Milf tickle and Cory Chase in Revenge On Your Father

Milf tickle and Cory Chase in Revenge On Your Father
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Author's note: This is part 2 of the story, so you might want to read part 1 first. This story is fictional. All the names have been changed to avoid any similarity there could be with real events. If you don't like incest then don't read this story as there will be sister/brother action.


I hope my english is not too bad as it is not my first language. ______________________________________________________________ In the morning we woke up by our parents who said good bye. They weren't surprised to find us still lying in my bed as he had slept in my bed since I was little almost every time we had watched a movie there. Soon we were alone again. I was wide awake as always in the morning. My brother had more difficulties waking up so I thought that he would like it if I gave him a BJ to help him wake up.

I crawled under the covers to find his morning wood in his shorts. I slid them down to his ankles and began stroking his cock with my hand while caressing his balls with the other hand. Slowly I took his cock inside my mouth and began bobbing my head up down while licking his head and everything I could reach with my tongue.

He was moaning with closed eyes while slowly waking up. «The best way to wake up ever» he said. I smiled and continued to suck on his cock while making him moan louder as I took more of it inside my moouth. Soon I was deepthroating him as I had done it yesterday and moving slowly up and down his shaft. I licked the shaft inside my mouth while swallowing to avoid my gag reflex. He had his hand on my head but he wasn't pushing my head down. He was just enjoying my throat and slowly coming to his senses as I was reaching out with my tongue to lick his balls too.

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Then I lifted my head and went on stroking his cock while I went deeper with my head. I spread his ass cheeks and my tongue disappeared between them as I was licking his asshole, pushing it a little inside without being forceful. He moaned so hard when I did that I had to grin. I had obviously found his weakness. I was stroking him in a steady pace now while spreading his ass cheeks with one hand and sliding my tongue over his asshole.


He was obviously awake now as he pushed my head harder between his legs making me wetter than I already was before. Soon I could feel him twitch in my hand and I positioned myself in a way that he could cum on my face. He came a lot again covering my face with his cum. I had to close my eyes as he came on them and when I opened them the cum was sticking between my eyelashes and my cheeks. I smiled at him at licked the cum that had landed on my lips.

I took his cock inside my mouth, sucking every last drop of cum out of it. He was really enjoying it laying back on the bed watching me as my tongue was working hard on his shaft. He was getting hard again soon as I was cleaning his cock.


He was wide awake now. He forced me on him again and he went inside my pussy a few times. He was going slow as he enjoyed seeing me shiver sitting on his cock and feeling every bit of it. I could feel how my pussy walls were pressing against his cock and massaging it and it was making me so horny.

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I begged for him to pound my pussy hard. Then he surprised me as he went out of my pussy and pushed hard against my asshole while holding my arms down making it impossible for me to move away. I felt his cock stretching the entrance of my asshole as it was making its way deep inside my asshole. I was screaming at the pain but it made me so horny that my juices were dripping on his stomach.

He said that he had to punish me for making him dirty with my juices. As his cock was all inside my tight asshole I could feel it twitch. My asshole was so tight and he was breathing hard and having a hard time not losing control as his cock was squeezed by my asshole.

My asshole was the heaven for his cock. He slid out completely out again slowly causing pain at the entrance. I was enjoying it so much that I was almost disapointed. But he wasn't done. He pushed his cock hard inside my asshole again this time way faster than the first time. It took me by surprise again and I moaned loudly. He was still holding my hands together with one hand and with the other one he was groping my tits.

He was pounding my asshole hard now moaning loudly himself. Soon he was building up another orgasm and I could feel myself getting close too. It made me so horny being pounded, groped and pinched. He loved my pierced nipples as he was rolling them in between his fingers and pulling hard on them while pounding me. Soon my body spasmed on him and my asshole tightened on his cock.

He couldn't hold any longer and came deep inside my asshole. I fell down on hi schest with his cock still inside my asshole. Soon he became soft and kissed my head while I was still breathing hard.

He made me feel so safe and satisfied. I knew that I would be sore now for a few days as I could feel my blood pumping in my asshole. It felt so good! As I recovered he pushed my head down again and ordered me to clean up his cock. I happily obliged and cleaned it up as good as I could with my tongue. I had to lick up all of my juices mixed with his juices and it made me horny having his dirty cock inside my mouth. I tried my best cleaning him and when he was clean again and covered in my saliva he told me what a good sister I was.

I was grateful to be able to please my brother. As I wanted to curl up next to him he ordered me one last thing. He had discovered a few dildos and butt plugs in my room a few weeks ago and now he wanted me to have a buttplug inside my asshole so his cum would stay inside.

