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Hot girl get anal on the hotel
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The Rogue's Harem Book Two: Rogue's Wicked Harem Part Fourteen: Orgiastic Celebration By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to and WRC264 for beta reading this.

Chapter Forty: Orgiastic Celebration Sven Falk Az, Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch The weight of my promise to the Goddess pressed on my shoulder as I held my sister against me, her body naked, her arms tight around my torso.

A door opened and several priests and priestesses of Rithi vanished out of the room. Kora's lips kissed at my cheeks, so hot and warm, so giddy with delight. We were healed. And. and. I had to give her up. I had to let her go. My arms squeezed tighter about her, crushing her to me. My other women were rising around us, set out on the large bed at the center of the room.

A breeze drifted through an open window, carrying fresh air and an owl's hoot. My gaze swept across the room at everyone, the ones who were sick.

I didn't see Ava or Greta, but they must have gotten us here. My eyes settled on Kora. The lives of my women versus continuing to love my sister. "Brother mine," Kora whimpered against me. Her lips kissed closer to my mouth.

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She tasted so sweet. Her body felt so light in my arms. It was such a wondrous delight. I thrust my tongue into her mouth, wanting to lose myself in this moment, to just love my sister and. I had to give her up. The joy I should feel at our recovery didn't rise in me. The Goddess's words crushed it. "Master." Zanyia rose. Her ears tawny twitched as she rose and stretched, her little breasts jiggling.

Her tongue flicked across her pink lips. "Master!" She threw herself at us. Her arms went around my sister and me, her naked body pressing against my side. She purred with such delight. Her tongue lapping at my cheek, feeling rough and delicious. Her lips joined ours, turning it into a three-way kiss. A moment later, Nathalie pressed in on the other side. She moaned out in such passion, hugging as tight as Zanyia.

Her blonde hair fell loose about her youthful face, her blue eyes shining with such delight. "Oh, wow, that feels amazing?" Aingeal asked.

She rose on the bed, her pink butterfly wings fluttered behind her. Her large tits swayed and jiggled. Her nipples hardened, growing turgid as she licked her lips. I broke the kiss with Kora, smiling at my faerie wife. She fluttered towards us, rising from the bed and she drifted closer, her purple eyes twinkling with delight, pink hair swaying about her face.

"Mmm, I see we're celebrating our good fortune," Aingeal said as she settled down behind Nathalie. "Of course we are," Kora said. She beamed at me, a gleam in her blue eyes.

"My Goddess saved us. Rithi wants us to continue making art and enriching the world." Ealaín rose naked behind Kora. The black-skinned aoi si stretched her back, her white hair swaying about her shoulders, her large tits jiggling. She fixed her citrine eyes on me, hard, knowing.

She gave me the slightest nod as she leaned her back against the wall. She knew about my promise. "Yeah," I told Kora. Rithi wanted one of us to keep making art. I stared into my sister's face, studying her beauty. Color spotted her cheeks. The wan pallor and the dark bags beneath her eyes had vanished. She looked vibrant. Alive. Free to keep making her art. A treasure to the world.

A treasure I wanted to keep, to hold in my vault so only I could enjoy her. I had to share her with the world. But not right away. I had her for a little while longer. I needed to enjoy her while I could, admire her beauty while she was all mine. I pulled her tight against me and kissed her hard. I thrust my tongue into her mouth. She moaned into my mouth, her body squirming. My dick ached and throbbed as it hardened. Passion surging through me as my blood pounded.

I loved my sister hard, I showed her all my feelings in the kiss, my hands sliding down her supple back to her rump. I squeezed her butt-cheeks, loving the feel of her ass.

I kneaded her. Her tongue thrust into my mouth. Her fingers scratched at my back, her round breasts and the ruby amulet rubbing on my chest, smearing my cum that had splattered me as I came away, making her tits feel slippery.

"Master!" Zanyia purred. "Mistress! We're alive!" "We are," Nathalie purred. "I'm so happy, Master." Her lips kissed at my cheeks. She nibbled on my chin. Kora broke the kiss. "Mmm, brother mine, let's create something beautiful." My smile grew. "Oh, a collaborative effort?" Aingeal giggled. "That's one word to call an orgy!" Kora nodded her head.

Then she ducked her head down and licked up at the cum adorning my chest. Her tongue felt so hot and lithe as she gathered up my pearly jizz. I shuddered as she brushed my nipple, a naughty gleam twinkling in her sapphire depths. "Yum!" Nathalie said and leaned down, licking with her. I groaned, letting my two women lick up my cum.

I leaned back, my dick throbbing harder. My sister grasped my shaft as I stretched out on my back. She stroked me, pleasure rippling down my shaft, her touch lithe and delicious. Nathalie's tongue reached my other nipple, sucking on it. Tingles zapped down my cock. I groaned, my dick twitching in my sister's hand. It felt so weird having both of my small nipples sucked and nibbled on.

