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Cara dolce mammina
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I was really looking forward to meeting Amanda in the flesh for the first time. We'd met over the internet and enjoyed some really horny messaging so it was probably inevitable that when we got together we would end up in bed. She'd sent me the details of the swanky hotel she was staying at on the south coast and it looked perfect for the weekend we'd arranged.

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Perched on a cliff above a wide sandy bay the Grosvenor was an imposing building with plush rooms, indoor and outdoor pools plus a gym, spa and sauna. They boasted that they catered for an exclusive adult clientele so the fact that two unrelated women were sharing a double room was not an issue at all.

It took just over three hours to reach my destination and I arrived in my metallic purple Mazda MX5 just after midday on the Saturday. It was a warm summer day so I was just wearing a lightweight summer dress and as I collected my overnight bag from the passenger seat I saw a couple of people grinning as they noticed my personalised number plate. F11KME is very distinctive and always attracts attention but it was gift from lovely black flatmate and I really cherish it.

I strode into the lobby and up to the reception desk where I registered and enquired as to the whereabouts of my friend. The nice young man told me that she was waiting in the coffee lounge and offered to have my luggage taken up to our room. As soon as I entered the lounge we recognised each other from our photographs and we both rushed to embrace.

Kissing innocently we greeted each other warmly and said how excited we both were to meet at last. Although Amanda is six years younger than I am the age gap didn't matter much. We knew a great deal about each other already but I commented that her pictures didn't do her justice.

She was simply radiant with a stunning curvy figure, long red hair and smooth flawless skin that I was so keen to touch. She called a waiter over and ordered two coffees that we enjoyed as we discussed how we might spend our time together.

Amanda fancied having a swim and a sauna, which suited me as well because I wanted to relax after my journey so once we'd finished out coffees we went up to our room to change. It was a lovely room with plush furnishings, a huge king-size bed and a balcony looking out over the bay. We both slipped out of our clothes and it was then I first glimpsed Amanda's gorgeous body. She was slim and had perfect breasts tipped by pretty pink nipples.

Her torso was sublime and I saw no hint of any hair above her neat little slit. She was looking at my curvy body as well and we smiled at each other because we both could tell what the other was thinking. Our bikinis were quite skimpy but it's all we had with us and as we frolicked in the pool, we noticed quite a few people watching us. The sauna was empty when we got into it and Amanda poured a ladlefull of water onto the hot stones filling the air with pine scented steam.

She took her top off and leaned against the wall. I did the same then she slipped out of her bottoms and I did likewise. We'd been in there for about ten minutes and the rivulets of sweat were running down our bodies when the door opened and a good looking guy in his late twenties or early thirties popped his head in.

Seeing us both naked he apologised and was about to leave when I said, "No, please come in." It was clear that he had a friend with him and I could hear him mumbling something about two naked women but a few seconds later he came into the sauna followed by his equally attractive buddy. They were both wearing swimming shorts and sat on the bench opposite doing their best to avert their eyes but Amanda was having none of it.


She spooned more water on the hot stones sending another burst of steam upward then put one foot on the bench opening her legs so wide that the guys opposite could clearly see her tantalising womanhood in every detail. The dark haired one spoke in a soft Scottish accent and asked if nudity was allowed and Amanda replied saying that we hadn't seen any signs to the contrary. This instantly revealed that she was an American and it was the lovely mixed race guy with the coffee coloured skin that asked the inevitable silly question, "Are you American?" Within a few seconds though we'd all introduced ourselves to each other and got back to the business of sweating.

Mark, the dark haired one asked if we objected to them taking their shorts off and we signalled our approval. When Leon, the mixed race guy stepped out of his shorts he revealed a sizeable chunk of meaty manhood between his legs and when Mark stripped, he showed that he had nothing to be coy about either.

We all sat there chatting and displaying our intimate parts but there was signs of arousal and it was all very innocent. It got to the stage where the heat became unbearable so we all collected our things and jumped into the shockingly cold plunge pool just outside the door. Under the water the four of us put our swimwear back on and agreed to meet in the bar for pre-dinner drinks at seven-thirty. Amanda and I entered our room and instantly headed for the shower, which was just about big enough for two so once we'd removed bikini's we got in together and enjoyed the refreshing stream of tepid water cascading over us.

This time our embrace was much more intense and our kissing was passionate now with our tongues exploring each other's mouths whilst our hands wandered over breasts, buttocks and the flesh between our legs. Feeling Amanda's slender finger penetrate my vagina for the first time made me tingle all over and as I gently stroked the hard button of her clit she pressed herself closer to me. She nibbled my earlobe and plunged her wet tongue deep into my ear before whispering, "Make me cum Candy." I wanted to cum too so we left the shower and briefly dabbed ourselves with towels before crashing onto the huge bed with our legs entwined and our pussies grinding together as we kissed and caressed each other.

