Legal age teenager girl shows her love for cock of her friend

Legal age teenager girl shows her love for cock of her friend
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Sorry this last part has taken so long, I've had a lot on my plate for the last month or so. For the benefit of any reader who has not seen the earlier parts of my story, I'll give a very brief resume.

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My name's Joe, I'm an electrical engineer and I'm bisexual. A long time ago, at the end of my training, I had to spend about 10 months with a company in the north of England.


There I met students from all around the world and I paired up with an Australian guy named Alex who also was bisexual. By a strange turn of events we were both placed in the same boarding house. The land lady left us for a few weeks to look after her sister who'd been in hospital and her 17year old nephew (a trainee chef) moved in to cook for us.

This was Graham, a tall good looking blonde haired guy who, in case you haven't already guessed, also turned out to be bisexual. However he was a virgin and completely inexperienced, but very keen to find out all he could from Alex and me.

Graham had unfortunately been involved in a minor motor cycle accident and was quite severely bruised all down his left side and only had partial use of his left arm.

Alex and I were as helpful as we could be to him, assisting him with things he found difficult like dressing, showering and rubbing ointment on his bruised shoulder blade.

Well, one thing led to another and before he'd been with us for 48 hours, his sex education had begun with Alex and me giving him a blow job. The following morning we were awakened by Graham who struggled to bring us a cup of tea in bed. "I do like this hotel" said Alex, "Room service at no extra charge".

"Just trying to say thanks for last night" said Graham. "So you enjoyed it" said Alex and I added "And you've no regrets"? "Oh I enjoyed it but I'm wondering if I owe you two guys an apology".

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"What on earth for" said Alex. Graham replied "well you two guys are obviously a bit of an item and I'm muscling in on what you've got going". "No it's not like that at all" I said, "Alex and I are very fond of one another and we enjoy making each other feel good but we're not head over heels in love. To start with we are both very much aware that in six months' time we go our separate ways and will probably never see one another again, but that's not going to stop us having fun while we can.

You joining in are just adding a new dimension". Graham came over to me and gave me a one armed hug and I tried to put my tea on the bedside cabinet while leaning in and kissing him on the neck. Then Graham went to Alex, who had already put his cup down and had two free hands, and they embraced. The clinch lasted for about half a minute and just before they broke I saw Alex slip his hand down the front of Graham's pyjamas.

"Hang on lads" I said "we have to get to work. Better save that for this evening". Graham shuffled off to the kitchen while we went through the morning ritual of shaving and dressing etc. then we went down for breakfast. Graham was keen to show us that he could lift his left arm a good six inches higher than he could two days ago. He was hoping he would have recovered sufficiently to ride his motor bike next week as he wanted to drive home to see his mother on his 18th birthday.

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After breakfast Graham insisted that we leave everything for him as he had little to do and all day to do it. So we rubbed some of his special ointment onto the bruised parts which he couldn't reach and got ready to leave.

Graham followed us to the door but no further as he was still in his pyjamas and it was November. "There's one other thing I want you guys to help me with before my birthday" he said, "I want to lose my virginity"! The day at the factory was boring and time went slowly; I was glad when 5.30 came and we joined the queue to get out of the company car park.

On opening the front door we were greeted by a rich savoury aroma which showed that Graham had been working his chef's magic in the kitchen. He called out "Hi guys, how was your day, I'll have your meal ready in about 15 minutes". We washed, changed and got back to the dining room just as Graham put the meal on the table; It tasted as good as it smelled and was so far the high light of the day. We all mucked in with the clearing away then retired to the lounge and switched on the TV.

Graham and I half sat, half led on the sofa and Alex sprawled in an arm chair. I don't think anyone was really watching the TV and I kept glancing at their trousers to see if either of them was sporting a bulge. I guess that, like me, they were both wondering who was going to make the first sexy move. I was starting to chub but for the moment it didn't show. Alex started the ball rolling by asking Graham how he thought he'd like to lose his virginity.

After a little thought Graham said "Well, I kind of thought that with you two guys it might just sort of happen, but I don't want to do anything until my shoulder is less painful".

Alex said "Don't worry pal we'll keep you in a very passive role until you're fighting fit". It was then that I noticed that Graham had a fair old bulge in his trousers and I think that Alex noticed at the same time because he got up and sat between us, gently placing a hand on Graham's trouser tent.