It didn't have the intensity of having my cock sucked, but it felt nice. "Master's liking that," Zanyia said, kneeling over me, her ears twitching. Tawny hair spilled about her shoulders. She squeezed both of her small tits. Her fingers swept across her dusky nipples. Kora released my nipple as she moved down my body. She smiled at me.

"I think my brother wants me to suck on something else." "Mmm, I do, sister dear," I groaned, trying to ignore that weight and just enjoy myself. To savor these moments. "Ooh, this is so hot. You two are so sexy." Her wings fluttered. She lifted into the air, her breasts swaying. "You use your mouth on him, Kora, and we'll see if he can do the same to me." "Sounds like a challenge," I said, my sister kissing at my stomach.

Aingeal's wings beat hard. She hovered over me. I stared up at her hairless pussy gleaming with her pussy juices. Her cream ran down her thighs. She settled down onto my face, her honey-flavored pussy pressing into my mouth. I groaned, my tongue flicking out, gathering her juices.

My dick throbbed in my sister's hand. A moment later, her plump lips nuzzled on the tip. She sucked on it, her cheeks hollowing. Then she bobbed. I groaned into Aingeal's hot snatch as my sister's lips slid up and down my shaft. She sucked hard, the suction reaching into my balls. My tongue jammed into Aingeal's pussy. I swirled it around inside of her, churning her, letting her honey delight pour into my mouth. Just a delicious treat. "Ooh, yes, he's doing a good job, Kora," Aingeal moaned. "I don't think you're sucking hard enough." Kora's mouth popped off my dick.

"Mmm, let me see what I can do." "Make him howl," Aingeal groaned, her hips undulating, grinding her pussy on my mouth, her hot flesh smearing across me. Her juices ran down my cheeks and chins. Her honey cream tasted so good, pouring into my mouth. "Make him explode." "I love making my brother explode," Kora purred. I squeezed my eyes shut. My sister's mouth engulfed my rod. Incestuous pleasure shot down my shaft. My balls tensed. Her mouth bobbed up and down on my dick.

Her tongue danced as the suction increased. Her hands found my nutsack. She massaged them, tingles racing up them to the tip of my shaft. That wonderful ache formed. It inspired me to please Aingeal. To give my faerie-wife the same delight that my sister gave me. My tongue licked through her folds. I gathered up the delicious, sweet-honey juices.

My tongue brushed her clit. I fluttered against her. I nibbled on it, sucking on her little bud. She gasped out in delight. Her hips wiggled from side to side. Her butt-cheeks clenched. I grabbed them, squeezed and kneading them as I devoured her pussy. I groaned into her snatch while my sister sucked harder on my dick.

She moaned about it, the humming bliss buzzing around the tip of my cock. It felt incredible. I loved my sister. I didn't want to lose her. Anger swelled through me. "Oh, Cernere's black fingers," moaned Aingeal.

"Gods, you have an amazing tongue. You are sooo inspiring him, Kora." "She's like Rithi herself," Zanyia moaned. "Just creating something beautiful." "She's sucking so hard," Nathalie moaned.

"And look at her head bob.

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So fast. Ooh, Mistress, you're loving Master's cock." "Uh-huh," Aingeal moaned, her hips swirling around, her hot pussy lips rubbing on my mouth. "Oh, Gods, I'm going to cum." "Do it," I groaned, squeezing her ass hard. "Cream my mouth." "Cernere's nimble fingers, yes!" moaned Aingeal.

Her wings fluttered above me. A cool breeze wafted across my forehead as she squirmed more. Her honey juices poured into my mouth. I drank them down as her back arched. Her pink hair danced across her supple back between her beating wings. "Sven!" she gasped. Her body heaved.

I jammed my tongue into her mouth, loving the feel of her convulsing cunt. Her musical moans resounded through the room. My dick throbbed in my sister's hungry mouth. Her hands massaged my balls, bringing them closer and closer to my eruption. Kora sucked so hard. Her tongue danced around my crown, massaging that ache. I groaned into Aingeal's convulsing snatch.

My entire body tensed. My hands clenched Aingeal's ass hard, fingers digging into her plump rump. I came. "Pater's cock!" I growled into Aingeal's honey-flavored snatch. My cum pumped into my sister's hot mouth.

My body bucked as the rapture surged through me. Jolts of incestuous electricity rushed through me. My eyes squeezed closed. Stars twinkled across my vision. Such euphoria filled me. For a moment, I forgot all about the promise. I just let myself enjoy the forbidden rapture of cumming in my sister's mouth.

She gulped it down, sucking hard. My pleasure peaked in me. And then it passed. My promise slammed into my mind. I let out a groan as Kora just sucked a final time on my dick, drawing out the last of my cum from my balls. I shivered, Aingeal squirming on my face, her wings fluttering stopped.

"I need this cock in me," Kora moaned. "Ride him, Mistress!" Zanyia cheered. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kora Falk I grabbed my brother's cock, loving the feel of the incestuous shaft in my hand.