I wanted to taste my new lover so much and it was obvious that she wanted to lick my pussy as well so we disconnected and she lay on top of me with her face buried in my groin. I could feel her fingers deep inside my wet vagina and her lips sucking the soft fleshy folds of my labia.

I was licking Amanda's delicious cunt from top to bottom and gently probing her pretty rosebud with my tongue. It wasn't long before the familiar sensation of an imminent orgasm began to build deep within me and I sensed that Amanda was really close to cumming too so we just pleasured each other a bit more. Then we both began to shudder as though someone had touched us with live wires and Amanda's feminine moaning was even louder than my squealing as our simultaneous orgasms rippled violently through our bodies.

It took ages to subside and we were both panting but gradually we came down from the high and began to giggle. It was just a wonderful feeling and as we snuggled up to each other we didn't need to say anything at all. By seven-fifteen we'd showered again, our hair make-up was perfect and were ready to meet our men for dinner.

We both decided on skimpy dresses with high-heeled sandals and no underwear. We weren't necessarily expecting to have sex with Mark and Leon because they might have been gay for all we knew and perhaps they felt the same about us.

The guys were on barstools when Amanda and I swept in and they booth stood and greeted us with innocent kisses. Dressed in stylish baggy shorts and crisp casual shirts they looked adorable and they said that anything we wanted was on their account so Amanda and I ordered a couple of expensive cocktails before spending the next hour or so enjoying five star dining at their expense.


It transpired that they were IT specialists visiting clients in the area and would be returning by train tomorrow. Amanda and I confessed that we were both bi-sexual and far from being gay, our new friends were free, single and straight. After dinner we all decided to go for a walk on the beach, which was accessed via a wide wooden staircase from the hotel garden and we all removed our sandals as we walked on the soft silvery sand towards the distant shoreline.

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It was past nine now but still light and there was hardly anyone around apart from a young couple throwing a Frisbee and an older couple strolling with their grandchildren.

There were a few boats anchored offshore but they seemed unoccupied. As we got closer to the seashore we seemed to pair off with Mark and Amanda holding hands while Leon had his arm around me. The soft sand had long since changed into the familiar firm damp kind that a receding tide leaves behind and when we reached the waters edge, the sea was gently lapping.

None of us could resist the temptation to have a paddle but in a moment of sheer madness Amanda dropped her sandals and ran headlong into the sea fully clothed.

When the water reached her waist she dunked herself under the water and emerged with her flimsy dress completely soaked and clinging to every contour of her young firm body. When I saw her stiff nipples I couldn't prevent myself from joining her and we embraced and kissed before shouting for the boys to come and join us. They waded in slowly and were soon with us telling us that we were mad.

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When Leon kissed me and began to squeeze my breast I knew that I wanted him and it was obvious that the other two were equally aroused. Leon reached for my groin and I parted my legs so that he feel me properly whilst I found the large bulge in his shorts and squeezed it hard. "I've never been fucked on a beach before," I whispered. "We can put that right here and now if you want to," he replied softly.

I led him closer to the waters edge and when it was lapping his mid thighs I sank to my knees and started to undo his shorts. His long thick stiff cock jumped out and he stepped out of his shorts before throwing them onto the beach. I cupped his balls with one hand and started to suck his cock rhythmically. When Amanda and Mark saw what we were doing they joined us immediately and the boys stood back to back while Amanda and I sucked on their grateful cocks.

After a few minutes I disconnected from Leon and moved a little closer to the beach so that I could lay there with my legs wide apart in just enough water that the sea could lap gently against my waiting cunt.

Leon got between my legs and with no preliminaries to speak of he guided his manhood into my vagina with a single penetrating stroke. My moan of pleasure was drowned out by the squawking of the seagulls that wheeled overhead but the sensation of my new man fucking me hard on a deserted beach was just awesome.

At almost the same moment that Leon entered me, Amanda had got on all fours so that Mark could take her from behind and he was fucking her with long slow penetrating strokes that made her grunt loudly with every thrust.

We didn't know how this encounter was going to develop but it came to an abrupt end following a loud hoot from the sea. When we looked we saw two men standing on one of the boats cheering at us and waving binoculars.

Panic set in as we realised that we'd been giving a couple of fishermen a live sex show and we all disconnected, gathered our things and started walking briskly back towards the hotel. Mark and Leon had to stop to put their wet shorts back on but we hadn't taken our dresses off and by the time we all got back we all looked in a dreadful dishevelled state.