I got up and went to the laundry basket, returning with a bath towel which I spread over the vacant part of the sofa. Then I sat on the floor between Alex's legs with my head resting on his lap. I could feel his stiff dick through his jeans and I planted several kisses along its length. Graham was still enjoying the feel of Alex fondling his package but I noticed that he was staring at me kissing Alex's dick. "I say guys" he said, "That's really turning me on, why don't you two do something really sexy and let me watch, I think I would enjoy being a voyeur".

I looked at Alex, seeking his approval and he just smiled and nodded.

I knelt on the floor in front of Alex and, making sure that Graham was watching, carefully pulled Alex's zip down and proceeded to remove his jeans and underpants together.

Alex raised his butt off the sofa to help and as his dick was released it sprang up causing Graham to grab and squeeze his own dick. After I'd removed Alex's jeans I leant forward and kissed his shaft and then wiggled my tongue under his foreskin and played with the tip of his glans.

After a short time Alex pushed me away and pulled me to my feet, unclipping my jeans and allowing them to fall to the floor. He combed the fingers of one hand through my pubic hair and started to kiss his way from my chest down to my penis. When he reached it he took me in his mouth and retracted my foreskin with his lips and gently sucked on the head. At the same time he started to explore the crack of my butt with a finger of his other hand. I glanced at Graham who had pushed his trousers down and was now slowly rubbing his fully erect penis.

Alex slid down on the sofa, raised his legs wrapping them around my butt and pulled me into him so that our ball sacks were pressed together.

Then using both hands he held our dicks together and wanked them slowly. Graham had shuffled a little closer to Alex by now and was jacking his own dick a bit faster. I reached over and stroked his inner thigh noting that there was a small drop of precum glistening on the tip of his dick. Alex shifted his position putting his legs up onto my shoulders so that my dick nestled in his crack and he pressed the head of my dick against his anus.

I held onto his butt cheeks to support him in this position and started to dry hump his butt crack. "Oh, are you going to fuck him" said Graham. Alex replied "Well, it's about time he did, he's been stretching my sphincter with his finger for long enough".

Well I needed no further invitation; I indicated for Graham to pass the jar of petroleum jelly which was on the coffee table at his end of the sofa. He obliged and I lubed my dick and Alex's anus, pushing my greasy finger inside so that his entrance was nice and slippery. I lined up my dick with Alex's little hole and gently pushed forward.

I slipped in with less force than I had anticipated and immediately became aware of the pleasure of his warm flesh wrapping tightly around my dick head. Alex's sphincter muscles went into spasm for a few seconds and I waited for that to subside and for Alex to relax before I inched in further. After a minute or so I'd sunk all my 6 inches into him and I started a slow thrusting action. "Go on, go on" said Alex "It's lovely and it's what I've been wanting, but I think I'd prefer it if I was up the other way".

So I withdrew and let go of his butt cheeks allowing his legs to return to the floor. I helped him up and he turned around and knelt on the sofa with one knee between Graham's legs.

I knelt on the floor, licked, kissed and fondled his butt cheeks then I parted them and put my rock hard penis back into his rectum. Alex grabbed the back of the sofa with one hand and put his other arm around Graham. I carried on pounding his butt and he panted and whimpered into Graham's ear.

Graham was jacking himself quite fast now and his fingers were wet with his precum. I was beginning to feel my climax building and I was making little moans with every thrust. I saw Alex whisper something in Graham's ear, I didn't hear what it was but it resulted in the two of them taking each other's dicks and wanking furiously.

I felt Alex's butt contract and release a couple of times and that drove me over the edge and I erupted inside him. I noticed that Alex had shot his load all over the back of the leather sofa, completely missing the towel and Graham had gone back to wanking himself.

His face was contorted as though in pain and although he did not appear to squirt any semen, a white waterfall was running down over his hand and dripping off the bottom of his scrotum. We stayed together making out while we got our breath back then Alex and Graham cleaned up a little with the towel then scooted off to the bath room.