I brought it to my dripping pussy. It felt so wonderful to be cured. No weight dragged at me. I felt so buoyant, almost lifting off the ground from all the joy billowing through me. Sven stared at me with these hungry, blue eyes, his stubbled chin coated in Aingeal's juices. "Ride him, Mistress," Nathalie said, golden hair sweeping about her angelic face. Her little titties jiggled with such enthusiasm.

"Why don't you ride him, too, you naughty, little slut," I purred, rubbing my brother's cock against my shaved pussy lips. "Yes, Mistress," Nathalie moaned in delight.

Sven licked his cream-covered lips, eager to feast on her. She sprang onto him in a flash, her blonde hair swaying about her shoulders. Then she pressed her golden bush into my brother's hungry mouth. "That's it, brother mine," I moaned. "Lick that little slut's pussy. Make her squeal on your lips." "He is, Mistress," she moaned, squirming her hips, her firm tits jiggling.

"Now it's your turn," Aingeal said as the faerie grabbed the lamia, pulling Zanyia to her large, pillowy tits. "Mmm, fuck him hard, Mistress," purred Zanyia before her face buried between Aingeal's big tits. "I will," I said and impaled my pussy down his shaft. "Sister dear," he groaned into Nathalie's pussy. "Brother mine!" I whimpered. "Oh, Rithi, he feels amazing in me!" My brother grunted. I closed my eyes and just savored feeling him in me. It was so wondrous to have our bodies united in incestuous passion.

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I groaned, my pussy clenching and relaxing on his cock. I never wanted to give him up. I would be with him forever. Nothing would stop me. He groaned as I rose up him, my pussy gripping his cock.

Pleasure rippled through me. Ecstasy shot through me.

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My eyes widened as the delight surged through me. I groaned, wiggling my hips, stirring just the tip through my cunt. Then I impaled myself down him, my round breasts bouncing, the ruby amulet swaying between them. "Mistress," Nathalie gasped.

She grabbed my tits, her fingers stroking the vine tattooed across my left breast. She brushed my nipples. "Ooh, yes, your brother is. is." "Just enjoy him, slut," I moaned as she pinched my nipples. My cunt clenched down hard on my brother's cock. I whimpered, riding him faster and faster. My breasts jiggled, my nipples stretching in her grasp.

I shuddered, the delight rippling through my body, compelling me to ride my brother faster and faster. I loved working my pussy up and down his cock. My arms went around Nathalie's neck, pulling the girl into my tits, sharing her with my brother.

She moaned and purred into my breasts, her lips kissing and nuzzling at the inner slopes. She kissed, teasing me, driving me so wild. I leaned forward into her, rubbing my clit into my brother's pubic bone. His wiry pubic hair tickled me. I shuddered, drinking in the incestuous situation, the bed creaking and groaning as I fucked him faster and faster.

I made such beautiful art with my brother. "Rithi!" I moaned. "Oh, thank you, my radiant Goddess!" "Gods, yes," Nathalie moaned. "Rithi's inspiring beauty, Master! That's my clit." "It's so cute," my brother groaned, his voice throaty. I shuddered, taking his cock to the hilt in my cunt. My clit sparked delight on his pubic bone. The incestuous pleasure surged through me. My cunt clenched hard on his dick. I whimpered as Nathalie's mouth engulfed my nipple.

She sucked hard. I came. My pussy spasmed about my brother's cock. It rippled around it, worshiped it. Incestuous bliss filled me. I whimpered and groaned, stars dancing before my eyes as the euphoria washed through my body. "Rithi!" I whimpered. "Gods, I love cumming on your dick, brother mine." Nathalie whimpered about my nipple. The girl trembled. I stroked down her back, feeling her orgasm rage through her, given that same gift by my brother's passion.

My eyes rolled back into my head as my cunt convulsed about his dick. "Pater's huge cock!" he growled into Nathalie's cunt. Hot cum spurted into me. My brother's incestuous cum pumped hot into my cunt's depths. My snatch spasmed harder. Another wave of rapture surged through me. My pussy milked his cock. I wrung him dry as he growled into his sex slave's pussy.

"Ooh, that's so hot to watch," Zanyia purred, her head resting on Aingeal's pillowy tits. "Hot to feel!" I whimpered as my brother's final blast of cum fired into my cunt. Chapter Forty-One: The Princess's Jubilation Princess Ava I opened my real eyes, shivering after my experience in the feyhound body. It was such a. unique delight. My bedmaid still whimpered from being fucked by me. I stared down my clothed body to my crotch, half-expecting to see a cock thrusting from my pussy folds.

"Oh, Princess," Greta whimpered. "That was incredible." "Yeah," I groaned and stood up. The incredible lust to go and fuck my father had dissipated. I had satiated my lusts for a moment. A knock came at the door. Hope surged through me. Was it word about Sven and his women?