I did as he told me and put it in. Nothing had leaked out yet since my asshole was so tight that everything was kept inside. I curled up next to him and we enjoyed laying next to each other.

He was playing with my hair and thanking me for hir first anal experience. It hadn't been my first time but it wasn't something I would do very often. I smiled at him and told him that he made a great job making me cum while pounding my asshole.

We stayed a bit longer like this until he looked at the clock and noticed that we had been having sex for almost an hour and that his friend would be here in half an hour. We both had to take a shower and he ordered me to keep the plug inside until he alowed me to take it out. I obliged and we went to take a shower together. I made sure to soap him up and he did the same for me.

His hands rested between my folds making sure to clean me up and I did the same for his cock, pulling his foreskin back to expose his head and clean it thoroughly. Then I proceeded to clean his asshole and he liked it very much as I went on my knees to clean it with my tongue. He got hard a little but he didn't want to cum again now he told me. He wanted to recharge for later. I shampooed my hair as he had already finished and was drying himself up to get dressed. His friend and he were planing to pass the day playing videogames and his friend Merlin, was soon going to be there.

As I was still finishing with my hair I heard his friend talking with my brother. Then I noticed that I had forgotten to bring clothes into the bathroom and I would have to walk next to my brother's room where they were talking with the door wide open. I had no choice so I put the towel around me. It wasn't big enough to cover everything. I had to choose between my tits showing or my pussy and butt. I decided to leave my tits bare as the buttplug could be seen.

I went outside as quiet as possible so to avoid them looking over to the door but it was too late. Merlin was standing there and saw all of my bare tits. I blushed and apologised and hurried to my room where I closed the door and layed on my bed. It made me so horny remembering his stare.

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He wasn't the most handsome guy but he sure was my type, as he was also a metalhead with long hair and a beard and he was a calm guy. I had never thought of him that way before. Now I remembered all the previous time he had touched me by accident and it made me so horny imagining him touching me now. The towel fell down in the process of me rubbing my clit furiously.

I couldn't take it any longer, I had to cum and it had to be now. I still had the buttplug up my ass which reminded me of my brother using me which only added to my horniness. I was masturbating furiously on my bed and I couldn't keep quiet. I was so horny I couldn't take it anymore. My left hand was rubbing my clit going in with 2 fingers from time to time and my right hand was groping my tits and pulling at my pierced nipples.

Soon I was cumming hard and now I had to leave my room again to clean my hand which was drenched in my juices. I decided to put on clothes first though. It was difficult putting on my clean panties with just one hand and getting the shirt over my head turned out tob e very difficult as well without touching it with my dirty left hand. I had licked my fingers enjoying the sweet taste but they were still moist. As I had achieved putting on the minimum I sneaked out of my room to go to the bathroom to clean my hand better.

I had to go past my brother's room again and there they were staring at me. They had obviously heard my moans. I blushed badly making them grin at me knowingly. I hurried tot he bathroom, did what was necessary and huried back to my room without daring to look into my brother's room again. They had wanted to play videogames originally.

They had been talking about recent events first though and in the background they had heard the moans of Sandra very clearly. She was obviously having a good time. Merlin couldn't help but tell Andrew what a pretty sister he had and how gorgeous her tits were. It had been too fast to tell exactly if my nipples were really pierced though so he asked him that too, just tob e sure.

Andrew was angry at first as he didn't like his friend talking that way about his sister. However he had to admit that she was indeed very pretty and he even told him that her nipples were indeed pierced. Merlin grew more comfortable now, knowing that his friend wasn't angry at him for looking at his sister the was he had done.

He added that he was very lucky to have such a beautiful sister and that he would like to be able to spend as much time with her as Andrew. Andrew blushed a bit thinking back to all the recent events but admitted that she was indeed a very nice and giving sister. They changed topic and soon they were playing videogames as they originally planned. They were playing multiplayer in FarCry 2 on their PCs (Merlin had brought his laptop) and having fun.

Merlin however, couldn't concentrate very well. He was thinking about Andrew's sister who had been masturbating in her room shortly after seeing him. It made him horny to think that she was probably masturbating with him in her mind. Merlin was trying hard to hide his hard on but he gave up as moving around in his chair was catching his friend's eyes even more than if he just stayed quiet.

So he tried staying quiet but it was very hard for him (pun intended^^). Andrew had noticed it and he was getting curious if his sister had really masturbated to his friend. He had to ask her later. Probably she was masturbating thinking of the two of them.