I got some tissues and a damp cloth to clean the sofa, then I joined the other two in the bath room. In the shower I found Alex soaping Graham and he had him covered in a fair old lather. I joined in and rubbed shower jell over Alex's shoulders, back and butt before reaching around and soaping his chest and tummy. I soaped his crotch and worked up a nice lather in his pubic hair and while doing this I ground my half hard penis against his butt.

I heard Graham give a little cry and on peeping around I found Alex finger fucking his butt. I felt down a little lower through the lather around Alex's crotch and found his dick was fully hard again. After a while Graham broke away and moved around behind me. As he passed I could see the tip of his penis protruding through the lather, he was obviously fully erect again.

Graham rubbed shower jell all over my body, doing extremely well considering that he couldn't raise his left arm much above waist level. Alex turned round and massaged all around the front of my body while Graham turned his attention to my butt. He put a large amount of gel on the palm of his hand and rubbed it firmly into my crack then played with my bud and very tentatively pushed a finger inside.

Once in he wiggled it, rotated it and rubbed for about a minute then he withdrew and ground his hard dick into my crack. At that point Alex turned the shower on at full blast and in half a minute all the lather had been washed away. The three of us stood there with our boners swaying and Graham said "Looks like we all need to cum again". Alex looked at Graham with a smile and said "How many times can you cum then".

Graham replied "I can manage three. I have done four and once I tried a fifth, but that wasn't too good. It took a very long time, both my arms got tired and my dick was sore. What's more, when I got to the orgasm, there wasn't one --- if you know what I mean". "Well I've never tried five on the trot" said Alex "But I think I know what you mean. Let's settle for two this evening, shall we".

"Sounds good" said Graham, "Shall I watch same as last time". "Oh I think we could do something gentle where you join in" I said, "let's try an extended 3 way version of 69". The bath room was quite a large room with a tiled floor which I proceeded to cover with a couple of bath towels. I directed Alex to lie on his right side and got Graham on his right side with his head by Alex's dick.

I moved Graham's legs so that there was room for me to fit between him and Alex then I put my left leg over Alex's head, pushed my crotch into his face and nuzzled my face into Graham's package. Graham found that with no weight on his left arm, he could raise his hand up to his head.

Although he didn't have the strength in his arm to wank Alex, he was able to fondle his balls and this he did with great enthusiasm. For the next 10 minutes we gently fondled, sucked and played with one another. Graham was unable to get to Alex's butt but he made up for that with the energetic blow job he was giving. He suddenly broke off and exclaimed "Alex, I can taste your precum--- I like it".

Alex looked up for a second and said "Enjoy- there's plenty more where that came from" then he went back to slurping on my dick. I'd been able to taste Graham's precum for a couple of minutes and I could tell from the occasional twitch of his dick and the spasm of his leg muscles that he was close to his climax.

I put a finger back into Graham's crack and played with his bud; he started to buck so energetically that it was difficult for me to keep his dick in my mouth.

Alex let my dick drop out of his mouth and he began to pant heavily, exhaling deep breaths into my pubic hair. The excitement of Graham's impending orgasm was shown in the urgency of his blow job on Alex and as he hit the climax he took Alex along with him.

They both ejaculated at the same instant. They both lay still while they recovered then they moved around and led one each side of me with their heads resting on my tummy where, for a few seconds, they kissed.

One of them took hold of my scrotum and gently squeezed while the other held my shaft and moved my glans between their lips thus breaking their kiss. They slid their lips up and down my shaft and over my glans, sometimes kissing when they got to the top.

Then they took my dick firmly between their mouths and bobbed up and down, giving me a double header. I wanted to grab hold of their heads but thought it might make them break synchronism, so I just laid back and panted. I just managed to say "I'm Cumming, lads" then I shot my jizz about 4 or 5 feet into the air and it landed mostly in Alex's hair.

After I'd got my breath back the other two helped me up and we went back into the shower to clean up. During the next couple of weeks we indulged in some sort of sexual activity nearly every night and it was obvious that Grahams arm was getting stronger all the time and the bruises on his shoulder were beginning to fade. On Friday when we got home from the factory we found Graham's motor bike parked on the drive.

He greeted us at the door with a broad smile. "I'm comfortable on the bike" he said, "I shall be able to drive home on Monday". He gave us both a sexy hug making it quite clear that he was a lot happier using his left arm.