"Enter!" A glimmer in a white robe entered, her young face staring at me with a nervous smile. "Your, um, companions are awake, Your Highness." Awe touched her face. "Rithi granted a miracle." I hoped the priests and priestesses of Rithi would keep secret that I stayed here.


My father must be tearing apart Kivoneth looking for me. But Shevoin should have lied to him, told him I went south towards Thlin instead of northeast.

Excitement swallowed that fear. My Sven was awake. "Take me to him!" "Right away, Your Highness." Greta grabbed a robe and pulled it over her naked body. We followed the glimmer through the painted walls of the temple. Every inch was covered in art of surpassing beauty. Each one painted by a different master. Statues that captured the essence of their subjects stood in alcoves or rested on plinths. Tapestries woven with delicate designs hung over corridors that crisscrossed the main one.

We reached a door, the wood carved with the fanciful designs of a dragon. I opened the door and smiled at the sight of Kora dismounting her brother, her face flushed, her round tits heaving. Joy bubbled up inside of me as I stared at the sight of my betrothed surrounded by his women, his face smeared in pussy juices. Nathalie shuddered beside him, her little tits flushed.

"Sven!" I gasped and rushed into the room, the heat swelling inside of me, my strawberry-blonde hair dancing about my shoulders. I jumped onto the bed, crawled over Nathalie, and pressed up against his side. I kissed him hard, his stubbled cheeks feeling amazing on me, so rough and strong. I tasted two different pussies on his lips, one was honey and the other a sweet delight.

Was one of them Kora's pussy I tasted? I wasn't sure who I was tasting, but it was good. I shivered at the mix of cream as my tongue plunged into his mouth.

"You're alive!" I said when I broke the kiss. Tears stung my eyes. "We're alive," Sven nodded. He looked around the room. "You did this?" I nodded my head. "Gods, you are amazing, Ava." I beamed at him as the tears spilled down my cheeks.

"Yes, you are," Kora said. I glanced over at Kora, sitting back on the bed, her thighs spread wide, her brother's cum leaking out of her. My tongue flicked across my lips, tasting the lingering cunt cream.

"That's not your pussy I'm tasting on his face, is it, Kora." "Nope," she said, giving me a naughty twinkle. The sight of that incestuous mix of their fluids sent a hunger through me. "I haven't had my pussy licked yet." She arched blonde eyebrows. "Care to remedy that?" "I would," I said and moved towards her. I crawled between her thighs, my pussy growing hot beneath my skirt.

My arousal rose, but not that urge to fuck my father. Not when I had Sven here to take care of me. I felt his eyes on my rump. I wiggled it as I nestled between his sister's thighs. I pressed my face into her snatch and licked. His salty, wonderful, creamy cum mixed with the tangy flavor of her pussy. I shuddered, the delight coating my tongue.

Kora gasped, her back arching. Her hands grasped her tits, squeezing them while her thighs pressed on my face. Her flowering vine tattoo rippled before my face on her groin as she writhed and humped her snatch against me. "Ooh, yes, yes, Ava," gasped Kora. "You saved us. You're amazing." "Yes, you are," Sven growled. His hands squeezed my ass through my gown.

"You deserve a reward." "Hard cock in her pussy?" Aingeal asked. She settled down on Kora's face, straddling her. The faerie's pillowy tits swayed and jiggled as she squirmed her hips, grinding her hot cunt on Kora's face.

"That's your idea of a reward, my husband?" "Master's a pervert," Zanyia purred. "Yes, he is," I moaned as Sven hiked my skirt. "Mmm, I haven't had a dick in me in so long." "It's been a year since I've fucked more than your proxy," Sven groaned. He flipped my skirt over my ass and shuddered, rubbing his cock against my wet bush, just grazing my vulva with the tip. "Your wet and silky.

Gods, I've missed this." "Me, too!" I gasped as his cock rammed into me, pressing my face into his sister's twat. "Fuck her little princess-pussy," moaned Aingeal, grinding her pussy on Kora's mouth. "Just pound her hard, my husband. She needs it." "Mmm, yes," I moaned and then buried my tongue into Kora's cunt, my snatch clenching down on Sven's withdrawing dick. Pleasure rippled through me. I groaned into Kora's juicy twat, her shaved vulva rubbing on my lips and cheeks.

Cream and cum coated my chin. I loved it. I reveled in it. Sven slammed back into me, his balls smacking into my clit. Pleasure shot through me. I whimpered. My eyes fluttered. I stirred my hips around his dick, savoring the feel of his girth reaming me. This wondrous delight that slammed over and over into my cunt. I reveled in it. I rejoiced at the force of his strokes slamming into my snatch.

It consumed me. It drove me wild. My tongue fluttered through his sister's snatch. I scooped up his salty cum mixed with her tangy pussy. It was such a delicious treat. She tasted so good.