An idea began to form in his mind. Being so distracted both of them weren't really playing well, so they soon gave up and and they sat quiet for a whle until Andrew broke the silence: «Would you want to fuck my sister?» Merlin was caught by surprise but it was usual for Andrew to be very straight forward with his questions.

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He decided to answer truthfully as he would never lie to his best friend: «Yes, I would love to but it is probably not going to happen». Andrew asked him if he was up for an awesome experience.

Merlin thought that it couldn't possibly be what he was thinking about but just agreed as he was eager to know what Andrew had meant. Andrew told him to come with him and soon they were knocking at my door. As I was back in my room I had taken the deo out of my closet and had started pounding my pussy slowly while I was reading a sexstory on xnxx.

I was enjoying it but had decided not to cum anymore by myself as to not get too loud again. I heard the knocking when I was in the middle of story as it was getting hotter and hotter.

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In a hurry I wanted to take the deo out of my pussy but my hair got tangled on my piercing so I wasn't fast enough. My brother and Merlin just came in and there they were, staring at me with my dildo still inside my pussy and the buttplug inside my asshole. I had managed to free my pierced nipples from my hair and was now blushing hard. I could have just told them to wait a moment but I hadn't thought of that. Now I was frozen. My brother grinned at me and asked Merlin if he liked what he saw.

Merlin had a hard time answering as he was so amazed by the view. His crotch answered for him, a huge bulge forming impossible to ignore. My eyes went down to see his bulge and I smiled at him, my horny side waking up again. Merlin woke up from his amazement and said that I was beautiful. I thanked him giggling like a little girl from my horniness.

I proceeded to spread my legs to show him my pussy better and moved the dildo slowly in and out of my pussy asking me if he wanted it to be his cock instead of the deo. He nodded eagerly but was unsure because of Andrew standing next to him. Andrew realised this must have been a weird situation for Merlin and told him that he trusted him and that he could go ahead if he wanted to. I was more than happy to try out this new cock I had never tasted and which looked so nice under the trousers.

Merlin was a bit too eager forgetting his friend standing there and coming right to me losing his trousers and boxer shorts on the way. He took the deo out of my hand and started moving it slowly amazed at my soft moans and the moisture of my pussy.

It was obviously his first time. He was mesmerised by my tits as well, but he didn't dare touch them. So I took his hand from my dildo and guided it to my tits and groped them with his hands under mine. «So soft» he said and he began groping them by himself.

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He got bold now and started pinching my pierced nipples and playing with the piercings. My brother had come over as well on my other side and was pumping the deo inside my pussy and pressing against the buttplug. I was moaning hard enjoying all the attention I was getting.

I was thinking about the hard cocks of my brother and Merlin and it was turning me on a lot. I wanted them in my hands. So I started going for their crotches. Merlin's cock was pretty big but not as big as my brother's. Soon I had a cock in each hand and was stroking them. Both of them had repositioned themselves to give me better access.

My brother took my deo out of my pussy and spread my pussylips for Merlin. My juices were flowing between my pussy lips onto the butt plug. Merlin was amased and looked at me as if to ask for permission before tasting my juices scooping them up with his finger. He loved the taste and wanted more of it so he went between my legs and started eating my pussy while groping my ass cheeks.

He was really eager now. My brother had positioned himself on me so his cock was between my tits. I pushed my tits together so his cock would be massaged as he fucked my tits while the tip of his cock was psuhing in and out of my mouth. Every time it was inside I swirled my tongue over it. I was getting near to an orgasm because Merlin was doing a great job between my legs and my brother was fucking my tits. He had replaced my hands with his and he was way more rough than I was and I got closer and closer.

Merlin wanted to have his cock inside my pussy so my brother made me go tot he edge of the bed with my head to continue pounding my mouth while Merlin was positioning his cock at my wet pussy. He slid in without any problems and I came with his first thrust. Merlin groaned as my pussy walls tightened around his cock and I moaned but it was muffled by my brother's cock in my mouth. They both started pounding at a fast pace. I had to concentrate on avoiding my gag reflex and my hands were holding my legs up so Merlin had easier access.

Andrew was groping my tits roughly and Merlin was rubbing my clit. I couldn't help but moaning onto my brother's cock while being slowly pushed back and forth between the two cocks. I loved every second of it feeling so used. Soon my brother was close to his orgasm and Merlin was close too. I was unable to defend myself in any way and this only added to my excitement. I wanted them to cum on me and inside me. As Andrew left my mouth to cum on my tits I begged him to cum for me.

Hearing me beg like this made Merlin horny as well and he soon came deep inside my pussy as my brother came on my tits covering them with his sticky yummy fluid. I immediately started cleaning my brother's cock while caressing his balls.

