Bella bionda italiana si fa sfondare il culo in bagno

Bella bionda italiana si fa sfondare il culo in bagno
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Chapter 3 Debbie walked into her bedroom with a couple of glass of ice cold water. She stopped at the doorway to soak in the view of her handsome husband and pretty, sexy little daughter lying in bed naked.

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Miriam has a "just of fucked good" smile on her face. The sight made her pussy itch. "Well don't you 2 look sexy together?" Miriam looked up to see her mother standing there in the doorway. She started to freak out thinking her mother would kill the 2 of them.

Here she was naked, next to her father who was just as naked. She expected screaming and yelling. Then she noticed her mother was also naked and holding 2 glasses of water. She just started to realize how thirsty she was. Then her mother walked over and sat on the side of the bed next to her. "So Miriam how was your first fuck? Did your father pop your cherry? How good was it to have your father be your first lover?" Before she could put a response together her mother leaned over and gently kissed her.

It was soft and warm and made her feel good. Like everything was just as it should be. She then handed a glass of water over to he daughter who took it. She then drank about half of the water in the first try.

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"Dave would you like a glass of water also?" Dave looked up to find his wife offering him a glass of water with ice in it. "Oh baby you sure do know me, thanks" He then reaches over to take the glass from his wife and proceeded to down the whole glass before putting down on the night table. "So how did things go with Jen? Was it what you had hoped it would be?" "It was even better. She took to it like a fish to water.

I told her I would bring her a glass of water. I think maybe she would prefer you to bring it to her, what do you think?" He just smiled back. "Good, then you go down stairs and take care of Jen's needs and I'll spend some quality time with my sexy little daughter her.

Dave got out of bed and proceeded to go to the kitchen to get a glass of ice water to bring down to Jen. He did not bother to put any clothes on. He figured they would not stay on long anyway, and Jen should still be naked too. He was looking forward to seeing her naked. He walked down the stairs as quietly as he could so as not to startle her.

She was still lying on the couch naked with her legs slight apart. He thought about how pretty and sexy she is. He sat on the couch and watches her sleep for a couple of minutes. "Jen, Jen, here is the water Debbie promised you. You just be a very thirsty little girl. Wake up and take this glass from me. " Jen sat up and too the glass and started to drink some of the water. It took a minute for her to remember what had just happen between her and Debbie.

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Then she realized she was still naked. "Dave, I'm kind of naked here." She saw Dave sitting on the bed bear crested. She could not keep her eyes from moving down and noticing that he was also naked.

His cock was just hanging there and she had to keep from reaching over and grabbing that cock in her hand and stroking it. "Dave you're naked too, does Debbie know that you're down her like this? I mean, I don't mind you being here with me but what if Debbie caught us her together like this?" "Don't worry Jen. Deb is up stairs having some special time with Miriam, just like she had special time with you.

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We have plenty of time to get to know each other. " Jen started to feel her pussy start to get wet again.


She had never dated before so all this was new to her. He leaned down and gave he a gentle kiss. He did not want to go too fast, and scare her. She put her arms around him. She was enjoying that tough of his skin against hers. She was also very turned on by how he kissed her. It made is quiver all over. The kiss got more passionate as their tongues touched and played together.

It all felt just to wonderful she never wanted it to stop.

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He started to let his roam all over her firm young body. Feeling each of her firm young breast, and pinching each nipple made her moan into his mouth. He then reach down to her firm stomach and proceeded to her wet pussy. He was so aroused when he realized how wet she was already.

He stared to stroke her pussy. As they continued to kiss she then reach and found his cock with her small hand. She started to gently stroke his cock.

It was the first time she had ever touched a cock and it felt great in her hand. She broke off the kiss. "Dave I have never sucked a cock before.

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I want to suck your cock. I want it in my mouth in the worst way." This is something he wanted very much too.

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He sat back on the couch while she got on all fours on the couch next to him. She took the cock in her hand again and thought about what the girls in the movie did.

First she licks the shaft of his cock. Her tongue went up and down a few times to get it good and wet. She even licked his balls.

When she got to the top of his cock she lick the head of his cock. She then let the head of his cock slip into her mouth. She had never put anything so big into her mouth before and was not sure how much she could get down. She wanted to take all of it down like a couple of the girls in the movie did, but did not think she could do it. He was really enjoying having her suck his cock, but she wanted more of his cock in her mouth.

