Amateur Triple Loch schwarzen Schwanz weiß Frau

Amateur Triple Loch schwarzen Schwanz weiß Frau
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Unexpected pleasures. It started out as my boyfriend's idea of course, but I must admit it sounded pretty good to me.

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Jason said he always wanted to see me sucking his cock and fucking me at the same time, but since he could not be in two places at once, he needed help. That is where his friend Jim came in. Now I liked Jim Ok, he was pretty good looking, and nice besides, but I did not want Jason's friends thinking I was a slut either, so we came up with the disguise idea. Jim and Jason often went out on Saturday nights to play pool and drink beer, so we figured that would be a good time to set this up.

Jason and I bought the supplies together, having a lot of fun planning it out. We got a blond wig for me (I am normally a brunette) and some slutty looking heels and a red baby-doll outfit.

We planned on getting together at a nice hotel in town, where the room could be setup with dim lights, which would hopefully protect my identity, and still let us have our fun.

The idea of this threesome set my heart racing, especially the idea of being able to get fucked as long as I wanted. Jason was a good lover, but could not last as long as I wanted.

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I told Jason in no uncertain terms that although I liked sucking his cock, neither he nor Jason would be coming in my mouth. The thought of that had always sounded kind of disgusting to me, and Jason had not been able to change my mind. I had a little submissive streak in me, which was partly why I was agreeing to this, but I had to draw the line somewhere.

At least that is what I thought&hellip. I got to the room at almost 9:30 with my disguise in my oversize purse.


Jason and Jim would be there at about 10, leaving me time to get ready. I ordered some room service of an appetizer plate, since I knew the guys would be bringing something to drink, probably more beer. I took a leisurely bath next, and put on some heavy makeup, before struggling into the negligee. I was getting wet in anticipation of what was to come, and buckled the high heels on quickly. Looking at the clock, I saw it was just after 10, so I threw on the short terrycloth robe provided by the hotel, and dimmed the lights.

After sitting on the bed for a few minutes repeatedly glancing at the clock, I decided to turn on the TV while I waited. The menu provided some ideas, and I selected a movie called double trouble, thinking it would help set the mood. About 10 minutes into the movie, I was getting turned on watching a big breasted blond slobber on a truly marvelous looking cock while another guy was rubbing her ass. Although I was sort of into the movie, I was starting to get apprehensive, since Jason and Jim had not shown up yet.

It was almost 20 minutes after 10:00. Were they having second thoughts? Jason had said that it was all setup, and Jim was excited about the idea, but with them late, my mind was inventing all kinds of problems. I almost fell off the bed when I heard the loud knock on the door. Self-consciously snugging the robe around me, I quickly opened the door, only to be surprised by a young man with a cart.


I had forgotten the room service I had ordered. He was a cute young thing, and I decided to play with him just a bit as he brought the cart into the room.

Heading to the chair in the corner to get a tip from my purse, I bent over at the waist, sure he would be enjoying the view of my long legs under the short robe. Glancing quickly in the bureau mirror, I saw his eyes glued to the bottom of my robe. Smiling to myself, I bent a little lower, swinging my ass just a bit as I grabbed a couple of ones from the bottom of my purse. "Thanks!: I said simply, as I handed him the tip.

I had let the front of the robe fall open a bit as I handed it over, giving him a peek at my boobs just covered by the red lace.

At 25, my 34C breasts were still plenty perky, especially supported as they were now. I saw his Adam's apple bob as he swallowed before he said thank you.

I smiled back, as he backed from the room, and closed the door. I realized then that he had to have seen the porno on the TV as he came in, and I blushed a little, then laughed to myself. The knock at the door did not scare me this time, but I checked through the peephole before I opened it.

There was Jason with Jim, both looking pretty eager. As I reached for the handle I remembered not to talk, as Jim might recognize my voice. I undid the belt on my robe and let it fall open naturally.

I felt a sudden rush of heat in my center, and knew I had just gotten even wetter. I opened the door, gave a coy smile, and curled my finger slowly as if to say come on in boys. "Hot Damn! She's hot Jason!" Jim blurted out with a big smile. Jim looked a little nervous, but seemed reassured when he saw the smile on my face. "I told ya she was! Did I ever let ya down Jimbo?" I grinned at the hint of the Texan accent coming from Jason. Jim was already stripping off his clothes, boots and shirt off almost at the same time, and then he was pulling off his jeans.

Jason had reached out for me instead, and was fondling my breasts with his big hands, gently mauling them the way I liked. He pushed the robe off my shoulders and let it fall to the floor as he nuzzled my neck. He really knew how to push my buttons, and if I had not already been gushing wetness, that would have done it. Only a few seconds had passed, but Jim to the side of me was already completely naked, his cock jutting straight out from his body, bobbing slightly as he stepped behind me, running his hands down my side and onto my ass.

As he squeezed my butt cheeks with both hands Jason stepped away to pull of his shirt. As I watched my boyfriend strip down, Jim's hands suddenly curled under my panties from behind me, and yanked downward. He pushed the panties down to the floor, so I helped by stepping out of them.

I nearly yelped in surprise as his hand suddenly appeared in my inner thigh, and slid directly onto my pussy. He slid his fingers back, and they were immediately enveloped in my wetness. I bent forward slightly in an involuntary reaction as he slid at least two fingers inside me.

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"She's totally wet and ready Jason!" I watched Jason slipping off his boxers as Jim was fingering my pussy, seeing his familiar beautiful cock spring into view.

Kicking his boxers across the room, Jason said "Let's get her on the bed Jimbo." Pulling his fingers from my pussy, and sliding them backwards in between my cheeks, he grabbed my hips and guided me a couple of steps to the side of the bed.