He had to lay down for a while to catch his breatch so I turned to find Merlin's cock drenched in my and his juices.

On all fours I moved to him and took his cock inside my mouth to clean it up as well. Now I could taste the Andrew's, Merlin's and my cum on my tongue and my pussy was oozing cum while cum was dripping from my tits on the bed sheets causing a mess. Seeing the cum oozing out of my pussy and dripping on the bedsheets caused my brother to get hard again and he positioned himself behind me to take the buttplug out. I was surprised and I moaned on Merlin's cock as I felt the buttplug leave my tight asshole and feeling my brother's cum oozing of my now gaping asshole.

My brother made me turned around so Merlin could see it too. Merlin's eyes grew wide as he realised this was her brother and they had been fucking earlier. He got turned on by the thought and the idea of her asshole filled with his friend's cum gaping made him want to pound that asshole as well.

So he layed down and my brother ordered me to put his cock inside my asshole. I happily obliged and sat down on him showing him my ass. Slowly I guided his cock inside my tight asshole and moaned loudly as I felt the pain going through my body making my nipples hard.

I loved the pain so much, I couldn't get enough of it. Merlin groaned as well as my asshole tightened around his newly erect cock.

My brother positioned himself in front of me to put his cock inside my cum oozing pussy. Soon I had 2 cocks inside my holes and I loved it moaning loudly begging them to fuck me hard. As soon as they started pounding me I lost control over my body. I felt my pussy and my asshole tighten while they fucked me mercilessly.

Soon I was cumming again and this time my moan was not muffled but loud and clear. Both of them could feel my body spasm on their cock as they were pounding me hard, groping my tits, ass cheeks and every part of my body they could reach. I begged them to bite me and pull my hair and soon Merlin was pulling my head back with my long hair and my tits went up to meet my brother's teeth.

He bit my nipple hard and I moaned while being unable to close my mouth as Merlin was pulling my hair so hard. They were thrusting hard inside my holes and I was moving along the rythm. I was cumming again now and I passed out. My body would have fallen on to Merlin i fit wasn't for Andrew holding me tight at my hips and biting my nipples. I woke up seconds later still being pounded hard and begging them to cum for me.

I could feel them getting close as they were both pounding even faster now. Andrew was feeling Merlin's cock through my thin pussy wall and Merlin could feel Andrew's as they were pounding me at the same steady rythm. Merlin came first as my asshole was so tight he couldn't handle it anymore. As he came I could feel how his cum squirted deep inside me.

He was so spent he just stopped moving letting is cock become soft inside me. Andrew came next. This time he took his cock out of my pussy to cum on my clit and stomach to cover me up with his yummy cum. After all this pounding I was their cumslut. I begged Andrew to cum for me once again and he came on me. I fell next to Merlin, his cock falling out of my asshole. I was covered in cum and my holes were oozing cum.

Both of them layed down next to me while I was having a hard time catching my breath. I thanked them multiple times for using me as their cumslut. We were all completely spent and so we decided to put an alarm and soon fell asleep.

One hour later we woke up. I was covered in their dry juices and my bed sheets were a mess. They thanked me for the hot experience I had given them. I was very thankful myself as this had been a first for me too: I had never had a threesome. I had always fantasised about it but I never dared ask 2 guys at the same time. I was glad I had waited so I could share this first time with my brother and his friend.

We decided that it was time to clean up so they cleaned up my bed, changung the bed sheets while I went to take a shower. Merlin joined me as I was finishing up. We only caressed each other's bodies being too spent from the hot sex. Andrew soon joined as well. We put on some clothes and went to my brother's room.

I wanted to FarCry 2 with them. So I took my laptop with me and soon we were playing together. Now we were all able to concentrate since the sex had completely satisfied us for now. We had fun until my parents returned and Merlin had to go home.

My brother and I spent the evening in my room talking and having a blast. I was so thankful that he had granted me this wish I have had for so many years without ever having told him. He asked me if I was really masturbating thinking oft he two of them earlier and I admitted that I was imagining it already and when they came to my room I had been reading a sexstory about a threesome.

He smiled and said that he enjoyed spending time with me a lot. Before we fell asleep in my bed in our pyjamas he got a text message from Merlin saying that he had enjoyed it a lot and that he hoped for some more action soon. I took off my panties so Andrew could make a photo of my naked pussy for Merlin. I sent it to Merlin with the caption «Keep thinking of these tight holes while you masturbate» while Andrew was caressing me softly. I turned around to kiss my brother and soon we were asleep, spent from all the sex.

______________________________________________________________ Let me know if I should make a part 3!