I never wanted to stop licking her, feasting on her creampie while her brother fucked me so hard. "Ava!" Sven groaned, his strong hands stroking my rump as he plowed me. "Gods, I have missed this pussy!" I clenched down on him, whimpering into his sister's cunt.

"Fuck her, my husband," Aingeal moaned, grinding her twat on Kora's hungry mouth. The faerie's pink hair danced about her face.

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Her body shuddered. "Ooh, fuck her while your sister-wife feasts on my cunt." "Yes, yes, yes," I groaned. "Slata's hairy cunt!

That's good! Fuck me, Sven!" "I'll make you explode!" he growled, thrusting harder, his balls smacking into my clit, his crotch into my rump. My body rocked, my small tits jiggling in the bodice of my gown. "Your snatch will writhe about my dick." "Yes!" I squealed in utter delight, my cunt clenching down hard on his invading cock.

My juices ran down my thighs, my pussy churned to a froth by his ramming shaft. "Gods, I love it! I love you, Sven! Kora! Aingeal! I love you all!" Such joy surged through me. I was with my family. I hugged Kora's thighs, pressing her pussy tight against my face.

I licked so hard through her folds.

I never wanted to let her go. Him go. All of them go. I wanted us to stay together always. To be so happy and joyful. To share in our perverse pleasures together. Aingeal leaned over Kora, the faerie's tits swaying and bouncing as she groaned. Her wings fluttered behind her, so beautiful and delicate. I loved the sight of the rapture crossing her face. It built the excitement in my cunt.

My snatch clenched down on his thrusting dick. I whimpered, my eyes rolling back in my head as I slammed back into him. His balls thwacked over and over against my clit. Sparks shot through me. Waves of heat washed through my body. "Oh, god, yes," he grunted, his dick thrusting so hard into me.

"Your cunt. Your cunt is amazing." "Uh-huh," I whimpered, my eyes rolling back in my head. "Pound me. Gods, just pound me and cum in me!" "Pater's cock, yes!" Sven hammered me. My pussy drank in the friction. I gasped and moaned into Kora's pussy. My tongue wiggled into her depths, searching for more of her brother's cum while his dick slammed into me. My orgasm swelled and swelled in my cunt. Every stroke brought me closer and closer to drowning in ecstasy.

"Ava!" Kora gasped, her thighs squeezing about my face. Her tangy pussy juices flooded my mouth. Her body bucked. Her tits jiggled.

I made her cum. Joy surged through me, racing for my cunt filled with her brother's cock. He pounded me so hard. My snatch drank in every stroke, turning it into rapture that swelled in my core. "Rithi's inspiring beauty, you're amazing Ava!" gasped Kora.

"So are you!" Aingeal moaned. "Cernere's black cunt!" The faerie's wings beat so hard she rose from Kora's face, bathing the blonde in pussy juices that gushed out of her snatch. The faerie's tits heaved before her as she quivered in the air, her eyes squeezed shut, her moans resounding. "Gods, that is hot," Sven groaned and rammed his cock into my cunt.

He erupted. My eyes widened. That wondrous heat spurted into me over and over. His cum spilled into my pussy. Not my father's incestuous jizz, but my betrothed's amazing seed. The man I loved filled me. I whimpered, my snatch clenching tight about his erupting dick. Then I joined my family in rapture. My pussy spasmed about his dick. I groaned and gasped as my pussy milked his cock. My flesh writhed about him as the pleasure surged through my body. My eyes rolled back in my head.

Stars burst through my vision. "Sven!" I howled. "Pater's wondrous cock, yes! You're cumming in me!" "My sweet princess," he grunted as the final spurt of his jizz fired into my depths. "You're mine!" "Yours!" Tears fell down my cheeks as the joy burst through me. I never wanted to part from my family. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zanyia As Princess Ava buried her face into Mistress Kora's pussy and Master moved to fuck her, I grinned at Greta.

"We haven't had a chance to play." I seized the busty, blonde girl's hand and hauled her to the bed, her big tits jiggling beneath her loosely tied robe. She was two years older than Nathalie, sixteen and delicious. My tongue flicked out, so eager to devour her.

Nathalie pressed up beside me, her hands darting for the ties of Greta's robes. "You're our Master's newest sex slave," I declared as Nathalie and I ripped open her robe, exposing her naked body. "What?" Greta protested. Nathalie nodded her head. "You are. It's wonderful being Sven's slave." "No, no, I'm the princess's bedmaid," Greta protested as I pulled her down on the bed while Master hiked Princess Ava's skirt, ready to plunder her cunt.

"It's the same thing," I told her, parting her legs and shuddering at the sight of the cum smeared over her blonde bush. Thick and white. Whose was it? I inhaled. It smelled familiar. "You'll love being his slave," Nathalie added. She squeezed my naked butt, making my tail twitch from side to side, brushing her cute face. "But." Greta's eyes widened as I leaned my face down between her thighs.

