Real lactation lactating breast feeding ABDL mommies mommy

Real lactation  lactating breast feeding ABDL mommies mommy
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I was walking through a very weird sex store, and when I turned a connor of the store I saw a bowl of condoms and i started to laugh. I picked one up to read it, and it said "Batman always saves the day". I laughed a little, but then a guy came up behind me, and scared me.

"I did not mean to scare you baby girl, I was just wondering if you needed help looking for anything specific. My names Jamal." he said as he blushed.

I said "Oh, no thank you, I am just looking for my friend, it is her 18th birthday and I am just going to get something to scare her because shes so innocent. Something that she would find funny." He laugh and said he wanted to show me something that would be perfect the situation.

He asked me to follow him, so I did, he went to the back of a store and then into a little room, with a couch in it. I turned around and before I could say anything, he shut the door and locked it behind him then pushed me hard against the cold wall. "What the fuck!" i yelled.

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"Shut up! I saw the way you looked at me you little slut, you know you want this dick." he said as he pulled off my shirt and tried unhooking my tight 32D bra. I screamed but no one came to my rescue. "These walls are sound proof, so scream, scream all you want." he taunted. He bent me over and pulled my tights under my ass, he admired my bubble butt for a second or two until he slapped my ass so hard, I let out a loud cry. "Oh, you liked that didn't you? You more of a slut than I thought.

As soon as you walked into my store, I knew I had to Have you.", then he slapped my ass again, this time harder and I screamed. "Please stop I will give you anything you want just please stop." I cried.

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"Anything?" he pondered. Then he picked me up and sat me on the couch. He pulled off his pants and then his boxers, already rock hard, he grabbed my long black hair, pulled it so my face was between his legs and made me look up at him.

He pressed his dick on my lips and said, "If you bite me, I will kill you." I parted my lips and he put the tip of his penis inside of my mouth. Almost sobbing, I licked it all around until he pushed my head down, he let out a deep moan, and then pushed my head down deeper, making me take all of him in my mouth.

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I started to choke and gag. I am not going to lie but I did get slightly turned on by his thick wet dick choking me.


I grabbed his leg because I could not breathe. He pulled my head back from my hair to let me breathe and said, "I decide when you can breathe" and forced his wet dick back into my mouth, making me to take him all, my eyes started tearing and I started to choke again. I could feel my stomach clenching as I gagged. He pulled my head up, right before I was going to pass out.

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I started coughing from lack of oxygen. He picked up a condom from the floor, and rolled it onto his thick dick, "This is where I take pretty girl to test the merchandise" he said as he pulled me up and pushed my back onto the couch, I did not have any fight left in me as he knelt down, pulled off my tights and kissed my thighs, he kept going closer and closer to my already wet pussy.

He then spread my legs and pulled my thong to the side. He spit on my pussy and I let out a little moan from the warm spit, he sat up more and held his dick on my pussy. "When I think you good and ready I am going to fuck you" and he started to rub his dick on my clit very slow.

I moaned and shivered from the sensation. He started rubbing faster and faster, I could feel my orgasm creeping up. A tingle sensation started in my toes and the faster he went the higher up my legs the tingling went until it reached my pussy, my screams and moans had gotten louder and I started breathing deeper, until I could not hold back any more and climaxed.

He stopped rubbing and started kissing my pink raw pussy, telling me how hot I am. He kissed my clit softly until I came down from my intense orgasm. Jamal then put the head of his dick on my pussy and said it was his turn, and slowly put himself inside me. My eyes rolled back and I let out a loud moan. I dug my nails into the pillow behind me as he started going deeper and deeper. "Jamal, ohmyfuckk, god, Jamal." I started moaning between breaths.

He started pumping into me harder and harder, he rapped his arms around my neck and held my hair behind my head making me arch my back, every time I moaned, he pulled my head back for me to look up at him, I kept moaning his name and he went harder and faster.

He let out a deep moan and cummed inside the condom. He left me there to clean himself up and I tired to catch my breath. He came back, "Your my favorite slut I have had back here in a long time, moaning my name is so sexy." "Please let me go." I cried. "No!", he slapped my face, "You are going to learn how to love your new owner." he said as he put on a new condom and put my face into the couch.

"I love doggy", he said "I am going to get so deep inside you." then he rammed his dick in my pussy, I arched my back in pain, he bent over and kissed my back then started pounding my pussy and slapping my ass until it was red.


I tried crying out but my face was deep in the pillow. He pulled my head up by my hair and told me to say his name. "jamal" I whimpered. "Louder!" he yelled, slapped my ass and yanked on my hair. "JAMAL!" I cried out.

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He kept pounding me and sliding his dick in and out my dripping wet pussy, until he let loud another deep moaned and cummed inside the condom again. He left again to clean himself up. When he came back he pulled me to the corner of the room where there was a chain and lock, he rapped it around my ankle and locked it. "I loved you too much to let you go, " he said "your going to stay here now and be my little toy forever" then he kissed my lips and left me there.

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