On Saturday evening we had settled down playing cards when a car pulled up outside and Graham's cousin Julie and husband Ron appeared on the door step.

"Evening all" chirped Ron "We've come to take birthday boy out for a drink". "Well, just a quick one" Julie said, "I've really dropped in to explain that I'll be in to cook your meals for a couple of days while Graham goes back home".

A few minutes later Graham cornered me in the kitchen. "I'm not sure I want to go for a drink" he said "because there's some unfinished pre birthday business we have to attend to". "It'll be ok" I said "Alex and I will come over with you and as Julie will be there, Ron won't be allowed to keep us out late.

Just remember not to drink too much". We stayed out a bit longer than I anticipated and when we got back Julie and Ron were in a talkative mood and it was 11.15 before they left.

Before the sound of their car had died away Graham had scooted upstairs for a quick shower and reappeared 5 minutes later wearing just pyjama trousers.

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Alex and I followed suit, washing and drying ourselves as quickly as we could, then wearing just underpants we joined Graham in the lounge. Graham was sitting in the middle of the large sofa and as we sat one each side of him he put his arms round us and hugged.

We turned slightly toward him, kissed him and gently stroked the inside of his thighs. His pyjamas quickly tented and a little damp patch was obvious at the tip. He stood up, quickly discarded his pyjamas, and then he dropped to his hands and knees and crawled across the fluffy white hearth rug and switched on the artificial coal effect on the electric fire.

I went to the door and switched off the main lights so that the room was now illuminated just with the cosy red glow from the electric fire. As I walked back to stand by Alex, Graham stood up, stretched and flexed his muscles.

He was standing in front of the hearth with the red glow behind him and the sight of this had a profound effect on Alex and me. We responded by ripping off one another's under pants, by which time Graham had joined us. We stood in a tight huddle, making out and having a 3 way sword fight while we played with each other's butts.

Then Graham broke away, leaped onto the sofa and did a backwards somersault ending up with his knees over his head and his feet just resting on one of the arms of the sofa. I noted that if his dick had been just half an inch longer, he would have been able to suck himself. "OK lads" he called, "COME AND GET ME". "How we gunna work this" whispered Alex. I said "Best you break his butt in as you're a bit smaller round than me".

So Alex knelt on the sofa and lubricated his dick and Graham's butt, then using two fingers he pushed some jelly up inside Graham's hole. I grabbed Graham's ankles and held his legs up and apart while he grabbed his own butt cheeks and spread them as far as he could. Alex lined up his dick with Graham's anus and gently pushed. "Oh yes" said Graham and Alex pushed a little harder. "Ouch---owe---owe---oh" exclaimed Graham, "Why have you stopped". "Because I thought I was hurting you" said Alex.

"You are" said Graham, "But please don't stop". Alex resumed and the pitch of Graham's voice rose a little as he exclaimed "Oh---oh---go on Ahhh". "I'm all the way in buddy" said Alex "Are you ok". "Yes" said Graham "It feels weird and fantastic at the same time, go on ---fuck me". Alex proceeded to pound Graham's butt, slowly at first but then with increasing pace.

In the dim light I could just make out a tear in Graham's eyes, but there was a happy smile on his face. After a few minutes Graham suggested that they should change positions and Alex replied saying that he was just about to make the same suggestion, so he slipped out of Graham and they both got up.

I sat in the centre of the sofa and Graham knelt on the floor with his head on my lap. Alex knelt behind Graham and mounted him doggy fashion and as he started to slide in and out Graham began to tongue the head of my dick.

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After a short time they both started making little moans then Graham collapsed onto my lap and I led back to give him more room.

He buried his face in my pubic hair where he proceeded to whimper and dribble. Then Alex exclaimed "I'm about--- to fill --- your butt--- buddy". To which Graham replied "GO on; go on---Eeeek, gi'me a tissue quick". I gave Graham a handful of tissues which he grabbed and thrust in front of his dick, but just before he got them there I felt some warm liquid hit my left knee and trickle down my leg.

I handed some tissues to Alex who had started to withdraw from Graham; he wrapped a couple round his dick and stuffed a couple more into Graham's crack. Graham looked up at me and said "That was fantastic, but I didn't realise that I would cum without even touching my dick". I kissed him on his forehead and helped him to get up.