His right hand reached to for the back of her head and gently urged her to take more and more of his cock. His left reached and found her wet pussy. He started to rub her pussy and soon found her clit. He started to stimulate her clit and gently slipped a finger into her cunt. She was moaning with pleasure while he did that. Dave's cock was moving in and out of her mouth. She was leaning to suck more and more. Dave kept telling her to breath through her nose.

She still could not get it past her choke point. She could feel herself getting closer and closer to coming from the attention Dave was paying to her pussy.

Dave could sense she was close to coming and was ready for when she did. He knew that once she started to cum her throat muscles would relax. At that point he would shove his cock as far as he could down her throat. Then she started to cum she could feel his cock moving further down her throat. It was at this point that Dave shoved his cock all the way down. She took all of his cock in one movement. She could not believe that she was able to all his cock.

She just kept it all the way down and enjoyed the sensation of it. She then started to start to suck it again. Now she could easily suck him in and out all the way. It was and incredible feeling.

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But no matter how good it felt to her it felt 300 percent better to him. After about 5 minutes she told he to stop. It was time for him to take her cherry. He as looking forward to repeating what he did to Miriam with Jen. He then laid her down on her back and proceeded to eat he pussy. She was so tasty, he was enjoying eating her pussy and knew she would not take long to cum again. He continued licking her pussy and sucking on her clit until he knew she was close to coming.

He got on top of her and rubbed his cock up and down her pussy till he found her warm welcoming opening. He slipped just the head of his cock into her till he felt some resistance. He started to rub her clit making her moan loudly. Before long he could feel that she was about to cum again.

This time when she started to cum he shoved his cock into her virgin pussy and quickly broke though the resistance of her hymen. Jen was so into her orgasm she never noticed that her virginity had just been taken and Dave's cock was shoved to the hilt in her tight pussy. After a couple of minutes she noticed the cock in her. She looked up to Dave and said, "Fuck me. Fuck my pussy please fuck me." Dave just smiled and proceeded to do just that.

Young tight pussy just felt so good to his cock. He fucked her faster and faster.


Jen loved the feeling of his cock in her pussy. She knew that she loved to fuck and would do so as often as she could. She remembered how she all Debbie "mommy" and could not resist calling Dave "daddy". "Oh daddy, fuck me. Fuck your little girl. Fuck me good and hard daddy. I love you daddy. I'm your little slut. I'm a daddy's little slut. Fuck your slut daughter.

Oh fuck yea, oh my god this is so fucking good. Fuck that cunt of mine." He was so turned to on by the way she was talking he reached around and slipped a finger into her tight asshole.

This surprised Jen, and turned her on at the same time. He continued to finger fuck he asshole as he rammed his cock in and out of her pussy. She was moaning like crazy. Dave could not believe what he was hearing, and he loved it. She was a little slut. In fact she was a bi slut. He leaned back and pulled her with him until he was on his back and she was on top on him.

He put his hands under her ass and helped her move up and down on his shaft. He loved watch her tit giggle as she fucked herself on his cock. After a few minutes he changed positions again. He got in on all fours and stuffed his cock into her pussy and fucked her that way. He considered trying out her asshole but decided to leave that for another day. As he fucked her like that she came again.

He was close to coming too, so he took his cock out of her pussy. She wanted to suck his cock again and turned around and in one movement took his whole cock down her throat. Dave was amazed by how well she had learned.

After just a few minutes he knew he was ready to explode into her mouth. He wanted her to taste his cum so he pulled is cock out till just the head was in he mouth.

He then exploded into her mouth. He filled her mouth with his cum and some of it dripped down her chin. It was her first taste of cum. She had no idea she would love the taste of cum so much.

She swallowed as much as she could then proceeded to suck his cock till she got all the cum he had.


Jen picked up the glass of water and drank some more before lying back down on the couch. What a day she has had. First she had sex with Debbie. She never before though about having lesbian sex, but now she knew she was going to have it many times mores.

Now she was no longer little girl. With the lose of her virginity she was a now a woman. She was feeling very hot and sexy. She was wondering what was coming next. Little did she know that she would not have to wait long to find out. Next chapter, mother and daughter spend quality time together.