"I." "Hush," I said then inhaled. The cum had a woody hint to it. "Ooh, you fucked Scáthnamhaid, naughty girl." Greta glanced at Princess Ava eating pussy and being fucked by Master hard.

"I. did." "Naughty slave." I licked my tongue. "I loved being fucked by a feyhound. It's so wild, isn't it?" "Yeah," Greta answered then gasped as I buried my face between her thighs and lapped up her tart cream along with the feyhound's salty, woody treat. The delight melted on my tongue. I purred, my ears twitching, my tail swishing. I lapped my tongue through her folds, her golden bush tickling my cheeks. The naughty girl shuddered as I feasted on her creampie, my own snatch getting so hot and juicy.

Nathalie helped me out. She was such a loving girl. Two of her delicate fingers penetrated my snatch while she nuzzled her face between my butt-cheeks. Her tongue danced around my asshole, teasing me, making me shiver and groan. My eyes fluttered and my ears twitched while she rimmed me.

She pumped her digits in and out of my cunt, her tongue stimulating my sphincter. I purred louder. My tongue penetrated deep into Greta's pussy. The naked slavegirl gasped, her large tits jiggling as she ground her cunt against my hungry mouth.

Her thighs brushed my ears, sending tingles racing through my body. My pussy clenched tight on Nathalie's plunging fingers. "Oh, Gods," gasped Greta. "Oh, Gods, your tongue. It's so different." "Lamia tongues just feel amazing," Nathalie moaned. "So does your cute human tongue," I groaned, wiggling my hips. I gasped as she rimmed my asshole again. Then she pressed against my sphincter. My anal ring surrendered and her tongue entered my bowels.

Wicked delight melted down to my pussy. My snatch clenched and relaxed on her probing fingers. I purred louder into Greta's pussy, lapping up the feyhound's spunk out of her tart depths. Such a wondrous treat. I nuzzled my face tight against her snatch. My tongue fluttered through her folds, licking, lapping, gathering up all the cum and pussy cream I could. I feasted on it while Nathalie teased my body. Her tongue wiggled around in my asshole, stimulating me while my pussy drank in the friction of her naughty digits.

My tail swished back and forth, rubbing against the top of Nathalie's head. That felt so delightful, adding another bit of stimulation to the delight already surging through my nethers.

I shuddered, wiggling my hips as she pleasured me. "Oh, Gods, this is amazing," groaned Greta. "See," I moaned. "Being Master's slavegirl is the best." "Yes!" Nathalie moaned and slipped a third finger into my snatch. She stretched out my cunt more.

The friction rippled through me, meeting the delight pouring out of my asshole. Her tongue squirmed as deep as she could reach into my bowels. I loved it. My eyes squeezed shut as my orgasm swelled and swelled. Greta gasped. She pinched her fat, pink nipples. Her entire body bucked and heaved. Her moans echoed through the room, marching with the sounds Master and his wives made beside us. I loved it. I flicked my tongue up to her clit. "Zanyia!" Greta squealed and then her juices gushed out of her body.

She bucked and spasmed on the bed. Her pleasure surged through the room. She whimpered and moaned, quivering as the pleasure flowed through her body.

The sound was so amazing. I loved it. I reveled in it. My tongue licked faster and harder through her snatch. I stimulated her. I gathered up all her yummy, tart cream. The excitement surged through me. My purr rumbled louder in my throat.

My ears twitched. My tail slashed through the air. I came. "Oh, Zanyia, yes!" whimpered Greta. "Nathalie!" I moaned, the pleasure rippling through my body. My cunt spasmed about her three fingers as they plunged over and over into me, stimulating me. The friction sent waves of rapture flooding out of my snatch. My eyes squeezed shut. My bowels writhed about her probing tongue.

Such bliss filled me. Wonderful, buzzing bliss. We were alive. And the harem had grown. Master had a new slavegirl to love. It was so amazing. I purred with such delight as my tail slashed back and forth, caressing Nathalie's face. "Mmm, you taste so good, Zanyia," Nathalie moaned.

"And smell so good." "I know," I purred. "You have to try our fellow slavegirl." "Yes," Greta moaned. "And I bet you taste so good, too, Nathalie." Nathalie squealed in delight and ripped her fingers out of my cunt. I smiled as the petite slavegirl scampered past me to mount the busty slut's face. Greta grabbed her thighs and pulled her down. My body shuddered as I watched them, euphoria spilling through me.

I was so glad a miracle happened. Chapter Forty-Two: Inspiration's Freedom Aingeal "We need to give you a proxy with big tits so you can do this, princess," I purred as I wrapped my big breasts around Sven's pussy soaked cock. He lay on his back again, a huge grin on his face as he savored the delight of my boobs engulfing his dick. "Yes, I need that proxy," Ava groaned. "Enjoy," Kora said and rolled off the bed.

