Two ebony lesbos fuck with dildos

Two ebony lesbos fuck with dildos
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hi all. my name is lin for short. . i was 17 at that point of time. at 17, i was 32b fair.1.60m 46kg. long hair.i do wear specs. but now for glamour i switched to lens. it was still fresh to me. wednesday afternoon.i was suppose to have a cheer practise but my teacher decided to cancel the exams was ard the corner. so i went for lunch with my groups of frens.

soon enough i was on my way home.

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it rained. i felt something was stopping me from going home. but i insisted. i ran thru the rain. ohh boy.i was drenched. i took the bus ride home. i had eyes of perverting men scannin my top as my bra started to appear thru my blouse. i got turn on. but i could nt do anything there in the bus.except just let them explore from far.

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my stop came.i got to manage my out from the bus.along the way i brush my topagainst those young man. i hurried home. the adventure soon i reach home. i lock the door behind me.the rain was still pouring heavily.but i heard sumthing which started to arouse/turn me on.there was moaning. i hope it was coming from tv or even from the next door neighbours. yet i was praying that my mom n dad was doing it. sound crazy.but i peep on them b4. looking at mom reaching for the ceiling as she rides her stallion.

i approached the door. it wasnt close. wasnt MOM. it was someone else. suddenly i started blubbering."DAD." it was still soft could b heard by her.

"ohhhh.its your linzy." she said. i begining to make out who she was. AUNT Nur. i soon found myself in my room.disgusted by dad. "wat was he thinking." he shouldnt have been fucking sumone else apart from mom.thats is wrong.why was nur doing 69 on dad.????where is mom.

all the question bombarded me. then. it hit me. the size of dad manhood. in nur mouth.hmmmmm i was wet. cuz of rain mayb. i removed my panty. dad size in nur mouth.mmmm.i started playing myself. ohhh wait.sumone at the door.

aunt nur enter.a few secs late from witnessing my own pleasure. she sat beside me. "hi.lin.we have never had thought that u might b back early." softly saying this with the look of innocent / shame. she was only 21. at 21, she very fair.tall with model like features.she was wearing my dad top. for me she got nice boobs. 36b i look at wonder even dad cant resist her. i asked." why" '" i couldnt help it." she told me abt her story.

never knew dad was such a pervert.but thats not the point!!! im getting wet. n i think she knows abt my wetness as she sat closer. laying her hand on my thigh.moving it up n down.causin my upper thigh to b more expose.

Why am i not stopping it!!!! yet i welcome her touch. i open my legs. "you not wearin anything, arent u."? i just nodded. "do u know dad peep at u also." she blurted.then it caught me by surprise. she slid a finger into my cunt! she was fingering me!!!! WOW it was great. it made me immediately never i had before the same sex finger me. then she stop suddenly. Y.pls continue i beg!!

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No i wont. she rose.and took my hand with her. my thoughts started to run she move towards the the living rm. there, was dad, sitting on the sofa.lookin worried.but his face started to i noticed him surveying his young daugtther. i was made to sit down in between them. as soon my ass touched the cold sofa.nur gave a very long kiss.which i wass a thrilling sensation.i felt dirty.yet innocent!

nur smooth hands could be felt ard my thigh area as she heads for the cunt.continuin what she left just now.i never kiss a gal b4. i felt it came true. i felt a bigger size palm.squeezin / cupping my breast. grabbing a handful.

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i let out a moan. slowly.i felt my button being remove.fingers moving in and out my tougue being suck by a bra was expose. for a short while. dad started to finger me.hmmmm nur move back.removing her clothe.i got her hint.

i removed my blouse n my dad looks. dad suck my breast.licking.pinching.i saw nur move ard.she was on her knees. took my hands.and moving it up and down. wat nur said was true.


its huge .soon i was doing a handjob on my started to breath heavily. the room started to move. not really . dad was holding my head and was guidin it towards the tip the of his manhood.

i couldnt wait. dream come true!!!!

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i was sucking.licking.kissin dad push my head up n down.untill.he came. nur kiss me.we were swapping cum.i was on top of nur. argggghhhhhh.a sharp pain.followed by immense heavenly dad inserts everything inside me. "Wahhh!!!" thats nice