He said "I think I need the loo". So using both hands to hold the tissues in place he made his way to the down stairs bath room. I cleaned up Graham's jizz which had run down my leg and Alex cleaned up with a couple more tissues.

Then he said "what now". I said "we'll give Graham time to recover, and then he can fuck me". Graham returned from the bath room after a couple of minutes still sporting a half hard dick. Alex looked at him and said "When you've got that thing fully hard again it's your turn to fuck Joe".

"Well" said Graham "There's one thing that I know will make me go rock hard, that's if I can watch Joe fucking you".


Alex chuckled and looking at me said "It looks as if Joe is more than ready to oblige" and with that he took my dick and gave it a quick squeeze and rub. "So Joe gets to fuck me" he said "while you watch, then when you feel sufficiently horney on you just join on behind".

The thought of that sent a bit of a jolt through me; I'd never been centre of a train before and I was wondering how long I could last with the double stimulus. Especially as, unlike the other two, I hadn't cum yet.

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Alex threw a couple of towels around then after handing me the petroleum jelly he stood behind the sofa and leant over the back. I did the necessary with the Vaseline and in order to take his mind off the possible pain of entering him, I fondled his ball sack and rubbed his shaft as I pressed.

I slipped in quite easily on this occasion and his sphincter did not clamp down, but he gave a little groan and I felt his dick give a couple of little twitches. I gave the Vaseline to Graham and started to move in and out of Alex very slowly, at the same time rubbing my hands around his butt cheeks and thighs.

Graham started to rub his hands around my body and to play with my butt, then after a while he broke off to put some jelly on his dick which was now fully erect.


While he was lubing my bum I held his hard shaft and rubbed it a few times, then I guided him to the centre of my crack and left his dick head touching my anus. At that moment the grandfather clock in the hall quietly chimed the midnight hour. Graham said "In 24 hours I shall be 18, just think, if this year had not been a leap year, I would be 18 now". I said "That's much too complicated to think about now, just fuck me". Graham moved in step with me for half a minute keeping a gentle pressure on my anus but not hard enough to enter, so I stopped fucking Alex, reached behind to grab Graham's butt cheeks and pulled.

When I felt his glans parting my anus I stopped pulling and left him to carry on. He dithered around just inside making little moans and then with a long sigh he held me around the waist and pushed his full 7 inches into me. I resumed fucking Alex and for some time Graham stayed still, letting me do all the work, then he started to move in opposition to me making his crotch and thighs slap up against my butt cheeks.

By the heavy breathing and gentle moans coming from the other two guys I concluded that their excitement was building at least as fast as mine and I relaxed in the knowledge that I was not going to blow it prematurely.

I estimated that Graham was the least excited of the three of us, so to help him on I slipped a hand between us and fondled his ball sack. This had the desired effect and Graham pulled me closer to him and panted into my left ear while trying to kiss my neck. My own climax was building rapidly so I let go of Graham's sack and reached round in front to wank Alex's rod. I found it very wet and assumed that he'd already cum so I just wanked him very slowly.

However it was precum and Alex was just about to climax; he pushed my hand away and wanked himself about four or five times faster than I had been doing. About the same time Graham gave a long sigh and I felt his warm juices filling me as he slipped a hand between Alex and me and gently squeezed my balls. I felt the muscles in Alex's bum contract several times in sympathy with his ejaculation and all these things had a very predictable effect on me. I can't say that we all climaxed at the same moment but it was certainly within 15 seconds.

We hung there for a minute then moved around to the front of the sofa where we collapsed and made out for 10 minutes before making our way to the bath room. Graham got back to his mothers to celebrate his 18th and a week later our landlady returned and things reverted to normal for a while.

Then Graham started his new job at a hotel which was much closer to Mrs Sharp's house than his mother's so he became a part time lodger with Mrs Sharp (his Aunty Dot). This arrangement suited every one as it allowed Mrs Sharp to make the occasional trip to see her sister leaving Graham to cook for us, and we could still see Graham while we had the house to ourselves. This happy arrangement continued for the next 6 months and, of course, we got up to a lot more sex.

However, I think I will call it here because to describe our further activities would be a lot of repetition of what has gone before. Thanks for reading.