She made her way towards the aoi si. "Aingeal," Sven moaned as I pumped my tits up and down my husband's cock. Ava's pussy juices lubed his shaft. It slid easily between them. "That looks like so much fun," Ava said, such envy in her voice. "I really do need to make a proxy with big tits." "Yes," Sven agreed, his hand stroking my head, playing with my pink hair color. I squeezed my tits hard about his dick, working them up and down.

It made my pussy tingle to give him pleasure. My wings fluttered as I stared up his body. We'd come so close to death, but we survived. And that was such a beautiful thing. I wanted to revel in that fact with my family. "Now when his cock emerges from your tits," I said, lowering my head and watching the crown of his dick emerge from between my pillowy tits, "you can do naughty things.

Like this." I licked the tip, tasting Ava's fresh pussy juices mixed with his salty precum. Sven groaned and Ava shuddered, leaning in close. Her strawberry-blonde locks brushed my breasts as she leaned in and took a lick. "Or suck it," I added. She did. Sven groaned. I shuddered, working my tits as the princess loved his cock every time it emerged.

She gave him brief sucks and fluttering licks that made him groan. His shaft twitched and throbbed between my pillowy tits. I loved it. I stared up his body, his blue eyes smoldering with pleasure. It gave me such joy to play with him. I was so glad Kora tricked me into becoming his wife.

It was so fulfilling. I never knew such joy before. "Gods, that's amazing," he groaned. "Ava. your lips. Pater's cock, that's great." "Mmm, Biaute's perfect tits," Ava moaned. "It's so hot watching your cock emerge from these beautiful boobs." "They are divine," I said with a grin. "Yes!" Sven groaned, his face twisting with pleasure, his blond hair spilling about his hungry features.

"I'm going to shower you both in cum." "Ooh, do that," I gasped, pumping my tits as hard as I could. "Yes, yes, yes," Ava moaned, flicking her tongue again. Sven let out a low groan. Then his dick pulsed between my tits.

He erupted. His hot cum fired out of his cock. It spurted out in a mighty fountain of salty cum. It splattered against Ava's face.

She jolted up, letting the next blast splash my features. I shuddered, the salty delight spilling over my face. Ava pressed her cheek against mine, the two of us reveling in the cum drenching our faces. The salty treat landed in my mouth and melted on my tongue. I shuddered, my pussy growing so hot and wet. "Oh, Gods, that's delicious, Sven," I moaned. "Las's cum!" I whimpered, my pussy clenching.

"I need your cock in me, my husband! I need to ride that dick!" "Do it!" Ava moaned as Sven grunted, his dick spurting a final time between my tits. "Fuck him so hard!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ealaín "You're just watching," Kora said to me as she sauntered from the bed.

I nodded my head, Ava leaning over and observing Aingeal performing a titty fuck on Sven's dick. How would Sven react to the ultimatum my mother gave? Would he truly keep his word, or would he find a way to weasel out of it and condemn Kora to death. Hopefully, he had a high enough regard for his sister's life—and the life of Aingeal, Zanyia, and Nathalie—that he wouldn't renege on his deal with Rithi.


I was close to freeing Kora from him so she could create art in my mother's name. She deserved better than the life her brother gave him. She only needed perspective. Once separated from her brother and away from the temptation he provided, she'd see things clearer. She'd use the pain of losing him to create works of such breathtaking meaning. I couldn't wait to witness them. "You should join us," Kora said, taking my hand.

"It's your family," I said. "But you're my muse." A smile played on her lips, her blonde hair shifting about her features. "You're apart of my family, too.

Dirtygardengirl Throat lange dong am öffentlichen Strand

This is where you belong." She glanced over her shoulder. "There, among all of this creativity." Kora touched the amulet about her neck. That had to be destroyed. "You're my muse, so you have to be inspired, too," Kora purred, her ivory fingers sliding down my dark skin to my shaved pubic mound. I shuddered when she found my clit. "Huh, don't you just feel that inspiration surging through you?" "Yes," I whimpered, my clit throbbing.

I couldn't fight it. I let it sprout into a dick. It swelled between her fingers. She grasped it, stroking my expanding shaft. "Mmm, that's it," she groaned and fell to her knees before me. She stared up at me as her lips nuzzled at the tip of my dick. "Just watch all that inspiration on the bed while I create something beautiful." "So beautiful," I panted as her mouth engulfed my girl-dick.

My pussy clenched as she sucked. Her mouth felt incredible about my dick. Her tongue danced around it, stirring it up, making my eyes flutter. I shuddered, my big tits swaying.

The tips of my short hair brushed my shoulders she bobbed her mouth. She created something so beautiful. Her tongue danced around me as I watched Sven enjoy his titty fuck.

He didn't need his sister. Not when he had Aingeal and Ava to keep him company. He didn't need so many women. He had to see that. He had to let his sister go so she could create such majesty.

"Rithi's inspiring beauty," I whimpered, my pussy clenching harder. Her suction reached into my cunt's hot depths, touching my ovaries. "Oh, Kora, yes!" She sucked and slurped, her blue eyes shining up at me.

