Sexy men Cute Emo Josh Osbourne gets penetrated by fresh fellow Leo

Sexy men Cute Emo Josh Osbourne gets penetrated by fresh fellow Leo
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Just like most Friday nights, I sat home alone while my father was out playing poker and my mother was working the night shifts at the hospital. My older brother was around but him and I rarely hung out together. I was upstairs in my room watching movies and eating take-out when my best friend, Lia, sent me an alarming amount of texts.

She said she needed me to pick her up and get her out of the house for the night. I asked why and she said she would explain in person. My heart pounding with fear for my best friend, I grabbed my keys and drove the short drive over to her house. As I pulled into her driveway I saw her petite figure in her bedroom window looking out for me, and 15 seconds later I saw her short, sexy figure approach my car. She opened the door and I tried my best not to stare at her beauty.

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Usually she was very cute but tonight she was insanely sexy. She was a sophomore, a year younger than me, and at 15 she had an amazing body. C-cup boobs with a tight, firm ass, silky black hair, with gorgeous green eyes. She was a looker. I had met her in the 8th grade when she moved, and slowly fell in love with her.

Her and I were supposed to be together, but after she met a boy at a party while I was in vacation, my jealousy got the best of me and I told her that she should go with him. Anyway, wrapped in a dark blue flannel, she crouched down into my car with her make up running down her face.

"Lia whats wrong.

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Did Mitch hurt you?" I asked, my voice trembling with rage at the thought. "Kind of." she replied in sobs. "What the fuck did he do to do?" I said in rage. Mitch had a tendency to be a dick to Lia, especially during the summer when he would do things with his friends and other girls behind her back. "His friends pressured him to buy weed and smoke it with them and a bunch of girls." she pouted. One thing that I loved about Lia was that like me, she was mature enough to know that weed and alcohol weren't needed to have a fun time, and she was very against Mitch doing it.

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"What the hell why would he do that? He knows you're against that!" I said wrapping my arms around her. "Don't worry Lia, I'm here for you.". She was pretty much like a sister to me, except I loved her more than anything else in the world.

Seeing her in pain was a terrible feeling. "I know Alex. I love you." she said calming down. Lia always told me that she loved me, but it was in a brotherly way. "Love you too champ. C'mon I'll drive us to the mall." I said, turning on my car. "Actually Alex, can we go to Rosenburg's Point? I kind of want to look at the stars." she asked, her gorgeous eyes glowing in the moonlight. "Anything for you." Rosenburg's point was a hill in our town that overlooked the entire city.

But people usually liked to lay on blankets and look at the sky at night. Lia plugged in her phone and played trance music the whole way there, which was our favorite, and I could see her looking at me every couple of minutes.

We got to the top of the hill and I asked Lia what she wanted to do. "How about we just lay on the grass for a little and look at the stars?" she said. I had no problem with that so we got out, found a comfortable spot and laid next to each other.

"I'm so cold." she said, shivering. "Do you want me to get a blanket out of my car?" I asked. "No can you come cuddle me?" "Lia, you have a boyfriend." She knows that I'm in love with her, so i just assumed this was her testing my loyalty to our friendship. "Fuck him. He wants to treat me like shit and lie to me every fucking week. This is what he deserves. Come here. It's not like were gonna fuck or anything." she said with anger. "Alright." I said with confusion. I got up and wrapped my arms around her.

I laid dow next to her and she rolled over into spooning position. I wrapped my arms around her tiny waist and tried to make her comfortable. She began wiggling her ass against my crotch and closed her eyes. I had a perfect view of her boobs. She was wearing a flannel with a low cut tank underneath and no bra along with tight jean shorts that made her ass pop out.

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I glared at her naked breasts in her tank top as she began to wiggle her ass harder onto my dick. I could feel myself getting hard, but I didn't know if thats what she wanted or not, so I gently moved my crotch back a few inches.

In response to this, she pushed her ass back more into my dick and began thrusting her ass against me. "Lia what're you doing?" I asked. "C'mon, I see you looking at my tits.

Don't you wanna just grind on me a little?" she asked with a smile. "Mmm I guess." And with that I put my hand over her covered pussy and began to rock my dick against her ass. It hurt so bad because of how swollen it was getting and I began to really jam it against her tight ass. This was great. I was grinding my cock against the love of my life. She put her hand over her head and began to thrust her rear against my dick harder than I was.

I was so horny that I almost came my pants, and my breath started to pick up.

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"Calm down back there. If you think this is good just wait." she said, innocently giggling. "Whats that supposed to mean?" I asked. "I'm not wearing a bra Alex." she said. With that hint, I slowly ran my hand up from her pants, under her tank and began caressing her nipples.

