Gay male group sex porn Punished by Tickling

Gay male group sex porn Punished by Tickling
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I never knew cougars could be this fun to be with. Hi my name is Joe and I'm twenty-two years old. I work at a dive bar across town and if I'm not there I'm at my apartment playing video games. My parents say I have go goals in life, but I think that I will have plenty of time later to figure all that stuff out. I'm six foot tall and average size; I have short black hair and a couple of tattoos.

At this point in time I'm in between girlfriends because my last one couldn't stand being stuck in a small town and headed west to become a actress, but more likely she got into porno because she was a big fan of my ten inch cock; hell I was a fan of it. Ten inches long, six inches around uncut rigid piece of steel. I kept me public hair nice and trimmed and my balls smooth.

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When ever I wasn't fucking some girl brains I always knew that I could just sit down to a nice porn video and jerk myself off. So working in a local dive bar it not like all the movies, with all these hot pieces of ass coming in or loud music and lights and people dancing the night away.

It is mild and quite with the same people every day coming in after work to have a drink before headed home. I became friends with a lot of older folks being that I was the only one under the age of forty that worked the bar of even came in more then once. My father was a regular here growing up and they all knew me. So when I needed a summer job, I got hired to clean dishes and mop the floor. I worked my way up and when I turned twenty-one I was able to work behind the bar and serve drinks.

After that I must of have a middle age woman a week hit on me and try to take me home with her. Sure it was nice but you know the terms "milf" and "cougar" well these terms are not the ones that I would use to describe them. Once I did get drunk one night when the bar was throwing a party and by the end of the night I was out back with this lady blowing me.

It was getting real good till she puked all over my cock and pants. I was in shock and just stood there as she made her way back inside leaving me there to clean up her vomit.

So I didn't see anyone that came in to the bar as someone to take home till Dani walked in one night. She was in her fifties and worked as the director of the bank in town.


I have seen her around being that this was a small town and all. She came in and sat on my side of the bar and will it being a slow night we started up a conversion. I found out that her name was Danielle but her friends call her Dani. She moved here a year ago for the money and position the bank was giving her to run the branch.

Her husband left her a few months after moving here for one of her friends back where they lived before. So now she was here by herself and didn't want to loose the job, but didn't like being lonely. Her son that was my age would come and see her from time to time so being here wasn't that bad.

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She came in here because someone at the bank told her that the food good and maybe a few drinks would get her out of this funk. Before I knew it, it was closing time and I had to tell her that it was time to go. With that Dani got up and made her way to the door. I got me first real look at her. She had a pinstripe blazer with matching skirt on with a pair of black high heel shoes. The couple of drinks she had made it a little hard now to walk in them but she made her way to the door.

She had a normal frame with slightly wide hips and with the low light in the bar I could still see that she had a nice ass to her. Dani turned to smile and said good night as she made her way out the door. I finished cleaning up and headed to the back to punch out and grab my coat. I walked out the back door to a cool summer night. I made my way to my old nova when I saw that there was a car next to mine. I was the last one out and had locked up so I knew that the two other people had to be gone by now being that they left fifteen minutes before me.

I didn't have anywhere to run off to so I always took my time closing. I got to my car to find Dani on the other side of it bend over puking between the two cars. I walked up to her and asked if she needed help or something. She picked up her head that had a little vomit on it and told me that she never was a real big drinker and she thinks she was pass her limit.

I grab some rag out of my car to wipe her face. I help her up and asked if she could drive. Dani reached into her bad and pulled her keys just to drop them on the ground. I took her keys and told her that I would bring her back later for her car.

I told her to get in my car and I would bring her home and save her from getting a ticket. Once in my car I started to drive and turned to ask her where she lived, but she was passed out already.

I tried to wake her and she would come to for just for a moment or two. It was a long way but I got her to place. We got to her place and I help her from me car and up the stairs to her apartment. Once inside I help her to the bathroom to wash up a little because I could see now in better light that she had vomit in her hair too. I took her top off that was covered in vomit too to reveal a very nice set of perky "C" tits and a lacey black and pink bra. She had a little belly but all in all looked very nice.

If she wasn't totally drunk and half in the bag I would try and hit that even being that she was as old as my own mother. Dani was in and out of drunkenness and she was making trying to get her some what cleaned up kind of hard. I washed the vomit from her hair and asked if she needed to use the toilet before I put her to bed. With drunken words she said yes and with that raised up her skirt to a full bush and sat down on the toilet. Dani started to pee right there in front of me and as she was pissing she was telling me how great it was that she walked in to that bar and I was there.