Her blonde hair danced about her youthful features as she loved me. Her right hand stroked the base of my cock, fisting it hard, while her left found the wet folds of my twat. She stroked my pussy lips, her tongue dancing about the crown of my dick. Pleasure fluttered through me. Such wondrous delight billowed through me. I whimpered and groaned, my hips shifting from side to side as she pleasured me.

Her wet mouth slid up and down my cock. She took more and more of it. My cock brushed the back of her throat. My eyes bulged. "Henta's amazing prowess!" I gasped, crying out to my other divine mother, the hermaphroditic Goddess of the Hunt. "So good!" Kora deep-throated my dick. "Oh, yes, Kora! Embrace the inspiration of my cock." My shaft slid down her gullet.

The tight sheath massaged it. I shuddered, my cunt clenching hard, her fingers still rubbing up and down my folds. Her right hand released my shaft so she could swallow every inch of it. She pressed her lips into the wet folds of my cunt. She swallowed and moaned, caressing my cock, stimulating it. Such delight shot up my shaft. I whimpered, my tits swaying as she pleasured me. My ovaries grew tighter and tighter. It was incredible. Kora inspired me. "Rithi, yes!" I gasped, my eyes fluttering.

"Oh, Kora, you wondrous artist! I. I. Yes!" My cum fired down her throat. The pleasure surged through me. Rapture pulsed out of my girl-dick. My pussy spasmed, juices flooding out around her stroking fingers.

Ecstasy wreathed my mind as she moaned about my cock. Her blue eyes smoldered as she stared up at me. She was incredible. Amazing. I sucked in a deep breath, the pleasure surging through my body. I would protect her. I would set her free from her brother so she could create such beautiful art. She would change the world with her creations.


"Oh, sweet Kora," I whimpered, my voice throaty, my tits heaving as my body shook. "You are all the inspiration I need." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Sven Falk Aingeal slammed her pussy down on my cock while Ava snuggled up to me. I groaned, my eyes flicking past the faerie pumping her cunt up and down my dick to my sister.

She pulled her mouth off of Ealaín's dick on the other side of the room. Kora said something, and Ealaín nodded her head. My sister turned onto her hands and knees, presenting herself to the hermaphrodite. "Yes!" Kora gasped as Ealaín buried that ebony girl-dick into my sister's cunt.

"Ooh, fuck me! Let's create art." Ava squirmed against me. Aingeal moaned as she rode me. Zanyia and Nathalie writhed with Greta only a foot away. I reached out, stroking my lamia slave's rump, her tail caressing my forearm. I wanted Kora here with us. But. She belonged with Ealaín. Making art in safety. I couldn't continue being selfish and take her away from her dream. She always wanted to make art, to serve Rithi with her creations. I wrenched my gaze away from my sister and stared at Aingeal then at Ava.

I groped Zanyia's rump. Nathalie squealed in delight. Pain squeezed my heart. I ignored it and kissed Ava. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zizthithana Princedom of Kivoneth, The Strifelands of Zeutch I dismounted from my horse, hating to be in a fully human appearance.

But we traveled through Zeutch. The sight of a naga would have soldiers hunting my party. I fought the urge to sigh in relief, my thighs throbbing and aching. "What?" I asked Shilia, my lamia slave. She crouched in a field. She had ranged ahead, scouting for us.

I traveled in a small party. Besides my slave, only with Gor, a brutal ogre I kept cloaked in shadows, and his handler, Antrevia, accompanied me. "I found him, dread Istandar," Shilia called, her gray-black ears twitching. Before I could march to her, the ogre rumbled, "Travelers." The deep baritone of his voice rattled my bones. "Play?" I looked up the road and spotted a wagon being driven by two oxen, a man and a woman sitting on the seat.

They had the look of farmers, the back of the wagon loaded with lumpy, burlap sacks. My mind considered it for a moment. "Enjoy." The invisible hulk rumbled in delight. I let the shadows melt from him, exposing his greasy, yellow bulk. He charged down the road, his handler galloping after his sport.

Ogres loved to violate any living creature they could with their cocks. Male or female, they didn't care. Las's cum had birthed something foul with their race. I left him to his rape and Antrevia to her enjoyment watching his brutal passions. I crossed the fields. Screams rose behind me. I marched with imperious strides to my lamia. She fell into a low crouch before two bloated bodies. Flies crawled on them.

Animals had feasted on both, chewing away flesh from the face. But I still recognized Keythivak and his lamia. Irritation swelled through me. I glared down at my failed servant. If he had performed his task, I wouldn't have had to abandon my comforts and risk my own safety out here.

A woman screamed in the background, Gor rumbling his pleasure. I looked to the west, the trail continuing onward. I would find the amulet and the thieves. When I did, I would unleash Gor upon them. I would take such delight watching the ogre rut with their bodies.

To be continued.