They were so tiny in my fingers, but her breasts filled my hand. My dick at this point was begging to escape my pants, and I tried to calm it down by slowly dry fucking her ass again.


Although it was much calmer than before, Lia began to moan. "Oh Alex. Fuck Alex I'm so fucking horny." Lia said. "Lia calm down. I don't want you making any mistakes you'll regret tonight." I said.

"Mistakes? Alex I know you love me. And I think about how things would have turned out if we had dated. I've wanted this for a long time. And this may be our only chance." "It doesn't have to be our only chance if that dick boyfriend of yours disappeared." I said gritting my teeth.

"Alex let's take it step at a time okay?" she said.

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"Okay." With that she got up and took off her shirts. Her tits bounced up and fell back down as she straddled me. My dick was so hard that it was pushing against my khakis. "Let's free this beast shall we?" Lia asked as she unzipped my pants. As she did that, all 7 inches of man hood sprung out. Astonished at the sight, she immediately grasped it and began stroking it, gradually increasing speed.

"Fuck, Lia. I've wanted this for three years.


Fuck yes that feels so good!" I said. "Yeah? Fuck I'm gonna get you fuck my pussy." she said, holding her own tits. She sprawled out onto the ground and put my dick into her mouth, sucking with force. Coming up for air, she spit on it and jerked it off while wrapping her dick sucking lips around my head. This girl really knew how to work a dick. She licked the head all around and swirled her tongue over the slit of my dick and proceeded to take all of it into her mouth, while licking the shaft.

"Fuck, Lia. I'm gonna fucking bust all over you." I screamed, nearly cumming. As I said that she slowly removed my dick from her mouth, with webs of slober coming out of her mouth. "Not yet baby. I'm gonna make this worth your while." she said grinning. I got up and tackled her on the ground, biting her lip and kissing her neck as I unzipped her shorts and shoved my hand down to her warm, slippery, wet cunt.

As I circled my index finger on her clit she immediately broke free from out kiss and let out a long, loud moan.

Taking advantage of having her facing me, I took her entire tit into my mouth and sucked on it while I put in one finger at a time into her slimy, wet pussy. "Fuck Alex I've wanted this forever.

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Fuck me." she moaned. As I continued finger fucking her pussy, I circled my tongue around her wet, pink nipples. I knew she was a squirter, she told me all the time about her sexual experiences with her boyfriend, and I wanted to make her squirt.

I got up and leaned down, took my fingers out of her pussy, and put them in her mouth. At this point, the few missed pubes on her pussy slit were clumped together in her fluids. I shifted myself down and kissed her slit, and began circling with clit with my teeth. "FUCK ALEX I'M GOING TO FUCKING CUM." she screamed. "Not yet baby," I winked, "I'm going to make this worth you while." I got up and she pounced on me.

"I want your fucking cum in my mouth right now you bitch." she said. "Don't move. I think I know a way we can both have that," I said. I laid down and picked her up, putting her ass and pussy to my face, and positioned my hard dick right in front of her mouth. Immedialtey she slurped and sucked on it like it was candy to her.

I couldn't see it, but I could feel my manhood pressing against the back of her throat, as she bobbed her head down and wrapped her warm tongue around my shaft. As she was doing that, her wet, well-kept pussy sat right in front of me. As I started working on her, pressing my tongue deep into her spongey pussy, load and powerful moans began coming out of Lia's mouth. With every sound, vibrations from her voice shot through my dick, causing me more pleasure than I had ever felt.

I dove three fingers into her pussy while I slurped up her juices that were now dripping onto my chest and chin. With more vibrations being sent through my dick, I got closer to my climax, and grabbed her by the hips and thrust my dick down to the back of her throat.

Almost instantly, cum began flowing out of my dick, overfilling her mouth. She was trying to swallow as best as she could. I guess that and my entire hand now in her sopping cunt drove her over the edge, because a warm goo started flowing out of my Lia's pussy and into my mouth.

It tasted so sweet and clean. We both lie their in utter shock at how amazing we were to each other. After a few minutes of silence, we got up and dressed. "I hope you know this means I'm leaving Mitch for you." Lia said as she buttoned up her flannel.

"I sure hope." I said laughing. "I love you Alex." she said, leaning upwards for a kiss. "I love you too Lia." I said, wiping a glob of cum from her cheek. We climbed into the back of my car and fell asleep together underneath the stars. It was one of the best nights of my life knowing that my dream girl was now mine. As she fell asleep, my hand caressed her firm breasts, and a feeling of love, stronger than ever before, came over my body.

I drifted off to sleep knowing the love of my life was with me.