See a lady piss in front of me was turning me on and I was doing my best not to fuck her right then and there. Thinking that she would have been in real trouble without me here to help I just sat there on the edge of the tub watching this very sexy woman that I just met a few hours ago piss in front of me. She wiped herself and stood up and removed her skirt and was now standing there was the bra and a pair of tight high stocking and her black heels still on.

I couldn't tell if she still was in a good mind set to know that I was truly there or not. All I could do was stair at this beauty in front of me. I help her out of the bathroom and into her bedroom. She removed her bra as we went and her tits just stayed perky even without the bra.

I took her heels as she crawled into my bed and I tucked her in. I headed to the living room and crashed on the couch thinking about how I had a hot naked cougar in the other room. The next morning I awoke to someone hitting me in the arm.

I jumped up not knowing what was going on. I didn't know at first where I was; all I knew was there was a guy standing in front of me waving a bat yelling at me.

He asked me who I was and what I did to his mother. Fearing for my life because it looked like he would hurt me pretty good if he connected with that bat; I slowly tried to tell him that I worked at the bar in town and brought his mother home last night after she was too drunk to drive home. With that Dani came screaming into the room telling her son Sam to drop the bat and not hit me. Sam dropped the bat and told her that he came in this morning to find her naked in bed and me out here on the couch.

I turned to Dani and it was then I first saw that she was still naked like she was last night. All she had on was the stocking and she was standing there in front of her son. As Sam was telling her that he didn't know and just wanted to protect her I reached to the blanket on the back of the couch and handed it to her.

Dani told me that it was okay and that she had been always open about her body with her son. With that she went over to her son and gave him and hug and a kiss. But not one of those kisses on the cheek. This was a full on the lips kiss and it lasted for a bit. After Dani broke the kiss she told me how thankful she was for me to take care of her last night.

I told her that it was no problem and she told me that I had to stay for breakfast. I told her that I couldn't and she told me that I must and headed to the kitchen. When she started to head to the kitchen I turned to Sam who was stairing at her ass and you could clearly see that he had a boner. I followed Dani into the kitchen and she pours us some oj to drink. She started to cook breakfast still in the nude but for the stockings. This was totally sexy and as I sat there I started to sport some wood too.

Sam came into the kitchen and still with a boner and pinched Dani's ass. She turned a little red in the face and told him to behave; she then told him how she didn't like to be the only one nude. Sam told her that they had guest and they both turned to me. Now I'm not gay but I seen a cock before watching porn and didn't want Dani to cover up; so I told them that I didn't mind.

With that Sam removed his shirt and dropped his pants. With grabbing the waistband to his boxers too he stood back up and his cock was now hard and out.

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He wasn't as long as mine about six or seven inches long but he had to be twice the thickness like a girth of seven of eight inches; I didn't know that I cock could be that thick. He had no hair around his cock or on his balls that hung low too. His cock had to be heavy because it didn't stick out like mine did when hard.

Dani grabbed hold of it and stroked it saying that someone was horny. It was like watching a porno; here was a sexy lady and a guy with a big cock started to go at it in front of me and it didn't bather me that it was a mother and her son. I wouldn't have said a word but Sam stopped his mother and told her that breakfast was done. Dani turned from him and went to the stove. Sam sat down and said if he was here with a sexy woman like his mother that he would have fucked her last night.

Hell he has fucked her and asked what was I gay or something. I looked at him straight in the eyes and told him that I wasn't gay. Sam then asked why I didn't hit that. I told him that Dani was a lady and with her being drunk I wasn't going to fuck her just because I could. Sam then said that I probably had a small cock and could fuck her with it anyway. I wasn't going to have him get the better of me so I stood up and dropped my pant to so him that I did have a big cock.

So before I know what I was doing I was standing there with my pants down around my ankles and my ten inch hard cock in my hand.

I told Sam that here was my proof and pointed my cock to him. Sam's face told me that he was shock that someone had a cock bigger then him. All he could do was say dam at the size of it; as Sam was looking at my cock Dani walked over and told us not to fight over her. That there was enough of her to go around; Dani lend in and gave me a kiss. She had the softest lips I ever felt.

It was a very wet and very hot kiss and as we were kissing her hand grabbed my cock and started to pump it. I broke from the kiss to look down and saw that it wasn't Dani's hand on my cock but Sam's.

He didn't let go as he moved in and kiss his mother after me. I was standing there with Sam stroking my cock and me watching them kiss. I didn't know what to do, I was in a state of shock and disbelieve. I wasn't gay of bi but there was another guy's hand on my cock and I didn't push it away. When they broke the kiss, Dani asked Sam how he liked a big cock in his hand. Sam replied with a smile and stroked my cock more.