Turning me to face him, he gently pushed me onto my back and spread my legs with both hands. I felt so incredibly exposed, watching him look greedily at my pussy as he grabbed his cock with one hand.

This position and the incredible excitement I felt had caused me to be wetter than I think I ever was before.

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I felt my own wetness running down the crack of my ass and down to the sheets. As Jim was leaning down, guiding his cock toward my gaping pussy, Jason said "I can't get to her that way Jimbo, let's turn her onto her knees." "Man, your timing sucks Jason!" Jim said with a grin. He willingly helped me turn over though, as Jason reached out and helped guide me to the front corner of the bed. He positioned me so that my head was at one edge, and knees at an angle on the other.

Holding my head gently he stepped up so his cock was right at my mouth. "Go for it babe!" he said as I stared at his familiar cock under my nose.

As I opened my mouth to let him slid in, I felt Jim's hand part my lips, and his cock head slide up and down a couple of times in between my lips. It was about to happen, I was going to get double fucked, and I was liking it. As Jim slid the knob of his cock into me, I groaned around Jason's cock.

An answering groan came from Jim as he slid halfway into me, easily in spite of the tightness of my pussy. Grasping both hips, he slid back out, and then all the way in, pulling another exclamation from both of us.

I tried to concentrate on sucking Jason's cock, but the sensation of Jim sliding in and out was almost too much. He started to rock back and forth quickly, going deeply into me. The impact of his hips pushed me forward onto Jason's cock, so it went almost to the back of my throat. Both men were obviously enjoying themselves, as gasps and groans filled the air.

I could not make much noise due to the cock in my mouth, but I was feeling ready to explode from the excitement and sensations of having two cocks in me. Just then Jason told Jim "See if you can make her come Jimbo!" In response, Jim's left hand moved from my hip and slid around my side trying to reach my pussy.

By bending forward he was able to put his hand close enough so he could start rubbing me. He quickly found my clitoris, and that nearly made me come right then. That's probably what caused the whole chain of events that followed. My stomach muscles contracted involuntarily as his finger slid right across my clit.

The position he was in made his cock slide nearly out of me, and my muscles tensing caused my hips to rock forward just enough so he cock barely slid out of my pussy. His rapid thrusting was instinctive enough that he did not stop, he just thrust forward again. The position of my hips made his cock centered perfectly on my ass, and the lubrication between my cheeks and on his cock made it possible.

He thrust forward, and his cock arrowed halfway into my ass!

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I was about to come, but the sudden surprise and pain in my ass made me jerk forward much more than I had been. Jason's cock was stroking into my mouth at just that instant, and his cock head hit the back of my throat and kept on going. I swallowed in surprise, and his cock slid nearly all the way into my mouth and partly down my throat. I had never felt either sensation before, as nobody was ever in my ass, and I certainly did not know how to swallow a cock.

I jerked back from the invasion into my throat, just in time for Jim to thrust forward again, and his cock slid all the way into my ass! The sensation of slight pain and pressure in my ass, and the cock in my throat confused me enough so that I could not focus on a solution. The finger sliding across my clit as I was right on the edge was not helping either, so I basically did nothing.

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"Oh Shit I'm gonna come!" Jim yelled out from behind me, pistoning his cock into my ass. The slap of his hips onto my buttocks pushed me even further onto Jason's cock, and I swallowed again involuntarily as he pushed forward, bringing my nose all the way to his flat belly.

The rocking of his hips pushed his finger against my clit and I suddenly saw stars. I felt an explosion of pleasure from my clit through my pussy all the way to my head.

Wave after wave of pleasure washed through me as I vaguely felt Jims cock swell even more, and a warmth jet out of him into my bowels. I was being fucked in the ass, and all the way down my throat, and I was coming like never before. I did not realize that Jason was coming as well, until the swelling and pulsing of his cock dimly registered in my mind as I was sliding down another orgasmic wave.

His semen was going straight into my stomach, so I did not even taste it until he pulled back out of my throat just before his last spurt. I coughed then as his cock left my throat, but with Jim's hips still pressed tight against my ass, I could not back off of his cock. One more spurt from his cock hit my tonsils, and I automatically swallowed. Jason fell to the side of the bed, his strength gone from his orgasm, pulling his cock from my mouth. Just then Jim's weight fell on top of me as his orgasm finished, his cock still buried tightly inside my ass.

I allowed his weight to push me to the side, half collapsing myself, as mini orgasmic waves still were washing through me. The change in position pulled his cock most of the way out of me, and then Jim flopped over onto his back popping his cock out of my rectum with an audible noise.

We were all panting like we just ran a marathon, me mostly from lack of air while I had Jason's cock in side my throat. "I have never come that hard before! Ever!" came from Jim behind me. "Me either! You all right babe?" Jason asked with some concern. He was obviously thinking about our agreement, that neither of them come in my mouth. I had been adamant about that, and he had just come all the way down my throat, and in my mouth.

Still floating in a post orgasmic splendor, I could not be mad at him though. Especially since it had not really been bad. The taste of his come was not bad, and the whole idea of it did not seem nasty anymore. I nodded, and then forgetting I was not supposed to talk much, said "I almost did not notice you coming in my mouth, since I was coming with Jim's cock in my ass!" "You fucked her in the ass!" Jason looked at Jim in shock.

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"Yeah, I thought her pussy was tight enough, but when I slipped into her ass, Oh man!" "You came with his cock in your ass!" Jason repeated to me a look of amazement on his face. I smiled back and said "it was a surprise for me too!" The grin threatened to split his face as he said "Wow! I can't wait for round two!" 'Uh Oh' I thought, what did I get into. Part 2 to follow if you like…