass and starts to feel her pulling away from him. "Please," Taylor pleads. "Please don't hurt me…" "Shut up bitch." Hearing the firm tone Taylor does as she's told… and just waits for the stranger to finish. Feeling Taylor, submit to him the stranger takes his dick out of her pussy and jams it into Taylor's ass.

Taylor lets out a cry and whimpers at the intrusion, and after a few thrusts the stranger comes deep and long.

He relaxes for a second pulls out of Taylor's ass, then not too gently tosses her against the wall and a few hundred bucks. "Thanks for the lay bitch." Taylor waits for a few minutes after watching the guy leave. Sticking to the shadows she makes her way back to her dorm room and finds her dad still there watching TV.

"Hey baby, where have you…" Martin starts to say then notices how dirty and torn Taylor's clothes are. "I was just trying to help him out." Taylor sobs. "And then things went too far." "Hey… it's okay…" Martin grabs the phone and dials 911 to report what happened to his daughter.


After cops arrive they take her to the hospital so they can get her checked out and the evidence to try and put the guy away. After an hour the nurse tells Taylor she may get cleaned up and go home. Upon arriving back at the dorm, Taylor and Martin both go into Taylor's room close the door and just lay in bed.

The next morning Martin wakes up earlier than normal and just watches his daughter sleep. "What a beautiful daughter I have…" Martin thinks to himself. "My brave little girl…"