Dani turned to me and asked have I ever been with another guy before.

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I told her no and that I wasn't gay like I said earlier. Dani told me not to label anything here and just go with me gut feeling and I would enjoy everything here today. I found myself not pulling back as Sam lowered himself and took my cock into his mouth. He started to suck on my cock and all I did was look at Dani with this half smile to my face. Dani told me that all I had to do was say no to something and it would stop but don't limit myself to the possible experience I could have.

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I kiss Dani again and ran my fingers through her thick bush as her son continued to suck on my cock. Dani was already soaked and I could start to smell that all great smell of pussy juice. Dani told us to move to the bedroom so we did and followed her ass to the back room. Once inside Dani whispered into Sam's ear and then he lay down on his back on the bed. She then came next to me and started to tell me to grab hold of his cock. I didn't want to at first but Dani kept at it so I reached out and grab his cock.

My hand barely made it around it and it was so different hold another guy's cock. She told me to jerk it as to I did and as I was didn't this Dani started to tell me how good I was doing. She was giving me pointers on stroking it and before long she was telling me to take it in my mouth. I turned to her and told her I wasn't going to suck a cock but she was really going to for telling me that I would like it.

I the heat of the moment I gave up and lowered my mouth to his cock. I could feel the heat of his cock on my lips as I opened my mouth to suck in his cock. It was so thick that I had a real hard time getting my mouth open enough for it. Sam was enjoying every bit of it as I slowly sucked on my first cock ever.

I think I was doing a good job as Sam was moaning from me sucking on it. I played with his balls as I sucked because I knew how I liked it. As I was sucking I lost track of where Dani was and didn't realize that she had left for a bit and returned.

Sam was pulling at my hair and lifting his hips from the bed that was driving his cock deeper into my mouth and down my throat. I was gagging on his cock not being use to a cock in my throat; this was making Sam fuck my face harder as I was now gagging up saliva and it was covering his cock. With this Sam would hold my head down with tow fist of hair and leave his cock in my throat.

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This was making me vomit up liquid and more saliva. This is what I guess Sam liked because he would fuck my face hard and then hold his cock all the way in and then fuck me more. The face fucking went on for what felt like hours till with out any warning Sam came in my mouth. The sudden taste of salty cum in my mouth was so new to me that I could feel my cock feel like it wanted to come also. I was rock hard and it was all from another man's cock in my mouth. Sam had a very big load to give me and all I could do was sallow with him grabbing my hair.


He continued to fuck away at my mouth till he went soft in my mouth. He let go of me and rolled over to catch my breath. My face was cover in saliva and cum and I could move after the attack of my mouth. I saw Dani in the corner with a video camera on a tripod and her fingering her pussy. What happen, did I just suck a cock on film and more important did I really enjoy it. My cock was still rock hard as Dani walked over to me grabbing something on the way. Dani crawled onto the bed and asked if I was ready to cum for her.

All I could do was nod as she then asked if I was up for something else new. I didn't know where she was going with this but far in a sexual high to stop her. Sam grabbed my ankles and brought them up over my head giving Dani clear view of my asshole. She started by rubbing my balls and telling me that she would make me cum without touching my cock. She then licked a finger and circled my asshole with it.

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This was all new to me and with Dani now pushing her finger into my asshole I could feel the tightest of it around her finger. My cock was harder then ever and as Dani push the whole thing in I felt my balls turning as I was getting ready to cum. As Dani was playing with my ass, Sam's cock was by my face and as he moved to better hold my legs his fat cock laid on my face.

Boy was his cock heavy and being as horny as I was I took it in my mouth again. Dani was at my ass now sticking her tongue in the hole and then bringing it up to my balls.

This was all I needed to get me to the edge; with that Dani ram two fingers into my asshole and finger fucked it as hard and as fast as she could. I yelled out from around the fat cock in my mouth that I was cumming and with that I shot the biggest load of my life.

With my cock laying on my stomach I blew my load up in my face and it wasn't till the four or five squirt that I hit my chest and then my a little on my stomach. Dani and Sam both drove at my cum and both licked it all up and then kiss above me.

They broke the kiss and then Dani came and kissed me, I could taste some of my cum still in her mouth. I was beat and Sam lay down next to me with his head by my cock and sucked in my now softening cock to get the last bit of cum from it. Dani got up and asked who was up for a little breakfast now. Sam and I both said yes with each other's cock in our mouths, and with that Dani made her way to the kitchen again.