Hardly the stylish foursome that the other guests had seen leaving the dining room an hour or so earlier. We tried not to make eye contact with anyone as we retrieved our keys and rushed up to our rooms to shower and change.

We all agreed to meet in the bar for a nightcap and by ten-thirty we were all sitting at a table sipping brandy and talking maturely on the events of the evening so far. None of us wanted our encounter to finish until it was time for us to go our separate ways and I was really looking to more sex with Leon. Amanda was clearly hot for Mark but the reality was that the two men had single rooms whereas we had a huge bed that was big enough for all of us.

We agreed that we would spend our last evening together in our king-size bed and once we'd finished our drinks we ambled upstairs to our room. It was eleven-fifteen when the four of us closed the door behind us and started to pick up where we left off earlier. Leon reclined on a sofa as Amanda crawled onto the bed and peeled her dress over her head.

Mark undressed and joined her and started to kiss her all over. She lay down and he licked her heavenly pussy with great enthusiasm while she tugged on his engorged manhood. Meanwhile I'd removed Leon's shirt and trousers to discover that he wasn't wearing any underwear so I just took his erection in my hand guided it into my dripping wet vagina. As I rode up and down on him I peeled my dress over my head and shook my mane of peachy blond hair. He was massaging my plump firm tits and as I leaned forward he sucked my nipples hard.

His cock was so deep inside me that I could feel the tip pushing against my womb with every penetrating thrust. All four of us were making the sounds of uninhibited sex and I heard Amanda tell Mark that she wanted it in her ass.

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From where Leon and I were fucking we had a great view and watched as she sat astride Mark and slowly sank down on his turgid cock. Her eyes were closed and she was groaning as she enjoyed the sensation of Mark fucking her ass and she was fingering herself as well.

Without really thinking about it I asked Amanda if she wanted Leon inside her as well and she just gasped saying "I want him." I sought some retrospective permission from Leon but it wasn't long before his cock was deep inside Amanda's soaking wet pussy and both he and Mark were fucking her in perfect synch.

Not to be left out I squatted over Marks face and drizzled some of my love juice over his lips before planting my genitals over his mouth. He had one of the longest tongues I've ever encountered and the sensation as he licked the inside of my vagina was really special.

After a few minutes Amanda asked me if I wanted the two men inside me and I immediately said that I did.

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Mark stayed exactly where he was and I just sat astride him guiding his cock deep into my slippery cunt. He gave me a few a few nice deep penetrating strokes and then I felt the tip of Leon's sublime cock pushing against my rectum.

Amanda was helping by holding it firmly as he tried to get it in and after she'd spat on it a few times to lubricate it, the tip slipped in sweetly. His cock was so engorged that it was uncomfortable at first but Leon was a considerate lover and he soon managed to penetrate me smoothly and as he started to fuck me, everything started to relax. Amanda stood next to me and squatted so that I could lick her delicious juicy cunt and the whole hardcore experience was just fantastic.

Gradually we wound down and the guys slipped their cocks out of me. Amanda lay on her back and I lay next to her.


We spread our legs and invited our men to fuck us to orgasm and once they were inside us we wrapped our legs around them. Leon was a fantastic and energetic lover pounding my clit with every stroke and judging by the feminine grunting noises that Amanda was making her man was equally talented. Amanda then screamed, "I'm cumming," and her legs trembled visibly as her she climaxed digging her nails into Marks back.

Almost instantly he gasped her name and began to pump his warm creamy cum into her. I knew exactly what she was enjoying and as Leon reached his hand down and gently brushed my clit my whole body shuddered as the sensation of my orgasm hit me like a tsunami causing me to almost black out. At the same instant Leon's cock spurted and I could feel the throbbing sensation as he completely emptied his balls into me. There was so much cum spilling out of him that it was leaking past his cock and dribbling down my crack.

By the time everything subsided we were all pretty exhausted so we didn't bother to move much. The men finally rolled off of us and drifted off to sleep so Amanda and I cuddled up to each other and just let the creamy contents of our vaginas leak out onto the sheets.

What the chambermaids would make of it when they changed the bed linen is anyone's guess but they would surely conclude that the two women that had occupied that room were definitely not lesbians. The following morning was a bit of an anti climax in the sense that at some point in the night whilst we were asleep Mark and Leon had returned to their rooms.

We saw them at breakfast and exchanged contact details before their taxi arrived to take them to the railway station. We all said how much we enjoyed our brief time together and as we said goodbye to them with innocent kisses Amanda turned to me and said, "Next time I'm in the UK I'm definitely going to visit Scotland."